This is my first fanfic story and the first chapter of the story at that. I love Twilight, but really disliked that the honeymoon in Breaking Dawn was so "weak." After all of that build up, we needed to hear about what really happened. So, I've decided to take it into my own hands!

This will be a multi-chaptered story, but I would LOVE some feedback on how you liked the start! I promised this will be a detailed account and lots of lemons!

The Full-Frontal Honeymoon

Chapter One: Reassurance

As I walked along the beach, I was shaking with nervousness. I had waited for this for so long, but what if it didn't work? What if Edward was right? What if this was a giant mistake? I knew if Edward hurt me—even at my pleading request—he would never forgive himself. What if he left me again, thinking it would be for my own good? No, no, that could never happen again. I absently started fondling the ring on my left hand.

My pace had slowed with all of these frightening thoughts…and then I saw him. He had his back to me, and was waist deep in the water. The moonlight reflected off of his skin. He took my breath away. Is this the moment when I would finally wake up from this dream? Or was I really married to this beautiful man—vampire—creature? In that moment, all of my doubts fled my body. I dropped my towel in the sand and made my way towards him.

The water was warmer than I had expected and I was thankful for that. I knew he was aware of my presence as I came closer. He could smell the addicting scent of my blood from yards away. But he did not turn. Even though I was now his wife, I think he was still being a gentleman.

I walked up behind him and put my arms around his waist. I pressed my naked chest into his back as my hands reached around and slowly began caressing his chest. Edward released a soft, low moan.

"Mmmhmm…I love the way your touch feels," he whispered. I pushed even closer to him, resting my head on his back. Our lower halves meeting under the water, his naked buttocks pressed gently into the curve of my stomach. My body began to burn—we had never been this close.

Edward placed his hands over mine and held them to his chest. "Bella, today you made me happier than I ever thought possible in all of the years of my existence. And I know that you didn't really want to get married, but-"

"Edward, no. I did, it's just that I-"

"Bella, shh. It's ok. I understand. I know that you want to be my wife. I know that we are meant to be together for all of eternity." I squeezed him even tighter. It was true; I hadn't wanted to get married…until the moment I saw him standing at the alter. I nearly ran down the isle and tackled him. We were meant to be husband and wife; I understood that now. "I know that I promised that we would try…" My body tensed—he would NOT back out on this! As though he had read my mind, "Bella, no, we will try. But I will never forgive myself if I hurt you. Unlike everything else we've done together, I will be as new to this as you are. I'm always so careful with you…I don't know how to be careful doing this…and I…" he paused, searching for the right words.

"Edward, it's going to be ok. I like that we are both new to this. We will figure it out together. I love you." I turned my head, stood on my tiptoes, and kissed in between his shoulder blades.

Edward didn't respond right away. After a moment he lowered his head and seemed to be staring at the water. I could feel the tension in his back and chest. "Edward, please don't worry about this. I want this to be magical for both of us. I trust you; you won't hurt me. I love you, please, we need this, ok? Please, I don't—" he cut me off as my words became almost frantic.

"Shh, Bella. It's ok. I just…it's not only that I'm afraid of hurting you…I don't…I want to be sure that…" his voice trailed off and I heard a low chuckle escape from his lips. I had never heard Edward sound so confused or unintelligible.

"Edward, what is it?I don't understand? What else are you worried about?"

"Oh, Bella. I know you've been thinking and probably imagining what this night would be like for a long time. And well, just think of how long I've been dreaming of something like this…but with you…I can imagine, but I don't really know what to—what if I don't perform well? What if you don't enj-"

He stopped short; I had interrupted him with hysterical laughter. I felt his body go stiff and I tried to stifle my laughs by pressing my face into his back. When I finally had control of myself I said, "Edward, are you crazy? Have you lost your vampire mind?? You cannot seriously be worried that I'm not going to enjoy myself? Ugh. Edward, you know what your touch does to me when you simply run a fingertip along my jaw line. I can only imagine what will happen when you…" I blushed and was nearly faint at the thought of it.

"I know it sounds silly to you, Bella. I just want everything to be perfect for you."

"It already is! Edward, silly boy, you don't have to be perfect at everything! The fact that neither of us has ever experienced this is part of what makes it so amazing." I squeezed his hands in mine. "We'll perfect this together…or we'll stubble through it like inexperienced idiots together!" We both laughed at this for a moment and slowly we became silent, only the sound of the small waves to be heard.

"Bella, you are my life, my love, my existence," and with that, at inhuman pace, Edward spun around, hooked his hands gently underneath my arms, and lifted me up to him. He looked into my eyes for a moment, and then gently kissed my lips.

Disclaimer: Twilight belongs to Stephanie Meyers.