Go Go Sentai Boukenger

Crazy Dates

by: Phinal Phantasy

Chapter V: The Battle for Love

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"So it was you!" Masumi shouted at Yami no Yaiba. Yaiba was meditating under the waterfall and looked up when Masumi shouted.

"Huh?" Yaiba asked, confused.

"Don't play dumb with us!" Masumi said.

"Natsuki won't forgive you for trying to ruin her first date!"

"First date?" Kaze no Shizuka said, popping up from the water in a skimpy blue bikini, "How cute, but we don't know what you're talking about."

"It's not enough that you try to steal Precious from us, now you've been trying to sabotage us," Masumi continued, ignoring Shizuka's words, "You were good at first, that incident at the restaurant seemed like an accident."

"But when we were at the fair, we clearly saw two suspicious figures wearing blue!" Natsuki pointed an accusing finger at Yaiba and then Shizuka, "One man, and one woman."

"Do you have any idea what they're talking about?" Yaiba asked Shizuka.

"Not a clue," Shizuka replied.

"And I suppose you deny trying to drop a tree on us too…in this very forest!" Masumi said.

"It could've been an accident," Shizuka shrugged.

"The cut on the tree was too clean to be an accident. Only a quality weapon could've done it. Therefore the culprits are you two!"

"We don't have to listen to this," Yaiba said, "Let's shut them up Shizuka!" Yaiba said, jumping out, his weapons drawn.

"Right behind you," Shizuka said, leaping out of the water and she did a motion as if she was ripping off a robe, but mysteriously her usual garb and weapons appeared on her body instead.

"Ready?" Masumi asked, drawing his Accelluar.

"Ready!" Natsuki drew hers out as well.

"Boukenger! Start up!" Both Masumi and Natsuki zipped the wheel at the bottom of their Accellulars giving it the charge necessary for their suits to materialize on their bodies. They turned to face their opponents.

"The Fast Adventurer! BoukenBlack!" Masumi shouted, the headlights on his helmet lighting up.

"The Strong Adventurer! BoukenYellow!" Natsuki called out, the headlights on her helmet also lighting up.

"Endless Bouken Spirits!" Masumi said.

"And Spirits of Love!" Natsuki added. Masumi looked at her for a moment at her adding something new to the usual roll call.

"Go Go Sentai! Boukenger!" Masumi shouted.

"In Love!" Natsuki added. They posed and the Boukenger symbol appeared behind them, but it was inside a heart that was flashing yellow and black.

"Enough posing and ad-libbing! Come at me!" Yaiba demanded. He drew his twin wakizashi and went after BoukenBlack. Shizuka drew twin kunai and went after BoukenYellow. Both Boukengers drew their SurviBlades and went blade to blade with their opponents. However their enemies were dual wielding, so Masumi and Natsuki were having difficulty keeping up with them.

"That's right, BoukenBlack," Yaiba taunted, parrying The Fast Adventurer's blade with one of his own and striking back with his second one, "Though I don't know what you were talking about, I definitely feel your anger. Let it feed your darkness!" Yaiba slashed twice more then his mask opened revealing his true face and he kicked Masumi back then performed some hand signs, "1000 Paper Crane Dark Blizzard!" Suddenly countless origami paper cranes of every color appeared and flew at Masumi, dealing some heavy damage in a shower of sparks and forcing him back.

Meanwhile, Natsuki was having her own trouble fighting Shizuka. The kunoichi was easily keeping up with The Strong Adventurer's strikes, dodging them with ease and Shizuka delivered a powerful spin kick to Natsuki.

"Hey that hurt!" Natsuki said.

"Serves you right for attacking us for no reason!" Shizuka replied. Then she threw her kunai at Natsuki, "I thought you only fight us over Precious, but this isn't very professional of you BoukenYellow!" Shizuka then seemed to produce more kunai out of thin air and constantly threw them at her.


"This is serious, Zubaan," Makino said. He then spoke into the radio back to the salon, "Sakura-san. Dark Shadow is here and Black and Yellow are fighting them. You better get down here they need help." Then he turned to Zubaan, "Shouldn't you get down there to help too?"

"Zu!" Zubaan pointed back at the battlefield and Makino thought that maybe he didn't need to call for backup after all…


After getting hit by Yaiba's 1000 Paper Crane Dark Blizzard attack, Masumi struggled to get back up and then summoned his better weapon, "Radial Hammer!" the headlights on his helmet lit up and his weapon materialized in front of him, a long handled hammer whose head resembled the axle and wheels of a race car, "Just try that again Yaiba!"

"As you wish BoukenBlack! 1000 Paper Crane Dark Blizzard!" Just as before, several paper cranes rushed at The Fast Adventurer, but he spun his Radial Hammer like a staff in front of him and dug his heels in the ground, deflecting Yaiba's attack without being pushed back. In response, Yaiba joined the hilts of his twin wakizashi to make a double-bladed weapon. Then he charged at Masumi who met his opponent's strikes by blocking with the long handle of his hammer, then countered by ramming the front of it into Yaiba's gut, forcing him back a little

"Take this! Hammer Break!" Masumi used his finisher as a powerful upwards blow to Yaiba's chin, sending him back into the water.

Natsuki was starting to feel overwhelmed from Shizuka's attack. Kunai kept coming at her and several struck her suit in showers of sparks.

"Had enough?" Shizuka asked, "Are you ready to apologize?"

"Natsuki did nothing wrong! You tried to sabotage our date!"

"You're still going on about that? You really are a baka!" Shizuka said sticking out her tongue at The Strong Adventurer while pulling down a lower eyelid.

