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Raccoon and the Fox? The Battle finally Concludes

"Are you ok Sasuke-kun?"

"Yeah I guess you could say that"

Sasuke was staring right up at the one thing that he desired to protect but something was off about her, there was concern but also anger fuming from her eyes he just knew that she was going to do something stupid.

"You just stay here Sasuke-kun this will be over soon" said the soothing blonde.

"N-Naru he's too strong, he's a monster, no matter what I threw at him he just kept getting up just run or you'll end up like me too"

Whilst the couple were talking over the situation screaming was heard from the recently hit Gaara the red head was clutching his face screaming, how dare someone stop him from spilling blood, why would someone do that anyway.

Gaara continued to scream, images flashing inside his head this event seemed too similar to one that happened when he was a child all that Gaara could see in front of his eyes was a dirty blonde haired man with a young face all Gaara could say was "Yashamaru"


A small lonely boy was on a swing all alone except for one small teddy bear. His eyes looked full of sadness, the loneliness that he had to suffer was unbearable, whilst all the other children played the young red head would sit there looking at the floor, its not that he wanted to be like that its just it was more painful to try and fit in.

A bunch of children were playing football all laughing and smiling, one kid however kicked the ball so high that it landed on top of a small cliff they all looked put out, their fun was over they weren't going to get the ball back anymore.

The red haired boy heard a small bang sort of noise so he lifted his head to see children upset that they had just lost their ball being the nice person that the small red haired boy was he manipulated the sand to get it back for them

Once he had got the ball with his sand he dropped the ball slowly so it would reach his hands, Gaara once safely retrieving the ball looked to the other children.

"H-here" the young child said nervously lowering his head so he didn't have to make eye contact with all the other children.

"I-its Gaara of the Desert" shouted one young boy completely fear stricken

Gaara laid his hands out so he could give the children their ball but this did not go the way he had planned they all opened their eyes widely some were even visibly shaking at the sight of the boy.

One of the children consumed by fear shouted "Run" to what each one complied too by running the opposite way trying to escape from Gaara.

Gaara's eyes turned from nervousness to shock what had the young boy done, he had done nothing and people were running from him he just wanted to help his eyes widened he shouted to them "Wait" but they didn't listen screams were the only replies he got as the scuttled away terrified "Please don't leave me alone" screamed Gaara as they all ran, subconsciously his sand ensnared the legs of two children pulling them to the ground.

"I" images of Gaara sitting on a step with his bear looking at the floor appeared in his head "don't want to be alone anymore" Gaara thought to himself his eyes widened again he pictured himself standing alone in the darkness and small droplets of water fell from the ceiling dripping creating small ripples below his feet, "I" thought Gaara as more sand was about to completely encase one of the children when…

A young man with dirty blonde hair jumped in front of Gaara's sand cutting his arm saving the young boy, "Gaara-sama please calm down" said the man to be met with the wide eyes of Gaara, all around them were the bodies of the children all lying unconscious except the one the young man saved.

"Yashamaru" was all the shocked Gaara could say looks of sadness returned to his angry and shocked eyes.

The next scene that Gaara thought about during his lifetime of rejection and loneliness was a short time after the children tried to run, Gaara after seeing Yashamaru's cut from his sand tried to inflict a wound upon himself to know what pain was like, he drew a knife and attempted to slice his arm but the sand stopped him once again he didn't know how to feel or what pain was like.

Shortly after these events Yashamaru entered Gaara's room to see him trying to stab himself again he quickly rushed to Gaara's side taking away the knife.

"Gaara-sama, I was ordered by Kazekage-sama to be your caretaker, I am also supposed to take care of your health and protect you so please don't do things like that in front of me" Yashamaru told him with a friendly smile all Gaara could do was look down in disappointment as Yashamaru continued "but then again the sand will protect you" he said whilst rubbing the back of his head.

Gaara looked at the floor once again feeling sad, "Yashamaru, I'm sorry"

Yashamaru looked at Gaara concerned "Yashamaru do wounds hurt?" asked Gaara the regretful tone was clear in his voice

"Just a little but it will heal quickly though" he replied to the young Gaara, he knew what Gaara was truly asking it was about the cut on his arm that Gaara had caused so Yashamaru tried to make it sound like it didn't bother him at all.

"Hey Yashamaru" Gaara said gaining the attention of his caretaker "What does pain feel like?" he asked with the sad tone still in his voice staring down at where he had tried to cut himself trying to imagine what he could have felt, "I've never been hurt before, so I was wondering how it felt" Gaara told Yashamaru which made the expression on his face change to a thinking one.

"It is difficult to explain, it makes you feel unpleasant and it makes it hard to think rationally, without feeling pain you can't really describe it but it isn't a very pleasant feeling Gaara-sama" Yashamaru replied to the young boy

Gaara just looked at Yashamaru whilst he was explaining it a visible frown was on Gaara's face whilst his attention drifted to the cut he had caused making him look down in regret "Yashamaru, do you hate me?"

Yashamaru did a small smile and told him "People get hurt in their lifetimes, but it is very hard to hate another"

This was met with a smile by Gaara who then told him, "Maybe I am hurt like everyone else then, I always hurt here" he said holding his chest "I am not bleeding but it hurts here"

Yashamaru looked shocked and walked over to Gaara removing the knife from his clutches and cut a little part of his finger, Gaara gasped as the blood trickled down Yashamaru's finger

"Flesh wounds hurt for awhile but the pain quickly goes away, you can even get ointments to heal it faster but there is one wound that is worse"

"What's that" Gaara asked

Yashamaru placed his hand over his heart and continued "The tricky wounds to heal are those of the heart for these there are no medicines that will cure one"

"A wound of the heart?"

"Yes there are times when one will never heal, and there is only one cure for it and it is a troublesome medicine" Yashamaru replied to the young child

"What is it?" the young child asked whilst clenching his heart begging to know the answer

"The only thing that can cure a wound of the heart is… love"

Gaara's eyes widened, "How do I get that? What should I do to get rid of this pain?" he asked Yashamaru thinking if he got this thing called love his suffering would finally end.

"Gaara-sama you have already received it" Yashamaru replied looking softly at the picture of Gaara's mother "Love is the spirit of devoting yourself to someone close to you, It is expressed by caring for and protecting that person, Like my sister." Yashamaru told Gaara as they both stared at the picture.

"I believe my sister always loved you, Gaara-sama. The Shukaku of the Sand is a living soul usually used for combat purposes; the sand automatically protects you because of love, I believe the will of your mother is in the sand and my sister probably wanted to protect you, even after her death" Yashamaru explained to Gaara causing him to smile.

