In an instant everything you ever loved could be gone.

Kyouya Ootori accepted the fact that when he got up in the morning his friends and family could all not be there.

But he never expected it to actually happen.

Kyouya Ootori awoke to a maid shaking him awake, telling him in a voice of mourning to get ready for school or he would be late. The sun was blinding and he could hear birds chirping a pretty song as he fashioned the buttons to his Ouran Academy uniform. The house was eerie quiet; the only thing he could hear was the quiet voice of his sister, Fuyumi. But even she sounded quieter than usual.

His footsteps rang through the halls as he made his way to the dinning area where his sister was visiting their father and looking down into a cup of tea while her tears salted it.

"Onii-san…" Kyouya approached his sister with a cool demeanor but felt the desperate need to comfort her rise up inside of him. If he only cared for one person in the world, that person was his sister.

"Kyouya-san, I'm sorry, I really must be off," Fuyumi kissed their father good bye before rushing past a dumbfounded Kyouya.

"Did she have a fight with her husband?" Kyouya sat in his place at the table and bit into a slice of bread. It tasted drier than usual, just like the atmosphere.

"No, but you must be off to school, Kyouya," for the first time his Father seemed genuinely awkward in his youngest child's presence.

Kyouya paused before answering his father with an "Of course."

All the way to school Tachibana was quieter then usual. He would usually ask how school was going or did he get a good night's sleep. This time he was silent and it was Kyouya who made polite conversation, asking how his wife and children were doing and having short answers given much like the ones he gave in his groggy state.

"Guard yourself, master Kyouya," were the last words Tachibana spoke before he rolled up his window and drove away, leaving Kyouya confused and with a strange feeling that he was missing something.

Something crucial.

As Kyouya walked up the path to the looming school he had grown so accustomed to in his three years there he noticed something was off. There were barley any students in the main court yard, which was usually bustling with hundreds of student's conversing with their friends. Now there were only a few who all looked sober and many were crying. Kyouya wondered if there had been a terrible world disaster, like the time the planes crashed into the towers in New York, America. There had been many mourners that day in the junior high building, and a few has lost foreign family members who worked their.

But what he found was something he had never anticipated.

As Kyouya entered the club room, it was a free day for teacher conferences; he saw several tear stained faces. There were heavy sobs coming from every direction but the most pronounced of all were the ones coming from a petite, short haired, brown eyed man, who didn't look too manly anymore.

Haruhi looked through the crowd around her as Kyouya entered the room. It grew deadly quiet as he made his way to the large mass. Everyone stared as he walked up, seemingly less disrobed and calm about the scene then anyone else.

"K-Kyouya?" Haruhi choked, looking up at the man in front of her. The twins starred up, and Kyouya realized this was the first time he had really seen them cry.

This was bad.

He noticed that even Mori and Honey, who had graduated last year, were standing to the side, both wearing expressions of withered old men who had experienced too much, though they were both only eighteen years old.

"Kyouya-kun, a-are you okay?" One of the girls looked tearfully at Kyouya, who looked questionably back.

"Of course I'm okay. What I'm wondering is, why is everyone else crying?" by the time he had finished his sentence Hikaru was on his feet and holding him by the collar, tears streaming down his pale face, his expression contorted with rage and grief.

"Your best friend dies and all you can say is you're fine, why isn't everyone else? What kind of sick person are you?" Hikaru's words pierced Kyouya and sent him into even more confusion.

"Huh? Who died?" Kyouya looked around at the shocked faces around him. He did a double take. Where was Tamaki? Knowing him he would have been the first in the club room to console the ladies.

"Kyouya…" Haruhi looked into Kyouya's eyes and slowly stood up, walking slowly towards him.

"Tamaki passed away last night."

And because of those five little impossibly spoken words Kyouya's life changed for ever.

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