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I woke up lying on the grass of a valley with a cliff over top of my head. This wasn't right. I was suppose to be dead. I remember clearly jumping in front of Ethan to save him from the poison arrow. I wasn't suppose to be lying here.

Slowly, I stood up. This wasn't right. I needed to get some answers. Maybe Arkarian knew what was going on. I needed to warn him about Lathenia anyways. Looking around I found that the only way up the cliff was too climb it. Great. Carefully I pressed my hand against the rocks, noticing that they still looked and felt like an electric current was running in them. Thankfully, the rock didn't break and I could still do this.

Once I was finally at the top of the cliff I knew exactly where I was. This was the place Ethan and I was last. My lips tingled as I remembered the kiss we shared. Perhaps it wouldn't be the last one after all. I shook my head to clear it of the thought. That wasn't something I needed to think about now. I needed to figure out how the heck I was alive.

I started walking towards the familiar mountain. It didn't take long for me to find my way to the secret door. I stood there for a moment before I noticed that he wouldn't be expecting me. Arkarian? I called in my thoughts. He would be able to hear them better than if I would have yelled. It took him a while to open the door. I didn't want to think about what he was doing.

When the door opened to the Chambers Arkarian stood there in shock. He blinked hard and just stared at me for the longest time. Isabel appeared behind him in a long t-shirt and stared as he did. Well that explained the wait. I sighed and decided to say something. "What no welcome?"

"Rochelle?" Isabel asked. I nodded and she blushed finally realizing what she was wearing but flung herself forward to hug me. I wasn't a real huggy person so I left that up to her as I looked at Arkarian. He seemed to still be at a loss of words, his brow furrowed.

He finally found his voice when Isabel released me, "But…how?"

Well there went that theory, "I was hoping you would be able to tell me that." His mouth formed an 'o' while his brows mashed together and motioned for me to come in. Isabel disappeared into a room and came back out with some sweat pants on and her cell phone.

"Let's wait to call Ethan and find out what is going on." Arkarian suggests and I nod in agreement. That was a good plan. We went to the room where Arkarian had given our missions. It was different from before. The sphere and machinery weren't on, for one. Arkarian produced three stools and we all take a seat. It was awkward for a moment before Arkarian took charge. "Explain what happened."

I sighed. "I'm not sure, exactly. It was like one minute it was all black, the next I was opening my eyes to a cliff. It's like I just laid down and dreamed it all." He looked even more puzzled and worried than before. "What?"

"You say it like your dying only happened yesterday?" I nodded. He and Isabel exchanged a glance.


"Rochelle, you've been dead for over a year." This time it's my turn to blink in surprise. "I've heard of people coming back from the dead, but you said you woke under a cliff?"

I nodded, "In a valley. Look if you're trying to point out that, I wasn't where I was buried, I already knew that. We have a slightly bigger problem than this though." They both raise an eyebrow. I take a deep breath. "Lathenia is back as well." They both started talking at once. I raised my hand and they stopped. "Call Ethan, then I will explain. He needs to hear this too. The others can no doubt wait, but I think this concerns him."

Arkarian finally nodded. Isabel left, and went to go wait for Ethan. We both sat there staring at our feet, a million questions passing through us. I was surprised he left his thoughts open to me, but I guessed that he was hoping together we could hash things out.

The silent conference stopped when Ethan's voice drifted down the hall. "Isabel, I can't just randomly disappear. Thankfully my dad was home, but I just can't—" his words stopped along with the footfalls. I could feel his eyes on me, along with hearing the suspicions and doubt running through his head. I didn't look up though. I just continued to stare at my feet.

I heard Arkarian get up and whisper something in Isabel's ear. They probably wanted to give us some privacy. I wasn't sure if it was the right thing at this point. Who's to say he hasn't moved on? Why wait around for a girl who's suppose to be dead?

After what seems like hours, I finally hear Ethan move. Out of the corner of my eye I see him kneel next to me. He puts one finger under my chins and lifts it so he could see my face. The question is written all over his face, but he works the moisture into his mouth to voice it, "How?"

I shook my head, "We don't know." He nods as if it explained everything. We're silent for another moment until he shakes his head laughing. "What?"

"Either they're playing a really dirty trick on me, or I have completely lost it."

"If that's so then the joke's on both of us." I murmured. We both sigh. Then his mouth pressed itself against mine hesitantly then more forcefully. Right then I didn't care if this was a trick or not. When we pulled back Arkarian and Isabel were in the room and we both blushed.

Arkarian produced another stool for Ethan next to mine, before looking to me. "Explain."

"I don't know exactly how to describe it. I was floating…almost? And then someone was calling me. Next thing I know I'm floating towards a light and Lathenia grabs my foot." I recall the scene in my head so at least Arkarian can understand what I was talking about.

