Chunnin Exams Four Elders

Ch 4 The approaching darkness

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"With that the chunnin preliminaries are over" Hayate's voice caused many of the genin to finally calm down and unwind.

The arena was a mess, craters and weapons littered the field and traces of blood reminded those who were still there of the deadly fights that had just occurred.

"Will the winners of the preliminaries please step forward to draw opponents for the finals." The surviving contestants stepped forward, their expressions ranging from utterly spent to bored and amused.

The Hokage held out a covered box as the contestants formed a horizontal line facing the Hokage.

"Each of you will draw a ball, that ball will contain a number that will decide who you will face in the finals a month from now. I have faith that each of you will train hard and prepare yourself for your opponents in the finals." With his speech over the contestants began drawing who they would have as their first opponent.

"Three" Naruto announced after he drew. His fight with Kiba and Akamaru was close but after turning the tables with a devastating fart Naruto was able to win thanks to his shadow clones.

Gaara calmly reached in the box and pulled out the number ten for all to see. None doubted his strength as despite being caught in Kin's bell genjutsu he was able to brutally destroy Kin and remove her permanently.

"Five" Shino announced with his normal direct and concise speaking ability. Shino had proven himself both powerful ninja but also one with intelligence as he managed to fool Zaku into defeating himself.

"Eight" Hisagi announced. None could forget Hisagi's fight as he turned the genius Shikamaru into solid stone. Asuma wasn't present as he was keeping an eye on his two remaining students Ino and Chouji who after their fight had broken down and had to be removed for their safety.

"One" Dosu announced after reaching into the box with the arm that didn't have anything attached to it. Dosu's victory was quick but dangerous as he had to dodge Chouji's rage filled meat tank . Had he not dodged at the last second he would have been crushed between Chouji and the wall. Of course after the dodge his victory was simple as he activated his gauntlet and the resulting sound wave made Chouji unconscious.

"Eleven" Hinata's voice held relief in it as that meant she got a bye and would only have to fight till later. As the only member of the survivors who hadn't fought she was in the best condition of the Konoha ninja's.

"Hmph little girl needs all the bye's she can get." Tokito's voice was quiet but everyone managed to hear the insult regardless.

Tokito stepped forward to draw his number and his smile turned evil when he looked at the number he had chosen.

"Looks like I'll be fighting you little girl" Tokito's voice made Hinata shake with fear as she remembered the damage Tokito did to Rock Lee.

"I've drawn number two say your prayers, weaklings" Tokito finished with a grin that revealed just how confident in his victory Tokito was. Some like Hinata were further shaken but others like Naruto were completely unaffected.

"Seven" Temari drew her number and took a glance at her opponent Hisagi. Temari was inwardly worried as her victory over Ten-Ten was while impressive was easy because Temari's style countered Ten-Ten's. She didn't know how she would hold up against an equally powerful foe.

"Six" Kankuro the puppet master announced as he revealed the ball he had selected. None would forget his abilities as a puppet master after he brutally crushed his opponent.

"Four" Yuan said as he picked up the ball he had chosen and guessed correctly despite being blind. Yuan's face wide grin made Naruto angry just by looking at him. That in turn made Yuan's grin even wider.

"That leaves number nine for Sasuke who is currently not here" The Hokage's announcement finalized the final match ups that would occur one month from now. The contestants shared a look at each other and at their opponents and after another brief speech proceeded to file out of the arena.

"looks like you two finally calmed down" Asuma's voice caused both Ino and Chouji to snap wide awake.

Ino and Chouji looked around in a daze at the surrounding area, which looked more like a war zone rather than a training ground. Tree's were burned and broken, the ground was filled with holes and the nearby stream was gone and instead the nearby area was soaked with water.

"What…..What happened" Ino asked only to receive a sigh from Asuma and she could see that he was considering how to answer her question.

"Ino, you and Chouji happened here don't you remember anything?" Asuma saw the blank response in his students eyes and sighed knowing the discussion that was about to come would not be pretty.