"That makes Natsuki mad! Bucket Scooper!" Suddenly the headlights of her helmet lit up and her rather unusual weapons, which looked like the shovels on backhoes, materialized. Natsuki slipped them on like an extra pair of arms and made a taunting gesture towards Shizuka with them. The kunoichi tried to throw more kunai at BoukenYellow but she was able to use her weapons to catch them and throw them back at her, "How's that!" Natsuki said.

"You're so mean!" Shizuka replied. She rushed at Natsuki, a kunai in each hand, trying to get a hit in, but Natsuki was able to use her weapons as a perfect defense, then she went on the offensive, clawing at Shizuka like an angry cat, forcing her back. Then Natsuki used her weapons to actually pick up her opponent, "What do you think you're doing?"

"This!" Natsuki tossed Shizuka back towards the pool where she crashed into Yaiba.

"What'd we do to deserve this?" Shizuka whined to Yaiba.

"No idea," he replied, but then he turned his attention to BoukenBlack, "Remember what we've talked about in our several battles."

"Shut up Yaiba!" Masumi shouted, then Natsuki ran to join him, "I don't care what 'darkness' you sense in me, it will never take me. Not as long as I have my light!" he then put his arm around Natsuki, "And here she is! My light. Mamiya Natsuki! I love her and I know she'll never let me stray!"

"Masumi…" Natsuki said happily.

"Aww how sweet!" Shizuka smiled at them.

"You really are a fool, Inou Masumi," Yaiba grunted at him.

"Let's show them what we can do together!" Natsuki said, "Acceltector!" she called out, summoning the Boukengers' silver chest armor.

"I'm with you Natsuki! Dual Crusher!" Masumi followed by summoning one of the strongest weapons in their arsenal. Masumi held the front end, Natsuki held the back.

"Drill Head!" Both Boukengers made sure the appropriate part of the weapon was pointed at Dark Shadow's agents, "Boukenger Love Crash!" the huge drill tip extended out towards its target and it exploded between them with the Boukenger symbol inside a black and yellow flashing heart, sending both enemies flying off into the sky.

"I'll remember this humiliation!..." Yaiba shouted.

"But we didn't even do anything!..." Shizuka called out.

Masumi and Natsuki took a few breaths and removed their helmets, smiling at each other and then laughed happily.

"Masumi loves Natsuki!" Natsuki said in a singsong voice, "Masumi loves Natsuki!" she started to dance around him.

"I did say that didn't I?" Masumi asked himself.

"Yes you did. No take backs!" Natsuki smiled.

"What!?" Both Natsuki and Masumi turned to see the other Boukengers, already suited up, along with Makino-sensei and Zubaan.

"Masumi loves Natsuki!" The Strong Adventurer sang again.

"We missed it!" Sakura shouted.

"Missed what?" Masumi asked.

"Well we…" Souta started but was elbowed in the ribs by The Deep Adventurer.

"Don't worry. I'm sure he'll say it again," Eiji prompted.

"Yes. Declare your feelings for her," Akashi encouraged.

"Oh okay," Masumi sighed at his friends who were all looking at them in anticipation.

"Natsuki," Masumi started, looking into her eyes, "We've been through a lot together and I hope we'll always be together. I love you Natsuki. Very much."

"Masumi…" Natsuki smiled, tears in her eyes, "Natsuki loves you too!" She rushed into him with a big hug to the applause of their friends. Natsuki pulled away but Masumi held on to her and bent down closer to her, then slowly closed the gap between their lips as he gently kissed her.

"That was very sweet," Natsuki said when they pulled apart."

"Very," Masumi replied.

"Okay time for us to jump in the pool!" Natsuki announced, de-morphing as she ran towards the inviting water, she remove her shoes and socks and ran in.

"Natsuki wait!" Masumi shouted as he and the other guys averted their gaze.

"It's okay to look," Sakura said. Turning around, the guys saw Natsuki sitting on a rock happily kicking her bare feet in the water.

"What's wrong everyone?" Natsuki asked, "Come on the water's fine!"

Sighing in relief, Masumi de-morphed as well and took off his socks and shoes to join Natsuki.

"Why were you acting so weird?" Natsuki asked.

"Don't worry about it, I was being an idiot," Masumi replied.

"So does this mean you two are officially a couple?" Makino asked. He and the rest of their friends had entered the water as well, also de-morphed and barefoot.

"Yes it does," Masumi replied with a smile, looking at Natsuki.

"Yay!" Natsuki cheered.

"I guess this means you can keep on being BoukenBlack," Sakura said.

"Whoa!" Natsuki interrupted, pointing at her fellow Boukengers' faces, "What happened to you guys?"

"What do you mean?" Akashi asked. Masumi noticed as well and started to snicker.

"Akashi, Eiji, your lips are red and swollen," he laughed.

"And Souta, you and Sakura are filthy!" Natsuki grinned.

"What on earth happened?" Masumi asked.

"Nothing. Nothing at all," Eiji replied quickly.'

"More importantly, wasn't Dark Shadow here?" Souta asked.

"Oh them, they're probably on the other side of Japan by now after the beating we gave them," Masumi replied.

"You hurt my precious Shizuka-chan?! Come here!" Souta glared.

"Uh Oh!" Everyone laughed as Souta chased Masumi around the natural pool.

"Natsuki! Help me!" Masumi shouted. Souta got splashed in the face by The Strong Adventurer.

"Don't hurt my precious Masumi!" Natsuki warned.

"So that's how it is?" Suddenly the other Boukengers surrounded the new young couple.

"It's us versus them!" Masumi said, and as the water fight began, both he and Natsuki realized that they really had nothing to worry about as long as they had each other. So they laughed and kept on laughing as the day continued.


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