Code Geass: Lelouch The Black Flash

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Watch, as Lelouch becomes the ultimate knightmare pilot,

Watch as his horrid past is revealed,

Watch as his rebellion, no, his glorious Revolution rise!

Watch as he becomes the most feared and admired man in the world!

Lelouch will be very strong in this story. This will be sort of like a LelouchxCCxKallenxHarem. This is totally AU (Alternate Universe) and things will happen really differently from the Canon. Lelouch will still be the smart ass he is, but more cold blooded and capable. No longer will Lelouch be taken by his weak physique, for after years of living with top, professional, elite mercenaries, he will be extremely powerful on or off the battle field. Lelouch will have 3 Geass' instead of just one. His geass' are "Absolute Obedience", "Absolute Binding", and "Absolute Evolution". His two other geass is for you to find out. Now watch, as the name Lelouch vi Britannia, becomes etched in history. This is a very bloody and cruel fanfic, it shows thing that happen in the real world, and Lelouch's past will leave you disgusted and traumatized.

Note: He will gain more geass throughout the story.

Prologue: Birth of the Black Flash

March 15, 2006 A.T.B

Lelouch vi Britannia, Eleventh Prince of the Holy Empire of Britannnia and seventeenth heir to the throne watched as his mother, the late Imperial Consort Marianne Ashford due battle with the Knight of One Bismarck Waldstein. This was the first that Lelouch has seen his mother pilot a nightmare. The way that she moved was so fast, it was like he was staring at a flash. His mother and the Knight of One were going at it back and forth, both sides leaving no room open and attacking relentlessly. Lelouch analyzed every one of their move that they made and etched it into his memory. He watched as Bismarck came from behind and thrust his sword forward, but Marianne was too quick for him. Her knightmare shifted downward, and did a 270 degree turn while keeping her nightmare's right foot on the ground. Bismarck was caught off guard. He had thought that he had a clear shot, but clearly it was a trap to lure him in. Somehow the Empress dodged his thrust and was now at his side.

The Empress took no hesitation as she pulled back her knightmare's arm and struck the side of Bismarck's experimental 5th generation frame. Bismarck though took the hit deliberately the force pushing his knightmare to a 180 degree turn and blind sided the Empress's prototype Ganymede. Bismarck then closed in for a good solid hit that would take down the Ganymede, but to his surprise Marianne pulled off something that should've been impossible with a prototype frame that was merely a 2nd or 3rd generation frame.

Once she took the hit she knew that Bismarck would close in for the finishing blow, but then she remembered something her little niece said to her. 'Daddy said that no flippies auntie! He said that he be mad if you do that again hehehe!' She had somehow found herself laughing at that thought, but then if she took the hit the Ganymede would be in worse condition, so she took the risk and did a flip. The flip took Bismarck off guard as she landed awfully graceful for a 100 ton machinery. As she landed behind Bismarck she did leg sweep on him only for him to copy her and black flip over her. Though Bismarck as the aggressive type grabbed her knightmare's shoulder while still in mid-air and took her down, but before he could react, the Ganymede did something that was utterly impossible.

The Empress couldn't help laughing of the thought of doing the impossible, as she did a flare with her Ganymede to get Sutherland off of her. Everyone who was witnessing the battle, including the creator of Ganymede and scientists had eyes the size of plates at the impossible feat Marianne pulled off with the Ganymede. Some of the scientists were arguing how that was against the laws of physics for a machine to do that kind of stunt which it was not meant for. Bismarck himself was utterly shocked that the feat she pulled off.

Marianne couldn't help but laugh even harder when every one paused to take in what she just pulled off. Even her husband Charles zi Britannia was wide eyed at what she did, but most of all, the look on her brother's face was just priceless. After he told his daughter to tell her not to pull off any tricks she still did it. The Ganymede stood there for a couple of seconds because Bismarck had not yet taken in the information of what she just pulled off. So she took it upon herself to awaken the knight from his conscious slumber.

"Bismarck, Ooohhhh Bisssmaarrccckkk, if you're not attacking then I am" she declared over her open line.

"Ah…forgive me your highness, t-that move you just did was pretty hard to take in, sorry about that. I'll get right back onto business then your highness" said Waldstein.

"Yes, let's go at it again! Hehehe!" laughed the Empress.

As soon as they both got into their positions they immediately started to attack eachother. Both sides were on a stalemate. When one was trying to attack the other would only counter. Bismarck did a leg sweep only in having the empress do another flip and spinning her knightmare on one foot and kicking the Sutherland twice. Again the people were shock to see such maneuverability from such a heavy machine. She was laughing still as they did combat.