"So did you two finally get all your anger out of your system?" The voice was familiar and hated as the three ninja's turned to see Hisagi standing with a bored look on his face.

"YOU" Ino screamed out and grabbed a nearby kunai from the ground and was about to charge Hisagi when Asuma's hand jolted in front of her and stopped her assualt.

"What is a Elder like yourself doing here?" Asuam's voice was cold and the sight of his two trench knives told his two students that he was dead serious and was treating the man who stood before him like an equally skilled or even better skilled opponent.

"I came to offer a bet on a certain possesion fo yours that I currently have. Provided we can be peaceful while I offer the terms I am sure it will be a mutually beneficial transaction." Hisagi looked totaly unconcerend with the fact that he was in enemy territory and was confronting the three people who would hate his guts the most.

"Well Hisagi, lets hear your bet." Ino words held barely controlled anger in them and Hisagi smiled already finding Yuan's cracked scheme becoming possible and for the first time since he had left his experiments he was happy again as he had discovered a new experiment he could observe and watch.

"First I need to ask Asuma-san a question with regards to you." Hisagi smirked evilly and Asuma instantly paled guessing where this conversation was going.

"Asuma how trust-worthy are your students?" Seeing Asuma's eyes narrow at the ambiguous question Hisagi sighed and asked a more detailed question.

"Would you trust your students with information regarding IT?" Asuma's eyes widened after he realized exactly what Hisagi was talking about.

"I don't know how you came across that information but give me one good reason why i shouldn't eliminate you right now." Asuma assumed an aggressive posture and waited for Hisagi's response.

"We Mibu know about it and since we are friends of your previous leader we decided to help out. Now please answer my question." Hisagi's tone at the end revealed that it would be unwise to argue with him.

Asuma sighed knowing that his statement would hurt him and make his students angry. "Before this whole fiasco I would have said no in a heartbeat." Asuma paused to take a drag of his cigarette before continuing. "Now i believe they are as ready as they will be for such information." Asuma ignored the angry glare from Ino about his vote of no confidence about her.

"Excellent then this experiement can continue." Hisagi's visible eye shown with interest for a second before returning to its dull self.

"During the chunnin exams finals the sound and sand will invade the leaf village." Hisagi held up a hand to forestall any out bursts from the surprised pair.

"My offer is this. Impress me during the invasion and in return I will return your friend Shikamaru to you." Hisagi inwardly smiled as the pairs eyes gained a hard glint as the pair readied themselves for the trials ahead.

"Just how are we, a pair of genin, suppossed to suddenly become stronger than jounin in a month." Chouji asked munching on chips already getting his energy level up in preparation for the training he thought was following.

Suddenly Chouji and Ino found themselves unable to control their body, and began to fall toward the soft dirt below them.

"Yuan i know you like using needles but your supposed to let me fully explain and let them accept it before you blindly stick them in the spot to unlock their..." Neither caught the rest of Hisagi's words as they hit the ground and drifted unconscious.

Naruto was sitting in is favorite ramen place in the village gulping down huge quantities of ramen in an attempt to forget about the earlier events of Kakashi taking Sasuke for training. Currently he was talking to Ayame about the exams and how he was totally gonna kick butt. However his good fortune was not to last as he saw the last person hew wanted to see sit down in a chair next to him with Jiraya sitting down on the other side.

"Why did you have to ruin my day, there are dozens of other places you can eat leave mine alone." Naruto growled out quietly.

Yuan ignored Naruto's threatening growl, and quickly decided on an order.

"Ayame can i have a miso ramen please." Yuan politely asked with a smile on his face that sent Ayame a way blushing slightly. Yuan smiled inwardly in delight as he hoped that this would be enough to get Anna to stop pestering him on how he needed to find someone to be with. Then the sight of a increasingly angry Naruto drew him back to reality.

"Kid I'm going to be frank with you. The way you are now you don't have a chance at surviving whats to come." Yuan paused as Ayame gave him the miso ramen and then continued talking.

