Sonny's Heart

So. I've done like 4 one-shots, and decided to do a multi-chapter. I hope everyone likes it. :P It takes place after With a Chance of Dating, but not precisely after an episode. I also added a new show- Rita's Creek- for some drama. A lead crushing on Chad and Sonny getting jealous- sweet stuff like that(:

Corny title, I know. I didn't know what to do for it. And since the story will mostly be Sonny's POV (I may try a Chad POV) and dealing with her feelings, it suits. I guess. TITLE IDEAS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED.

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K+ ; Disclaimer: I own nothing relating to this story. Trust me, if I did, Channy would have hit after the second episode.


" A party?" I repeated, shrilly. The whole cast of Sonny With a Chance was gathered in the cafeteria, and Marshall was bouncing up and down like an ecstatic little boy.

"Yes!" He exclaimed. "For all the shows around here. So Random, McKenzie Falls, and Rita's Creek from down the street."

"The ladies!" Niko said smoothly, rubbing his hands together.

"Awh yeah!" Grady boomed, slapping Niko's outstretched palm.

I rolled my eyes.

"What do you think, Sonny?" Marshall eyed me. I played with a strand of dark brown hair.

"I'm remembering the peace picnic…" I drawled slowly. I didn't want a bunch of drama.

Zora narrowed her eyes. "A party would be different though! It'd be fun, unless the 'actors' from the Falls start anything. But if they do," Zora flashed a wicked grin. "I'll be ready." She collapsed into a giggling fit so we shifted our attention to Tawni.

"I love parties!" She cooed, flipping her perfect blonde hair. "A new dress, new guys, new accessories, and new guys to fawn over me!" She finished her dialogue, painting some lip-gloss on her full lips.

"Well, let's do it!" I suggested. Marshall clapped his hands and grinned. "This can bring us all together!" He said dreamily. "This Saturday! I'll spread the word!"

Today was Sunday. So we had a week, to find an outfit and a date. No pressure.

Everyone drifted off to buy lunch. Tawni turned to me eagerly. "So you and Chad will go together, right?"

My eyes widened. "No, why would we? We can't stand each other," I stuttered, adding some loud laughter at the end.

Suddenly, Chad's voice drifted into my ear. "Do we, Sonny? Do we really?" He asked, sliding into a chair beside me.

Tawni wrinkled her nose at him, and I attempted to ignore my beating heart and sweating palms. His hair was neatly in place, and he was in his usual outfit for the Falls- jeans, a nice shirt, and a suit jacket.

"Asking Sonny to the dance?" Tawni smirked, folding her arms as she stared at the two of us. Chad's arm was draped over the back of my chair.

Chad tilted his head to one side. "What dance?" He asked.

Tawni filled him in, still smirking.

Chad glanced at me, looking slightly anxious.

Luckily, my phone started moo-ing.

"Awh darn, gotta go!" I sighed dramatically, slapping my phone to my ear and jetting out of the café. God, I was starving.

I could hear Tawni cackling, but nothing from Chad.

Once I was in my dressing room, I could lounge on the couch and relax, and talk normally to my best friend Lucy.

"You and Chad are all over the media!" She bubbled. I groaned."It was a fake date!" I exploded.

Lucy paused. "What?" She said dubiously. "Anyway, just pictures of you guys looking at each other and blushing. Couple names, I like Channy. And-" Lucy droned on and on and on. I tuned her out, sighing, and turned my attention to the party.

Would Chad ask me? If he did, what would I say?

If I said yes, what would happen?