Code Geass: Lelouch The Black Flash

Chapter 5

First Blood

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Kallen, now on the train took in the events that had just transpired. She was in trouble, big trouble, then a voice came out of nowhere and assisted her in escaping. However, that was not what shocked her the most. The thing that shocked her the most was the skills, the overwhelming prowess of her savior. He or she, was able to take out a squad of knightmares in just in a matter of mere seconds. Even though the mysterious voice saved her, she felt fearful of her savior.

"Q-1, do you copy? ( Yea, I hear you. ) Roger that, you'll be seeing a train up ahead, that's where you're getting off, some of your comrades should already be there, and more comming."

"Hey...why are you helping us? You seem like you're good and smart enough to take on the whole army, so why are you helping a buch of rebels like us?" asked Kallen.

"Hmph, you could say that it was just a coincidence that I got involved with you guys. I mean, you and your partner did drag me into this mess."

"What do you mean by that? ( shhhhhh ) Hey, answer me goddamn it! Damn it, he's seen my face...damn him" said a frustrated Kallen.

True to his words Kallen saw a immobile train ahead of her. Skillfully she dismounted her knightmare off of the train and saw that some of her comrades were already at her destination.

"Hey look, its Kallen!" yelled out one of her comrades.

"Guy's did that voice contact you guys too?" asked Kallen as she got out of her cockpit.

"Y-yea, actually if that voice didn't come help us when it did we wouldn't be here talking to you right now" said Ohgi scratching the back of his head.

"Q-1 are you there? (Y-yea, we're all here now.) Good, that there, the train, its a present from me to you and your comrades, I do hope you find your present pleasing."

All of them turned towards the train and opened the carts on it. To everyone's surprise inside the carts were a number of Sutherlands.

"H-hey, guys, look at this, i-its a bunch of sutherlands!" yelled out one of the rebels.

They all ran to the train and found their comrade's words true. Each train cart had a number of Sutherlands that looked like they were in completely new shape. There was no scratch or sign of it ever operating. Then the voice made its presence known.

"So, does my gift satisfy you? If so then, I'll be needing your cooperation for us to get out of here alive."

Tamaki, being the loud mouth he is spoke without thinking, "Who do you think you are huh! You think we're just going to listen to a person we don't even know! For all we know you could just be another Britannian bastard who wants us all dead!"

"...are you sure you want to risk the lives of all the Japanese people in the Shinjuku Ghetto? (What!) That, thing that you stole, it belonged to Prince Clovis la Britannia. Do you think that his vengence will be casted upon only your rebel group? I think not, just look at the sheer amount of man power he is using to fight against all of you, a feeble bunch of rebels. (H-Hey!) It is true though, am I not right? Will you so willingly risk the lives of other Japanese because of your stubborness? Hmph, what happened to the honor and pride of the Japanese people? Are you so low as to let innocent people suffer because of your mistakes? If you are given a chance to win, wouldn't you take that chance? I've given you a chance, a chance to win against Britannia and save many innocent lives. All I ask is that you obey my command untill that battle is over. I mean I could probably escape out of here alive and leave all of you here for the massacre that will occur when you are all defeated."

At his words everyone went silent, even Tamaki. Lelouch's word had some shattering effects on them. Calling them by Japanese, and asking them where their pride and honor was. They all felt hurt at that comment. However, even though they did not trust him, his words held the truth in them. It brought them to reality, to what would happen if they did lose this battle. Not only will their group be killed, but the innocent people of the Shinjuku Ghetto would also get invovled.

"If there's anyone here who thinks they can make a miracle happen I'd like to see you try and utterly fail in the end So, will there be anyone who is willing to take that risk?"

"..." there was only a long silence, all of them knew they could not win this battle without him.

"Good, now listen well, everyone will be organized into their own seperate squads and will move and attack accordingly to my orders. All knightmare pilots, I want you all to turn off your IFF we won't be needing a double edged sword for this battle. You, Q-1, stay in your Glasgow, its more fitting for you. (B-but it's damaged...) That won't be a problem, there should be spare parts in the last train cart. (W-wow, are you psychic for something?) That is an irrevelant question, but I guess you could say that, now moving on. Listen well, don't forget your squad names, it'll be crucial since we are not using the IFF system. First, you in the Glasgow, you already know your codename, you'll be going solo since the others will just slow you down. (Y-yes) Now the rest of you..."

A Few Minutes Later

"H-hey, don't you think its wierd? (Huh? what are you talking about Zack?) The Elevens, they just suddenly stopped attacking for a while now. (Nah, you're just thinking too much Zack, we've probably already wiped those scum off the surface of the planet, hahahaha!) Jared, I'm not messing around here...don't you remember what the general said about "The calm before the storm"? (Bah, this is the Elevens we're talking about here! Come on Zack! What's a bunch of dancing monkeys compared to us?) Y-yea, I guess you're right...come on lets keep moving. (See, you're just thinking too much, just ke-BOOM-)" before the man could finish his words his Sutherland was consumed by scorching hot flames.

"Ugh...Jack! Are you there! Jack! Answer me you fucking bastard! Arrrggggghhhh! Damn Elev-BOOM-" the solder was dead before he could finish his words.

