a/n- i know this chapter is short but i wanted to put out something. im starting to think i can finish this story

"I sensed it too!" Rukia said excitedly.

"It felt amazing!" Octavian added

"I wonder what this means for us" Ichigo pondered. The three were huddled in the cafeteria during lunchtime. They were restlessly waiting for Yoruichi's return. Octavian ran a hand through his shorter tresses, which now came to his shoulders. Bradley had insisted he have it cut if Octavian was to work for him. Rukia and Ichigo had actually thought he was Byakuya at first and told him so. Octavian had yet to figure out if they meant it as a compliment or not. "Ichigo try raising your spiritual energy" He said. The younger boy raised an eyebrow then looked around.

"In here?"

"Yeah, if you haven't gotten your powers back then there's nothing to worry about"

"If I have?" Ichigo asked. His friend shrugged.

"Lets find out" Because he was just as curious he decided to try. At first nothing happened.

"What the-" Someone said. The clanging of dropped silverware and dishes sounded throughout the hall. Rukia took in the people having trouble breathing, some even kneeling on the floor. She placed a hand on Ichigo. Immediately they were breathing normal again and looking around in confusion trying to figure out what had happened.

"We don't even need our shinigami bodies" The strawberry blond observed. Ed skidded into the room panting.

"I've been searching everywhere for you guys! Ms. Yoruichi wants you" He told them not noticing what was going on. They nodded and followed him. He lead them to a secluded spot outside. Al was there throwing rocks. Yoruichi jumped out of the tree she'd been sitting in.

"Ichigo I sensed you!"

"We sensed you!" They all said at the same time.

"What do they mean?" Al whispered to his brother feeling left out. Ed had no clue either.

"This is good. We need to come up with a plan. I need to find Stark. Someway we…" Her voice trailed off. Her son seemed to be glowing. It reminded her of the first time he had done it. It was how they'd ended up in Amestris in the first place. "No! Not yet!" She shouted in disbelief. She pushed Ichigo and Rukia back just as a powerful force began pulling her into the light. "Ichigo you all have to stop Bradley from invading our world! I'm sorry" She said.

"Ms. Yoruichi!" Al tried grabbing a hand but she was pulling him with her.

"Let go!" Ichigo ordered. He did what he was told. Surprisingly when the light disappeared Octavian remained. Unconscious on the ground but still there. "What is going on?" Ichigo mumbled to himself.

Meanwhile Yoruichi felt herself falling for what seemed like a long time. She made out a wooden floor before she collapsed on someone.

"What is the meaning of this?" She'd recognize that voice anywhere. She lifted her eyes to see the Head Captain sitting with an actual look of shock on his face.

"I can only be in one place then" Yoruichi said quietly.

"Get off me please" She glanced down to see Toshiro Hitsugaya had broken her fall.

"Yoruichi Shihoin where have you been? Search teams had been sent out to no avail" She didn't answer. Instead taking in the room. All the captains were watching with various expressions on their faces. Her eyes stopped at Byakuya.

"Where is my sister? Where is our son?" He asked. She took a deep breath then went into what happened with her, Octavian, Rukia and Ichigo. When she finished the room was silent then Captain Kurosuchi spoke up excitedly "Amazing! Your boy is able to open doors to other parallel worlds. At least I assume that's what they are because this place sounds very much like the living world with some differences"

"Of course you would find this exciting" Captain Zaraki rolled his eyes.

"The problem is that this man wanted to give Aizen an army to invade our world" Yoruichi said.

"But he's dead" Captain Unohana stated

"Is he?"

"What are you implying Yoruichi?"

"Think about it. Sosuke Aizen's body was left alone after Ichigo defeated him for quite some time. Ichigo may have only injured him"

"I saw the body. We all saw the body"

"Only think about it. Now those three are trapped over there unless Octavian figures out how to control his ability"

"Basically there is nothing we can do then" Yamamoto said stroking his beard. The entire time Byakuya listened, not moving from his spot even when Yoruichi looked at him. He had plans on retiring and settling down but he wasn't sure about anything anymore. He wanted to be angry, just wasn't sure with whom. He sighed in exasperation when he heard something speak to him

"Byakuya" It whispered. He immediately turned to Yoruichi but she was still talking so it couldn't have been her. Feeling frustrated and confused he walked out of the meeting despite calls from the Head Captain to stop. Byakuya was determined to bring Octavian and Rukia back no matter what.

Back in the dorms an unconscious Octavian slept in his bed while Ichigo and Rukia pondered what to do next. Yoruichi's disappearance had them confused and not sure of what to do next. They also knew they had to cover for her or Bradley might do something extreme so while they came up with a good story Ed and Al went off to do a job promising they'd return. It was near night when Octavian woke up. His aunt explained what had happened which caused him to sit silently for a few minutes before saying "We gotta find Stark. We can't stay here any longer no matter what bs story you give to Bradley. He's not stupid and will figure things out sooner rather than later"

"How are we going to find him?" Rukia asked.

"We should be able to sense him one close enough hopefully. I know for sure he's in the city. Remember when Octavian ran away and found Stark in that warehouse?" Ichigo turned to the boy on the bed "You think you remember where it was?". Octavian nodded. "We gotta leave then. Octavian's right when he says Bradley will see through our story and who knows what he'll do if we can't tell him where Ms. Yoruichi is"

"Couldn't you guys just use your reaper powers on him?"

"It would only create problems" Rukia cut in "They have many people who are skilled with alchemy. It could match up against us and besides it would be a waste of time to fight everyone not to mention exhausting"

"She's right" Ichigo got up to pack some things in a bag. Rukia helped Octavian to his feet. He seemed fine though he complained of a headache. Once they had what they wanted the trio escaped through the window. An hour later Riza opened the door to find them gone. "We shouldn't have put so much trust in them. I knew a guard should've been placed here! Sound the alarm!" She cried.

Yoruichi didn't know what to do when Byakuya simply walked out. She finally got off of Toshiro as if she were going after him but Yamamoto told her to leave him be. He explained that though Ace, Byakuya's brother, had awakened from his coma Byakuya still worried about her and the rest of the group. Deciding to listen to the Head Captain she instead walked the streets in a daze. She was so absorbed in her own worries that she didn't sense the person following her. A hand on her shoulder finally made her stop. She turned around prepared to attack when she saw it was only Ace. His gentle eyes studied her. In their silence Yoruichi noticed he had a new scar on his neck.

"You're awfully quiet" She finally said then went back to walking. Ace fell in step beside her. He was taller than Byakuya with an arrogant attitude that rubbed many people the wrong way. It was one reason why he never became head of the family.

"Sometimes more than enough can be said by not saying anything" Ace smiled. His smile told her he knew everything that had happened somehow and would do all in his power to help her. She tensed for a second not sure what to say or if she should say anything at all. It had been widely known that his wife disappeared during the war with no clue as to what happened. Byakuya had ordered searches to no avail.

"Ace about Harmony-"

"We'll worry about it later. Right now we need to bring them home. You will think of nothing else understand?" She nodded, knowing he was probably dealing with it in his own way. Something he had in common with his younger brother. Ace put an arm around her shoulder and for the first time since the war ended she relaxed.