"I can make you almost as strong as me, but that will have to wait till the two other guests arrive so i don't end up repeating myself." Yuan paused again stroking his chin with a hand in a sagely manner.

"Besides I want to see if this ramen is truly as good as you preach about." Naruto's face went from angry to happy and excited instantly upon hearing Yuan's final statement and looked expectantly as Yuan calmly broke his chop sticks and began to eat the ramen.

(meanwhile at the same time) (Exit of Ninja Hospital)

"Hinata-sama you really don't have to do this I'll be fine" A heavily bandaged Neji was saying as he held on to Hinata who supported him as they walked/limped down the road toward the clan compound. Suddenly the pair stopped sensing the nearby arrival of a shusin (sp).

The twin forms of Tokito and Yuan greeted them they appeared a few seconds later. Yuan stood straight and seemed to tower over Neji and Hinata while Tokito's fake smile sent shivers of terror down Hinata's spine.

"What do you two want?" Neji firmly asked as he removed himself from Hinata's grasp and stepped in front of her to protect her should the situation turn hostile.

"Aww how cute the little boy thinks he can stop us Yuan, how about we show him just how wrong he is." Tokito smiled evilly as Yuan looked on disapprovingly. Suddenly Fubiki arrived next to Tokito via shusin (sp).

"Stop it Tokito we are not here to play your mind games." Tokito immediately obeyed and his posture became not threatening and he stopped leaking killing intent.

"As for what we want young Neji we want you both to accompany us to where Naruto is so we can discuss this over some ramen I'm sure you can agree to that can't you.

As the group walked down the street Tokito found it funny at how the villagers actions and moods changed as they looked at each member of the group. Yuan was often met with curious glances and some staring while The Hyuuga's were met with reverence and respect. Tokito was often viewed as a student under a master as Tokito was walking next to Fubiki. Fubiki on the other hand caused people to stay away from the group entirely as the raw power he seemed to give of with every step seemed to give people bad vibes and people hurried to get out of their way.

Finally the group arrived at their destination and Hinats quiet fears on Naruto's safety were dispelled on seeing Naruto looking healthy and having an eating contest with the nearby patron.

"Your good Gaki but enough to beat me." Yuan said arrogantly as he prepared to eat yet another bowl of ramen to surpass Naruto who was one bowl behind him. None of the occupants noticed the new comers arrival till they were about to enter the ramen stand.

"Hey boss I kept Naruto here just you asked can..." The rest of the clone words were cut off as the original Yuan karate chopped the clone on the head, dispelling the now obvious shadow clone.

Naruto coming to the wrong conclusion on why Hinata and Neji were with the rest of the strangers was about to jump and attack them when the firm hand of Yuan held him to his seat, and Yuans other hand covered Naruto's mouth to prevent an outburst from Naruto.

"Naruto your friends are safe and will not be harmed, we gathered you three together to discuss a piece of information we discovered and we want your advice on the matter at hand. Upon seeing Naruto calm down somewhat and knowing all three had questioning looks on there faces Fubiki nodded and the entire group was shusin'ed out of the ramen stand.

(arrival point unknown location)

The group arrived at the top of a long set of stairs that spiraled up the mountian that castle was sitting on. As the new comers looked around it was plain for all to see that this was a magnificent and very large structure.

"I know the view is amazing but please follow me we have much to discuss." Fubiki's voice returned the genin to their thoughts and without any delay the group moved inside and arrived at Yuans home.

"Yuan, your back" Kirian shouted in excitement and the others quickly ran into the room to see their older brother.

"Hey their squirts, is Anna making tea?" Yuan asked and smiled when he saw them nodding their heads vigorously. It was then that one of the younger siblings noticed something about he guests that had accompanied Yuan into the room that would forever shatter Naruto's "denseness", at least about one topic.

"Hey are you two dating?" Kirian asked Naruto and Hinata who were sitting rather close to each other. Neji's head whipped around and finding that Naruto and Hinata were actually touching each other as Hinata was leaning against Naruto which to Neji was completely unacceptable even if they were not aware of their surroundings.

