so basically this story is a continuation of another that i wrote (thanks for the memories). ichigo, rukia, yoruichi and her son all get transported to another world when they go on a mission to find the missing hogyoku (not sure if i spelled that right). they end up in Amestris with no sure way of returning home. i dont know why ive never said this before but feel free to leave critiques and what not (just nothing too harsh :P). i do want to become a better writer. wanted to dedicate the story to a fellow writer on here but at the moment ive forgotten what their name was :( and one last note, im taking the title from a fall out boy song just like the last story.

There was a bright light before Ichigo landed on the ground with a thud. Rukia landed on him followed by her nephew, Octavian and his mother Yoruichi

"Get off me! I cant breathe!" He grumbled loud enough for them to hear. All three got up well except Octavian. The dark haired boy was unconscious.

"Octavian wake up!" His aunt yelled shaking him. Yoruichi calmly dusted herself off and explained

"Rukia he'll be fine. He opened the portal thing or whatever you want to call it so Im sure it just sapped some of his energy". Rukia was still shaking him. Ichigo rolled his eyes and went over to the older woman who was looking around. They had landed in a forest. The sun was just starting to rise. Birds were chirping. It was very peaceful.

"Where do you think we are?" Ichigo asked.

"Not sure, obviously not the Soul Society"

"Ok well all we have to do is find the Hogyoku and then we can go home"

"You make it sound so easy " She crossed her arms " It may take weeks for Octavian to be able to do this again. I wouldn't even be surprised if its impossible, this is the first time he's done this"

"We've dealt with the impossible before". Yoruichi managed a small smile despite the situation, Ichigo's determination continued to surprise her.

"You guys hear that?" Rukia had stopped her overly dramatic crying. She was sitting with her nephews head on her lap.

"Hear what?" Ichigo yawned. He hadn't had a good nights sleep in days.

"Hold it! Don't move!" Suddenly they were surrounded by a large group wearing what appeared to be a sort of military uniform. Guns were pointed at them.

"What the hell?!" Ichigo started to move but was stopped by Yoruichi's hand on his wrist. "Who are you guys?" He asked. A blond haired woman stepped forward. He noticed that their military uniforms seemed old fashioned .

"Lieutenant Hawkeye. All four of you will need to come with me". Before he could give a snappy response Yoruichi answered

"That's fine but my son may need medical attention".

"That can be arranged" She motioned for someone to get him. A blond haired man with a cigarette dangling from his mouth stepped up.

"I thought you said it wasn't serious" Ichigo hissed.

"I don't think it is but I want to be sure unless you'd like to go back and report to Byakuya that his only son was left unconscious and we didn't do anything about it". Ichigo visibly paled. Though he had fought the sixth division captain, there was no way he'd want to tell him that. "That's what I thought, he's too protective when it comes to our child" She smirked.

"Where are all of you from?" Lieutenant Hawkeye asked. Harmony watched as the blond man picked up Octavian. Rukia finally shuffled over to join them.

"Far away" She answered distracted, she was worried about whether O was breathing or not because from where she stood it didn't look like he was.

"I see. You'll have to give a better answer than that when we reach our destination. Lets go then" She said and motioned for them to start walking.

"This sucks" Ichigo mumbled and stuffed his hands into his pockets. Pockets? He looked down to see he was wearing regular clothes; the uniform that he'd been in before they landed was gone. "Zangetsu" He whispered but he was silent. Ichigo threw a worried glance to Rukia who shook her head as if saying her zanpakuto wasn't answering either. "Keeps getting better and better. How did I get talked into doing this?" He mumbled.

"Where are we anyway?" Rukia asked as they walked

"Amestris" The lieutenant answered. Yoruichi sighed. Only a month or so ago she wouldve thought traveling to another world was impossible but that was before they found out the Hogyoku AND one of the Espada were missing....