Go Go Sentai Boukenger

Crazy Dates

by: Phinal Phantasy

Chapter I: The Ultimatum

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For once it was a seemingly quiet day at the SGS Museum. As such, Akashi had delegated various tasks to the others and assigned Natsuki to run a tour group going through the exhibits. It's a good thing it was slow today because everyone, especially Natsuki, needed a break after what happened. The Questers knew her true origins as the last of the Lemurians and, along with Ryuon, turned her against her friends. It wasn't easy, but Masumi never gave up on her and eventually got through to her, bringing his long time partner back. Just as Natsuki brought her group to the dinosaur exhibit, she noticed Masumi and her demeanor brightened a bit. Here was the one person she knew would always be there for her and never give up on her. Cheerfully, she waved at him, "Hi Masumi."

"Huh? Oh hi Natsuki," Masumi waved back to her, but not sounding as enthused as usual.

"What'cha doing?" Natsuki asked.

"Doing a little cleaning. Shouldn't you be paying attention to what you're doing in this tour?"

"Oh yeah. Well Natuski gets off in an hour. See you then!"

"Yeah," Masumi said, heading back into the salon, his head drooping a bit. Akashi turned from his own task of dusting the salon with Sakura's help.

"Hey Masumi! If you're already done in the museum, can you give us a hand?" Sakura asked.

"Sure," Masumi replied, grabbing a dust cloth and began to work.

"You seem a little down today," Akashi noticed, "Want to talk about it?"

"It's nothing," Masumi replied, "Just a slow day is all."

"You sure?" Sakura asked, "You've been a little out of it since we found out about Natsuki-chan's past."

"Sakura-neesan...please drop it," Masumi insisted.

"It's not like she abandoned us," Akashi said, "She apologized and came right back and all was forgiven, remember?"

"I know that!" Masumi said rather loudly.

"Hmm...Well if it's not that...did something happen between you and Natsuki-chan while we were fighting the Negatives?" Sakura asked.

"No Sakura-neesan, nothing happened," Masumi said, "Nothing at all..." He then quickly went back to work.

"I see..." Akashi said, then held out his arm towards Sakura, indicating that she should be silent on this topic.

Masumi was mentally berating himself as he worked. Sakura seemed to hit the proverbial nail on the head. What Masumi said was true...to a point. He promised himself and the others that he would do everything possible to bring back their yellow comrade and when push came to shove, when he knew it was just him and Natsuki alone in that room, he still couldn't do the one thing he knew he should have. He recalled all of the good times he had with Natsuki, and he was able to tell her that she meant a lot to him...as a friend and partner. Fortunately that was enough to bring her back, but Masumi still felt rotten, for when it truly counted, when she really needed to know, when her life and the lives of him and his other friends depended on it, he couldn't tell Natsuki how he really felt about her...that he was in love with her. He knew it ever since the last time Natsuki was turned against them by Dark Shadow. He was able to calm her down by admitting he thought she was cute. So why couldn't he take it one step further and just say he loved her...

"Natsuki's back!" the yellow personification of cuteness said happily when she walked in, "And it's been a great day in the museum." She then presented a bentou box and opened it. There was nothing but chocolate chip cookies inside and she handed some to Sakura and Akashi, "Where's Souta-san and Ei-chan?" she asked.

"They're helping Makino-sensei with cataloging our recent finds and repairing the Go Go Vehicles," Akashi replied.

"Okay. Natsuki will give them their cookies later," she smiled and handed one to Masumi, "You get the special one for being so good to Natsuki." It was larger than the others and was heart-shaped, "Thank you for always being Natsuki's friend," she smiled.

"You're...you're welcome," Masumi said softly, "Excuse me a moment," then the Fast Adventurer ran towards his room.

"What? Did Natsuki do something wrong?" she asked sadly.

"It's not that," Akashi replied.

"Does Masumi hates Natsuki?" she began to sob.

"No he doesn't," Sakura said, "He likes you, it's just..."

