12 years old and hated by all but a very few in the entire world, little Naru Namikaze daughter of the fourth Hokage and jailer of the nine tailed Bijuu also known as the Kyuubi. Though born into one of the most prestigious clans in Konoha Naru was still despised by everyone, years of torment, beatings and mental torture are many of the ordeals that Naru has had to live through until one night during one of her beatings she unlocks something that has not been seen since the start of the ninja age this rapidly changing her life forever (Fem Naruto x Sasuke) Bloodline Naruto

The Awakening

12 year old Naru Namikaze daughter of Yondaime Hokage was the scourge of the entire village, she endured many beatings, insults and even rape, just a poor lonely soul with no-one to turn to the only people she could ever truly count on and class as actual family would be Sandaime Hokage and Iruka-sensei and the only people who she could count as friends were a select few from the academy over wise she left in this world with not a single clue to why she was so hated and couldn't make friends and even wondering why parents would quickly pull their children away from her before she could even say hello she didn't understand who would understand why did she get called "demon bitch" and "devils whore" so many questions unanswered she did have a dream like everyone else, she had emotions and heck she even felt pain so why was she treated so differently to everyone else.

Wandering to her old run-down apartment hiding from the world and wishing to get home from the academy just once without suffering stab wounds and name calling but alas this was not going to be the day. As her shadow was engulfed by the darkness she turned around in fear to see a familiar large man wielding which seemed like a hammer but much longer than a regular hammer.

"Oh Naru nice to see you again I hope you haven't forgot about me and my friend here" referring to his weapon with a sickening sadistic look on his face

Naru fear stricken tried to run and escape the impending assault on her she ran as fast as she could this didn't help her as it just drew attention to her making other villagers join chase for their annual "demon hunt"

As she finally got the view of her apartment in her line of vision she smiled thinking maybe this is my day when Crack! And Naru was sent flying onto the hard concrete she knew her leg was broken at this point and cowered into a ball screaming

"Please No!! I have done nothing wrong I was just returning home from the academy, please stop" Naru said whilst tears escaped her tightly shut eyes apologizing for something that wasn't even her fault "Sorry, please just stop" still screeching whilst writhing in agony on the floor

The sound of bones breaking drifted through the street each person smiling with joy whilst planting their weapons into her, each scream she made was music to their ears

"This is what you get for killing so many people devils whore" one man shouted at her whilst pain filled Naru's body

"Please just stop, I can't take this anymore Please" begged Naru at the mercy of the gang of assailants

"Ha I knew it the devil can cry after all, well lets just continue with this shall we I think this is the most fun we have had in a long time" laughed the ringleader of the group

"Please, just stop" Naru continued to beg as they continued to inflict injury after injury upon her.

Then the ringleader picked up his hammer and stationed it over Naru's head she knew one hit with that to her head and she would die as the hammer approached her face Naru let out a sickening scream

"No just stop NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

At that very second her eyes completely changed from just regular Cerulean blue eyes to eyes with made up of concentric circles her eyes shot open and when all of the assailants looked into her eyes they all screamed in agony and collapsed to the floor slipping into an unconscious state.

Naru just let out a sigh of relief that the beatings had stopped then slipped into the same unconscious state as the assailants.

(2 days later)

Naru woke up in a hospital bed, not knowing what happened to her last thing she remembered was screaming of the ones who attacked her after she opened her eyes she looked all around the room seeing no-one in sight when there was a quiet knock at the door

"Umm err come in" Naru nervously spoke

At that moment Sandaime Hokage entered with a wide smile when he saw Naru was now conscious again he kind of thought of her as his own grand-daughter

"Naru, I am truly glad that your fine, you entered the hospital in quite a state we weren't sure that you were going to make it, but I have a few questions for you regarding what happened, you may not know this but around 10 people were found collapsed near your body and at this moment each and every one of them is in a brain dead state do you have any idea on how this happened Naru?"