Bismarck backed up and then prepared for another strike. When he came in the Empress shot out an arm and scrapped the head of the Sutherland. Bismarck took this chance and elbowed the Ganymede's chest sending it skidding for a few yards. Not letting up on the attack Bismarck closed in and spun with his knightmare and did a roundhouse kick with the Sutherland's landspinners aiming for her knightmare's head. She knew that she couldn't doge it so she did the only thing that she could've done; she punched the foot of the attacking knightmare. Though this cost her Ganymede's hand it didn't cost her the battle, and now the enemy was slower than her. Bismarck couldn't believe what she just did, to react that fast was almost impossible. Before he could defend the Ganymede tackled his Sutherland away.

Then the Empress began to circle around Bismarck like a predator hunting its prey. Bismarck knew that even if she didn't have a hand to attack with she still had the speed to over power him. He knew that power was nothing if you didn't have the speed to use it effectively. So he did the only thing that could help him out this time. The seal on his left eye released and his geass activated. The emperor himself could sense the sudden change in Bismarck's tactic to the one he always used when his geass was active.

The empress saw an opening and rushed in for the kill. What happened next was something next to impossible. The Sutherland did a flip and came down with a hard kick to the Ganymede's arm with no hand blowing it away. The Empress did not stop and sulk at the lost of an arm, she kept moving. That was the only thing she could do keep moving and think up of a plan. Though before she could come up with a plan Bismarck and already started to rush her. He threw one punch at her right making her black with Ganymede's working arm damaging it a bit. This time he did another round house kick with his other working landspinner. This time she bent down and after the leg passed over head she skillfully grabbed the leg and crushed it with Ganymede's hand. She didn't stop there though, she then continued to throw him at the wall which he landed into damaging his frame a little.

She did the smart thing and kept her distance watching and thinking that the same time. After a few seconds the Sutherland got up and started to run towards the Ganymede. He looked at the Ganymede with awe he couldn't believe what had just happened. He couldn't see any of the movements until it was too late. Just as Bismarck was about to attack he saw the future after image of the Ganymede moved its arm behind it as if preparing to strike. The empress hoped that her trick would work because if it didn't this match would end right here.

When he was within range she charged at him going at incredible speeds for a knightmare frame. The Knight of One saw the hit coming and dodged, but dodging left her out of his sight. Thus this allowed her to counter attack as she spun around as fast as she could and launched the arm that she had picked up from the ground at Bismarck's Sutherland. Bismarck not being able to see her anymore couldn't see her movements and was hit by her knightmare's arm resulting in his nightmare's arm being blown off. He couldn't believe his own eyes. Someone was actually fighting him on equal grounds with him with his geass on. Not even the "Fallen Knight of One" was able to move and react like the Empress.

The Empress herself was having a hard time herself even after learning from the Knight of Eleven whose skilled was rumored to be better than that of the "Fallen Knight of One". 'So this was how he defeated the Fallen Knight of One, to think that I actually got some damage on him. Then again, if it wasn't for me and Charles he never would've defeated the Fallen Knight of One' thought the empress.

"Your Highness your skills with a knightmare are that of a Rounds! May I ask who was that taught you how to pilot a knightmare frame?" Bismarck asked.

"Truly sorry Bismarck, but he made me promised that if I stopped pestering him and never mention his name he would teach me how to pilot a knightmare hehehe" she said giggling.

"My, my, he sure does like to stay secretive doesn't he?"

"Ahhh…but everyone likes to have "some" secrets don't they?" she replied back in her carefree tone.

"I guess your right, now come, let's finish this in one last blow!" he shouted.

"I couldn't agree with you more" she replied

Finally they were ready to end this match with one last move. Bismarck's Sutherland slowly bent down on one knee awaiting the attack of the empress's Ganymede. Marianne didn't know what he was planning she took off in her knightmare towards the Sutherland with incredible speed. Bismarck waited for her to get close enough for her to strike at him. Marianne then flipped over him and landed with even more grace and speed than before, made a 270 degree turn and struck at Bismarck. Everyone thought that that was the end for the Knight of One, but were they wrong. Marianne knew that she landed the hit, but what did she hit. She noticed that what she hit was none other than the Sutherlands broken arm. She tried to pull back, but it was too late. As she backed up the Knight of One tripped the Ganymede making the frame fall on its back due to instability. Then the Knight of One pushed off the ground and elbow dropped the Ganymede crushing its right arm with the Sutherland's body and destroying the Ganymede's head with the elbow.

Everyone watched as one of the greatest battle between knightmares ended. "That was one hell of a battle and a good one at that" replied one of the nobles. "Incredible! Those two pulled of moves that should've been impossible with knightmares! This battle has given us much more data and capabilities of knightmares!" "Hey someone, go and help out the Knight of One and the Empress!" "Yes Sir" said a group of soldiers.