"Yashamaru, thanks… for stopping me" Gaara thanked his uncle for stopping him from killing those children.

"My pleasure, you are an important person who is close to me Gaara-sama" Yashamaru replied to the boy sucking the wound on his finger

Gaara walked face to face with Yashamaru and put the wounded finger in his mouth trying to ease the pain, Yashamaru just thought "Can you feel my pain?"

The next image that Gaara thought about started with the young boy running down the sandy road in the darkness of the night thinking back onto a conversation he had with Yashamaru earlier that day, "Yashamaru, I have a favour to ask", "What is it?", "I want ointment"

Gaara continued to run down the sandy road stopping in front of a house, he knocked on the door looking down at the brown package of ointment, when the door opened a young boy appeared when realising it was Gaara his eyes widened out of fear.

"I'm sorry about before, it hurt right?" Gaara said holding the package forward "Here, This is ointment; Use it if you want…"

"Go Home!" the kid replied slamming the door "Monster"

Gaara was physically shaking, he dropped the package in front of the door whilst the look of rejection and sadness filled his face he didn't understand why did this always happen to him.

Gaara walked back down the sandy road looking dejected, head facing down hiding his face from everyone, a drunk who was stumbling down the road bumped into the young boy.

"What the, be careful you stupid kid!" said the drunk after crashing into Gaara

Gaara turned round the drunk now saw his face, "You're" the man said wide eyed, fear stricken

Gaara noticed the look in the mans eyes they contained hate and fear images of earlier where the kid called him monster flashed into his head whilst the drunk said "You're" once again, "That look again, why, why?" thought Gaara as he manipulated the sand in his rage, "Hey" said the drunk dropping his bottle and a few seconds later screaming was heard.

Three people rushed to see the source of the screams, "Hey, what happened, It's Gaara" was what they said when they saw the red haired child continue walking down the sandy path.

Gaara continued walking until he saw a man leaning against a tree, Gaara turned to look the man in the face, and Gaara could see the disapproval in his eyes and thought, "Father" and continued to walk down the lonely path.

The next image Gaara thought of was when he was sitting on a balcony staring at his hands "Why, why am I the only one they call a monster, what am I" he thought staring at his hands, he then remembered what Yashamaru told him about curing a wound of the heart, "Yashamaru"

As Gaara was doing this, lots of kunai were being controlled slowly so Gaara wouldn't notice, then they were fired at rapid speed but Gaara's sand protected him, Gaara was shocked at this asking himself why do people always do this to him, he turned around to see an assailant and controlled his sand to whip around the persons body, he then clenched his fist which made the sand crush the assailant blood flew everywhere, "Who are you? Why?" Gaara looked at the assailant seeing a bandage over the assailants finger, Gaara could only stop in fear too scared to see if the person was who he suspected.

Gaara gulped and went to remove the persons mask, he kept pulling back at the last second too scared to see but he had to know he finally got the courage to pull away the mask and a mixture of emotions filled his eyes, sadness, betrayal and grief. The assailant was Yashamaru and his face was covered in blood all Gaara could do was scream his name as the sand he control whipped around wildly.

Gaara was crying by Yashamaru's side "Why? Yashamaru, Why? I thought you were." Gaara said whilst crying, Yashamaru opened his eyes to the crying Gaara.

"It was an order, I was ordered to kill you… by your father, Kazekage-sama" Yashamaru told the crying boy

Tears still flowing down Gaara's face, "Why, father why me" was all Gaara could say whilst Yashamaru continued.

"You were born with the Shukaku of the Sand, and then observed like a guinea pig, Gaara-sama, but since you could not control the power of the living soul, Shukaku, and were unable to manipulate sand on your own, your existence was deemed a danger to the village, before that happened…" Yashamaru told him before Gaara spoke

"Then you did this unwillingly because father ordered you to" Gaara asked with his eyes filled with hope

"No that is not correct" Yashamaru replied, Gaara's eyes widened tears were flowing the betrayal was clearly felt and it pained him so much

"I was ordered to kill you by Kazekage-sama but I could have refused, Gaara-sama deep inside my heart I truly… hated you" Yashamaru told him making Gaara even more hurt by the one he loved most

"You took the life of my beloved sister when you were born, I tried to think of you as her treasured child, but I couldn't because my sister didn't wish for your birth she became the villages sacrifice, and she died cursing the village. After that I carried a wound that could never heal." Gaara was still crying then thought back on when Yashamaru told him about how a wound of the heart can never heal and this was clearly one of them.

"My sister gave you your name" Yashamaru said, thinking back on the events.

"This child's name is Gaara, An Asura who loves himself, love only yourself and fight only for yourself and by doing so you can continue to exist."

"But my sister didn't give you this name Gaara because she loved you, it was so you could continue to exist and because she hated this village when she died, she wanted her hatred to exist and remain" Yashamaru told him as a women disappeared into the wind as she crumbled into sand.

"You were not loved, Please die" Yashamaru told him detonating thousands of explosive tags but Gaara's sand protected him, Gaara cried as the shield of sand was covering him, thinking back on what Yashamaru told him about his mother how she loved him but now he said she didn't, none of it made sense and with that he snapped.

His sand waved frantically around his whipping everywhere, imprinting the word love on his forehead, "Love yourself and fight only for yourself, I understand now I am alone I will not believe or love anyone I'm alone" he thought as tears ran down his face.

(End Flashback)

Gaara was screaming loudly, all those present could hear the deathly screams, seconds later the other half of Gaara's body was also covered in sand, he was completely engulfed in sand, his eyes were yellow with a cross inside of them with four black dots in each, he had blue markings in a pattern that looked like a crack, the only part of him that wasn't completely covered with sand were his legs.

Naru, Sasuke, Sakura and Pakkun all looked at Gaara's new form with fear, Temari was still hiding when she realised he was transforming again.

"Uchiha Sasuke, I will have your blood" screamed Gaara in an animalistic rage, saliva escaped his mouth and he was pointing straight at Sasuke with his claws

Naru started to get insanely angry, no-one and she meant anyone threatened Sasuke without getting beaten up in the end; Naru gritted her teeth tightly and closed her eyes a small growl could be heard from Naru.

"If you are going to lay a finger on Sasuke-kun, you are going to have to kill me first!" declared Naru showing her conviction standing in front of Gaara blocking his view of Sasuke.

Sasuke just looked at Naru wide-eyed, she didn't really mean that did she, she wasn't going to put her life on the line to protect him he didn't want that he just wanted her to be safe, Naru-chan just Ru…" but before Sasuke could finish Naru butted in.