Naru looked down at the blanket that covered her and said with a quiet voice

"Well I was walking home to my apartment after the academy, I was in such a good mood when I realised that I nearly aced the test I thought of how proud you would be"

Naru let a few tears leave her eyes "and then out of nowhere I was attacked and chased, they said that I was the devils whore and I deserved it for killing so many people, I haven't even harmed anyone" Naru began to cry heavily but continued with her account on the events that had unfolded "then before I knew it I was screaming and begging for them to stop but they wouldn't listen, and when I saw a man about to hit me I closed my eyes tightly but when I re-opened them everyone just fell to the floor in pain and before I knew it I was out cold" Naru said as she continued to cry out of sheer remembrance of the event.

Sandaime just stood their in absolute shock and thought "What Naru was describing sounds very much like a Doujutsu, but I cant remember anyone of her relatives having any known bloodline limit so what can it be", "Naru are you one-hundred percent sure that they fell to the ground after looking into your eyes this is important" Sandaime asked with a slight amount of urgency in his voice.

"Of course Oji-san it all happened as I told you, I just wish I knew why the villagers hate me so much, I don't know why I have to put up with this, why am I the one who has to run in fear, live alone without a family and have cold eyes directed at me when I go anywhere… I just don't want to be alone anymore" just then she burst into tears (again) as the Hokage looked at her with kindness and regret

"Trust me Naru I will tell you why when I deem it necessary, but trust me Naru you are a hero to this village, and about you living alone you decided that you didn't want to live at the orphanage anymore remember?" the Sandaime replied with a slight giggle

"What no fair, it's necessary to me now!!!" Only at that point did she realise that she was in a hospital robe much to her shock she then tilted her head and asked "Umm Oji-san where are my clothes??"

Sandaime just replied with an ounce of regret "well in the last attack they were near enough destroyed, a maid at my estate is fixing them as we speak but I think it will be a good idea that we should get you some replacement clothes as you graduate from the academy in two months remember to work hard and do the best you can" Sandaime replied with his once again affectionate tone. Then thought" I have to make sure one of those who assaulted Naru wake up I need information on the attack and how a seemingly harmless 12 year old Ninja in training managed to make 10 full grown men unconscious"

"Really Oji-san thank you so much, Ano why are you always so kind to me Oji-san, why don't you treat me like all the other villagers treat me, I know people like Iruka-sensei don't mind me but otherwise I am pretty much hated by everyone" Naru asked with a slight look of sadness in those Bright blue orbs of hers

"Its because unlike most of the villagers I know that you're a kind and sweet girl who would never hurt anyone, everyone in this village is my family as I'm the Hokage I recognise that the will of fire runs deep in the village and it is present in you as well, this is why I will always protect and look after all the inhabitants of the village because its my duty" answered Sandaime whilst smiling

Completely taken back by this Naru grew a gigantic toothy grin and said "Then I will become Hokage too so people will not disrespect me anymore, so I can become a hero just like Oji-san and Otou-san" With that Naru's eyes beamed and just for a second her eyes changed once again for Sandaime to see

"Did I just see that right, no it cant be the Rin'negan hasn't been around since that start of the ninja age and if I just saw correctly that wasn't the same colour as what the sage of the six paths eyes were but that must be down to elemental affinity or natural eye colour, but I am sure that was the Rin'negan I must alert only a few people of this one will be her Jonin-sensei but we will have to wait for that but if what I saw was correct she is going to be one fantastic ninja, (And a fine woman too)" "Anyway Naru please heal up fast due to I am taking you clothes shopping tomorrow and as a gift I will also take you somewhere special so heal up and be ready" Sandaime said with a bright smile on his face

"Hai, Oji-san… and before you leave once again thank you for all you have done for me" Naru said with a guilty tone as if she didn't deserve the kind treatment that she was receiving from Sandaime

"No problem Naru I am just glad that I can help" Sandaime smiled thoughtfully then left the room and sighed

"One day she will find out and at that point I hope she doesn't come to hate me for not telling her, now off to work I need to research something" Sandaime thought as he slowly returned but to his office

(1 day later)

"Oh Oh, Oji-san what about this doesn't it look good" Naru said beaming with happiness

"Does she have any sense in clothing at all well looks like im going to have to pick something out for her, I just hope people don't think im some kind of perverted old geezer" Sandaime then said to Naru without sounding at all suspicious "that's a nice outfit you have Naru but maybe you can get something a little more, I don't know fashionable??"