"Nicely excecuted P-3, now move you and your team to point 0323. (Roger that!) P-1 and P-2 head to point 0330, once you reach your destination contact me immediately. (Alright! Lets get moving!) R-1, P-4, P-5, head to point 0223, once there hide and wait for my orders. (Y-ea, lets go everyone!) P-6, P-7, P-8, I want all of you to head to point 0253. (Sir!) R-1, K-2 head to point 0233, K-1, B-1, B-2 go to point 0303. Q-1 I wat you to head to point 0200 and intercept the enemy forces. (W-what! There's a whole bunch of enemies there!) Yes, but they're attacking Japanese civillians. (What! Those fucking bastards!) Calm down Q-1, listen closely, just get in there and cause some chaos. You don't need to take out all of them, just some. (W-what?) Listen, your mission is to be bait. If you do things correctly, there shouldn't be any casualties on our side. (B-bu...yes, I understand! Q-1 heading out!) Good, everyone stay alert, if you don't I can't gurantee you'll make it out of here alive."

"Hmmm...this is good. If all goes to plan, I might turn out better than I expected." said Lelouch with a mischevous grin on his face as he watched the enemy move about on his radar.

After a few minutes his radio was buzzing with life. Lelouch smiled an evil smile on his face, "Hmph, let the game begin"

"HQ! its any enemy Glasgow, the pi-ssssssssshhhhhhhh"

"Shit! HQ, requesting back up, we can't ha-ssshhhh"

"Damn it, Brad! Fucking Eleve-sssshhhh"

"Squad 5, this is HQ, Alpha Pure is heading your way."

"Shit! He's escaping! After him!"

As Lelouch listened to the radio waves his evil smile grew and grew, "Nice job Q-1 keep them on your tail and head to point 0223. (Yea, I'm heading there right now.) Oh yes, don't try to lose em. (Ugh, it's harder than you think you know!) Ah, and here I thought I could depend on Japanese people, guess they really are useless like everyone say they are. (Ugh...Arrghhh! Fine you fucking bastard!) Hmph, now that's the spirit. Now then, R-1, P-4, P-5, are your teams ready? (Yea, we're ready whenever you are!) Good, Q-1 should be popping up any moment now near your position. Do not shoot untill they get close to your position you got that? (Yes sir!) Hmph, I wonder...which way the enemy'll try to escape through? P-6, P-7, P-8 be on alert, you might get some action pretty soon! (Yes sir!)"

point 0223

Kallen's cursed as a few shots from her pursuers grazed her knightmare's arm. "Damn Britannians! All they ever do is shoot! I'd like to see them fight me one on one! (Hmph, I love fighting with no firearms, but this is modernized warfare, thinking that way will get you killed Q-1.) Easy for you to say...well, I'll be reaching my destination in a few seconds. (That's good, after you pass it leave your current enemies and go lure some lost soldiers at point 0235 towards point 0253 you got me?) Ugh, your so bossy you know that. (And you complain a lot.) Ugh-how dare y-urgghhh!"

In her rage she quickly spun her knightmare around and launched one of slash harkens at the enemy. The enemy soldier wasn't expecting for Kallen to counterattack, thus he could not react in time and his knightmare combusted.

"Alright everyone, here comes Kallen and the enemies. Remember what the voice said, don't shoot untill their close and follow his attack plans! (Yes sir!)"

Below, Kallen's glasgow sped pass point 0223 and turned at the corner and went towards her new destination as instructed by Lelouch. The Britannians following her did not pass through so easily. As one of the soldier passed by a pair of slash harkens came flying out of the surrounding buildings. The whole group of Britannians stopped in their tracks and looked for the enemy.

"Shit! It's a trap, everyone fall back now!" said the commanding officer of the Britannian squad.

However, the ambush was already sprung. Three rockets came flying at them from behind which took out one of their knightmares and tearing down one of the ruined buidlings, trapping them.

"Damn it! Our retreat's been cut off! We gotta move forward out of the ambush area!"

One of the sutherlands attempted to escape by rushing forward, but it was shot by another sutherland comming out of the corner where Kallen turned.

"Return fire!" commanded the squad leader.

Before they could return fire though, another knightmare came through the wall of the ruined buidling and attacked one of the Britannian Sutherlands destroying it. All of the Britannian Sutherlands turned towards the explosion and was preparing to fire, but another knightmare came crashing through the building behind them. Taken by surprise the squad leader was easily taken out, leaving the Britannian squad to be easily picked off.

"R-1 here, the enemy squad has been destroyed, no casualties on our side. (That's very good to hear now you'll all be splitting up, here's the plan...)"

Britannian G-1 Base

"Goddam! What the hell's going on out there! We're losing squads and platoons left and right!" yelled out one of the commanders.

"Sir, the enemy's tapping into our IFF system!"

"Then change it! (Sir, this is the seventh time already!) What! What the hell's going on!"

"Bartely! What are you and your men doing out there!" commanded Prince Clovis La Britannia.

"Sire, we are trying as hard as we can, but the enemy seems to know our every move!"

Prince Clovis stormed down the stairs in the bridge area of the G-1 Base and marched towards Bartley "Bartley! We have to retrieve it! If we don't I could be disowned!" yelled out Clovis.

"B-b-but your highness, there is nothing we can do at the moment! If we rush in blindy against this enemy we could endanger our soldiers!" replied a nervous Bartley.

"What matters more! Me, a royal family member or mere commoners! Here, let me see whats going on!" said Clovis as he headed towards the projected map of the Shinjuku Ghetto.