"Sasuke-kun I failed to protect you in the forest and I had to rely on Hinata, I nearly died to Haku and you saved me nearly dying in the process, and if your allowed to put your life on the line for me, I am too so you just stay back Sasuke-kun I will show him what true power is."

Sasuke just smiled he knew he wouldn't be able to stop Naru now, even if he could control her well he still couldn't do anything to sway her when he was in this condition, it was obvious that Naru just wanted to prove to Sasuke that she could do something to help him for once.

"Just be careful Naru-chan" Sasuke told her

Naru smiled and nodded, "don't worry Sasuke-kun" she told him then whispered in his ear "he isn't the only one with a monster inside of him remember that"

Sasuke went wide eyed and remembered that Naru had the Kyuubi inside of her and asked "you don't mean?"

"Yes I do, sword techniques won't work on Gaara but if my strength increases exponentially my Taijutsu will be better which will help me, also my Ninjutsu will help" she whispered to him

"Naru please, promise me one thing" Sasuke asked her

"Anything Sasuke-kun"

"Come back safe" he replied which made he smile and she turned to face Gaara.

"What was all that about?" Sakura asked Pakkun who just shrugged whilst looking at Naru a new determined look appeared on her face.

"Gaara, one thing your not the only one here who has suffered with the pains of loneliness, I will show you how to achieve true power" Naru screamed before entering her mindscape and confronting the Kyuubi.

"Kyu-chan have you any idea what this Gaara guy is?" Naru asked the Kyuubi needing answers before she went into true combat with the guy.

"Hmm, Kit that Gaara kid has a Bijuu sealed inside of him; like you contain me the nine-tailed demon fox the strongest of the Bijuu he contains the one-tailed Shukaku the weakest of the Bijuu but it doesn't mean that he will be a push over, at this moment in time you can only access small amounts of my chakra meaning at best you can squeeze out enough for you to gain a one-tail transformation" the Kyuubi told Naru

"What does that mean Kyu-chan? Does it mean I have enough power to combat Gaara as he is now?" she asked the Kyuubi who recently has become a source of guidance to her.

"Theoretically yes, you will have the same amount of Bijuu chakra flowing through you as Gaara does, that doesn't mean you will be weaker or stronger than him, it just means you have more power flowing into you, remember this Gaara is a strong opponent and you are going to have to be at your best to defeat this guy, look at what he did to Sasuke-kun with relative ease." The Kyuubi told her

"So you are saying we will have the same amount of advantages making the outcome of this battle down to who is a better fighter not who has the most power?" Naru asked the Kyuubi

"Yes Kit that is exactly what I am trying to tell you, remember you will have more chakra based attacks when you enter a one-tailed transformation state, I am confident that you will be able to control it, I don't want my host loosing to the Shukaku" the Kyuubi told her

"My opponent isn't the Shukaku, its Gaara remember that Kyuubi!" Naru scolded the Kyuubi who just shrugged it off

"That is not what I am trying to say, Gaara is most probably able transform into Shukaku, meaning he will increase beyond your transformed state and Kit if that happens you have only one choice" the Kyuubi told her

"What is it Kyu-chan what do I need to do if it gets to that" Naru asked frantically

"You will have to summon me, but it wont come without its risks, our life force is connected remember, but if I am out for too long your life will fade away I can only last outside of the seal for fifteen minutes max before it would eventually kill you from over use of my powers, if you run out of chakra whilst I am summoned I will eat at your life force unintentionally to keep myself summoned, so you must finish the fight before it is too late Kit, but remember my powers are the strongest out of all the Bijuu so try getting away from your friends before you summon me" the Kyuubi advised her

"Ok Kyu-chan I will keep that in mind now can I have the chakra I need please?" Naru asked the Kyuubi

"Ok Kit now defeat Shukaku and show that Raccoon the power of a fox" the Kyuubi roared

"Hai, Kyu-chan" Naru said before leaving her mindscape.

Red Chakra started to cover Naru's body, her eyes turned blood red with teeth that were noticeably sharper, the aura of red chakra created paws that were huge with sharp claws, she had one tail and also fox ears made of chakra, she looked completely different from when she just used small amounts of the Kyuubi's chakra now she looked like a small one-tailed version of the Kyuubi though she looked kind of graceful at the same time.

Sasuke looked at her not really surprised by what he was seeing he pretty much expected the more chakra you use the more you would look like the Kyuubi, Sakura was looking at Naru with fear saying to herself "Is that really Naru, she looks like a monster" Sasuke hearing this snapped completely

"Don't call her a monster, a monster would start thrashing out trying to kill us right now but look at her she is completely in control, you haven't even commented on that Gaara guy yet, you have no idea how much it hurts Naru to be called a monster!" he screamed at the pink haired girl

"S-Sasuke I d-didn't know I-I'm sorry" she said struggling to talk due to the Sasuke's outburst she had never seen him so angry and she had watched the raven haired boy for years

"It's not me you should apologise to!" Sasuke shouted at Sakura

Sakura just looked at her feet feeling regret, if Sasuke said she wasn't a monster then it must be true she thought whilst silently looking at Naru thinking "What are you?"

Naru stared at Gaara who was right in front of her; Gaara had a noticeable look of shock on his face "What are you!" Gaara shouted at Naru confused how someone could look like that and still be in control

Naru zipped right next to him standing on the same branch and whispered into his ear "Naru Namikaze the container of the Kyuubi no Yoko and the girl who will kick your ass" she then punched him cleanly in the face sending him flying back going through three trees before stopping on a branch.

"Such power, Naru Namikaze you intrigue me! Killing you will prove that I exist!" Gaara roared at the Naru who was completely unfazed by his threats.

"If anyone dies today, it will be you Gaara but I don't want it to end that way do you want to know why I can control such massive power, its because of… love" Naru told him but this comment brought Gaara into another fit, he was grasping his head tightly thinking about how Yashamaru told him about love all those years ago.

"Love…. Love only ends up hurting you in the end!" Gaara roared extending his right arm straight towards Naru who didn't even look worried she had seen this attack before and she could do the same thing.

"Kyuubi claw" Naru said under her breath as her chakra aura extended in the same shape as Gaara's attack the two attacks collided in mid-air grasping each other and pulling both Jinchuuriki's forward towards each other.