At that point Naru just scrunched her face and went "Fine if you think you can do any better why not pick an outfit for me then" she stuck her young out at him playfully

Sandaime in reply giggled then said "Ok then Naru ill be a few minutes so please wait here" Sandaime came back with a Black and Orange tank top which was obviously meant to be revealing which would most likely show her abdomen including her navel, The top was obviously going to leave nothing to the imagination that's for sure, above the top he had a nice sleeveless Chuunin vest which matched the colour scheme of the tank top this was obviously to store essentials like scrolls, he also brought out a nice light orange mini-skirt that would go half the way to her thighs, he also brought some black hotpants which would get concealed by the skirt making it assume she only had her underwear on underneath, he brought some black ninja sandals and also some black fingerless gloves with metal plates built into them.

Naru just stood their shocked at what her 'Oji-san' brought out but she had to admit it looked nice and when she wore it she was really surprised and instantly gave him a a big hug she really did look beautiful I know being vain isn't something that is encouraged but she was in awe of herself.

"Thank you so much Oji-san I love it, I love it, I love it!!!" that instantly brought a smile to Sandaime's face as he replied

"Its my pleasure Naru, just make sure you don't wear it yet, I want you to surprise your Genin team with it, I guarantee all the boys will drool over you whilst the girls may look at you with a slight tint of jealousy but that's to be expected" Naru blushed at his comment she was never told that she had that kind of potential to boys look at her as something over than 'weird' Sandaime continued by saying "and Naru theirs one last thing I would like to add to the outfit but it is being custom made and I will give it to you when you graduate from the academy now I want to take you to a shop that I love and I am sure you will love it too"

"ano what kind of shop is it Oji-san im sure we have much different tastes" Naru said with a slight bit of embarrassment

"Oh well it's a how do you put it… weapon shop, I thought you might want a specialised weapon, trust me they can be mighty helpful I am proficient in staffs and you do not know how handy it is trust me I will buy you any weapon that you want in the entire store but make sure that you like it because I will not be able to return it" Sandaime said with a laugh

Naru was on the verge of tears, truthelly she actually stared at weapon shops hoping to have enough money to buy one but when she got enough they threw her out saying "demons have claws, you have no need for weapons" she had never expected someone to go out of their way to get her all these fantastic gifts all she could do was jump into Sandaimes arms and whisper in his ear "thank you" Sandaime let of a kind gentle smile at knowing he made her happy.

(1 hour later)

Naru and Sandaime had finally reached the weapons shop after much walking and all the way it was a mixed reception, people waving happily at Sandaime then glaring at Naru whilst each person who did this got a nice dose of killing intent from Sandaime.

Naru already knew what she wanted and ran over to the Katana's and smiled at Sandaime and asked "could they custom make it?" which Sandaime get a yes as a reply "why do you want it custom made Naru"

"Well I want one with a orange hilt with black diamond shapes running up the hilt and right on the end of the Katana I want the Namikaze spiral their, the scabbard I would also like decorated with the Namikaze insignia and also I would like it to be able to channel my chakra though it so it will be more effective in battle" she had obviously thought this over millions of times.

Sandaime spoke to the clerk and ordered the Katana which was said to be finished tomorrow and Sandaime also said he would collect it personally.

"Naru there is one last thing I would like to do for you I know that living in your apartment is tough so I decided to allow you to inherit the Namikaze estate, even though you're a young one I will be able to pull some strings on the council and allow you to move in I am also going to get you some maids who wont be so cruel to you, remember the Namikaze clan was the third strongest one in Konoha and we would be honoured if you would take up clan leader position when you are a little bit older."

