Waiting on some Beautiful Boy

Wheeew, first attempt at publishing something on Fan Fiction. I've been making up this story in my head for over 13 months now, and I just had to let it out. I conveniently decided to let it out right in the middle of my HSC half yearly (high school exams for year 12), so please don't hate me. Tell me what you think, even if it's abuse. Thank you.

Summary: Bella and Edward married in 1917. In 1918 Edward is saved by Carlisle, and forgets Bella existed. Today the Cullens return to Forks and to a certain brown haired vampire, but is it too late?


1917 Chicago


Surely, this was hell, no purgatory, the bane of my existence, one of my mother's social gatherings. Every so often, once a month at least, my father and I would be forced into a tuxedo and threatened with violence if fake smiles were not plastered onto our faces, ready to greet and charm our many guests.

My mother got her handkerchief and rubbed at the non-existent dirt on my cheek, as she explained to me how apparently this social event was special. A new family had moved to the neighborhood, and my mother wanted to welcome them into our society. No better way of saying welcome to the neighborhood than hosting a large charity event to shove the wealth of the community down their throats.

The Swans had recently moved from Phoenix Arizona and were bringing their teenage daughter (I didn't miss the glance laden with meaning my mother sent at me as she recounted this information) to live here in Chicago.

After my mother finished appraising my appearance she left out the door to double check the food courses that would be served for dinner. With only half and hour before the guests started to arrive, I went to my piano to practice the pieces I would play later on tonight. My mother enjoyed showing off my talents and requested that I play several pieces tonight, assumably to impress the Swan's daughter. My mother was consistently placing young eligible women under my nose, parading them around as one would a smorgasbord.

I simply was not interested, playing my piano for my own enjoyment and my ambition to join the war were decidedly more meaningful than finding a partner to court and marry.

I finished practicing the pieces but couldn't bring myself to leave the piano. For months now I had been having trouble composing my own music. Normally inspiration would come to me with ease, the desire was there to make music, but I couldn't bring myself to actually start a song. I tried a small melody that had been running through my head, but on the piano it didn't sound quite right. I shut the piano lid and made my way downstairs, ready to face the hoards of stuck up snobs that attended these social get togethers for charity.

As the guests began to arrive my family took their positions at the door welcoming the guests individually as they gave their coats to our domestic help. The usual faces and names blurred together as the front parlor room filled up with people. My father was just showing in the Clarks when my mother squeezed my hand hanging by my side, which she only did when she wanted me to be especially charming.

I was presented with the sight of a middle-aged couple still youthful in their appearance, the lady was greeting my mother with air kisses to each cheek and my father firmly shook hands with the gentleman. I searched my memories of past occasions but couldn't recall ever having met this couple before so I surmised that this must be the Swans.

The gentleman whom I presumed was Charlie Swan spoke for the first time. "And this is our daughter, Isabella."

I turned my gaze to the third figure I had missed in my initial scrutiny of the family, the young woman lingered on the doorstep slightly obscured by her mother, giving off the impression of someone who had been forced to attend a funeral of a distant relative of whom she had disliked immensely. As the lady who I took to be Renee Swan stepped back from my mother, my breath caught in my throat and my heart quickened in my chest at the sight of this blushing beauty.

My mother moved forward to greet her and I hastily welcomed her parents, anxious to get another glimpse of this captivating girl.

I couldn't help but stare at this magnificent creature, her long mahogany hair was swept up into a bun placed on the top of her head, kept in place by little diamond clips. Long lashes swept along her cheeks as she gazed down at the floor, not meeting my eyes as she dipped her head and presented her delicate pale hand, covered in ivory gloves to match her dress, for me to shake. Instead I grasped it lightly in my own and brought it to my mouth as I brushed my lips across her skin with the softest pressure, as if she would break like a fragile piece of glass.

"It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance Miss. Swan, I'm Edward Mason."