Gaara's and Naru's chakra claws had locked together and they were on a crash course both were eager to get an attack of in this encounter, "Sand Shuriken" Gaara yelled as millions of sand projectiles flew at the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki, she countered it by using a Kyuubi chakra attack she had never used before she didn't know its name it activated by itself, it was like Sand Shuriken and when both Sand Shuriken and this mystery attack collided they cancelled each other out which caused the two Jinchuuriki to continue on their aerial confrontation.

As Gaara and Naru were about to collide they both used there other arm dart at their opponents but once again they caught each other in mid-air and when Gaara and Naru were just seconds apart Gaara called out "Wind Style: Infinite Sand Cloud Great Breakthrough" sending a powerful wind chakra jutsu straight into Naru causing her to crash into a nearby tree.

"Is this all the mighty Kyuubi can do" mocked Gaara

"Kyuubi is their any long rang Kyuubi chakra attacks that I can use in this form? I need to beat Gaara and he has that devastating jutsu there must be something I can do!" Naru asked the Kyuubi

"There is one attack, its called One-Tailed Fox Menacing Ball but it is a massive risk it causes you to loose blood to activate it, it is also slow to activate but it will surely defeat that Gaara kid and by the way that attack that stopped Sand Shuriken was Kyuubi Shuriken, I know it isn't a very creative name but I wanted to name it" the Kyuubi told Naru

"Well aren't you one vain fox, well how much time do I need to use this jutsu?" Naru asked getting back to the point

"Around five seconds" the Kyuubi replied

"Ok thanks Kyu-chan I'll show him the almighty power of the foxes that you preach about" Naru said laughing before leaving her mindscape

"Sarcastic bitch…" the Kyuubi muttered to herself

Naru really got hurt from that last attack she may not have went far but the collision with that tree nearly knocked her out cold she pulled herself to her feet trying to think of a way to get a good five second gap to launch this attack.

Temari pulled her face out of her knees to see a One-tailed Kyuubi looking creature she then turned to Gaara and nearly passed out, she couldn't believe there was another Jinchuuriki fighting Gaara, she was more worried about what would happen if Gaara deemed it necessary to fully transform, she just prayed to god it wouldn't go that far.

"So you are finally up, Naru" Gaara said laughing like a maniac then he extended his arm once again, "This time I will snap your neck!" Gaara roared as the Shukaku arm flew at Naru with blinding speed.

Naru jumped above the claw and landed on top of it, she then got on all fours and sprinted like a fox down the arm when she finally reached Gaara she punched him with a clean punch to the face sending Gaara flying, but Naru wasn't done she extended her chakra arm, clutched Gaara and threw him down to the earth creating a massive crater.

"Now Kit!" shouted the Kyuubi

Naru started charging the menacing ball, blood and raw chakra floated into the sky in small bubbles; Naru then absorbed it all into her mouth and fired it down towards Gaara.

"I can't loose to her, I will never loose to someone like her!" Gaara roared, his anger finally consuming him, Gaara transformed into Shukaku and when the menacing ball hit the gigantic creature made of sand all it did was made a small indent of the creature's leg.

"Kit he transformed into Shukaku quick summon me, just one word of warning I will have to cancel your Kyuubi chakra supply for you to summon me, don't worry it only happens when I am summoned, just make sure you don't die you have one chance!"

Naru's fox shroud dissipated leaving a tired looking Naru standing looking up at Shukaku, Shukaku had started to manipulate the sand towards Naru, she needed to hurry up, as the sand got closer and closer the hand signs were being made, as the sand was about to ensnare Naru.

"Summon Jutsu" shouted Naru and a giant creature appeared, it was just as tall as Shukaku, it had nine tails and its fur was bright orange, it had large fangs and it looked pissed.

"Summoning jutsu? Naru can summon foxes? I have never heard of such a thing and to make it even stranger she summoned the Kyuubi?" Sasuke said to himself as he watched in awe.

Gaara saw the predicament he was in and quickly used the forced sleep jutsu which allows the Shukaku to take complete control of its actions.

"Kyu-chan so we finally meet outside the cage, what's it like to be outside again?" Naru asked

"Naru-sam… I mean Naru-san it feels fantastic" the Kyuubi roared

"So what are we going to do Kyu-chan I don't really want to kill Gaara, he is a Jinchuuriki too" Naru told the Kyuubi

"You need to wake up this Gaara then once that's over I will use an attack which will destroy the Shukaku body, then you should dispel me and finish Gaara off, oh and Naru, we need to do something about that Gaara kids seal" the Kyuubi told her

"Got it Kyu-chan but what do you mean his seal?" Naru replied sounding very confused

"Well that Gaara kid can't control the Shukaku because his seal is very poorly made, if we fix it maybe he wont be as insane anymore, he should also be able to sleep without Shukaku eating his personality, if you want to keep that guy alive we have to also make his seal better otherwise this will all happen again someday." The Kyuubi replied

"I understand that Kyu-chan but how do I fix the seal? I know nothing about sealing!" Naru told the Kyuubi

"Don't worry I will help you through it now lets get going we haven't got much time!" shouted the Kyuubi

"Kyuubi, so we meet in battle I will kill you!" roared Shukaku

"You couldn't kill me if I was standing still and you attacked me for a whole day without me moving, don't kid yourself Shukaku you know you stand no chance!" roared the Kyuubi, shockingly enough the Shukaku actually looked scared

"Let's get this plan over with Kyu-chan!" Naru shouted

The Kyuubi ran straight at the Shukaku avoiding all of its Wind based attacks the Kyuubi knew how pathetic Shukaku was he never used any logic when fighting and that was why he was so weak.

Seconds later the Kyuubi had Shukaku pinned down allowing Naru to jump onto Shukaku she then punched Gaara so hard that he woke up.

"MOVE KIT!" shouted the Kyuubi

Naru jumped of the Shukaku body just in time because a massive chakra wave went straight through the Shukaku stomach causing it to crumble to dust.

The Kyuubi caught Naru on its tail then dispelled herself; she then gave Naru some small amount of chakra to finish this fight.

"How is she so strong? Can love really make you that powerful, can it really help me control myself and control the beast, maybe I was wrong about her?" Gaara thought as he fell from the sky.

Naru charged with a little more Kyuubi chakra looked exhausted, using this much chakra really put a lot on the body and she couldn't take much more of it there was enough for one final attack, as she saw Gaara fall past her eyes she leapt from a tree, landed on his chest and punched him powerfully in the face sending them both rocketing into the earth.

"Naru!" shouted Sasuke worried for her safety he was amazed by all she just did, she controlled the Kyuubi, she had seemingly beat Gaara, Sasuke thought that he really needed to get better or get his hands on a Bijuu if that was even possible but he just shrugged it off and set of to where Naru and Gaara crashed into the earth.