Ethan let out a low whistle, "At least Marduke isn't back." I can understand the grudge in his voice. If it wasn't for Marduke I wouldn't have died, and Ethan and I could have been together a long time ago. I adverted my eyes and scratched the back of my neck. "He's back as well?" I nodded, and he muttered something about smashing the stone.

Matt appeared with his back facing me before I could explain. "Guys I have bad news."

"Lathenia and Marduke are back?" I guessed. He turned around and his eye got wide.

"So it did work," he said under his breath.

"What worked?" he shook his head and I lost it. Without thinking I stood up and grabbed his shirt. It probably wasn't smart to act this way towards an Immortal, but that thought didn't enter my mind. I was dead already right? I continued to drag him by his shirt collar until we were quite a way down the mountain. I let go roughly, causing him to fall to the ground. "Now what did you do?"

"Rochelle, it's not what you think."

"Well apparently! What did you do?"

"I asked my father if he could bring you back. He said it would take time but he might be able to do it." I glared at him. So this whole mess was his fault. Figures. Sighing, I offered him my hand to help him back up. He took it, and continued to explain, "Ethan wasn't doing so well. No one else was doing well either, but he was the worst. I thought bringing you back would cheer him up."

"Sadly your Good Samaritan deed backfired." He nods glumly. I sighed again. "We should get back." He nods again, and follows me up the mountain. Everyone looked up as we walked in. I go to sit next to Ethan and glare at Matt. You're turn to explain.

He sighs and explains how his father brought me back along with the others. I get bored with the discussion and stand to leave. What a mess. I don't stray far from Arkarian's chambers, but it's enough that I can't see where the secret door is.

I hear footfalls behind me, and I turn to see that Ethan has followed me. He sat down next to me without saying a word. I shrugged and lay down in the grass, continuing to look at the clouds. "You're not going to be able to come back to our world, are you?"

I think it over still staring at the clouds. "How could I? I've been dead for a year. I've heard of people coming back from the dead, but never after a year." He sighed and lay down next to me. "I might be able to change my appearance, but there really is not a point. I'd be better off trying home schooling then trying to catch up. Even if I change my name someone is bound to know something is up."

He nods, "Do you know where you are going to stay?" He was being practical and indifferent on purpose and for the same reason I was. He knew as well as I that his could all fall apart and I could be dead again tomorrow.

I rub the heel of my hand against my forehead thinking it through. "I think Arkarian might be willing to let me bunk in his chambers?" I voice the thought to Ethan and propelled the thought towards Arkarian as well. It wasn't long until Arkarian's voice drifted into my head confirming my guess.

"I'm sure he will." I nod and close my eyes. The sun shone on my face as I basked in the silence. It wasn't long after our words had ceased that I felt Ethan's hand wrap around mine. "Man, Rochelle, I really missed you."

My eyes flew open and trained their focus on his face. He was completely sincere. He let his thoughts wash over me as he recalled his last year and each one was tainted with sadness. It was like he wasn't really there. He moved, went to school, hanged with the other Named, but his smiles were never genuine. It was all a half done show. "Please don't."

It was too much too bare. I couldn't bear to see him like that. His pain was too much, and I had never felt anything. I never had the chance, because I had been dead. Why was it that he should have to go through so much pain when I did not? It seemed like that was all I ever brought to people was pain.

"Don't what?" I felt the wetness in my eyes flow over unto my cheek. He brushed them away frantically. "Rochelle? What's the matter?"

"I've caused you so much pain and I haven't suffered any."

"It's all fine now, Rochelle. You're back." We stared at each other bleakly knowing the truth behind all the lies. However I heard someone running towards us and reined back my tears.

I sat up and saw Isabel running up to tell us something. "Ethan, your Dad called and said you needed to come home." He nodded and left using his wings. "Everyone left. Arkarian says that everything is ready for you." I smiled, getting up.

"Your brother is a pain in the butt. You know that right?"

"Duh, join the club. He's been that way forever. Just be glad you don't live with him."

I laughed. "Isabel I never really did fully apologize to you on using your—"

She held up a hand to stop me. "That's old news. What matters is that you're back and we can start anew." I nodded and followed her back to the mountain. She hugged me when the door opened saying she had to go to. Sure enough Arkarian appeared out of the blue to tell her goodbye.

After a very personal and long kiss they parted and he showed me to the room Isabel had come out with her sweat pants. "You can use this room."

"Are you expecting for me to sleep on the floor?" I laughed.

"No, the bed—"

"Arkarian, there is now way in heck that I am sleeping on that bed."

"Why on earth not?" I raised an eyebrow at him wondering if he was really that clueless. After a minute I sighed and leaned a little closer.

"That's the room Isabel disappeared in to get her sweat pants, and I'm pretty sure that you two were not sleeping in there." I got the satisfaction of making him blush ever so slightly.

