Ch. 4

I groaned as my eyes opened and the world was still spinning. Only this time it was because I was actually moving. Why was I moving, again? I blinked a few times, trying to clear my hazy mind and my blurred vision before I realized I was being pulled. Actually, it seemed like my arms were being pulled out of my sockets. Wait, hadn't I been a wolf when I fai- no, wait, when I blacked out. That sounded less feminine. Guys don't faint.

I lifted my head slightly and frowned trying to figure out just what was going on. I knew for sure now. There were two pairs of strong arms on either side of me, pulling my arms like I was some ragdoll across the ground. I didn't recognize them. That's when another sense came back to me; Smell. I could smell them and my insides twisted up. They were vampires and they obviously weren't a big fan of werewolves. Either that or they felt bad for me and had decided that, werewolf or not, they should take me in… I grimaced to myself, thinking that that probably was not the case.

Groaning, I twisted my body a little bit and that seemed to get their attention. They stopped mid-drag, to which my bare back was grateful and stared at me, wide grins on their faces.

"Well good morning, pup," The vile creature on the right side of me greeted, his eyes flashing dangerously with hunger… thirst.

"Leeches," I hissed, confirming that fact to myself, my temper sky-rocketing as they looked at me, all bloodthirsty gazes and sickening grins.

"We're so glad that you've finally decided to grace us with your consciousness," The left one remarked, pulling on the arm she was grasping as she raised my body up a little bit off the ground. My mind was mush, working fervently to catch up with the situation. When it finally did, the disgusting parasite was taking a long, deep whiff of the exposed flesh on my wrist. My heart was hammering a harsh beat in my chest and they seemed to enjoy that.

I finally got a good look at them. Their faces were both twisted into ruthless, sadistic, smirks. Their skin wasn't pale white like the Cullens' had been, or like the other vampires I'd fought had been. No, their color was closer to mine, a sort of russet color, though theirs was also sort of faded, like they'd been half erased or something.

The last feature I noticed, most prominent and disturbing were their eyes. It may have just been the contrast against their darker skin, but their eyes were a deep, crimson red, darker than the eyes I'd seen on the newborns only a few weeks ago.

"For a dog, I must say you smell-" The left one, the woman, if you could call her that, took another deep breath before finishing her thought, "Simply delectable."

At those words, my mind was fully aware of the danger I was in, and I finally started to struggle. I twisted out of the left one's grasp, though he seemed overconfident that his friend could handle me; Big mistake there.

I growled as I prepared to attack. "You're going to let me go, you filthy-" I didn't have time to complete the threat before I felt something suddenly… Wrong. It was as if my entire body was made of stone, my brain was sending my limbs commands but they weren't listening. I was no longer struggling, couldn't struggle to be exact, I wanted to, god I really wanted to, but I couldn't. My horror must have shown in my face because suddenly my captors were laughing.

"Don't be too concerned, mutt, we're not going to kill you," The male vampire's grin grew impossibly wider as he grabbed my other arm once again, and they were both sniffing at me like I was a steak dinner, "Yet."

"Stop," I growled out, my mouth the only thing that could move. The words weren't as threatening as I'd hoped they would be, considering the situation. I was sort of running out of ideas.

"It's been a long time since we've been quite this lucky," The woman announced, scraping her teeth across my arm but not puncturing quite yet. I didn't know what she meant by that, but I had a feeling I'd find out. I could feel my body shuddering under the touch, my natural defense mechanism kicking in and I wanted to phase. But I couldn't. Apparently, whatever was happening to me prevented me from phasing as well. Perfect.

"He's confused, love. Why don't you explain since he's been so kind as to provide dinner," The male said, his voice calm, as if he was discussing the weather rather than eating somebody.

She smiled down at me, her beautiful features actually looking down at me like I was a child trying to learn to read or something. "Of course. My name is Alana, and this is Jeremiah," Her velvety voice purred, "What you're experiencing now my canine friend is a temporary paralysis. From what Jeremiah's been able to see of your past, a little hint of his ability mind you," she added as she began speaking once more, "You know about the abilities some of us vampires possess. Now you know ours. Struggle all you want, it will get you nowhere…" She flashed her teeth at me, and I guessed it was supposed to be a grin, "This gift of mine, it makes it easier to feed."

"I think that's enough talking," Jeremiah whispered, his words no longer conversational. He was looking at me with that same thirst I'd seen before, only now it was multiplied, as if he'd just been reminded of it. I would have been struggling my hardest now if I could move.

"Definitely," Alana's voice hummed with anticipation, "With the way this one heals, he should be a good week's worth of fresh blood, wouldn't you say, dear?"

Jeremiah nodded from what I could see and that pretty much had my heart jumping into my throat. They were planning on keeping me somewhere, planning to keep me alive, and bleed me dry until I was dead.

Strung up between the two of them, my right arm in Jeremiah's grip, my left in Alana's, I felt completely helpless, hopeless even. I'd cut myself off from everybody, everything that could save me now, sense the danger I was in. It's what I'd wanted, what I'd been hoping for when I'd told Bella goodbye, run away from home, and told Sam I was out. I'd wanted to be cut off from my old life, I'd wanted to be forgotten, and I'd achieved it. Only problem was, now these vampires had me, and they were moving again, and I couldn't move. Now I was thoroughly and completely screwed. But I wasn't scared I was… Well, okay, I have to admit, I was well and truly terrified.