A/N: enjoy~! =) a very short oneshot.

They were perfectly interwound, a match made in Heaven. It seemed as if nothing could spoil this moment.

"Oh..." she cried happily. "You fit perfectly inside me!"

"Yes," he replied with a grin. "It is as if we are meant to be together."

They were in their own world of fantasy, a happiness so great that it could hardly be measured. It was a sweet state of bliss, albeit shortlived. For soon, another would come and interrupt their profound harmony. He was big and round and very determined. The pair was now expressing looks of horror.

"No!" she shouted. "You are too big. There's only enough room for one!"

"Go elsewhere," he growled.

But the stranger could not change his path now. He was falling on her, and hard. And then--

GAME OVER flashed across the screen. Dang it! Tetris wasn't as easy as it looked. That stupid big blocky piece hadn't fit in anywhere! Sigh.... Forget this game--time to trade it in for Pac-Man.

A/N: What were you thinking, pervo?

XD This story was created over crumpets and tea. Nah, just kidding--me and a friend were browsing the gaming category when we saw Tetris. We both were like, "How the hey can someone write a story about blocks falling down repeatedly on a screen?!" The idea for this is inspired by KHshortfuse.

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