Naru was totally shocked by all this and thought "Oh My God, im going to live on an estate I never knew my clan had one and let alone we were that big, im going to have maids as well who wont be cruel to me I cant believe it but wait a minute where is this estate I better ask Oji-san" "Ano Oji-san where Is the estate that I will be living on and why didn't I know about how big my clan was and also how will I revive the clan if im a girl, men don't often take the woman's maiden name on so if I do go on the council I wont be there long am I right?"

Sandaime was surprised that she actually thought about this "all the other times i have given her news such as I would be privately teaching her chakra control and jutsu she just answered me with a 'huh' but im glad she asked me this after all she may not look smart, or even act it but she certainly is and I cant think of a better Kunoichi coming out of the academy in years she might even end up rookie of the year the first Kunoichi to do that in decades but I seriously doubt that for some reason"

"Im glad you asked me that Naru I didn't tell you about the Namikaze clan until you were old enough to comprehend what I was saying instead of just bragging of that your from such a distinguished clan, I know you Naru and you would do that"

Sandaime could here her giggle a little and continued "about the reviving of the clan that's simple you just find a man who is willing to actually take on the Namikaze name, to be quite honest most men would die for such an honour and finally the estate is right next to the Uchiha estate" Naru instantly went bright red when she heard where it was going to be and never told Sandaime why and replied

"Ano Oji-san thank you once again" tears were building in her eyes she was always such an emotional girl

Sandaime put his hand on Naru's shoulder and hugged her "I know hearing all this was a lot for you in just one day but im sure that you will make the whole of Konoha proud one day, and about that sword and the other gift I have for you, ill give them to you tomorrow Naru and I will train you in the art of the sword (Kenjutsu)" with that Naru was filled with happiness and stopped crying knowing that when she finally got to the academy tomorrow she was going to put in a lot of effort and make her Oji-san proud

(2 months later)

Naru over the past few months had been enjoying academy life she had no more incidents of assault and life was seemingly on the up, she got even more friends like a lazy ass called Shikamaru, a fat boy named Choji, a stuck up girl who was really bossy called Ino, a weird Bug boy called Shino a guy who loved dogs a little too much named Kiba, a shy and kind girl named Hinata she seems to be the only person who isn't abnormal and she was kind of friends with a girl who's hair was pink but she swore she had a split personality problem called Sakura, even with all their faults she still treasured her friends dearly and spent a lot of time with them mainly Shikamaru, Choji and Hinata due to they were just fun to be around.

It was a regular day when she heard the sound of what had to be a million girls screaming "Sasuke-kun" at once, even though she hated Sasuke for being a stuck up cold bastard she still had to admit he was pretty cute, she just kept thinking how wonderful it would be if he would loose that cold exterior then she started to blush terribly she was bright red and it didn't make anything better when Sasuke turned to her and went "What Dobe?"

Naru just stood there drooling then realising she made a fool of herself said "im not a Dobe!!! Sasuke-teme" and once again they got into a massive argument then the fan girls arrived and that's when both Sasuke and Naru said "Shit" at the same time but for two different reasons.

At that moment about 50 girls ran in shouting various screams such as "I love you Sasuke-kun, I want your babies, and you're so cute"

Then Sasuke stood up and did something which Naru was expecting which was the reply "Hn"

For some reason Naru was the only girl Sasuke could talk to without shrugging off with a "Hn"

Naru always thought "Oh my god he likes me" but then each time she had to mentally slap herself whilst she blushed like crazy but this was always seen by Sasuke and he seemed to smile about it which always made Naru wonder what he could be thinking

Naru had come significantly far in her training and she kept up with Sasuke all the way but lost out to him on rookie of the year but she did get Kunoichi of the year which the Sandaime congratulated her on as it was still a big accomplishment for her.

