This fanfic was inspired by Yanagi Kotaro who was the first Echizen Ryoma in Tenimyu (The Prince of Tennis musicals). I'm not going to go all into that, but if you've watched Tenimyu and know who Yanagi-kun is, you'll probably be able to figure out how this fic was inspired by him.

With this fic, I'm trying my hardest to keep each character true to their personalities. It's probably going to be a little hard for me due to the type of story this is going to be.

Seeming that this is only the first chapter, it hasn't gotten too far into how this will really turn out. If there does end up being a pairing, it'll be FujiXEchizen. I'm unsure if their relationship will develop father than friendship. We'll just have to see how it goes as the fic continues.

Well, I don't own the Prince of Tennis or anything like that.

Please, enjoy this fic. Oh, and, again, ignore my poor choice of titles. It probably doesn't fit very well. I'm sorry.

EDIT: Chapter 1 through 5 have all be revised. Now that I'm finished with that. I will continue to update this fic with new chapters. I hope everyone will enjoy the changes I made to make this fic slightly better.

The Fallen Prince

Will you be there when I wake up from this date like state? Will you cry if I were to die tomorrow? Only time will tell if your love can save me…

Echizen Ryoma had overslept this morning making him late to tennis practice. Rushing to get to his school, he hadn't noticed a car speeding down the road he was about to cross. Not looking, he quickly made his way across the street. Before making it to the other side, a white cap flew into the air as the young boy was struck by the car. His scream could have been heard across town. His greenish blue hair was tangles and the deep color of blood began to stain the jacket her wore. A man ran out of the car yelling for someone to call an ambulance. Looking at the boy on the ground, he noticed that he was already unconscious.

Tezuka Kunimitsu yelled for all the members of the tennis club to gather. He always had a solemn look, but this time it was different. His look made the Regulars know that something had happened; something was wrong.

"A phone call was received from the nearby hospital," Tezuka began to speak. "A boy with a Seigaku Regular jacket was struck by a car and rushed to the hospital."

Kikumaru Eiji looked around. His cheerful face quickly showed his shock when he noticed that the youngest Regular was no where in sight. "Ochibi!"

"Ryuzaki-sensei has already contacted Echizen's family."

Fuji Syusuke couldn't bear to listen to anymore that the captain had to say. Dropping the tennis racket he held in his hand, he ran out of the tennis court area and in the direction of the hospital.

"Fuji!" Tezuka tried to call for him, but the tennis genius was already gone.

"Tezuka," Oishi Shuichiro walked up slowly to him. "I think it's best that we end practice now. This kind of news has shaken everyone up." His voice was shaken. Even the vice-captain was worried about Echizen.

"Right," the captain looked around at the other players. Not wanting to show that he was overly worries, Tezuka gave a stern look and spoke again. "Go change."

In the clubhouse, there was small chatter about Echizen. There were so many questions to ask but no answers.

"What do you think happened?" Kawamura Takashi asked.

Inui Sadaharu pulled out his green notebook and started to write things down. "The possibility he will only have minor wounds, 3.8 percent."

"Inui…I don't think that's something we should talk about," Oishi's face showed his worry. This wasn't the right time for Inui to be showing off his data.

"Lets just hope he's ok," Kawamura agreed as they left the clubhouse.

Fuji had finally reached the hospital. His light brown hair was tossed around, and his usually closed eyes were open. He seemed almost in a panic which wasn't very like him. Walking in, he went to ask for Echizen's room. As he stepped up to the desk, a hand was placed on his shoulder. Quickly, he turned around to see an older man.

"You here to see Ryoma?" the man asked.

"How did you know?" Fuji questioned.

"Your jacket gave it away," he looked away. "He's in a coma."

The bright blue eyes of Fuji were pierced with shocked. "What?"

"When he was hit by the car, he wasn't able to react on time, so Ryoma's head smacked into the ground."


"He's a strong kid. I'm sure he'll wake up soon. What's your name?"

"Fuji Syusuke."

"Fuji, why don't you go visit him? I'm sure the kid would like someone other than me visiting him. He's in room 10."

"Thank you…um…" Fuji paused. He was unsure of what to call the man standing in front of him.

"Echizen Nanjiro."

"Echizen-san, thank you," Fuji bowed and walked off in the direction of Ryoma's room.

"So…that's the guy Ryoma's always talking about. My boy does have one caring upperclassman."

Eiji stood outside of the school's gate. He looked to the sky. "Do you think Fuji went to see Ochibi?" His sapphire eyes seemed to be searching the clouds for the answer.

"That seems like the best possibility," Oishi nodded.

Momoshiro Takeshi walked up to the two older boys. "Are you going to come?"

"Come?" Eiji questioned as he looked at the younger boy.

"We're going to go visit Echizen. It would be nice to go as a team," Inui explained.

"Yeah," sadness fell upon Eiji's face. "I hope Ochibi is ok."

The Regulars gathered at the school's gate. Almost all of the players had sad or worried faces. After everyone was there, they made their way to the hospital.

Fuji slid open the door and made his way into the smal room. Looking around, he saw Ryoma's white cap on the floor. It was dirty from being tossed onto the ground. Continuing around the room, Fuji spotted the Seigaku's jacket hanging. It was stained with blood. Finally, he turned his head to Ryoma. The younger boy was covered in bandaged and hooked up to different machines.

"…Echizen Ryoma…" Fuji whispered as he sat on the chair by his bedside. His tone was soft and caring. "I―"

The door opened once again. Fuji turned to see the other members of the tennis team looking in the room.

"Ochibi…he's…" the shock of seeing Echizen lying there made Eiji lose his words.

"In a coma," Fuji stood up.

Momo placed the flowers the team had bought on the table next to Ryoma's bedside. Silence filled each of the teens, and the only sound that could be heard was the beeping from the machines Ryoma was hooked up to.

"He looks different…lying there so still," Oishi comment. "Wake up soon, Echizen."

"Seigaku needs you, Echizen," Tezuka nodded and hoped everyone's words of encouragement would wake up the young boy.

A young nurse walked into the room. "Excuse me, I have to ask that you leave. We need to run a few tests on Echizen-san."

"Right," the captain motioned for the team to leave.

As Fuji left the room, he turned back and whispered his own words of encouragement. "Wake up for me, Echizen…"