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Summary: Bella Swan gets sick and our beloved vampires try to get her better soon! Total Bella X Cullen Family fluff.

Author's Note: Last chapter, sorry guys! But Bella had to get better and go home at some point.

Chapter 26

"Charlie!" Esme exclaimed happily as she brushed her hands on her apron and walked around the kitchen island to greet my father.

"Esme," he nodded to her before smiling back at me. I guess he really did want me back at home before I'd leave him forever. A pain shot through me with that word. After the wedding, I'd never be able to see my Dad again. Mom was away in Flordia, with her I had an excuse. Besides, Renee had Phil. Charlie had me and that was it. Who would take care of him when I became a vampire?

"Bells?" he asked, taking another step into the kitchen, glancing from Esme to me. He ignored Edward almost. "You feeling better today?" he asked me. I nodded once and looked to either Edward or Esme to explain.

"Her throat is still quite sore. But she has mostly stopped coughing," Edward said, a slight hint of pain in his voice when he mentioned the coughing. At least it wasn't as constant or as deep anymore.

"We've had her write everything down in a notebook," Esme added before turning back to the stove. "Bella just woke up from a nap and I was fixing her a late lunch. Are you hungry Charlie?" Esme asked sweetly.

Charlie looked over at Esme and then the stove. He smiled when he got a good whiff of that bacon. "Well, if it isn't too much trouble," he muttered, embarrassed. It was obvious where I got my blushing from and it wasn't from Renee.

"Of course not!" Esme smiled. "I hope you don't mind, we ate earlier. I wasn't too sure how long Bella would sleep for and the rest of the children were getting a bit grumpy," she pretended to mildly scold Edward. He smirked.

"Oh, um no," Charlie stammered. "As long as I got my girl here," he grinned at me. I couldn't help but smile back. Leaning in, Charlie whispered, "You do look better, Bella." That was a lot of fatherly affection for Charlie. I guess he really did miss me.

"Thanks," I whispered back hoarsly.

"Bella," Edward warned, handing the notebook back to me. I rolled my eyes but took the notebook and the pen from him. Edward looked smug when I took the items and Charlie just looked like, well Charlie when Edward was around lately. My Dad was never sure whether to be nice or disgruntled around Edward anymore. He was going for nice more and more and I thought with Esme here and being in the Cullen home, he'll probably stick with nice.

"So, umm, Edward," Charlie started, looking over at my fiancé. A part of me was curious about what he would ask. Another part of me was horrified about what he might ask.

"Yes, sir?" Edward answered. He stood behind me slightly, looking over me to my dad.

"What have you been up to today?" he asked, curiously. A part of me wanted to mutter that it wasn't anything he wouldn't approve of but then again, Edward held me all last night –like he did every night- not that Charlie knew, of course.

"Reading, mostly. Alice enjoys hearing what she considers her story, Alice in Wonderland, out loud," Edward mentioned. Well, if nothing else, it was the truth.

"Oh," Charlie said, almost disappointed. It was about then that Esme brought over our BLTs, complete with fresh ripe tomatoes from her garden, and put the plates before us.

"Would you like anything to drink?" Esme asked. Charlie grunted that he could get it before Esme argued back and Edward just placed a glass in front of Charlie. He ended up getting a glass of water himself.

Normally, when Charlie and I ate, it would be in silence and then Charlie would go into the next room and turn on the game –which ever game that happened to be on. However, both Esme and Edward began to talk and engage Charlie in conversation; or at least try to. Charlie wasn't really the conversation type but he wasn't as uncomfortable about it here as he normally was. Maybe it was just because it was Esme and he liked her or it was because he was use to Edward.

"Oh! And Charlie? That reminds me," Esme began on her next tangent. "Thank you for the list of people you gave me. Do you think you can help me to get a similar list from Renee? I think she forgot," Esme continued. List? Oh, for the wedding. Wait, how many people are coming?

"I'll talk to Phil. He's pretty good about getting her on those things," Charlie told Esme before taking another bite of his sandwhich.

"That would be perfect. Thank you," Esme continued. "I need to get a headcount of some sort for the caterer next week," she told him. Caterer? I thought that most of the guest list was Edward's family and then my Dad, Renee and Phil plus Angela, her parents, Mike, and maybe a couple of other people from school. It would be too small a gathering for anyone to not notice that half the people there weren't eating. I didn't think a caterer would be needed for that few people anyway.

"I'll call him when I get Bells here home, then," Charlie stated. He pushed his plate away when he finished his sandwich. I was only picking at mine anymore.

"Well, that was good, Esme. Thanks for helping to take care of my little girl. Means a lot to me," he told her sincerely as he got up from the barstool. Sighing, I did the same and turned to Edward. I could tell he didn't want me to go either.

"Of course, Charlie. We love having here anytime and it was a pleasure to help take care of her," Esme answered before coming around the island and giving me a hug.

"Don't worry, sweetheart. You'll be over again tomorrow," she whispered in my ear. I only hoped she was right. I guess the wedding was a good excuse to come over if I needed one.

Both Esme and Edward walked us to the door. Edward gently picked up my suitcase to carry it for me out to the cruiser. I looked up at him as Charlie mumbled his goodbyes and thanks to Esme again. My Adonis' butterscotch eyes pierced my brown ones. "I'll be by tonight," he whisper in my ear before we headed out to the cruiser, my hand in his. It sounded like he was saying it more for his benefit than to inform me.

Charlie popped the trunk to the cruiser and Edward placed my suitcase next to the slight arsenal of clubs and pepper spray that lay strewn in the back. My Dad, still ever vigilant, watched as Edward placed his hands on either side of my face and gave me a quick kiss. It was not the kiss I wanted but I realized why he did it when Charlie spoke up.

"Um, Don't want you getting sick too, Edward," he mumbled, embarrassed.

"Bella was only contagious for the first three days, sir," Edward told him. "At least, according to Carlisle," he amended quickly.

Charlie made another grunt before closing the truck and heading to the driver's side door of the cruiser. "Bella?" he called when he opened the door. I was still standing there, looking at my greek god, and wanting nothing more than to really kiss him. Of course, I couldn't with my dad standing right there.

I moved one step closer to Edward and quickly found myself in his arms, my head beneath his chin. "Tonight, I'll come tonight," he whispered again. I sniffed, trying to remember that we'd see each other again in a matter of hours.

Charlie coughed and Edward gently pulled me back to give me my favorite crooked grin. "Be safe, my only love," he whispered before kissing me on the forehead and opening the cruiser door for me. When the cruiser door shut, I glanced up at Edward while Charlie pulled out of the spot. The only thing that kept my heart from breaking again was the knowledge that Edward would come by my window tonight.

As I leaned against the cruiser door on the way home, I felt something in my jean pocket. It was a piece of paper. I pulled it out and realized it was the note he had left me over a year ago. It only said "Be Safe" on it. I held on to it the rest of the way home. I'd only really be safe when I was back in Edward's arms again tonight. Tonight.

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