"You see here! This whole area is the only area where we see enemy activities! I want all units to head towards that area and annhilate the enemy! (B-but sire! We co-) Are you trying to disobey me Bartley! Are you going to defy a member of the Royal Britannian Family! (Ugh-no sire as you wish, You all heard his highness!)"

Lelouch was inside the top room of the tallest building within the area of his forces monitoring the Britnnian forces responding to his attacks. He was actually bored as he slowly twirled his bangs with his index finger. There was nothing to do, whoever the commander was, he wasn't putting up a good fight. Things were too easy taking the fun out of the defeating the enemy. "Seriously, what has become of Britannia today? They aren't even putting up a fight...and I haven't even gotten serious yet...-sigh- God this is so boring just sitting here." said Lelouch as he yawned.

Then his radio went buzzing with activities, both from the Britannian forces and the rebel forces alike.

"This is Alpha Two, to HQ we've encountered enemy resistance at point 0223 moving in."

"Shit! R-1 here, we've got enemy activities at point 0223 over."

"Woot! I got a whole batallion walking towards their death over here!"

"K-1 to Black King, we've encountered a platoon of Britannians, 5 knightmares, 3 tanks, and around 15 foot mobiles, engaging enemy forces."

Lelouch looked at his map and noticed that the Britannian forces had changed their tactics, "Now what are they up to? Do they seriously think they can beat me with just sheer numbers alone? Hahaha, Britannia has really fallen."

"This is Black King to all units! Fall back and retreat to the rendezvous point!"

"What! You can't be serious!"

"Tamaki shut up! You heard the man!"

"Shut up Kallen! Or should I call you Q-1!

"I'd hate to interrupt this lover's quarrel you two are having, but if you don't want to die, then I'd suggest the both of you retreat to the rendezvous point."

"S-shut up you, or whoever you are!" yelled out both in unison.

Lelouch looked back towards has map again and smiled an evil smile. Things were just going too easy for him at the moment. The enemy commander was stupid enough to just send his soldiers in without thinking about the consequences. Either the commander was really confident about his soldiers or he was just a fool, Lelouch was inclined to believe in the latter.

"Um...come in, this is Q-1, everyones at the rendezvous point, awaiting your go."

"Good, continue one with the plan and make sure everyone gets out of there quick, I don't want anyone to die because of stupidity."

Lelouch waited patiently for the wonderful surprise he had in store for the Britannian army to spring. He smiled maliciously as he watched the Britannian inch ever closer towards the trap, and then finally all hell broke loose. Suddenly on the map appeared a red circle around the positions of the enemy near the rendezvous point and the circle began to expand. As he expected his radio went abuzz with life.

"Ahh HQ! Its a trap! Pu-shhhhhhhhhh"

"Come in Alpha Two, what's your status!"

"Argghh what the hell is going on! The ground, its-shhhhhhhhhh"

"Bravo Two! Come in Bravo Two!"

"HQ, what is going on ov-shhhhhh"

"HQ! We've lost contact with Bravo Thr-shhhhhh"

The radio continued to buzz as Lelouch began to laugh, "Hmphmhmhmhmhahahahahahaha! The fools! Hahahahaha! I didn't think they would actually be dumb enough to fall for that! Hahahaha! I can do this! I can do it! Britannia will fall!"

G-1 Base

Everyone inside the bridge area was too shocked to comprehend what was going on. Left and right they were recieveing the cries and panic of their soldiers on the battlefield. The radio was on a constant buzz as shouts and panicked voices came through the radio before being lost in a sea of static. On their maps their troops were disappearing one after another.

Clovis felt a cold chill down his spine as he began to get nervous, "W-what the hell's going on out there! I-i-i-its like, it's like they knew what I was doing! Bartley! Kill them all! I don't care if you have to level the whole city! All evidence of "IT" must be retrieved or destroyed! Do you hear me Bartley!" screamed out Clovis clearly not liking the situation.

Bartley clearly not liking the situation the prince had gotten them into, "B-but your highness, most of our forces are either lost or unable to take action! We could call for reinforcements from the mainland your highness" suggested Bartley. However that would be his mistake.

"Are you a fool Bartley! If we called in for reinforcements they'll know what I was doing! I'll be disowned you fat pig!" sceamed out Clovis in panic.

Before Bartley could reply however, on their screen the face of a man showed up. He was slim man with white skin and silverish blue hair and glasses. The oddest thing about him was his overly huge smile. "Hahahaha why hello there your highness, it seems you are having some trouble! If you'd just allowed me to send in my wonderful Lancelot in then you'd have no worries!"

Bartley was enraged since the man on the screen could not contemplate the situation they were in as of the moment, "Lloyd don't you understand the situation that we are in! How can you be treating it as if it was some joke!" more words would've came, but he was silenced by Clovis.

Bartley turned to look at his master in confusion. Clovis was staring at the ground for a while before lifting his head to speak, "Are you certain your little "toy" can turn the tide of the battle?"

Lloyd ended up bursting into a fit of laughter, "Hahaha well I don't know about that since its still a prototype, but I can say one thing! Aha, It'll give you some time to regroup your remaining forces and prepare for a counter attack, but by then my beautiful Lancelot will have already gotten rid of all the pests!"

