Chapter Thirteen

Note: Someone reviewed about there not being a lot of description, and yeah, I know there isn't, because this story is pretty much just about the dialogue between Chad and Sonny and shizz like that. So the story is finally coming to an end, for real this time! So thanks for all the great reviews everyone. Let's hope you'll all read my next Channy fic. (:


Back to just Sonny's POV

I stared at Chad's cocky face. He is so full of it.

"You would assume that," I pursed my lips.

"Yeah, I know," Chad adjusted his jacket. "If you won't admit it, I won't make you. But so far, this party hasn't been very fun, so…" Chad stood up, did his 'point and shoot' gesture at me with a grin, and sauntered off into the throng of people dancing and laughing.

Well wasn't this nice. I was along at a table. I stood up, fluffed up my hair, and walked carefully across the shiny bronze floor. "Tawni!" I called, spotting her in her big pink dress.

"Someone's feeling better?" Tawni made a pointed glance over at Chad, who had joined the Falls. They were clustered by the food table, laughing and sipping sodas like they were having the time of their lives.

"Yeah," I shrugged. "I'm ready for some drama-free fun,"

"Well there's lots of fun here!" Zora ran up to us, panting and dancing as she walked. I giggled, and the three of us started dancing and whooping and having a wonderful time. It was great to cut loose. By this time, the studios mingled. At one point, I was dancing to a great song with Miley Cyrus and Miranda Cosgrove! Finally, we were all shedding our shyness and just having fun together. And they were all such real people, not stuck up at all.

Well, minus McKenzie Falls.

Hours ticked by. I didn't talk to Chad after the table, because I was done with dramatic conversations, and that's all we seemed to have. At one point, when dark evening light poured through the elegant windows, Marshall found a microphone and coughed into it.

We all looked over at him curiously. At the time, Tawni and I were sitting on the staircase with Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus.

"Have you kids had fun?" He asked hopefully. In return, we burst into applauds. I felt my feet shaking beneath my royal blue flip-flops and my ears were ringing.

"I guess the party was a success then," Marshall looked satisfied. "Well kids, it's almost twelve, so have your last jollies."

"'Your last jollies'?" Selena whispered.

"That's Marshall," I chuckled, pleased that I was making normal conversation with someone like Selena Gomez.

"Well, I'll leave you at that!" Marshall finished. More loud music erupted from the speakers and a ripple of hoots passed through everyone.

"Let's party!" Miley exclaimed, and we all leapt up and dashed to the dance floor.

"Are you going to dance with Chad again?" Tawni yelled over the fast pace of the music. We were busting our best groves.

"I don't know!" I shouted back honestly. For once, I wanted to push Chad and Cara and all kinds of drama out of my head. I wanted to soak in the fact that here I was- an amazing Hollywood bash, dancing with my friends and having a ball.

It looked like, finally, I could do that.

At one point, I left the party room to do a quick checkup in the bathroom. I slung my green bag over my shoulder and pushed the brown door open, and holy God, even the bathroom was gorgeous. Gold and raspberry red décor- an embellished mirror, with glass bowls of red rose petals, a stiff gold couch to my right, and gold and red alternating stalls.

There are no bathrooms like that back in Wisconsin.

I beamed at myself in the mirror. Then made a pouty model pose. Then I twirled around, mouth open in a huge grin, arms out in a pose.

Just then, I heard someone clapping. Confused, I turned around and saw Cara perched on the couch.

"Gorgeous, Sonny, really charming," She smirked.

"When did you get here?" I avoided her question, stuffing my mascara back into my bag and glaring at her.

She sighed and stood up. How short was her dress, anyway? Yuck.

"Sonny," She drawled, flipping her luscious curls over her shoulder. "We both like Chad. And I don't want to be in some diva catfight with another celeb."

"But it's your fault," I said, flustered.

"Blaming people doesn't help anyone," She put a pale hand on my shoulder. Eyes wide, I looked at it then back at her.

"So, let's just ask Chad to chose. Then, whomever he chooses, we can still be friends."

"But we were never…whatever. Fine," I sighed. She grabbed my arm and danced out of the bathroom.

The fact that she was watching me, silently, in a bathroom still haunts me.

My face in a permanent pout, Cara led me past Zora, Niko, Grady, Miley, Selena, Drake Bell, and Devon Werkheiser. Awh, that's where I wanted to be!

One of these days, I'm going to have to learn to stick up for myself.

"Chad!" Cara called shrilly. Chad turned around from his pack of 'actors' and then let lose a small squeal when he saw Cara. Instantly, Jeffrey and Portlyn stepped in front of him, like bodyguards.

