It was a dark and stormy Friday night in London, UK as the Wrestlers were spending their last night, ending their WWE tour in England. Edge trembled at the sound of thunder booming in the sky. Everyone had left the locker rooms to go back to the hotel, but Adam was afraid to go outside to get to his car. Looking into the dark abyss Adam ran towards his car, jumped in and started to drive to the same hotel that all the wrestlers were staying at. Running into the lobby and stepping onto the elevator until he was at his floor. Once there, Adam ran to unlock his door when he crashed into another wrestler Matt Hardy.

"Hey man, what's going on?" Matt asked looking at Adam like he was crazy.

"Huh? Oh nothing, just can't stand thunder storms." Adam said looking nervous.

"Right," There was a long pause before Matt spoke again, "Well, good luck with that." Matt said, and went into his hotel room. Adam looking even more scared ran into his room and stood in the middle of it not knowing what to do with himself.

He tried to settle down in bed but the noise outside making it impossible. Light brightened his room before there was a loud crackle making Adam jump off his bed taking the sheets and his pillow with him. Rushing out of his room, the wrestler banged on Matt's door heavily, not caring that he would wake him up.

An angry Matt opened the door about to yell at Edge before he interrupted. "Can I sleep in your room tonight?!" Adam blurted out.

"What? Why?" Matt said rubbing his eyes after taking in the emotions going through the "tough" WWE superstar.

"I told you, I'm scared of thunder storms." Edge said looking around as the lights flickered.

Sighing Matt moved aside letting the manly wrestler in his room. "You sleep on the floor."

Nodding, Adam placed his blankets and pillow on the nicely carpeted ground, settling in to his new surroundings with a smile on his face.

Matt awoke a few hours later to the feel of warm arms around his waist and a solid warm chest against his back. Eyes flying open, Matt turned around and saw Adam give an uneasy smile. Ripping himself from Adam's grasp Matt yells.

"What the hell are you doing?" his North Carolina accent booming within the room. "I thought I told you to sleep on the floor?!"

Edge looking guilty looked down at the bed, a thread catching his attention. "You did, but then the thunder wouldn't stop and I forgot my bear in my room so I was scared and needed something to cuddle with."

"Of course it had to be me right?! I can't believe you –'' Matt cut himself off realizing what Adam had just said. "Wait, you cuddle with a stuffed bear?"

"Yes! I told you I am scared. Just come back to bed, I won't try anything I swear, I just need a bit of comforting." Adam held up his hand gesturing for Matt to come back.

Matt narrowed his eyes at Adam. "Adam, get back on that floor or so help me god I will be the last person you see!"

Adam climbed down from the bed and back to where he used to lay while Matt did the same.

The thunder and lightning were getting worse by the minute. It wouldn't have bothered Matt at all but the Rated R Superstar would not go to sleep! He kept on crying and whimpering whenever the thunder stuck or the lightning brightened the room. Sighing, Matt could feel himself giving in; he just needed some peace and quiet so he could go to sleep.

"Adam, if you come up here will you please stop crying?" Matt asked.

"Uh huh." Sniffed Edge.

"Get in here then," Matt lifted his covers as a smiling Adam snuggled into his back finally drifting off into a deep slumber. "Some wrestler you are."

Thee End