Kyouya sat at his desk, staring blankly at his computer screen. He was supposed to be writing his speech for Tamaki's funeral the next day, but for the first time in his life, Kyouya had no words that could describe his best friend.

Before his sudden death he would have put down things such as a bashful idiot who only wanted the best for everyone, even if he had a different way of showing it.

Now that he was gone Kyouya had so many things to say that he couldn't put down on paper. How Tamaki had been so full of life and had lived it to the fullest it could possibly go. How he had been the friend that everyone had always wanted but never realized they needed until said person was gone.

Kyouya finally closed his laptop, rubbing his eyes, and decided to wing it. No way could he start to write now. It was late and he was tired.

As Kyouya started to prepare for bed there was a knock at his door.

"Yes?" he asked, and stopped buttoning his shirt to watch as his sister peeked her head in.

"Kyouya-san, I was stopping by to see how you were doing, and I saw a young girl heading up the steps. She wants to see you," Fuyumi had on a worried expression. "She is the girl Fujioka-san you are always talking about, am I right?"

Kyouya turned his head towards his sister, feeling just as confused as she looked.

"She shouldn't be coming this far this late. It's dangerous," Kyouya buttoned his shirt once again and smoothed out the creased the best he could.

"She's in the lobby," Fuyumi whispered as Kyouya passed her.

"Sempai!" Haruhi said as he came in the brightly lit lobby. She stood, wearing a brand named t-shirt and slacks. She looked nicer then Kyouya had remembered. Cuter, in fact.

"Haruhi, what are you doing here? It's past nine and it's dark. Do you know how much trouble you could have gotten into?" Kyouya surprised himself at how strongly he felt about her safety all of a sudden. Sure, he had been worried about her antics just as the next guy would be, but this was stronger.

"Please don't worry; the twins are waiting for me in the car. We just stopped by if you wanted to go out with us tonight. The twins are forcing me to go out with them," Haruhi gave a forced smile up at Kyouya, who did not return it.

"Sure, I'll go. Let me just tell my sister," Kyouya turned and hurried up the hall to his room, where his sister was picking up his stray clothes.

"Kyouya-san, are you going out?" Fuyumi asked, stopping in the middle of lifting up a dress shirt.

"Yeah, does my hair look okay?" Kyouya took out a comb and brushed it through his hair, making it slightly neater than it was before.

"Of course, Kyouya-san. Now move! Go out with your friends!" Fuyumi ushered Kyouya towards the door where Haruhi was still standing, looking around at the expensive paint job and carvings that decorated the lobby.

Together they stepped out into the moist night air.

"Why are we here?'

Kyouya was looking up at the sign in front of him that read "Paintball area".

"We're playing paintball, Mori-sempai and Honey-sempai are already inside so hurry up," Hikaru marched inside with Kaoru dragging behind. He hadn't spoken a word besides a quiet "Hello".

Haruhi and Kyouya looked at each other, both not in the mood to play paintball but not wanting to object and make Hikaru's mood any more sour.

As they entered the paintball area they could see Honey and Mori sitting at one of the food court tables, only they were not eating as usual. They looked in deep conversation and seemed startled when the group approached.

"Oh! Well, let's start playing, then," Honey hopped off the high seat and smiled up at them. Haruhi saw that it wasn't all there. Honey wasn't his usual self, that much was clear.

"I don't think this fits…"

"Of course it does, that's the smallest size they have, Haruhi."

Haruhi was looking down at the vest that the man at the rental desk had given her; he had told her it was a size 2, but it seemed bigger than that. She shrugged and accepted that this was made for big chested girls in a size two, which she obviously wasn't.

The small group of friends were standing in front on a large blocked off area all dressed in protective gear to start paint balling.

"Okay men, Haruhi, let's move out!" Honey pointed forward and the rest followed behind, each running in separate directions once they reached the gate.

This is pointless…Kyouya thought as he ducked behind a tree. Who the hell came up with this game, anyway?

"Kyouya!" Haruhi ducked behind the tree next to him, and he looked down at her, seeing the urgent look on her face. She, of all people, seemed to be getting into the game, her eyes were all that needed to be seen.

"Kyouya, I need your help! The twins are after me! They just released all their power on Honey and went to reload! Mori's taking Honey out of the game for awhile, so we need to work together, okay?" Haruhi looked urgently up at Kyouya who nodded his head slightly, moving to stand in front of her.

"Stay behind me," he ordered as they ventured off into the unknown.

All was silent as they crept quietly behind and around artificial tress and bushes, hearing the occasional fake bird squawk.


They were startled as Hikaru and Kaoru jumped from behind a tree and started to shoot the two with paintball after paintball.

"We're dead! We're dead! We swear! Please stop!" Haruhi raised her hand in surrender; her vest was seeping with bright colored splatters of paint.

The four friends started to laugh, but it quickly died out as they all thought of who would have been enjoying this outing the most if her were still here.

"It's late, we should all go out for something to eat and drop Haruhi at home," Kyouya looked at his watch, it was past eleven already. His sister would cover for him if he got home late.

"Yeah," Kaoru and Hikaru walked side by side to change out of their protective gear. The atmosphere had gone from cheerful to grieving in the maximum time of three seconds. It made Kyouya uneasy.

Was this really what Tamaki would have wanted his friends to do?