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Most of the time, Fred and George don't try to cause trouble. Most of the time. This time, however is one big exception. They are not merely causing Trouble, oh no, they are inviting Trouble into their humble abode with open arms, smiling faces and a huge cake reading 'WELCOME'.

Is this an exaggeration?? I don't think so.

Still not convinced? Let's take a look at what they did.


One morning, the day before the twins were due back on the Hogwarts Express in fact, Fred and George were putting the finishing touches to their masterpiece plan: Operation *******. (The name of the plan is a secret)

They had gotten their thieving little paws, I mean, hands on a TSMO (Top Secret Ministry Object). That something was a portkey. Now if it was an ordinary portkey, it wouldn't be a TSMO. It just so happened that that particular portkey had an unknown destination. That also was not the problem. Just wave the magical stick called a wand and say a few choice words and voila, destination revealed. The problem was that no one had ever heard of the destination. What kind of name is 'Konoha' anyway??

The twins had figured out (by way of a few choice spells) that the portkey was a yearly portkey, meaning, every year, at precisely 1400 hours, on the 4th of September, the portkey (and whoever is touching it) will travel from wherever it is to a certain destination. The TSMO portkey has two destinations meaning that it will alternate between the two destinations every year. What excited the twins even more was the fact that the portkey was a pendant in the shape of a flame with some kind of swirly leaf symbol on it. That means it is perfect prank material.

They decided to use the pendant as a secret admirer gift for someone. They already had the letter that would be attached to it ready and everything. Now all they needed was a target.

Dear little Ronnie-kins? Their mother is Molly Weasley. That alone is a terrifying thought add that to the fact that he is Harry's best friend and you have a BAD idea.

Harry? Nah, they could get mobbed if they sent the Saviour of the Wizarding World anywhere let alone an unknown destination and for a whole year. Harry belittles himself so much he would probably give the pendant to somebody else anyway.

Who else?

The person has to be not in their mother's good books, somebody who won't be missed for a year and most importantly, arrogant enough to truly believe that they deserve secret admirers. That takes out all the Gryffindors then. And the Hufflepuffs. And the Ravenclaws. And the…wait. Of course! The Slytherins! It's perfect! And who better than the Ice Prince himself?

If anybody happened to pass by at that time, they would take one look at the twins' face and run screaming back the way they came. It was not for the fainthearted.

The twins had to wait until they were at Hogwarts before they could send off their letter. Everyone knew Pig because of the pandemonium he caused every time he tried to deliver something. They needed to use one of Hogwarts' many spare owls.

They had convinced their father to let them write the letter on his muggle invention called a con-puke-tar (those muggles are a weird bunch. Who is Con and why the hell is he puking tar? And what has that got to do with the machine?) They just needed to print it out and wrap the necklace they put the pendant on.

Once it was printed, they reviewed it one last time:

Deer my darling Draco

I hav had a hewge crush on you ever since I first laid my I's on you. You hav the most gorges blond hair and I could get lost in your grey I's, but then that would be silly coz I wouldn't bee able tew see yew any mor. I no you don't no hu I am but I felt that you needed to no of my efeksions. As proof of my love, I give you this nek lace. Plese ware it evry days and think of me.


Your Secret Admirarer

Perfect. A stupid blonde that wants the "Ice Prince", just perfect.

Now all they needed was to make sure they got it to Malfoy before the 4th. They went to bed that night wearing identical evil smirks.


The next day, while they were waiting for the Hogwarts Express, the twins didn't notice Harry behind them, listening them whisper about their plan. To say Harry was horrified was a big understatement. Sure, he didn't like Malfoy, but to send him away for a whole year? Wasn't that overkill? Before he could cut into the twins' conversation, the Hogwarts Express came and everyone boarded.

As Harry boarded, he got a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. He sighed. This was not going to be an uneventful year like he had hoped. Not only does he have Voldemort to deal with, he needs to foil the twin's plans. He sighed again. Stupid Hero Complex! Just wouldn't leave him alone. Neither would Dra…lets not go there.


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