Although Clovis did not like the idea, it was valid. The man's toy could buy them some time while his men regroup, so it didn't matter wether or not the man's toy failed or succeded. "Alright then, but you better make sure your toy's worth the trouble!"

Lloyd burst out in joy as he recieved permission to send out his Lancelot into the battlefield. "You won't regret this your highness! You won't regret this one bit! Just you watch, my adorable little baby will rip those tin cans into shreds! Hurry up Cecile we finally get to play!"

"This is R-1, picking off enemy survivors"

"Ah, P-1 here, I got some Brits over here...can I take'em out?(Affirmative, but don't underestimate them) Hehe got you!"

"Hey, there's a white knightmare apporaching us"

Lelouch quirked his eyebrows 'A white knightmare? I've never heard of such a could be a custom frame...' thought Lelouch. "Do not engage the enemy you hear? Engage it only if the enemy attacks you hear me?(Yea we hear you)"

"Shit! It-shhhhhhh"

"K-1...K-1 are you there? K-1!" Lelouch was not liking the situation at hand. The "irregular" wasn't using an IFF system so he couldn't tell where the enemy was.

"Hey...somethings appo-sshhhhhhh"

"Shit I lost contact with Ama-sshhhhhh"

"Toga! Toga! Shit he's comm-shhhhhh"

"Shinji! Die you fucking Br-shhhhhh"

"...He's too powerful, th-shhhhh"

"I see him, he's comming closer to me...I'll take him out...or die trying, Q-1 heading in!"

Lelouch was kind of excited, as things were finally getting serious. Whoever the enemy was, they were either quite skilled, or just lucky. It didn't matter to him, either way, the enemy would fall to his hands, personally if he had to. Quickly he activated his knightmares main systems and started off towards Kallen's position.

"Die you fucking Britannian!" screamed out Kallen as she rushed the white machine with her Glasgow.

The Glasgow's fist came utterly close to hitting before the white knightmare side stepped and countered with its own punch. Before the punch could land Kallen utilized the Glasgow's elbow to parry and attack at the same time scratching the chest area of the white machine. The pilot inside was quite surprised at the skills of the pilot within the Glasgow.

"I see that you are quite skilled my fellow countrymen, but I don't want to fight you...will you please stand down? I could easily hurt you in the Lancelot" said the pilot through the knightmare.

Kallen was shocked, "Y-you! You dare mock us! Die!" shouted Kallen in extreme rage as she rushed the white knightmare again.

"Then do not blame me if you get hurt!" shouted the pilot as he too rushed Kallen.

Both knightmares slammed into eachother shoving for the upperhand. Kallen thinking on her feet let her knightmare fallback, pulling and kicking her enemy off her Glasgow. The pilot inside the Lancelot was quite surprised, but quickly shook it off and landed his knightmare on its feet. Kallen rushed the Lancelot again by aiming the knee of her Glasgow towards the knightmare before her, trying to imitate the attack Lelouch had launched earlier.

Kallen smirked, but frowned when the Lancelot side stepped out of the way with extreme ease. Angered, she sent the back of her landspinner towards the head only to have it grabbed and throwing her and her knightmare towards a ruined building, breaking the birttle walls. The Lancelot turned around, the pilot thinking that Kallen and her knightmare were down for good. It stopped however when the pilot heard rubble shifting turning around only to have a robotic fist comming towards his screen.

Sparks flew about as metal met metal with a loud clashing of metal. If the Lancelot had been and ordinary knightmare, it would've been a lethal hit. The fist of Glasglow collapsed against the head of the Lancelot as it made contanct. Kallen's eyes widened in shock as the pilot took advantage of the situation and kicked the Glasgow away.

Both were now facing eachother, the Lancelot in perfect condition, with a couple of large scratches on the chest and head area, though the head area had a noticeable dent. The red glasgow on the other hand, had several scratches all over its exterior and a destroyed right hand. Both machines hunched over and in a flash, were once again engaging eachother in close quarter combat.

Kallen's red Glasgow came flying with another punch. Lancelot leaned out a bit and let the fist push it outwards, barely taking anydamage and sent the back of its fist to the red Glasgow's head. Kallen predicted that kind off attack and used her Glasgow's only available hand, the right hand, to defend. The broken fist of the Glasgow and the fist of the Lancelot collided. There was a small explosion as the Glasgow's hand went up in flames.

The explosion caused a bit of damage to the Lancelot's hand and could've collapsed if the Lancelot had not shot its slash harken towards the Glasgow. Kallen was barely able to react to the attack as she moved out of the way to avoid taking a serious blow. That didn't mean that she didn't take any damge though. Her Glagow again had lost its right arm. However, her enemy did not let her rest as the Lancelot rushed forward with vicioius strikes. Kallen was able to dodge for a good few seconds but without the use of her other arm she could not parry away the other strikes. Soon her knightmare sustained too much damage to effectively doge or even block the incomming attacks.

Kallen cursed under her breath as her Glasgow began to slow, 'Damn it, I was already at a disadvantage because of my knightmare, and now its begun to malfunction! Damn it! If only I had a knightmare with higher specs!'

The pilot noticed that Kallen was slightly distracted and took his chance to strike her. Kallen brought out of her thoughts by the enemy attack, cursed as she spun her knightmare around so that instead of the chest area getting hit it, it was the left arm. A small explosion went off between them as the Glasgow's other arm burst into flames. Kallen cursed under her breath for her stupidity. Now she couldn't retaliate as she wasn't used to utilizing the knightmare's legs for combat.