"Don't worry, Sonny and I just wanna talk to you," Cara said sweetly, slinging her arm over my shoulder. I grinned plaintively and shrugged out of her grasp.

"Sure," Chad said slowly, leaving his cast and following us to a window.

"Mkay Chad. Just tell us which one of us you like better. Who do you pick?" Cara asked cockily, like she knew she'd get picked.

Chad blinked a couple times, then jammed his hands in his pockets. "Well…Cara, I hate you," He said simply.

"You're choosing HER over ME?" Cara squawked.

"I guess…yeah," Chad shrugged, raising his eyebrows at me. I shot a 'whatever' look back over at him.

"Well, guess that's that," I clapped my hands together.

"You'll rue this day, Chad Dylan Cooper," Cara said in a low, threatening voice.

Chad looked bored. But she looked…serious. Like she actually might get violent. I glanced around. The closest thing nearby was a bowl of cookies and a glass pot of red cherry punch, with a ladle.

Karma was on my side today! While Cara spouted insults at Chad, I struggled to lift the huge bowl of punch, grinned wickedly at Chad, then proceeded to dump it on Cara.

The room was hushed. Cara stood there, agape, her hair and outfit in a sticky, red mess.

Then…."Yeah, Sonny!" Zora cried. Then everyone else cheered, except for Rita's cast.

Cara started crying overly dramatically. "You don't really like her," She wept, making puppy dog eyes at Chad.

"If I didn't like her, would I do this?" Chad piped up. He grabbed my arm, leaned me over, and kissed me dramatically. Just like at our fake date, except he didn't clap his hand over my mouth.

I never really grasped the concept of 'a pleasant surprise' until that moment. The kiss was short, sweet, and theatrical. He reeled me back up, and then smirked at Cara.

"David, kiss me like that!" Cara roared. Her cast surrounded her.

"Uh, no, you're gross," David said in a matter of fact manor.

Cara sniffled, and ran out of the room.

There was a pause, then applauds. Chad grinned brightly at me.

"That was some kiss," I said in the exact same way he said those words to me at our fake date.

Chad chuckled. "Yeah, well," he boasted. Then he looked me in the eye. "You know I would've chosen you over, like, anyone right?" he said casually.

The way he said it, like it was obvious, couldn't slow down the speed of my throbbing heart.

On the wings of a dream, in your eyes I can fly so high.

"Well, I'd chose you too," I said playfully.

"Duh," Chad smirked. I smacked him on the arm, and a slow song trickled out of the speakers.

"Last dance, everyone!" Marshal's voice came loudly.

Chad looked at me expectedly.

I returned the glance.

"Wanna?" Chad nodded towards the dance floor.

"Duh," I smirked. Mocking him is one of my favorite hobbies.

So once again, I slung my arms over his neck and he tied his hands around my waist. This time, our stance was perfect- not too far away, not too close, just comfortable.

"So, Sonny, um…" Chad stared at a point over my head.

"What is it, Chad?" I asked curiously.

He couldn't be nervous, could he?

Too many broken hearts have fallen in the river, too many lonely souls have drifted off to sea.

"Ya know how I said you wanted to go out with me?"

"Yeah…" I remembered.

"…do you?" Chad coughed. He looked supremely nervous, it was so un-Chad like.

It was so cute.

"Well, do you?" I questioned.

Chad let out a huge sigh. "Kinda," He admitted, lowering his gaze to meet mine.

HOLY CRAP! Chad Dylan Cooper was asking me out. Kind of. I think.

"Really?" I whispered. I was worried he could hear my heart pounding wildly.

Once a lonely love song, a song that's sad but true.

"Yeah, now why don't you say something so I can act Chad-like again," Chad said breathily.

"Well," I drew in a sharp breath. "I like you. So are you asking me out?"

"Yeah, so are you saying yes?" Chad grinned. That smile…he looked like a little kid who just earned a lollypop.

The song was approaching it's final notes.

"I am saying yes," I smiled blissfully.

Chad leaned down and kissed me again. Softly, gently, like reminding me of a flower floating in the breeze. I returned it, and as the song ended, I hugged him tightly. At last, finally, things were turning my way!

Tawni appeared, looking cocky. "I called this. It's all in your eyes, Chad," She grinned at him and Chad rolled his eyes.

The clock ticked twelve, and we all screamed and stamped our feet. The party had been amazing, Cara had given up, and Chad and I were finally together.

We looked at each other happily and he took my hand and squeezed it.

You give me something to believe in, after all that we've been through. The love you give, it all comes back to you. You give me something to believe in, you can see the real me. And here, with you, is where I'm meant to be.

The End