"Of course they are Kirian why "else" would they be leaning against each other like that." Yurian laughed as naruto and Hinata became red faced and looked at each other nervously but neither made the first move to separate.

Anna watched from the nearby kitchen door with amusement on her face but she knew she would have to interfere soon as she saw Neji's increasingly angry look. Hearing the timer go off she retrieved the food and drinks she had in the kitchen and walked back out to serve them pleasantly surprised to see Shinrei having snuck in when she wasn't looking. She saw Kirian and Yurian continuing to tease Naruto and Hinata and decided enough was enough when the other three of the quintuplets began to join in.

"Alright that's enough of you, everyone out time to let the grown ups have a serious talk." Anna's anger sent the kids sprinting out the room, leaving only the genin, Yuan, Anthony, Fubiki, Tokito, and Shinrei.

Yuan waited till the kids had completely left before letting out a loud, long and deliberate sigh. Then his goofy grin got replaced with a serious look on his face telling everyone he wasn't goofing off anymore as he prepared to give the reasons as to why he dragged the genin away from Konoha all the way out here.

"I'm sure you are wondering as to the exact reasons that we brought you to our home. As spectacular as the view was that was not the only reason why i brought you here." Some chuckles erupted from Naruto having gotten the joke but son quieted as Yuan continued talking as he wanted to get to the main point rather soon.

"During the finals of the chunnin exams the hidden sound and hidden sand village will invade Konoha being lead by Orochimaru." Yuan barely finished before Naruto exploded in disbelief and shock and then grew incredibly angry at the name Orochimaru. Yuan knew he had to calm Naruto down when his eyes turned red signifying the Kyuubi's chakra was bleeding through the seal.

"Your Hokage already knows about the invasion why else would I take you here." Yuan's statement caused naruto's anger to vanish instantly as he began to calm himself as he realized his precious people were aware of what is to come.

Fubiki then spoke up having enjoyed a bit of tea while Yuan was getting the genin up to speed on the future events that were to begin in a months time.

"I have a way that will allow you gain the power necessary to protect your home, family, and friends however this power does not come cheaply. Know that if you accept you will be forced to sacrifice something very dear to you in return." As Fubiki spoke he looked into the eyes of the genin sitting before him and he saw no hesitation or fear but rather a calm acceptance and determination to protect their friends.

Naruto opened his mouth and began to ask a question that was on all the genin's mind. "May I ask what we will be giving up?" Fubiki looked at Tokito who began to pull out cards from a deck she held in her other hand. The genin were confused and curious while the Elders waited as they had seen this done many times before with near perfect accuracy. Having drawn her cards Tokito began by pointing at Neji and then began to list the genins sacrifice one by one.

"Neji you will be forced to become the right hand of the head of the main branch so your goals and dreams are your sacrifice" Tokito spoke calmly and looked at Neji who was stunned but remained quiet.

"Hinata you will have to sacrifice the shell you hide behind. Know that you will either grow strong or you will die." Hinata looked badly shaken and really nervous at Tokito's words but like Neji stayed quiet.

"Finally we come to you Naruto." Tokito paused briefly as she looked at the card she had drawn for Naruto again, before speaking again.

"You young Naruto will sacrifice the wall that protects you due to your lack of information. Know that you will learn of what you want most however don't expect to like what you learn." Naruto's face shifted from excitement to confusion to expectant back to a happy grin with a well hidden but detectable worry on his face.

As Neji ad Hinata slowly began to nod in acceptance they then turned to Naruto who grinned and then nodded in acceptance of the cost he would have to pay in order to gain the power he would need to protect his home and precious people.

In a flash Neji and Hinata had needles in them. Hinata yelped in pain before discovering the massive improvement to her five senses. She turned on her Byukagen only to be nearly blinded by the massive amount of new chakra she had available to her. Besides her Neji staggered and then fell unconscious not hitting the ground only due to Hinata catching him.