She looked at her opponent before her, she didn't even stand a chance against that thing, it's specs were too high and the pilot was just as skilled as she was. Again the Lancelot lowered into it's stance preparing for another assault at her obsolete knightmare. She too lowered her knightmare into it's own stance and prepared to attack. As one of the buildings far off in the distance collapsed both rushed at eachother. While in motion, the white knightmare shot out its slash harken surprising Kallen.

The harken wasn't aimed at her, but in front of her, causing enough damage to the road for her knightmare to stumble a bit. As the Glasgow lost its balance the Lancelot shot forward with even more speed than before. It appeared before the Glasgow with one arm reared back for a final attaack. Kallen quickly thinking brought up the leg of her knightmare kicking the fist away before it made contact with her, however the pilot of the Lancelot countered by gathering momentum with a spin before unleashing a powerful kick to the chest of the Glasgow sending it crashing into yet another building.

As quickly as Kallen could she flipped her knightmare while still flying towards the building so that when she crashed she would be able to get out of the rubble with ease. Once the Glasgow disappeared under the rubble, once again the Lancelot turned away from its enemy. Once more was that a mistake as he Glasgow shot out one of its slash harkens toward the Lancelot, but it esily dodged the attack as its head followed the harken as it lodged iteself into a building that was still rather sturdy. The pilot turned his visual towards where the attack came from to only gasp in shock as the red Glasgow came at him at extreme speeds.

Kallen had done the same thing Lelouch did, she utilized her slash harken to pull herself towards her enemy. Her knightmare landed a right knee that damaged one of Lancelot's factspehere. She proceeded with another kick which was blocked by the Lancelot, with trouble she noted. The Lancelot tried to counter by using his free arm to attack the Glasgow's opening, but didn't expect Kallen to retract the slash harken still embeded into the wall. The slash harken, at blinding speed came back and hit the arm of the Lancelot damaging its arm and haulting its attack. As the Lancelot stumbled back a bit she used her chance to strike as her knightmare spun the clockwise with its landspinners aiming at the Lancelot's torso.

Before she could hit the Lancelot shifted it's body and used its right hand to hold the landspinners causing damage to its own hand and used its left forearm to block. When metal clashed the Lancelots armor around its forearm collapsed under the force of the kick. Kallen's landspinners were destroyed, but she didn't curse as the Lancelot's right hand took major damage by blocking the landspinner, which was now just scrap. She didn't get to celebrate as the Lancelot grabbed the leg of her Glasgow and flung her overhead into the ground. The Glasgow was like a rock skipping on water except instead of water it was asphalt and instead of splashes there was sparks. It took a few seconds before the knightmare came to a stop with a long skid leaving behind it a trail of sparks. The pilot of Lancelot this time, didn't trun away from the fallen Glasgow, instead it slowly walked towards it preparing for the finishing blow.

Inside the Glasgow's cockpit, it was a dark red color as Kallen could see many warning signs popping up on her screen. Apparently because the glasgow was slammed into the ground so hard and being used as a skipping stone on asphalt had damaged her ejection system. She couldn't eject from the knightmare anymore, it meant if the Glasgow was going to go 'kaboom' she too would go along with it. She sighed as her monitor showed the visual of the white knightmare slowly walking towards her. Kallen cursed under her breath that she would die so pathetically. She closed her eyes as she thought back to all her happy memories. Memories of her family, her mother, her brother, and last but not least, that "boy". The boy that had saved her life, the boy, whose face she would engrave forever into her heart and memory.


Ten year old Kallen was holding the hand of her older and beautiful cousin as they were walking along the sidewalks of a small city in the outskirts of Itsukushima. The reason why she was there at that time was because she was spending time with the Japanese side of her family for a month. So her cousin, was teaching Kallen, who was part of a Britannian noble family, how commoners lived like.

Kallen was just enjoying her time being with the Japanese side of her family. She was happy with them. Their home was always filled with warmth and love that she would always remember, unlike her Britannian side of the family. Her home didn't have as much warmth or love. Sure her family was quite nice, but it was her Britannian relatives.

It was always so cold when her Britannian "family" were together. Sure there was laughter, but it felt more like a forced laughter. When she asked her father why he and his "relatives" were so cold towards eachother and their prespective family. What he told her was these words, "Because, they are scum that would do anything for power. They would even come for my life, or eachothers. You are of noble birth Kallen, you must learn that for nobles, power is everything. You musn't let the word "family" fool you if you are a noble, for that "family" will rip you to shreds the instant they have a chance to get rid of competition. Kallen, "family" is a word that has meaning only to commoners."

Though Kallen wanted to doubt her father's words she couldn't help but feel that her father's words were the truth. That was why she enjoyed spending time with her Japanese relatives so much. Her mother's family were rich, and her relatives were mostly commoners just like her cousin by her side, Ayane. Also she liked that she didn't have to be so formal around them.

"Neh, neh, Ayane-nee-chan, are you going to show me all those clothers commoners wear?" said a ten year old Kallen.

"Of course Ren-chan" said the older girl as she smiled to the little girl.

"Neh, nee-chan, why do you keep calling me Ren-chan? Why not Kallen-chan or Karen-chan?" said the little girl with a pout.

