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The group of people walked to Tsunade's office, on the top floor. Just as they were approaching the door, however, they heard furious shouting coming from inside. Sakura, knowing Tsunade the best, warned the others to stay out of the way. Confused, Harry and Draco did as they were told, as did Naruto and Sasuke. Kakashi however, was still immersed in the idea of a Yaoi edition of Icha Icha Paradise and hadn't realised the danger of standing outside the door. You'd think that with his ninja reflexes he would have been able to dodge it. Poor soul.

The voices in the office escalated until they stopped altogether. Following a four second lapse was a huge *BAM* and a something flying out through the door and knocking down Kakashi on it's way to contact with the wall opposite. That something was later identified as a man with long white hair and red facial markings.

Harry and Draco stared at said man, disbelief the main emotion swirling in their eyes. They now understood why Sakura had insisted that they stay clear of the door, but that still didn't explain how the man had gone through the wall.

"What have I told you about keeping your perverted hands to yourself?!" thundered from inside the office.

Harry slowly looked at the source of the (extremely) loud voice. His eyes boggled. Are those real?! Like any healthy sixteen year old boy, his eyes had been instantly drawn to the huge –ahem– boobs that seemed to be popping out of the woman's top. It took a knock to the head from Draco to regain his focus.

Draco looked at his with an eyebrow raised. (What the hell do you think you're doing? It would be preferable if you didn't make a bad first impression.)

Harry attempted to reply in the same fashion (i.e. without the use of words). The message Draco got was 'Jeez your lips are kissable' he raised his other eyebrow, the Malfoy equivalent of a 'huh' with a slight smirk on his face and looked at Harry like he was parading as Santa in a thong.

Harry rolled his eyes. "Shut up, I don't care what I said in your damn 'prat language' and c'mon be realistic, how can you not be looking at those?" he whispered furiously to Draco.

Draco was stopped from making a reply by a rather harsh 'come in'. They both entered the office through the hole in the door. Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke were already in there, having to explain their appearance to Tsunade while Harry and Draco were conversing with each other.

She looked at them and sighed. "Let me get this straight. You two appeared out of nowhere in the middle of a training ground. You both do not speak our language, but have managed to manipulate it so that you can, using a stick as the medium."

Draco straightened indignantly. "I'll have you know that they are not 'sticks'. They are wands. And we are both wizards. Not manipulators like you said. Just wait 'til my father hears about this."

Harry whispered out of the corner of his mouth, "Smooth, Malfoy. What was it you said about first appearances?"

Malfoy sent Harry a minimised glare out of the corner of his eyes that clearly stated with unrestrained disdain. "Fine Golden Boy, you deal with it." Letting his lips curl into a sneer, he stepped back smugly, already thinking of ways to tease Harry of his ineloquence.

"Madam, please ignore the brat that is next to me, he is unused to civilised company." Draco's jaw dropped at Harry's statement. "Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Harry Potter, I come from England, wizarding London, to be more exact. I am pleased to meet your acquaintance."

Take that Malfoy

Draco resisted the urge to roll his eyes. He succeeded. Partially. Not really.

"I'm Tsunade the Hokage and that pile of shit lying on the floor there, his name is Jiraiya. So that blonde brat says you're wizards." Draco bristled "How intriguing, you're from England too! How can you speak our language again? You know what? Never mind, I don't want to know, and since you're here already, we need to get you somewhere half decent to stay. From what I understand, you two are going to be here for the unforeseeable future. Well then, Sasuke, you take goldilocks there, and brat, you take Scar-head. Dismissed" Tsunade turned to look at Sasuke and Naruto "Report at your old training ground tomorrow morning. With those two. Seven o'clock sharp. In the morning. Dismissed."

Draco and Harry both blinked rather slowly, stunned by the fast tirade of one sided conversation. "I said you're dismissed and that means all of you my lovely puppies. Now. Shizune! Where's my damned sake?!"

Sakura and Naruto shared an exasperated sigh that only those who knew this behaviour well could emit and frogmarched the two shell-shocked and slightly confused guests out of the office. "Hang on a minute; did that lady pair me up with the chicken butt guy?" Draco squawked.

"Hn. Goldilocks"

"Useless pretty boy."

"Takes one to know one."

"So you're admitting that you're a useless pretty boy?"

"Would you two shut up and stop flirting?" Naruto interjected, irritated for reasons that he doesn't understand. He received two well aimed death glares and flinched; one bastard in town was really enough.