Sakura and Pakkun just stared at each other thinking "How powerful is she?"

Naru and Gaara were in a gigantic crater, Gaara was barely conscious whilst Naru stood a little above him, blood all over her face; she had lost a lot of blood when attempting the menacing ball.

"Kit just remember I wont always supply you with that much chakra, this situation called for it so you better have enjoyed yourself because I am not considering allowing you to use that any time soon" the Kyuubi told Naru

"Kyu-chan! Why not?" Naru asked

"If you rely too much on my power, your own power will never get better I would like to have a strong host and anyways you don't need my chakra much you only needed it now because there was another Jinchuuriki" the Kyuubi told Naru who was nearly falling unconscious

"Aren't we going to do this seal that you told me about?"

"Yes Kit just ask the little Gaara boy for permission first, I know he wont refuse its just well I don't want to do something against his wishes due to well he could always release the seal if he was pissed at it and I want to make sure Shukaku stays in there I don't like him much"

"Fine Kyu-chan one second"

After only a few minutes of trying to convince Gaara he accepted her offer and after some advice from Kyuubi Naru was able to fix Gaara's seal making it much more efficient.

"There all do-"Naru said before passing out

Sasuke arrived moments later to see an unconscious Naru and a soon to be unconscious Gaara how dare he let he fall asleep on him, when no-one was looking Sasuke punched Gaara in the face knocking him out cold, happy with the results Sasuke picked up Naru then met up with the rest of the pursuit squad once all of them were ready they went back to Konoha leaving Gaara unconscious.

Kankuro and Temari picked up the unconscious Gaara; Temari noted how that Naru girl defeated Gaara to the shock of Kankuro when they decided to return to Suna Gaara awoke.

"Gaara are you ok" Temari asked feeling genuinely worried for her brother

"Yeah I'm fine, that Naru girl fixed my seal before they left, I was able to sleep without fear" Gaara told his siblings

Both Kankuro and Temari looked at each other with smiles thinking "Thank you Naru, you do not know how much this will affect our family" they picked up Gaara and started to return to Suna when they heard something from Gaara that they had never thought he would ever say, "Sorry"


Sasuke, Sakura and Pakkun all walked through the main gates of Konoha; Sasuke was holding Naru bridal style what kind of made him blush especially since he got so many stares from it.

Jiraiya who was standing on top of a roof saw the blonde in Sasuke's arms and jumped down to ask what happened.

"Naru fought that Gaara kid when he defeated me, he transformed into something called Shukaku, and Naru well summoned the-"Sasuke looked side to side and whispered in Jiraiya's ear" Kyuubi" Jiraiya hearing this went wide eyed and asked.

"So why is Naru like that?"

"Well from what I saw once they defeated Shukaku, Naru jumped off a tree and punched Gaara in the chest and before I knew it there was a massive explosion in the area, Naru had defeated Gaara but passed out due to blood loss and chakra exhaustion, she saved us all back there" Sasuke told Jiraiya who just smiled

He looked at his Goddaughter and thought to himself "Relish your happiness right now Naru because there is some really bad news that you will find out when you awaken, I just hope she doesn't take it too badly"

Later on that day, Naru awoke in the hospital; there standing over her was Sasuke, Hinata with Arashi, Kakashi and Jiraiya. Naru had never had this many people visit her in hospital it came as a pleasant surprise, before the only person who would come to see her was Old Man Hokage, "Where is he anyway" thought Naru to herself wanting to tell him all about what she had done, she thought he would be proud of her if he heard that she defeated Gaara, "Maybe I'll tell him later"

"Naru-chan?" said a familiar voice to which Naru quickly move in her bed so see a very worried Sasuke looking at her with affectionate eyes, "What happened?" was what Naru was thinking she realised now that everybody in the room had the same look on their faces they all looked sympathetic towards Naru and she needed to know why.

"W-what I-is w-wrong?" Naru asked cautiously, she wanted to know what was wrong but at the same time she was absolutely terrified it was a matter of curiosity and fear she needed to know but at the same time was reluctant to know, she knew whatever they were going to tell her would certainly cause her a lot of pain.

"Everyone can I speak with Naru alone please?" asked Jiraiya to the entire group

They all respected the wishes of Jiraiya, it was probably smart to let him break the news, he was the closest to the Old Man and would understand her plight more than anyone they all left the room with silent agreement.

"Naru-chan" said the old Sannin instantly gaining her attention.

"W-what I-is it?" asked Naru clenching her bed sheets for support, "I-is s-something –w-wrong with m-me?" she asked with fear thinking it was something about herself

"No Naru-chan it isn't anything about you" just hearing this made Naru sigh with relief.

"It's something much worse…" Jiraiya said making Naru's eyes revert back to their fearful expression "Old Man Hokage died in battle" Jiraiya finished off.

Everything in the room went dead silent, Naru's eyes were wide with shock and reluctance to believe Jiraiya, but she saw everyone else's pained faces and it all became apparently clear to Naru, Oji-san was dead.

Tears were flowing down Naru's face, she still hadn't lost the expression of when Jiraiya first announced the Hokage's passing she was still trying to believe all this was a dream and she would wake up soon to a more cheerful atmosphere but this was reality, her 'adopted' grandfather was dead.

Everyone outside the room were silent, not a single word was spoken they all felt for Naru they knew she thought of the man as family and now one of her very few family members was dead, moments later loud screams were heard echoing in the entire hall, Naru was crying her heart out.

Jiraiya pulled the young girl close to his chest trying to console her as much as he could, he wanted to cry as well, the man he had known as sensei, the man he wanted recognition from, the man who he finally gained respect from was dead, he was also like family to Jiraiya, Naru buried herself deeply into his chest muffling her cries her heart was broken and it was all too apparent for Jiraiya.

"Naru, the Hokage left you something before he died" Jiraiya whispered in her ear gaining her attention once again.

"What was it?" she said between her cries

"You'll find out later on, Naru, will you be going to the funeral?" Jiraiya asked the still shaken Naru

She nodded in acceptance not able to muster a single word they would just break into cries, Jiraiya had never seen his goddaughter like this before it pained him deeply he told Naru to get some rest before he left.

After Jiraiya left the room he told the whole group, "she's sleeping now and has seemed to have calmed down a lot, but don't do anything to make this worse for her" he then glared at the entire group, "Or you'll have me to deal with, Naru has been through a lot of troubles in her life, this tops them if you do anything else it might push her over the edge" Jiraiya told them

"W-we wont do anything to Naru-chan sir" Sasuke told Jiraiya a little worried, he didn't want a Sannin against him, this guy was most probably stronger than his brother and that meant he would be dead in no time against this guy.