"I have another bed but it is smaller and the room—"

"Arkarian, I'm dead. D-E-A-D, dead. I don't need hospitality, just somewhere to crash while we get things sorted out. You won't even know I'm here. You can have this room. I'll take the smaller one." He frowned at me. I sighed, "Arkarian, we don't even know how long this is going to last. For all we know I can be dead again tomorrow."

He nodded, letting out a heavy breath, and led the way. We passed down hallways and rooms that I didn't even know existed. He pointed out rooms like the kitchen, bathroom and other such rooms. "Jeez, does this place ever end?"

"Eventually. Anyways here's your room." It was just a plain white room with a bed but it suited me fine.

"Thanks! So you and Isabel seem to be very hot and heavy these days. Hope Matt doesn't find out."


"What? It's not like it's a well-kept secret. I think everyone knows except for Matt, and maybe Jimmy and Shaun. So when is the wedding?"

"April, hopefully." I turned around to see the most tender look on his face. I hadn't really known that they had been engaged, but I figured they weren't far off.

"Is her mother allowed to come?"

"Of course. Why wouldn't she be?"

"Let's see blue hair, purple eyes. You're not exactly the normal groom. I mean have you ever met her mother?"

"They had me over for dinner not too long ago, actually." I raised an eyebrow. "As soon walked in the door she thought of me as a 'bad boy' and was wishing Isabel would get over me." I laughed at the thought of Arkarian being a bad boy. I laughed even harder as the image of Arkarian clad in leather sitting on a Harley Davison motorcycle whisking Isabel away to a smoke filled bar drifted into my head. He glowered at me and said a quick goodnight.

I sobered myself up, holding on to my self-control with mere fingertips and climbed into the bed. I lay there forever just staring at the ceiling before I drifted to unconsciousness not knowing if I would ever open my eyes again.


I woke the next morning to the sensation that someone was in the room with me. I jumped out of the bed with one quick movement, my hand in front of me really to take hold of whoever was in the room. The man in front of me was tall and had that arrogant air about him that only an immortal could have. I only knew of four immortals that were alive and since he wasn't a girl that only left Matt and his father. "Hello Dartemis. Here to ruin more of reality?"

"Are you Rochelle?"

"Hey I asked a question first."

"Answer my question!"

"I don't think I will." I glared down the Immortal like he was a schoolmate.

"Rochelle!" I turned around to see Arkarian looking at me like I did something so preposterous.

"So you are Rochelle?"

"Nope. I'm Annemarie. Nice try though." The Immortal glared at me like I was Satan himself. I smiled brightly at him with no care in the world. I was dead anyways. Might as well annoy the heck out of him while I can. Arkarian was frantically telling me to back of in my head along with Matt who had appeared sometime while I was in the glaring match.

"There is no need to be pert."

"No need? No need!" I lost it. "Excuse me! Thanks to you I'm brought back from the dead! I can't go outside! I have to live in seclusion, and the worst of all thanks to you all that whole big mess of a battle and getting rid of the problem is brought back!"

"You're alive though."

"Like that matters! Who cares! I'm going to have to cut my hair, change my name, get contacts and change my style if I ever want to even step out of hiding. Way to go genius! Way to go! You Immortals need to learn to just bud out!"

"You are out of line!"

"No you are out of line!" I shoved him back with my hands. He came back up and was about to slap me, when Arkarian stepped between us.

"Step aside, Arkarian."

"I don't know with what manners you were taught Dartemis, but I will not have you striking a woman while you are in my chambers." (AN: and this is where everyone say "Go, Arkarian!" Sorry, back to the story)

"Yeah Punk!"

"Rochelle." I shut my mouth and stepped down from the fight. It took quite a lot to make Arkarian to get mad.

"Fine, either way I've come here to take Rochelle back to Athens with me. Come along."

"Like heck. I'll come along. First of all I'm not a dog or a child. Second I don't care who you are or how powerful you might be, I'm not going anywhere!"

"You have no place to go."

"Rochelle is more than welcome to stay with me as long as she needs." Arkarian said with the same dangerous tone in his voice that he had before when he was telling Darius that he would not strike me. It didn't sound right uttered out of his mouth.

"She could be dead within the week. It's better she comes with me. The magic has not yet solidified, and there is no telling what may happen until it does."

"We'll take our chances."

"Wait, if the magic doesn't solidify and I die again, won't Lathenia and Marduke die as well?"

"No, I'm afraid Lathenia has enough power to make sure it solidifies for both of them."

"Great." So much for an easy way out. "I'll stay here though thank you very much." Dartemis looked like he was about to bust, but Dillon came in before the Immortal could explode.

"Hey Arkarian, could I borrow…" I turned around to see his puzzled face. "Dead." He said pointing a finger at me.

"Blame them." I swept a hand towards Matt and his father, and walked out.

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