"Then why is he being so cold!?"

"I'll take care of it," Sakura promised. She ran after Masumi who just locked his door. Sakura then proceeded to knock on it...loudly.

"Go away!" Masumi shouted.

"Not going to happen," Sakura declared back, "You realize you hurt Natsuki-chan's feelings just now and I expect you to apologize. Now!"


"No excuses. In case you forgot, Natsuki-chan just went through a very tough time and you're the reason she's okay nad now she's wondering if her best friend, for all of her life really, hates her now."

Masumi proceeded to open the door, "I could never hate Natsuki..."

Sakura nodded and waked in, "Then what's the problem?"

"I'm not worthy of her!" Masumi said, finally letting it all out, "She's so kind and cheerful and cute and has a place for everyone in her heart and is probably the bravest person I know. I'm a worthless coward by comparison!"

"At this point you won't get any argument from me," Sakura replied.

"I'm in love with her Sakura-neesan!" Masumi declared boldly. Sakura just simply nodded. "You know?"

"Of course I do. I may not seem it, but I can be sensitive to everyone's feelings. Don't worry though, I don't think the others can figure it out on their own and I wouldn't say anything since it's not my place. But since you consider me your 'nee-san,' take some sisterly advice and just tell her."

"That's the problem. I don't know how. Even in ideal circumstances I don't think I can do it. There have been several opportunities already and we've even been under some really tight spots where I should've said something but couldn't," Masumi replied.

"...And thus ends the saga of the world's second-best treasure hunter," Sakura said a little coldly.

"Sakura-neesan..." Masumi protested.

"You've just acknowledged that there is an important treasure that you cannot claim for yourself. You're not only unworthy of Natsuki-chan, but you're also not fit to be the Chief's rival. Maybe not even worthy of being a Boukenger."

"But nee-san..." Masumi replied.

"It's the truth. The Boukengers were formed so each one of us can find that one important treasure unique to each of us and you're about to lose yours. You might as well turn in your jacket and Accellular."

"I'm not going to resign!" Masumi said defiantly.

"Then you'll have to prove yourself to me again. Ask Natsuki-chan on a date. Today. And confess your feelings to her by the end of the date or I'll expect your resignation. Those are orders," Sakura said in her no-nonsense attitude.

Masumi sighed, realizing how serious she was and that she'd make good on her threat, "Yes Sub-Chief..." They walked back to the salon where Eiji, Souta, and even Makino-sensei and Zubaan were all aiding Akashi in cheering up Natsuki, but with little success. When Sakura and Masumi entered the room, all eyes were on the Fast Adventurer.'

"Hey Black, what did you say to her?" Eiji demanded.

"Shame on you for making a cute girl cry!" Souta added.

"Zu! Zu!" by the tone of his voice Zubaan was clearly upset at who was essentially his princess being sad.

"I'm quite disappointed in you," Makino-sensei said. And then they all started to yell at him incoherently. Masumi looked at Natsuki who looked at him with tear-filled eyes and he took a deep breath.

"Please go on a date with me Natsuki!!" Masumi shouted to be heard over the others. The room was quickly silenced and everyone looked between Masumi's nervous face and Natsuki's sad one. The Strong Adventurer looked at him uncertainly.

"Masumi wants to take Natsuki on a date? He's not mad at Natsuki anymore?" Natsuki asked.

"I could never be mad at you Natsuki. I was mad at myself," Masumi replied, "...and if it's okay...I'd like your special cookie."

Natsuki smiled brightly, "Yay! Masumi wants Natsuki's 'love love cookie!'" She picked it out eagerly and held it out to him and Masumi took a small bite.

"This is good Natsuki," Masumi smiled, but blushed at what Natuski called the cookie, "I would like to save the rest of it for later, after our date."

"Okay then...you can take Natsuki out to lunch!" she grabbed Masumi by the arm and proceeded to drag him out of the salon to the amazement of their friends...

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