So I'm back after many many many many months... college is a drag :P and i never did finish this anime after Archer died.

But here's my first foray into the manga world. Truth be told, I'd be wanting to do this for some time now, but never got around to it... enjoy! interesting that it's for a very little known one :P

First, however, the rules:

0. All Type-Moon's

1. You read.

2. You like.

2. You hate.

3. You review.

4. You write nice, or a cleverly disguised flame (keyword being cleverly), or constructive criticism, I send you a servant?

4. You write flame, I sic an angry Berserker on you.

5. We all happy.

I'll stop babbling now. There will be at least 3 one-shots.

Two figures leapt lightly over buildings across the night sky of Fuyuki City. The girl's dark hair streamed out, whipped this way and that by the wind across both her and the male's faces.

"Rin, kindly control your hair. I can hardly do my job if I can't see for being blinded by it whipping into my eyes," the man said shortly, never taking his eyes off the next leap.

"Archer, you can see just fine. Besides, if we stop now, there's no way we can pinpoint Lancer's signal before dawn. I still need to study for some tests, and if I drop from my position as top student, I will be very displeased." The girl replied just as emotionlessly, never losing focus at his job at hand. But all the same, she pulled her hair back just slightly for a second.

It did no good, of course, and went back to stinging his face, but a fragment of memory from the day came to him.

"If both of you drink from the same cup, it'll be like you two kissed each other!" A group of girls and boys taunted a blushing girl and boy. "Cuz both of your mouths touched it! And you'll get cooties!"

Archer shifted his eyes ever so slightly, and noticed that Rin's night-black hair was whipping across both their faces in the same places. He shifted his eyes back to the next leap, smiling slightly.