"Good, now I have some things to do, please watch over Naru whilst I get my jobs done, I am sure I know what I will be asked and I need to think it over" Jiraiya told them and before anyone could query him, he disappeared.

"What was that about?" asked Sasuke whilst everyone shrugged, they all watched over Naru until it got too late only Sasuke stayed the entire night, "Naru"

The next morning Naru woke up to see Sasuke sleeping on a chair with his head on the side of the bed, she just smiled at the sight, the Sasuke Uchiha the one who was known as cold stayed all night to watch over her, she ran her hand through his hair softly and soothingly whilst she still digested what she was told, she had calmed a little now but it still hurt.

Sasuke opened his eyes and looked up at the conscious Naru who now had stopped running her hand through his hair through embarrassment that she was caught "Don't stop" Sasuke said whilst still lying down, Naru smiled at this and continued.

"So are you feeling better now Naru-chan?" asked Sasuke hoping for a positive response from his blonde girlfriend.

"I have calmed down, but it still hurts it will hurt more at the funeral to be honest, anyway there is supposedly something that the Hokage left behind for me what he intended to let me have, and Jiraiya said he would deal with it afterwards." Naru told her raven haired boyfriend

"Naru…. The funeral is later on today" Sasuke told her quietly, she just nodded in acceptance.

"Looks like I have to get out of bed then" Naru told Sasuke jumping out of bed, she felt tremendous pain in her stomach and ribs she screamed in agony.

"Naru what's wrong?" Sasuke asked in a very concerned way

"I-it hurts…. Sasuke-kun" Naru replied

"Where?" Sasuke asked because he wasn't even told the extent of her injuries, shouldn't the fox have already healed her?

"My ribs, and stomach, Kyuubi told me that she couldn't heal me as fast as usual due to I was in Kitsune form when I got the injuries thus making the extent of the injuries worse because it takes a lot of damage to hurt me or even break a bone when I am in that form" Naru replied

Sasuke picked Naru up and said "Get changed…." Whilst blushing, she looked down at herself to see only a hospital gown that all female patients wear, to be quite honest it was quite revealing.

"Pervert" shouted Naru

"But you like me as a pervert don't you?" Sasuke asked sarcastically

"I don't know…. Now get out!" shouted Naru at the young boy who was actually shocked at her response

Once Naru was done changing she told Sasuke that it was ok for him to come back in the room, he walked through the door and had to remark even with that many injuries she still looked beautiful. Sasuke was her personal crutch for the day or so it seemed, he took Naru to her house so she could get changed for the funeral, then rested Naru at his house whilst he got changed after a long hard trip from the hospital they were finally ready to go to the funeral.

Lots of people over all of Konoha were walking to the funeral site, they stopped and stared at the young Uchiha carrying Naru, they knew what she did for them during the invasion, she defeated the sands greatest 'weapon' they all looked at Naru with a weird sort of acceptance and gratification for what she had done and continued to walk on to the funeral.

It seemed like all of Konoha had came to pay respect for the Sandaime, they heard that he defeated Orochimaru and the two former Hokage when he summoned them, Orochimaru may still be alive but he still lost to the third.

The Atmosphere was gloomy the sky filled with dark clouds, everyone holding a flower listening to the speech about the Sandaime and to all those who died in the invasion, the rain began to fell it was as if the heavens themselves cried about the loss of the great man.

Konohamaru was crying his eyes out for his grandfather, when Naru was about to console him, Iruka decided to instead thinking back on the times of when the Sandaime helped him as a child he felt the kids pain.

Naru looked up at her father figure and asked "Iruka-sensei, why do people risk their lives"

Iruka explained that when someone is gone that all their dreams and future goes with them he also told her that it is to protect something important to them, "The Sandaime risked his life for the village because it was his home, and he wished to protect everyone in the village" Iruka told her softly

Naru just looked down tears streaming down her face as well "Why did he have to die though?" she asked burying her head into Sasuke who was right next to her.

"Sometimes people die when they didn't deserve to, if it wasn't for his sacrifice we wouldn't be here right now, and Naru remember your father also made a sacrifice for the village, people do this to protect the ones they love" Iruka replied to the girl who was still crying whilst Sasuke was consoling her.

Naru approached the picture of the Sandaime, "Oji-san" she said placing the flower down thinking back on all the times she spent with the man, the time he trained her when she was younger, the time when he bought her the katana that she now wields, the time he told her that she had really grown when he met up with her before the preliminaries, she put on a smile, placed the flower down "Good bye, Oji-san" she said walking away and she felt much better for it.

The clouds began to break and the sun crept through, the tears had ended and Naru was once again showing her joyful side, Jiraiya watching the funeral was proud of his Goddaughter then looked up at the Hokage monument seeing the face of his student and master and thought "I guess there is only one more thing to do then, Minato-san, Sarutobi-sensei"

(5 days later)

Many ninja were on missions to gain more strength for Konoha, if they declined any missions it would make them look weak and they couldn't allow their enemies to think they had lost power, Naru was taking time off due to her injuries and Sasuke was given leave to look after her, Hinata was on a mission with Arashi and Kakashi was on an S-rank mission to assassinate some big shot missing Nin.

The town had already been fixed up to shape due to the amounts of work that everyone put in, all those who could use speciality clones were required to make them to help rebuild the village, only Naru was an exception due to her health.

Jiraiya had been told by his spy in Akatsuki that he would have to come to Konoha and make it seem like he tried to take the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki and gave Jiraiya the time to get prepared so he could easily stop them and force them to retreat at the gate of the village.

Naru later on in the day finally went to see Jiraiya about this 'gift' that the Hokage left behind for her, she slowly approached Jiraiya.

"Oji-san" Naru asked Jiraiya, she had come to know him as an important person to her recently and decided to give him the title that she used to call the Sandaime.

"Yes Naru-chan?" asked Jiraiya with his telescope pointing over to the women's baths, Naru didn't mind he always did this and she actually found it funny how overly horny this man really was.

"Umm about what Oji-san left me behind, C-can I h-have it?" Naru asked Jiraiya who just looked down at her and smiled.

"Come with me"

They did some walking around town and ended up at the Sarutobi estate, it wasn't as big as the Uchiha or Namikaze estate but it still was pretty big, Jiraiya guided Naru all the way to the main house, when they entered he was met by the main servant of the house, who knew what all this was about.