"Umm...why did Neji collapse while I didn't when the same thing happened to us?" Hinata suprisingly didnt stutter once during the entire exchange and nearly whooped for joy when she realized that whatever had happened made her more confident then she was before.

Fubiki sighed and then spoke up and answered Hinata's question "The reason is that the method we use destroys any and all seals on the targets body. That can be both a boon and a curse." Fubiki then turned and looked at Naruto who was still trying to comprehend the words Fubiki had just said.

"the method we use destroys any and all seals on the targets body...wait that means"Naruto's suddenly contorted into one having extreme fear written all over it and was starting to hyper ventilate as he realized that the method would let the Kyuubi go free.

Suddenly a hand came down on Naruto's shoulder and had it not held him down Naruto would have jumped several feet in the air. Naruto's head whipped around to see Yuan standing behind him his face grim but mainly providing morale support to Naruto who looked ready to bolt.

"Comon bud lets go outside," Naruto then began to be dragged away despite his feet digging in deep into the concrete ground, Hinata sweat dropped as she discovered just how strong Yuan was if he could so easily drag an unwilling subject who was capable of resisting.

Naruto was hauled outside and stood next to Yuan and Fubiki, and for a second thought Yuan had taken pity on him when he smiled only to instead be meet by darkness as multiple needles activated his subconscious and forced him into his inner mind.

Naruto awoke in the sewer facing the cage that held the fox at bay, looking around he noticed Yuan and Fubiki already in the sewer looking knowingly at the cage.

"Fubiki sensei why have you destroyed the seal i worked so hard to make and seal the Kyuubi away with." Naruto looked up only to find the fourth Hokage standing behind him with both hands on Naruto's shoulders.

The Fourth Hokage sighed loudly as he became aware of what was happening and then looked downward his eyes radiating joy and happiness as if he had seen Naruto for the first time, the action confused Naruto but he words The Fourth would speak next would confuse him even more.

"Hey there son." Naruto began crying as he saw no deception in the man and somehow he knew that the man next to him was his father.

"Theres a lot I want to ask you but my time is limited, so all I ask is you stay safe and protect your precious people." Soon after Minato had finished disolving in nothing but pure chakra and was quickly absorbed into Naruto who began crying.

"Finally my freedom is here at last" the booming voice belonged to the Kyuubi who was dancing for joy as he realized he would soon be free to wreck havoc once again. The seal finished burning away and the cage vanished leaving the Kyuubi free to instantly lunge at Naruto who, while having turned to face the Kyuubi, still had his face hidden from view.

Yuan and Fubiki stood to the side their faces impassive and devoid of emotion. The Kyuubi could care less as he was entire focused on obliterating Naruto. Nearing his target he suddenly saw Naruto's face lift enough to reveal a smirk. Kyuubi's outstretched limb began to dissolve into red chakra and enter Naruto. Kyubbi howled in rage at being tricked but it availed him not as in secodns he had been completely absorbed by Naruto. Naruto stood for a second before falling into the water unconscious from having absorbed so much power.

Naruto awoke to find himself in a makeshift bed inside with Hinata kneeling nearby having fallen asleep while waiting for Naruto to wake up. Naruto smiled and was about to get up when a voice that guaranteed death spoke out.

"Hinata cares for you very much, I personally will give you my blessing but if you hurt Hinata you will pay." Neji's threat was acknowledged by a pale and fast nodding Naruto who removed himself from the bed and was about to leave the room Yuan walked in with Anna and Anthony behind him.

"comon kids rise and shine we need to train you on the changes that happened when we knocked you out." A snese of dread filled all three genin as thy contemplated their escape.

Elsewhere Hisagi had finished breifing his new apprentice on the situation at hand. "Che so Ino and Chouji have been dragged into this as motivation, how troublesome, still if i dont train then the invasion will be even more troublesome.

Thus ends chapter 4 of the Chunnin Exams Four Elders

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