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New Life New love

I woke up in the early morning. Early being 5ish. Charlie was gone till tomorrow so he wouldn't know i was up this early. I sighed and got up.

"Edward?" I said forgetting that he was hunting with everyone except maybe Alice. I sighed great now what was I going to I got it I will go see Alice. My perky Best friend will know what to do with me. I smiled and went to get dressed. I think I will shower fist. I grabbed the clothes and my toiletries and headed for a shower.

Before I knew it I was dressed fed and in my truck driving toward the Cullen's house. It didn't take long for me to get there. When I did I saw a Silver Volvo and a Yellow Porshe. Hmmm maybe the car pooled. I opened the door and waited for the impact of someone coming to great me. Nothing. The house was empty. Hmmm I thought Edward said that Alice would be here.

I stood there and then I heard the extremely loud music coming from upstairs. I shrugged and headed up stairs. Maybe Edward came back early and decided not to come visit me. I climbed the stairs and not tripping. Crazy right.

I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach as I walked up to the door. The music was so loud the door was vibrating. I slowly opened the door. What I saw scarred me for life.

It was Edward my fiance and first love on top of Alice my best friend who was married. I gasped and their heads snapped up. Their eyes widened when they saw me standing there

" Bella.." Edward started I didn.t want to here it so I ran from the house. I ran without falling again. Out the door and into Emmett. I pushed myself away and keeped running. I heard them all gasp as I ran into the trees leaving everyone there.


We had finished hunting and headed back to the house early. Edward and Alice stayed home to keep an Eye on Bella. I wondered what they both had to stay but I let that thought drop what could they possibly be doing right.

We got to the house and i was hit with a bunch of emotions. Lust, relief, anger,pain and guilt. Huh.

Just then Bella tore out of the house like a bat out of Hell (Meatloaf) She ran into Emmett with a smack. She pushed herself away and kept running. She was by the Forest just as a Half naked Edward and Alice came out of the house. We all gasped. Alice was cheating on me with Edward. Well at least my question was answered. Edward went to take off after Bella but Emmett grabbed him and growled.

" You are going to wish you hadn't been changed Eddie." He snarled. Edward was scared. ahaha Edward. I should go after Bella but i couldn't move. Everyone's surprise and disappointment plus my emotions made it hard to do anything. Alice looked guilty and sorry when I looked over at her. I couldn't stand anymore. I sat down on the ground and wondered into thought

Back to Bpov

I ran and ran then tripped to get up and run some more. I soon ended up at where the river had a little water fall. Not very high but still lovely. I sat down by the edge. I prayed no one would find me. I didn't want to be found. i wanted to wallow in self pity for awhile.

" Are you alright?" A voice I didn't recognize came up from behind me. I turned around to see a vampire I didn't know. She had Long black hair and Pale skin. She was probably even more beautiful the Rosalie. And she had Gold eyes. Hmmmm a vegetarian.

" Who..... Are.......you" I stuttered. She looked thoughtful for a minute

" Me name is Angel. And you are" She said taking a seat beside me.

" My name is Bella" I said. She nodded

" You want to get away from something. Want some help?" She asked how did she know

" I will explain later. If you want to I could also turn you" She said with a smile. How come she know what I want. I didn't know if I should trust her but if i go with her either way I am going to Die. And I did want to be a Vampire. I looked at her. Somthing inside me told me to trust her with my Life. I nodded

" I will go with you" I said looking her in the eyes. She nodded. She picked me up and Ran away from The Cullens, The pack and My old life. It was finally time to start again. Something I was ready for.

As we ran I looked over everything that had happened. Moving to Forks, Meeting Ed...Him, Almost getting killed by James, Almost getting killed by Jasper, The Cullen's leaving me Meeting the pack, saving him , Victoria and the Newborns then Finding My true Love on top of My best friend in a Sexual way. I sighed. What was in store for me now.

" Everything" Angel said as we ran. I smiled i didn't think i could but I did. I was ready for Everything. I wanted eveything He refused to give me and now I was going to get. I noticed that Angel was faster then Edward. Good then he couldnt' catch up to us. I was ready for my new life.

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