"Because you see Ren-chan, us Japanese have trouble pronouncing our L's so we substitue it with R since the way we say it, it sound like an L. But, don't listen to me, I just can't pronounce my L's so insteand of making it so difficult, I shortened your name" explained the older girl.

Kallen looked at her confused, "I don't understand, its so hard to understand you Japanese" complained Kallen.

"Ara, don't forget that you're half Japanese too Ren-chan, always remember that" reminded Ayane.

"Yea, I guess your right...besides, I think being Japanese is more fun! Hehehe"

The two continued walking in the town and to the shops. Kallen really enjoyed the life of a commoner, she didn't have to worry about anything. She wished that she could stay with her Japanese family forever, however that dream was all but forever crushed.

Off in the distance, towards the direction of where she and her cousin came from, an extremely birght light went off. Everyone within the small city watched as a giant mushroom cloud came from behind the mountains. Kallen was in shock, that was near where her Japanese family lived. Still no one moved before they saw giant black dustclouds make its way towards the city like a giant mud slide. It was as if, the mass cloud of darkness was a giant ferocious beast, vent on devouring everything including the skies.

As the clouds got closer Kallen could feel rumbling, but there was no sound wat so ever comming from the explosion. That was until the shockwave hit the city. Suddenly Kallen felt extreme pressure hit her as she and her cousin were blown away by the shockwave along with the population within the city.

She woke up later hearing loud sirens going off from every direction. Specks of grey snow fell unto Kallens cheek. Kallen felt weak all over and her body ached. She brushed away the ash on her face with her small eyes and rubbed her eyes before openning them. The view before her was something she had never seen before. The sky was covered by dark clouds and some parts were glowing faint orange and red. But the weirdest thing of all was that she saw gaint airplanes in the sky, there was so much, it was more than she could count.

She tried to get up, but felt something holding her down. She sat up and looked down towards her leg and saw that unconcious form of her cousin. "Ayane-nee-chan, hey wake up...Ayane-nee-chan...wake up, someting's really wrong here...nee-chan!" she recieved no response.

"Nee-chan? Neh...wake up...y-you can't s-sleep here...uncle, uncle'll get mad at you again...nee-chan...hey...hey!...stop messing around! Nee-chan I'm scared!...wake up...please..." Kallen pleaded with all her might for her nee-chan to wake up, but she never did.

Kallen didn't understand why Ayane didn't wake up...she was too young to understand at the time. She stayed there trying to wake the older girl up, but it was of no use. Tears began to build up and leak from her blue eyes. "Ayane-nee-chan...wake up, please...wake up...I'm scared...please...I-I-I-I'm s-s-care-d-d" at this point Kallen began to cry her eyes out. She didn't understand why she was crying, but when she looked at her cousin she couldn't stop herself from crying.

She cried and cried, untill she saw a group of men in uniform making their way through the city. Kallen, at age ten, not knowing any better she ran up to the group of men with a smile, hoping they could save her cousin. That hope was shatterd in an instant as she saw them point their gun towards a group of civillians and opened fire. Her eyes widened in fear and she froze in her tracks. Her smile, her expression, turned into one of sheer terror and fear.

The man walked up to her and smiled at her before he smacked her across the face sending her to the floor. Kallen looked at the man with fear as she brought a hand up to cup her red cheek.

"Well, look what we have here...a little Japanese piece of shit! Hey Zig, come here for a minute" said soldier.

"Oh, looks like ya found somethin' interestin' Jack, how much do you think she'll sell for?" said the Zig as he eyed Kallen up and down.

"Don't know, she looks like she got potential though...I'm pretty sure if we train her up a bit...she'll sell for a hefty price don't you think? How bout we get her back to camp and train her? I'm pretty sure she'll release some stress for the guys. Then after we're done training her, we could sell her to one of the nobles for good price hehehe."

Kallen didn't understand what they meant, but she had a feeling it was something horrible. Regaining her composure, Kallen sprinted away from the two men. It was a failed attempt to run away though as her short legs wasn't able to carry her fast enough. The taller man, who had longer legs, caught up easily and used the butt of his rifle to hit Kallen.

The girl grunted with pain as she fell to the floor. Even after falling and getting a hard blow to the back of her head she tried to get away from the two soldiers. She forced her body to crawl away and she could hear the man following closely behind her. Behind him she could hear several laughters, which meant it was just him and the other guy.

She tried once again to stand up, but was unable to as the soldier stomped on her back, "You know, I wouldn't mind training her right here and now...she seems to have a lot of energy you know? Besides, I haven't had any pussy for a few months now, so why not some fresh cherry ya know what I mean?" said the man as his perverted gaze scanned her body.

She tried to get up but failed, the man was quite big, not fat, but ripped full of muscle. She didn't know why he was staring at her nor what he spoke of. Kallen didn't know what he meant by fresh cherry, after all, where would he get fresh cherries at this time? Her instincts told her to get out of there, but her body couldn't budge the weith on her.

The man put his weapon away and bent down to her level. Forcefully he flipped her over and pinned her down. She now had a good look at the man. He had tan colored skin and dark blonde hair and blue eyes. On his face were several scars that made him intiminating. However what scared her the most was the grin on his face. Tears rolled down her cheeks and he noticed as he went close to her face and sadistically licked her tear drop, and what was most horrifying was that he seemed to enjoy the taste of her tears.