Naru also over the two months unlocked her Doujutsu which Sandaime was proud of her for, though she hadn't got it to the best stage as Sandaime knew the Rin'negan had six rings for elemental improvement currently she had one ring thus one extra element and form of control, it still enabled her to see chakra, she decided to keep it secret though so no-one would know that she had such an advantage.

Naru also became proficient in Kenjutsu thanks to Sandaime's help, overall life was getting pretty good now with her estate being perfect and just as big as the Uchiha one and it had the Namikaze spiral Insignia on the walls of the Estate with a three story house which she lived in it had all the essentials already and it even had a picture of her parents holding her just before the Kyuubi attack which killed both of them she prayed for them every night before she went to sleep.

The last official part of her being at the academy was about to be announced and it was the Genin teams and their sensei teams one through to six were called and Naru paid no attention she was just staring at Sasuke and shockingly he was looking at her back but he would never admit it so she blew a little kiss to him which he blushed too and looked away Naru thought "I cant believe it Sasuke-kun blushes" when she remembered she referred to him as Sasuke-kun in her mind she instantly blushed and then something caught her attention.

Iruka-sensei continued to say the teams "Team seven will consist of Uchiha Sasuke" then every girl gave a massive gasp whilst Iruka-sensei continued "Namikaze Naru" Sasuke and Naru both celebrated this in their heads "and finally" all the girls were on the edge of their seats as Iruka-sensei mentioned the last name "Hyuuga Hinata and your Jonin-sensei will be Hatake Kakashi" with that all the girls glared at both Naru and Hinata with killing intent that could bring fear even to death itself.

Whilst this was happening Sasuke thought to himself

"How lucky am I no fangirls and also Naru, I mean yeah Naru, Damn it she isn't even pretty stop thinking about her or ill have to lecture myself on Uchiha pride again"

then Sasuke shivered not knowing what it was Naru just shrugged and left to the designated room after the other teams were announced the only ones she cared about was team 8 who had Haruno Sakura, Inuzuka Kiba and Aburame Shino, and team 10 who had Nara Shikamaru, Akimichi Choji and Yamanaka Ino.

When their sensei entered the room all of them were silent, Naru was sleeping and dreaming of Sasuke which caused her to say Sasuke-kun whilst sleep talking which caused Sasuke to blush, Sasuke was looking intensely at Naru thinking

"We have already thought of her today don't make me lecture you"

Once again he shivered it must have been cold in there Hinata thought but she wouldn't know she was wearing her regular baggy shirt and was just twiddling her thumbs.

Kakashi instantly made his point known "My first impressions of you guys is I hate you" this came with mixed responses from the team Sasuke thought "Who couldn't like me after all im the greatest (Vain much?) Hinata thought "Well t…th…that's understandable I didn't make a big impression and Naru thought "Did my Otou-san really train this lazy ass he's worse than Shikamaru but he does look kind of cute but every girl thinks that way about Kakashi-Niisan he is just as cute as Sasuke though, Bang! Mental slap for not realising were blushing like crazy thinking like this"

"Meet on the roof in five minutes" Kakashi said to the group he thought he wanted them to get used to his late tendencies already by showing up twenty-five minutes late "yes that will show them" he thought with evil in his eye.

(30 minutes later)

"yo" said Kakashi with a slightly mocking tone but to his astonishment none of the Genins care it destroyed his plans but oh well, "well why don't you tell me about yourselves Blondie your up"

Naru answered "well I am Namikaze Naru daughter of Yondaime Hokage you know your sensei Kakashi-niisan " she giggled then continued "I like ramen, boys, shopping, spending time with Oji-san and also my friends I have many dreams like restoring my clan" she then looked at Sasuke and blushed then continued "I also want to be the best Hokage there has ever been and surpass Oji-san and Otou-san I always stick to my work that's my way of the ninja"

"Ok then your a little interesting I suppose" he said with a smile underneath his mask then continued "ok Naru fan boy your up"