"Please come with me, Jiraiya-sama, Naru-sama" said the servant taking them to the main living room.

Jiraiya sat with Naru who seemed extremely calm, her attitude had completely changed since five days ago when he first declared the news to her, she was obviously still hurting but understood what the man did was for the benefit to everyone so she only thought back on the good memories she had of him.

The main servant walked down the stairs slowly holding a long box in her hands and a letter above it, she handed the Letter to Naru first and told her to read it.

Dear Naru

I know this sounds cliché but if you are reading this I am dead, Naru you were a very important person to me and because of this I would like to leave behind something which is very important to my family, to you.

The two packages you receive is one for your own personal use, whilst the second is for someone you deem worthy in the Sarutobi clan.

I know that you were always in your fathers shadow, wearing the same coat as him, I know you want recognition so I told my servants to make you a coat that will solidify your own personal image, I know it isn't much but your family always had a thing for wearing trench coats and well I wanted you to also have a specially made one because if your going to become a clan leader one day you cant imitate the former leader can you.

Naru remember something, never give up, your dream is to become the best Hokage I remember you telling me this.

You have the potential and the spirit to achieve all your dreams Naru, if anyone ever calls you a demon don't believe it, you are your own person and a magnificent girl I truly feel honoured to have met you during my life time.

Naru there is one last thing I have to tell you, in all of Konoha there is a will to protect those closest to them, everyone in the village may not be blood related but they are all an important family and the desire to protect that family is what makes out village truly strong, this is called the Will of Fire and I am entrusting my Will to you I am sure all of Konoha will become as proud as I am of you Naru, become a great Hokage like no other.


Sarutobi Hiruzen.

Naru started shaking whilst looking at the letter the old man had left her new tears flowing, she held the note close to her chest, "I will Oji-san" this note would become one of her most treasured possessions from now on she thought to herself, the words that he was proud of her was something she always wanted to hear him say and this letter granted the wish.

The servant walked over to Naru and handed her the box, she picked it up and slowly opened the lid, and she saw inside a long coat, it was red with black flames she put the new coat on and gently put her other one in Jiraiya's hands, she slid her hands into the pockets and pulled out a little slip.

I knew you could summon foxes, so please do one thing for me use this name and ask the servant to place the name of it on the back of your coat. People outside the village will now know you as.

Naru, the Fox Tamer.

Naru took a liking to the name on an instant, she did the Sandaime's wish and handed the coat to the servant and asked her for the title to be imbedded onto the back in black Kanji.

She then looked into the box to see one last gift from Sarutobi, it was the gift that the Sandaime mentioned in his letter to Naru, it was a scroll, when Naru opened it inside was something that made her cry once again.

Sarutobi Hiruzen was written on the inside next to many other names all with the surname Sarutobi she then looked above the names, it was the symbol of an Ape, and Jiraiya stood next to Naru and told her, "It looks familiar doesn't it?"

"It's a summoning scroll, he asked me to give it to someone who I deemed worthy in the Sarutobi clan, he trusted me with such a job" Naru turned to Jiraiya and cried in an embrace again.

"He knew that nearly all of the clan would try and steal the scroll, you see only one person can summon the Apes at a time and Sarutobi-sensei didn't want a war to erupt over the honour of summoning them, he also knew you're a good judge of character and thought if anyone could figure out who was most worthy it was you Naru"

"But I don't have close ties to the Sarutobi clan, how am I supposed to make a decision?" Naru told Jiraiya

"I think Sarutobi-sensei already knew who you would pick; think to yourself, which member of the Sarutobi clan do you know the most?" Jiraiya told Naru.

The sudden reality hit her "Konohamaru" she told the man.

"Exactly, the Sandaime must have thought he was worthy and knew you would be someone who could grant him the honour of summoning apes, now what are you going to do?"

"When Konohamaru graduates from the Ninja Academy I will give him the scroll" Naru told Jiraiya confidently

"Exactly, now that this is all sorted I recommend you wait here for your coat, I have to do one final job and then I will meet up with you, ok?"

"Hai, Oji-san" Naru smiled at Jiraiya who disappeared into smoke. "By one more thing to do he means peek at the women's baths again doesn't he"

Naru waited for around three hours staring at pictures of Old Man Hokage smiling softly at the mans image, the servant returned and gave Naru her coat back with the words on the back, Konoha's Fox Tamer, Naru smiled at this and thanked the servant but before she left she asked one question.

"Umm, did Oji-san have any pictures of me and him?" Naru asked quietly

The servant looked at the girls sad image and walked into the backroom and returned placing a picture in her hands, it was when Naru was younger, just after the first training session that Naru and Sarutobi had together, Naru was holding an ice cream that the Hokage bought her, she was holding his hand looking at the old man who was smiling brightly. Naru clutched the picture to her chest.

"You can keep that if you want" the servant told her

"R-really?" Naru asked in shock

"It belongs to you Naru-chan I think he would have wanted you to have it"

"Thank you" Naru replied

Naru finally returned back to her estate she was mentally exhausted; she placed the first trench coat that Sandaime gave her on a mannequin and left it their for display, she placed the new picture of her and Sarutobi on her bedside cabinet next to the picture of her parents. She got the Ape Summoning scroll and sealed it away and said six words looking at the picture of her and Sandaime.

"I will make you proud, Oji-san"

(With Jiraiya)

Jiraiya did do exactly what Naru was expecting he went to the highest roof in Konoha and used his telescope to peak at the women, but it seemed like the gods were against him because just as he was about to see them for all their glory the two elders showed up behind him.

"Ahem" coughed Koharu the female elder of Konoha

"So you have finally come to see me, how did the negotiations with Suna do?" Jiraiya asked whilst still looking through his telescope

"Suna have admitted defeat and we are currently working out peace negotiations" Homura the male elder told him

"Well if that is all you needed to say you can leave now" Jiraiya told the two elders trying to get to work on spying.

"Jiraiya as a ninja of Konoha you have a responsibility to this village, we are currently weakened and we need a leader, someone strong, as the strongest of the three Sannin you have been chosen to become the Hokage" Koharu told him

"I don't think so, I am too free and besides there is one more Sannin who could do the job!" Jiraiya replied to them

"We don't have time for Tsunade right now, you are the only one who can take over from the Sandaime" shouted Homura then he looked over to Koharu with a sneaky look and continued "You do know that no-one will be as understanding towards Naru as you, if we got someone new maybe they would treat her like a demon"

Jiraiya's face turned to shock he couldn't allow Naru to be treated unfairly through no fault of her own, the elders were correct on one thing, maybe a new Hokage wouldn't be as understanding towards Naru's situation, and besides if he became Hokage he could help Naru out more and make up for all the things he missed when she was growing up he was her Godfather after all.

