((Author's Notes: I decided to write a plotted fanfic. I mean, how many are there really that I write? Thank goodness, a non-JAT though. And complete Kurt/Lance/Kitty love triangles. Gotta love those. Shall I explain the plot? Nein. I think I'll just let you read and figure it out yourself. Can you guess who gets the girl? Oh, and to compromise, if you read and reveiw my story, I'll do the same for you. I'm a nice little furry elf, aren't I?))

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Bayville High Drama Club Presents... "Romeo & Juliet"

by N I G H T C R A W L E R

Kitty had read the play in a book a thousand times, but never really thought she could act it out. Romeo and Juliet was like the staple of Shakespeares pieces. Even when Jason, the newly elected president of the High School's Drama Club asked her to audition two weeks later, she didn't know if he should do it.

The book once again laid in her lap. She studied the words. "Try out," Jason said. "You'll want Juliet's part. We have to audition a new Romeo." She had read almost half a page when the blue furred elf appeared beside her.

"What's up, Fraulein?" He peered over he shoulder at the book. "Ah! Romeo and Juliet! 'It is the east, and Juliet is the sun,' and all that. Do you need any help?" The fuzzy one turned his glowing (literally) yellow eyes to Kitty's and smiled.

Kitty shoved him away and closed the book, holding it firmly to her chest. "No, I think I, like, have it covered Kurt. Thanks anyway." Kitty pushed off the bed, and walked out the room into the hallway, leaving Kurt alone.

Kurt sighed and bamfed out the room. Reappearing in the library, he walked over to the section where plays by Shakespeare would normally be kept, tail swishing behind. Okay, so maybe he wouldn't exactly be the best candidate for Romeo looking like that, but thanks to his image inducer, a look of European bliss could be accomplished.

The 'Crawler bamfed up to the top of the one the bookcases, and opened the book wide on his lap. He studied the words on the first page mercilfully. A silken furred three fingered hand nimbly turned to the next, the words getting harder and harder, but the sound of the whole play becoming more and more enticing.

Three hours passed without Kurt even knowing. Soon, Jean was beckoning him to dinner. "Hey, Kurt. Come on. Dinner's ready." The red head exited the room as quickly as she had come. Kurt looked down to the leather book cover.

He was going to get that part. He bamfed out the library and into his room, where he placed the book on his bed. One last glance was taken until he bamfed again, this time landing in his chair at the dinner table beside Logan.

"Its about time," Logan grumbled. Everyone else was too busy beginning their dinner to notice the presense of the 'Crawler. Kurt smiled, revealing shimmering white fangs, and raised a hand to greet Logan.

"Nice to see you too, Logan," he commented, before scooping up his fork. He'd only learned how to use a fork a few years ago. It was still kind of hard, considering they didn't make forks for three fingered furry guys. But just like with everything else, Kurt learned quickly. He had to, if he wanted to fit in.

Kitty sat across the table, talking to Rogue about the play. "Yeah. I'm like, trying out for Juliet. Too bad Jason can't to Romeo, like he did Dracula."

Rogue nodded. "You can be sure I'm not trying out for this play. I hate romance." Rogue took in a forkfull of Mashed Potatoes.

"But Rogue," Kitty said in between bites. "I thought you like, loved Shakespeare?"

Rogue took a sip of her drink and answered. "I do, but I'm not going to kiss anyone. Especially because of.. Well, you know." Kitty nodded, and the table fell silent again. It remained that way until the end of dinner.

Ororo was the next to speak after too long an akward silence. "Kitty and Kurt, its your turn to do the dishes." She smiled at them, and then left the table. Logan and the Professor had already left as well. Scoot and Jean were next. Then Evan and Rogue. Finally, only Kitty and Kurt remained at the table.

"Well, Katzchen," Kurt said, scooping up a few plates. "Let us begin." He bamfed to the kitchen, most of the plates from the table in his hand. Kitty smiled, scooped up the last of the dishes, and phased through the wall. They both unloaded into the sink. "I'll wash, if thats okay with you."

Kitty nodded. "Sure." And so they began.

Kurt ran the water over the plates after Kitty had dumped the remains of the food into the trash. "Like, gross," She would comment every now and then. "Evan didn't eat all of his mashed potatoes and he stuck all his beans in there." She handed the plate to Kurt.

"I always eat all my beans," Kurt smiled. "I think Ororo's cooking is the best."

Kitty giggled. "Yeah. Like, thank goodness she doesn't make me cook or anything. I think I'd kill the Professor!" Kurt laughed at that remark.

"Ah, come on Kitty. Your cooking can't be that bad, now can it?" He looked over his shoulder, grabbed another plate, and noticed her nod. "Well, you can cook for me anyday. I have an iron stomach."

After finishing the dumping of the plates, Kitty turned to Kurt. "I know you have an iron stomach. How else could you eat all that you eat? You always clean your plate and have seconds." Kurt smiled, and scrubbed the stains of food off a plate.

"Kitty, I think you just said three sentences without using the work, 'like.'" He handed the plate to her, and she whiped it dry and put it away.

"Okay, I can rephrase it. 'I know you have like, and iron stomach. How else could you like, eat everything that you eat? You always like, clean your plate and have like, seconds." She dried the next plate he handed her and put it away.

Kurt sighed, and continued his whiping. Kitty furrowed her eyebrow and looked to her blue companion. "Kurt, is something wrong?"

"Kitty," he sighed, handing her another plate. "Something is always wrong."

Kitty slid the plate into the stack that was forming in the cabinet. She tossed her chestnut hair back from her eyes, and continued her inquiry. "What is it? You know you can tell me anything, Kurt."

"Nein. Not today, Katzchen." He handed her the last plate, and he let the suds drain out of the sink. He leaned against the counter with a weary look in his eyes, and placed a hand on her cheek.

They stood there like that for a moment, Kurt looking into her eyes with a look of desperate anxiety before sliding his hand down her pale face and walking away.

Kitty stood there in awe, not quite sure of what just happened, plate in both hands in front of her, her pink hued lips gaping open, and the tingle of his furred fingers still lightly caressing her cheek.