Sasuke and Naru looked startled and Kakashi just did a giggle under his mask then Sasuke began to talk "Well I have few likes and many dislikes, I have a dream to restore my clan and also to kill a certain man" at that point Kakashi said "so your a raging maniac with the tendency to want to kill someone and then stare constantly at Naru wow you really are a fine catch you'll make anyone happy" he then laughed loudly

Naru just thought "Kakashi-Niisan if you continue I'll take your porn away hehe" and finally you shy girl "Im H…Hi…Hinata Hyuuga, I like to admire people from afar and then blush… I mean I like to look after flowers" she laughed unconvincingly "I have a dream to re-unite the branch and main house of the Hyuuga's when I become clan leader"

Kakashi thought "So I get three Doujutsu users on my team, well soon to be Doujutsu users because Hinata can use Byakugan, Sasuke should learn his Sharingan soon and I know that Naru has unlocked the most impressive one called the Rin'negan, I sure have one team of natural born talent all from the three greatest clans in Konoha, I know Naru well so we can have a laugh and I can tease Sasuke, I'll work on Hinata's shyness and ill have one of the best teams in years I just hope they pass my Genin test but I have to alert everyone of the Doujutsu user coincidence no-one will believe me about Naru though so I'll force her or I shall disconnect the boiler in her house so she gets cold water only when she has her morning shower"

"Ok everyone I need to tell you something important we will have the true Genin test tomorrow" this was met with shock by all of them so he continued so he didn't have to answer questions "yes there is a 66.6% drop out rate at this point if you fail you go back to the academy that would be fun wouldn't it" they all shivered so he continued "meet at the training ground at 5am tomorrow but I want to ask something to Sasuke, have you unlocked your Sharingan yet?"

Sasuke grunted and said "well no not as of yet but it will happen soon just you wait then I will have the most powerful eyes in the team"

Kakashi answered him with a shock reality "well that's not true Sasuke, Naru will have the best eyes you see well she can use the Rin'negan" everyone turned to Naru when she just said "Fine ill show you" she wasn't even asked but she wanted to

"Rin'negan" two rings appeared in her eyes Kakashi congratulated her on reaching the second stage, Hinata and Sasuke just stared at her in awe

"Ano Kakashi-sensei isn't the Rin'negan a legend?? It hasn't been heard of since the beginning of the ninja world" asked Hinata

Kakashi just nodded whilst Sasuke just thought in his head "Well isn't this just great Naru gets something better than me but this is what I expect from a potential girlfriend Bang! That's un Uchiha like I should stop before my Uchiha side starts lecturing me again"

"well that's all I will see you tomorrow at 5am like I mentioned and by the way don't eat anything unless you want to throw it back up" Kakashi said in a mock tone

All three Genins looked at each other then cringed and went home to get ready for the next day

(The next day at 5am)

Hinata and Sasuke were waiting for Naru to arrive as she was late for the first time ever.

Naru arrived at the training ground finally in her new outfit that she has been dying to wear in front of everyone especially Sasuke it consisted of a Black and Orange tank top which was meant to be revealing showing her abdomen including her navel, The top was leaving nothing to the imagination, above the top she had the sleeveless Chuunin vest which matched the colour scheme of the tank top this was to store essentials like scrolls but she had it open so people could see the revealing side of the outfit she also wore the light orange mini-skirt that went half the way to her thighs, she wore the black hotpants underneath which was concealed by the skirt thus making people think she was only wearing her panties underneath she also wore the black ninja sandals and also the black fingerless gloves that had metal plates built into them. She wore her sheathed Katana on her belt which was concealed so it looked like the scabbard was just there and to add the final touch to her outfit she had a trench coat which was a replica of her fathers but instead had the Kanji for Namikaze Naru on the back, she only used the trench coat to stay warm but she kept it on until she reached Sasuke and she then removed the trench coat and Katana and did a twirl for him.

She then whispered in his ear "Like what you see?" then licked his ear and he turned bright red then she got back into her trench coat and put the Katana back on her belt and winked at him, then she sat next to him and fell asleep on his shoulder waiting for Kakashi-Niisan to arrive.


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