Now he forcefully pinned down both her arms with one and and her legs with his knees. The man grinned at her sadistcally, "Get ready Japanese, you're about to enter heaven! Heahahahahaha!" laughed the man. His hands grabbed the front of her shirt and teared it off, exposing her still growing breast. Kallen let out as scream as the man pinched her nipple with one hand and played with her other nipple with his mouth. This lasted only a couple of minutes as the man got bored. The crowd behind them was cheering wildly for him to take her and he obliged their request. His hands went to her skirt and teared off it off with ease.

Pink panties were now in plain sight and Kallen again screamed in horror. Slowly the man played with her sex getting a reaction from Kallen as she began to panic. After all she was still young and did not understand what the man was doing to her. When he noted that she was wet enough he unzipped his pants and he took out his member now erect. Again he smiled at her sadistically, "Relax now girl, just relax and take it. Trust me, after a few times with me and the boys you'll love this kind of stuff" said the man. He impatiently ripped off her panties and positioned himself at her entrance. Kallen closed her eyes and prepared for the worse.

-BANG, BANG- Kallen felt warm, thick and liquid like substance splatter onto her face and body. When she opened her eyes the man was no longer above her, for he was by her feet, blood seeped from his stomach and chest, spilling onto the asphalt. Kallen didn't know what to feel, should she be glad that her assailant that had attempted to rape her was now dead at her feet or worried that whoever shot the man would do the same to her.

Before she could decide she heard several firearms firing and many bodies dropping. Two man came running towards her but before they could even reach her blood spurted out of both the side of their heads. Kallen watched as their bodies flew the same direction their blood went and dropped dead on the ground. She was brought out of her dazed state when her assailant grabbed her ankle and tried to pull her towards him. Kallen paniced and started to kick the man, but even when near death his grip was strong.

He glared at her still with the sadistic smile on his face, "I'll...have some...fresh cherry...before I up bi-BANG-" he was never able to finish his words as a hole made its place near his right eye, and an even bigger whole potruding out the back of his head. Kallen was too shocked to scream as even more blood soaked her. Kallen looked at the man's face and found that he still had that sadistic grin on his face, even after death. She wouldn't move for fear that her movement would spring the dead man back to life once again.

A foot then kicked the man's hand getting his dead grips off of Kallen's ankles. Kallen surprised, looked up to see who it was. What she saw was a boy, who was probably around the same age as her.

The boy had healty procelain skin that was slightly covered by ash and dirt. He had raven black hair that had a slitght tent of blood red. His hair was wild as it was long enough to wave in the small breeze but not long enough to go pass his neck. The boy's bangs went to his eyebrows which led her to his eyes. The boy had cold violet eyes, full of sadness and sorrow, yet it glowed brilliantly, as if full of life and determination. She couldn't see much of what he wore since he had on a rather large robe like vest that went down to the back of his knees. On his waist was a golden belt which was over the robe and kept it from getting in his way. She saw him unclick his belt and took his vest like robe and offered it to her. She now stared into his glowing violet eyes and he at her crystal blue eyes.

Reluctantly she took the piece cloth from the boy and wrapped it around her cold body. She could still feel his warmth on the piece of cloth. Kallen looked up at the boy and saw him staring at her with a sad face, but it turned into a smile, "Don't worry, we're not here to hurt you...come on, lets get you somewhere safe" said the boy as he extended a hand to her with his best smile. Kallen blushed but took the hand and stood up, "T-thank you...but y-you don't look Japanese" said the girl as she took his hand.

Lelouch frowned a bit before smiling again, "I'm Britannian, but don't worry, you can trust me. I wouldn't do anything to you...unless that is, your trying to kill me. Come on, we gotta move before more of those soldiers come" said Lelouch as he carried the girl away. "Wait, my cousin...she's over there! Please you've got to go get her!" screamed Kallen before they could move. "Where is she?" asked Lelouch.

"She's by that broken building over there! She has long black hair that goes pass her shoulders and, and she has on a blue dress, please you have to get her!" pleaded the girl. Lelouch looked at her before looking at one of the men with him, "Kuro, you heard the girl, over there we'll go on ahead, you'll be able to catch up won't you?" The Japanese man known as Kuro noded his head, "Hai Lelouch-sama, there's no need to worry about me. I can take care of my self" with that the Japanese man took off.

It was only a matter of minutes after they parted that did the man known as Kuro catch up to them. Lelouch noticed that Kallen was looking back at the man, well more likely it was the limp body in his arms. "Kuro, how's the girl, is she okay?" asked Lelouch. All he got from Kuro was a slight frown, "Forgive me Lelouch-sama, seems the girl as been deceased for a while now, probably around the time the bombing of the Kozuki family started" Lelouch grimiced, "I see, those fucking bastards...getting innocents invovled...have they no honor!" said Lelouch with spite in his voice.

Lelouch noticed that the girl under her arms was shaking. He looked down to see her face with an expression of fear and sadness as tears came streaming from her blue eyes which have only begun to see the horrors of war. "D-d-did you say...nee-chan is dead...a-a-and...what d-d-do you mean b-b-by bombing...of the K-K-Kozuki f-family?"