Jiraiya sighed "I guess I have no other choice, but if I find Tsunade over my duration as Hokage she can take over, deal?"

The elders nodded and dispersed they needed to spread the news, Jiraiya the toad sage was going to be the new Hokage of Konoha, its funny because when the elders first met Jiraiya as a young boy they thought he had no talent at all and was nothing compared to Orochimaru, how wrong they were.

(With Naru)

Naru went to see Sasuke she hadn't spoke to him much recently and wanted to catch up on a few things, when she was walking down the street however she heard a distressed Konohamaru, she quickly rushed to see the young boy who was crying.

"Konohamaru-kun what's wrong?" Naru asked sounding very worried

"They have already decided who is going to be the new Hokage and they will all forget about Grandpa" Konohamaru cried

"Who is this person who is going to take over as Hokage?" asked Naru very curiously and also sounding a little upset that the Sandaime was already being replace.

"They said his name was umm Jiraiya" Konohamaru said between cries

Naru smiled at the news and squatted down to Konohamaru and said "Don't worry, with Jiraiya in charge no-one will forget your Grandpa"

"What do you mean, do you know Jiraiya?" Konohamaru asked still crying

"He was your Grandpa's student, my father's teacher and my Godfather, he truly loved your Grandpa like he was his own father, he will never let anyone forget him and Konohamaru I have something I would like to give you when you're older"

Konohamaru blushed thinking it was something else and asked "What is it?" a little excitedly

"Well, your Grandpa left me something which I will give to you when you graduate from the academy, now if you tell anyone what I am about to tell you I will never allow you to have it ok" Naru told the young boy

"What is it? I wont tell I promise, please tell me" Konohamaru begged

"He gave me the summoning scroll to the Apes and when you are old enough I will give you it, he only allowed me to have it so no-one in your clan could take it before you were ready, because only one person can use it at a time" Naru told him

"So why don't you use it, how do I know you wont!" shouted Konohamaru

"Because Konohamaru I can already summon, it is a summon no-one else has ever had one second you will see, Summoning Jutsu!" shouted Naru and a small golden fox appeared in front of her, "Hi Shinzi-san"

"Naru-sama what can I do for you today" asked Shinzi in a very polite manner

"I just wanted to show Konohamaru that I already knew how to summon a creature, I will play with you later Shinzi but there is something I need to do ok" Naru replied to the golden fox

"Ok Naru-sama" the fox said in a childish manner before dispelling itself.

"Now Konohamaru do you believe me?" Naru asked the young boy

Konohamaru just nodded and smiled and told her "So you will teach me how to summon Apes when I graduate?"

Naru just nodded to the delight of Konohamaru and told him "Well I have to go see Jiraiya now I was intending on seeing Sasuke but I need to find out more about this Hokage news, bye"

Naru met up with Jiraiya later on in the day who explained to her all the reasons why he was becoming Hokage he also told her that he would like to meet her in his new office a day after he is inaugurated as the Godaime Hokage

(Inauguration day)

Jiraiya stood tall on top of the Hokage tower over the whole of Konoha, he didn't like this one bit but was doing it mainly for Naru, he looked down on the entire village who were cheering his name, Jiraiya decided to declare a new rule "The bathing at the hot springs will now be mixed!"

The whole male population cheered loudly, screaming in appreciation of Jiraiya whilst the women had other views of him. "He is truly a god" one man said crying after Jiraiya announced the hot springs idea.

Jiraiya looked down on the citizens trying to spot his favourite young blonde and there she was on the front row holding Sasuke's hand he just looked at the young couple and thought "Sasuke, you are one lucky guy, Naru is going to be truly beautiful one day and I am never wrong, Tsunade is a prime example of that"

The village celebrated wildly over a new Hokage whilst Jiraiya went to his office to see a lot of paper work he started crying at his desk, "Why did I decide to become Hokage! I can't right my books now!"

(A day later)

The Godaime Hokage called three Genin to his office he couldn't wait to see the looks on their faces when this was all over.

Three Genin walked through the door, first walked Naru, then Shikamaru and then Sasuke.

"I have called you three here today for a very special reason, I was watching the Chuunin exams from high on the roof and I saw some fantastic fights" Jiraiya looked at the three Genin.

"Shikamaru you are obviously above Genin level, your intelligence really impressed me and your bravery too, I have decided to promote you to Chuunin."

"Troublesome!" said Shikamaru with no enthusiasm at all.

"Sasuke, you may not have the smarts of Shikamaru but your sense and power obviously qualifies you to be more than a Genin, so it is my honour to grant you the position of Chuunin as well"

"Thank you Hokage-sama" Sasuke replied to Jiraiya

"No Sasuke call him Ero-Sennin it's more fitting to his personality" Naru said to Sasuke who smiled and nodded, you could see a visible vein on Jiraiya's forehead after the comment.

"Finally Naru, Your power and guts are unbelievably high, you remind me a lot of me when I was younger, you were thinking steps ahead when you were fighting, that was clear to me and everyone in the stadium for this sole reason I am promoting you to…"

"Jonin?" asked Naru very excitedly

"Special Jonin" replied Jiraiya

"What's one of those?" replied Naru; it was a blonde moment so Jiraiya would have to explain.

"A special Jonin is someone who specialises in one field; you wouldn't be able to get Jonin level due to the fact that your Taijutsu skills are average and your Genjutsu skills are lower than an academy student, you maybe able to dispel Genjutsu but when it comes to casting lets just say you suck" Jiraiya told Naru

"So what do I specialise in Oji-san?" then it clicked "What I suck!"

Jiraiya just laughed at her and answered "Yes you do such when it comes to Genjutsu and what you specialise in is Ninjutsu, the fact that you're a special Jonin means that you are so adept in these skills, the council has deemed it necessary to promote you, remember Naru you wont have all of the benefits of a regular Jonin nor does it mean that you are able to fight Jonin level opponents with ease, it means that you are above Chuunin but below Jonin, do you understand what I am saying?

"I guess so" replied Naru

"Great because I have a job for all of you, it's a very important mission and you three will be going on it" Jiraiya told them

"What is this mission?" replied Sasuke

"Well the mission is…."

Then a loud knock at the Hokage's door cut him off from speaking on the mission. "What is it now..." He sighed heavily

(End Chapter)

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