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Chapter 12


What was he doing here and where was Angel? I looked around but she was no where to be seen. Then it dawned on me. She probably did this on purpose. Set it up so me and Jasper would be alone.

"I didn't mean it." I said quickly. I was of course lying but I didn't really want what I had to change.

"Then why do you feel the way you do?" He said crossing his arms and facing me. I shook my head.

"I don't know maybe your wrong." I said.

"I know what I am talking about." He said.

"What does it even matter?" I said annoyed. Couldn't he just leave me alone.

" It matters because I love you too." He said looking at me I froze. He loved me.

" You what?" I said still not processing what he said.

" I……Love…….You." He said allowing it down and walking towards me. I blinked and looked up. If I could blush I would have. Being that he was right in my face. Then he pushed his lips onto mine.

I was shocked at first the I responded with just as much passion as he was, I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around his neck deepening the kiss. He ran his tongue over my bottom lip and….

" NO!" I heard Alice yell. We separated and looked toward where the voice had come from. Well found Angel. She was there holding Alice back. Alice sunk her teeth into her arm. I saw her flinch but continue to hold on

"You wench. You stole Jasper from me. I will kill you for it." She said still fighting. She bites Angel again and again trying to get loose. Jasper stood in front of me pushing me back.

"She didn't take me away. You pushed me away. You ended it when you slept with Edward!" He said. She stopped fighting.

" Is there anything I ca do to make it better. I need you in my life" She said looking down.

" Well you could apologize to my family and even then we can only be friends. I love Bella." He said. I smiled and hugged him around his waist.

" Just you wait. One of you will mess up and the you will come crawling back to me Jasper. And don't forget it!" She said before leaving. He turned around and put his arm around me. This was going to be great.

Then Jake came around the corner walked right past Alice and to Angel. He put his arm around her and they smiled. This is where I belonged and I finally felt whole again.

3 months later…..

"Ang, Jake I am back" I said coming in he door.

"Hey Bells." Jake said

"Hello Bella." Angel said smiling.

"Where's Jazz?" I asked.

" Upstairs." They said in unison. I laughed and ran upstairs.

" Hey Jazz." I said walking into our room.

" Hello Love find what you were looking for." He said looking up from the book he was reading

"Mhmm." I said holding up the shopping bag in my hand.

" That's good." He said smiling. I sat down beside him on the bed and picked up my newer copy of Wuthering heights and we sat there in a comfortable silence.

" Bella." Jasper said suddenly.

" Yes." I said looking up.

" I love you." He said smiling.

" I love you too." I replied and with that the sun went over the horizon.

" Bella do your homework and stop making out with Jazz." Angel called teasingly. I rolled my eyes. What had I gotten myself into

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