Lelouch was so excited that his fists themselves were shaking just from witnessing the battle that had just finished. Now he had to pilot a knightmare. For some reason he felt like he needed to pilot a knightmare as if something was telling him that he was meant to pilot a knightmare. He just didn't know why, but he just had to pilot a knightmare. During the battle he had etched every move that they used into his memory, even now he could still remember every move, every detail.

When the royal guards had helped his mother and the Knight of One out he immediately ran to her.

"Mother, mother! That was just so COOL! Mother, can you teach me? Can you teach me how to pilot a knightmare?" Lelouch asked his mother with enthusiasm in his eyes burning like the sun. "Now darling, why would you, a prince have need of piloting a knightmare for?" his mother asked him smiling her angelic innocent smile. "But, but, I-I…I don't know, I just feel like I have to pilot a knightmare!" said the young prince while looking into his hands. "I'm sorry Lelouch but mama can't teach you, why don't you go ask the Knight of One?" she pointed towards Bismarck Waldstein.

So as he was told he ran over to the Knight of One, Bismarck Waldstein. The Knight of One gave a questioningly look at the boy running towards him. He glanced up at Marianne and saw her nodding. Oh, boy he knew this was going to hurt the little boy's heart. "Mister, ummm…mister Knight of One, can you teach me how to pilot that knight thingy?" "Ahahahaha! I'm sorry your young highness, but I am too busy to teach you, plus royalty does not need to know how to pilot a knightmare" His response saddened Lelouch so he left the man alone and wondered around a bit.

Then came his cousin from his mother's side of the family, Jenifer Ashford. Well, they weren't first cousins, but more of 2nd 3rd or 4th cousin as he was told. "Ahhh!! Lulu! I've been looking all over for you! Why'd you run away? Huh? Wanna tell me ya?" "My…my mother won't teach how to pilot a knightmare, and the Knight of One said no…" Jenifer noticed how down just his cousin was so he told him "You know…you can always ask the other…ummm…..yea! the other Knight of Rounds!" she explained to him although she said that she didn't know them. Then Lelouch thought 'that's right, if I can get a Rounds to teach me then, I'll be even better than mother!' "Ah yes! I got the answer now! Thank you cousin, thank you!" he was so excited that he unconsciously gave her a kiss on the lips and left her running off leaving her to receive the information later that he kissed her. After taking in the information she immediately turned as red as a tomato and felt like she was floating and ran off to her dad.

Lelouch ran around looking for people that had on the same kind of clothes that Waldstein had on. He looked round and round till he finally saw him, a man that had on the same uniform as Waldstein. This man was different though. He looked much lighter and younger than Waldstein, and had weird color eyes that he's never seen before. He had an evil orange color in his eyes. The man kept his dark blonde hair in a tight ponytail. The man looked very young, younger than his mother, at least he thinks so.

"Hey mister, mister, are you a-a….ummmm…a Knight of Rounds?" The man looked at Lelouch like he was a lost child, but then after looking at his clothes he instantly recognized him as the Eleventh Prince of The Holy Britannia Empire, Lelouch vi Britannia. "Ah, yes your young highness, I am the Knight of Five, Krieg Valestra, why do you as your royal highness?" At the revelation of his identity Lelouch got even more excited. "Mister V-Valestra, c-can you teach me how to pilot a nightmare!?"

Surprised by the young prince's request he almost chocked on air "What, you do know what your asking right?" Lelouch was of course frustrated because he knew that he might get turned down again. "No need, your just going to say no like the others anyway 'sigh' man, I finally thought I could find someone to teach me how to pilot a knightmare frame"

"Ahahhh….your highness you misunderstand! I'm not saying I won't teach you your highness, I'm just saying that the training will be very stressful for you, and you're going to get dirty" he replied trying to make the young prince understand. "Is that all there is too it?" stated the unamused prince. "Is that all? What do you mean by that your highness?" the knight was surprised to hear such words from one of royalty. "If just getting dirty could make me the best knightmare pilot then I would've done that a long time ago" Krieg could clearly hear the truth in his words. "Alright then your majesty, don't say I never warned you, but first let's go meet a few of my buddies!" Lelouch was wondering why the knight would take him to see his buddies. "Knight of Five, why do we have to go met your buddies?" The Knight of Five laughed at that "Well my young lord, if Lady Luck is on your side today, then let us say that when you grow up, nothing will stand in your way" Lelouch pondered at that thought, the thought of no one being able to stop you.

After walking for several minutes they finally arrived at their destination. "My young lord, I would like to present to you my two trusted combat at arms, the Knight of Eight, Alastor Zergiez the "Man of Judgment" and the Knight of Eleven, Fumiyama Kuro "The Blade of Death". Lelouch was now wondering is Lady Luck really on his side? "Um…nice to meet the two of you" Both of them thought the same thing 'this is going to be such a pain in the ass'.

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