"Yo Naruto! Wassup homie? Who're the new guys?" a voice called from afar. "…yo," added the voice as an afterthought.

"Kiba, you suck at being gangster, trust me, you're a better ninja, and that's saying something." Kiba squawked a bit at the rude comment "These guys are from wizarding London, they'll be here for a while. Harry, the one with the glasses would be staying with me and the blonde, irate one is called Draco, he'd be staying with Sasuke. Ten bucks on them killing each other within the month." Naruto betted shamelessly.

"Huh, well welcome to Konoha Harry, Draco."

"Thanks, your name is Kiba right?"

"Damn straight." Kiba proceeded to look expectantly at Draco, who of course was too busy having a silent insult fest with Sasuke to notice. Kiba's eyes narrowed. "So… where's London again?"

Sakura rolled her eyes "England, you know, in Europe?" she informed with greatly suppressed impatience.

"Right, sure I do. And Europe's in Antarctica. Everyone knows that. Anyway, I got to get back to Akamaru, he gets lonely without me. Come visit me with Naruto any time you like Harry, bring your friend along if you… want. Bye!" Kiba was soon a dot in the distance.

Harry blinked slowly again, this was all shaping up to have a very dream-like quality. Maybe he'll wake up soon, hearing Ron's thunderous snores and Seamus' mutterings. Yes, that would be preferable. As crazy as that sounded. He felt a sharp elbow digging into his side. It hurt. Not a dream then. Harry glared at Draco "What the fuck was that for?" he seethed.

Draco gave him a look that said 'Do I need a fricking reason?' but actually said, with his whole body held taunt, "You're spacing out. I'm swapping arrangements with you. You can deal with the one with an icicle up his arse." Anyone could tell he was trying very hard to be polite to Harry and finding it extremely difficult.

Harry's eyebrows rose up and beyond his hairline. He was actually considering this, seeing as this was Malfoy, that is, until he remembered this was Malfoy. So, with a little evil smirk he called out to Naruto "Hey, Naruto! Draco here says that he wants to swap with me because you are cuter than Sasuke. Is that okay?"

Several things happened at once. Draco choked on his own spit. Sasuke activated Sharingan and tried to take out Draco. Harry whipped out his wand just in time to cast a tripping hex at Sasuke and watched as the Uchiha face-planted in the dirt for the second time that day. Naruto, the ever cheerful idiot, simply let his brain skip over the implications and happily declared, "Let's have ramen!" to Harry. Denial isn't only a river in Egypt.

Draco seethed. You just made it to first place on my Black List, Potter.

"Come have ramen with us Sasuke, you too Draco."

Draco brightened slightly at the invite; he really was a very social person. A sudden thought struck him, "Wait, uh… Naruto right? What exactly is this ra-men?"

Draco got a feeling akin to being apparated, only there was a lot more pushing and blonde hair flashing past his eyes. When he actually got his bearings he found himself in a very oriental surrounding with lots of tables and chairs and a wonderful smell, there were also lots of people eating what appear to be noodles. He used his most superior brain power and deducting skills to deem it a restaurant.

"Teuchi! Bring me five bowls of miso ramen!" Naruto shouted.

Draco's eyebrow twitched in annoyance. "Hey twat, who gives you the right to order for us all?"

"Huh? I ordered for all of you? I only ordered for myself though!"

"You're meaning to say… that the five bowls of miso ramen is all for you?"

"Well duh! Who else? As if I'd ever be satisfied with anything less than five."

Draco stayed silent after that, choosing to ignore the being that he refuses to understand. He gave the menu a cursory glance before his eyes zeroed in on the words 'spring onions'. Everyone has their own fetishes right? Not that he was turned on by them or anything; it's just that he had a strong liking for them.

So two bowls of ramen-with-extra-spring-onions later, Draco Malfoy was quite satisfied. He watched as Naruto gulped down his sixth helping of ramen and snorted in disgust. His eyes wandered over to see Sasuke look at Naruto with a strange light in his eyes, his brain made a connection that he stored away for later analysis. His eyes then fell on Harry and his heart gave a mighty flop at the sight of Harry's struggle with his chopsticks, he made himself look away quickly; the sight made him want to act un-Malfoyish and that was just not on. So he forced his eyes onto the last member at the table, Sakura, who stayed relatively quiet throughout the whole time they were eating, now however, her eyes connected with Draco's and gave him a knowing smile. Draco frowned, he hated not knowing everything.

One thing Draco definitely didn't know was that two pair of eyes watched them, one blood red and unblinking, one yellow and narrowed.



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