It was Kuro who responded, which surprised Lelouch, "I'm sorry, but your cousin has long left this world...and...the whole...Kozuki family...has been completely wiped out...dead" When the words hit her she couldn't take it, everything was happening so fast. First her cousin, whom she considered to be her sister died. Then she was violated by a man she did not know and almost raped. After that the news of her family, that was full of warmth, was all dead. Her little heart couldn't take the cruel beatings of reality and she let out an ear shattering cry.

Lelouch frowned as the girl began to burst out crying. Lelouch felt her sadness for he could relate to her. Doing something he wouldn't have done, he comforted the girl. He pressed her head against his chest and gripped her more tightly to solidify his embrace on her. The girl not know what he was doing retruned the embrace that was even tighter than Lelouch's and cried her eyes out into his chest, which was now soaked with tears, but that didn't bother Lelouch.

After a while did she calm down, "Why...why did they have to die? T-They didn't do anything bad...they, they always helped why...why did bad things happen to them...why?" said the girl not really asking anyone in particular.

Lelouch stared down at her, he could relate, "Because, that's how the world works...its cruel and unforgiving to those who can't bear's not fair...its never'll always have have to give up one choice for another. Sometimes...things just happen, because they happen...and sometimes, because someone made a choice."

After Lelouch's statement there was an air of silent among them. After a few minutes they finally stopped and took shelter in a ruined building. One man was ordered by the boy to look for clothes for her and the other to find ration. She was surprised that the two men who looks unbelievabley dangerous.

Kallen stared intetnly at him which he took notice to, "Is there something troubling you?" asked Lelouch. Kallen was taken back by his sudden words but responded, "W-Who are you?" asked Kallen this time in english. Lelouch quirked his eyebrows, he though she was Japanese, yet she spoke English as fluently as she spoke Japanese. "Do you really want to know? You might not like who it is that saved your life" said Lelouch.

The girl simply nodded, "Yes...I want to know who you are." Lelouch smiled at her, "Don't you think its rude to ask for someone's identity before giving your own?" Kallen widened her eyes, she had completely forgotten about that, "I-I'm Kallen Stadtfield, m-my father is a Britannian noble, and my mother is part of the main house of Kozuki. Lelouch was quite surprised, she was half a Britannian and Japanese, not just that, but both sides of her family were esteemed.

However her revelation was not as shocking as Lelouch's. "Listen well Kallen, for I shall only tell you about me once. I am a he, who was thrown into the chaos of royalty. I am he, who stirred fear into the hearts of his enemies. I am he, who became a blade for his people to only be casted aside by his own father, the emperor. I am he, who has lost everything he cherised and loved. I am he, who will destroy this cruel world created by power hungry swine. For I am Lelouch Vi Britannia, he who will destroy this world and create it anew!"

Kallen was shocked, she couldn't, no, she didn't know how to respond. The boy before her was the former Prince of Britannia that almost conquered all of the EU. He was the prince, that back in the Britannian mainland, all knew his name. His name not only reached the ears of her family, but the ears of the world. However she heard, that he was disowned for trying to kill his father, the emperor, Charles Zi Britannia. Here in front of her was a living legend, and he was all but her age.

"W-Why...why did you save're a Britannian prince, w-why would you kill Britannian soldiers?" asked a scared Kallen. Lelouch frowned at her reaction, "Because...I was the 'former' prince of Britannia, but alas I am no more a prince. For all I bear now, is hatred for my former homeland, but that is a story for another time, it seems my men are back."

After they returned Kallen was now wearing a set of new dirty clothes. Though there was some tears here and there she didn't mind, it was better than being naked. Again Lelouch scooped up the girl in his arms, against her protest and proceeded towards the mountains. Along the way they passed through what was a massacre. Buildings all over, ash falling like snow and fire, coloring the black sky a bright red. The area smelled of flames, blood, and most of all, reeked of death. Kallen closed her eyes and burrowed her face into Lelouch chest, not wantint to see the carnage.

Afterwards when they made it towards the mountain and gave Kallen's cousin a proper burial. Then they set off again untill they found the mountain occupied with many Japanese soldiers and civilians heading into what seemed like an underground pathway. Lelouch and his men decided that this was a good place to let Kallen off, since the Japanese army stationed here was not doing as bad as others.

"W-Wait, where are you going? I-If you go out there, y-you'll die too" said Kallen. Lelouch smiled at her, "Heh, don't worry about us. We'll just be assissting the Japanese forces a bit, don't worry we don't die so easily" said Lelouch with a smirk. The girl stared at him intently, "Promise" was all Kallen said, which surprised Lelouch and the two men.

"Make a promise...promise that you'll, you'll come back...promise me that and I'll let you go" demanded the girl as she stuck out her pinky. Lelouch smirked at her before letting out a light laugh, "Hmph, hehehe...alright. I make this promise to you, that I, Lelouch Vi Britannia, will come back alive to you" with that he locked his pinky with her's.

Right after they locked their fingers an explosion went off and both were sent flying. Luckily, Lelouch being as skilled as he was, grabbed Kallen while in the air and flipped around landing on his feet like a cat. He looked and saw black nightmares swarming into the pathway shooting and killing Japanese civilians and soldiers alike. Kallen cried under his chest again thinking they would be killed, but not on Lelouch's watch. To his back he saw that it was a captured knightmare though damaged, it was still operational. Lelouch took her along with him as they got into the cockpit.

Kallen sat on his lap and had her head buried in his neck, "Please, them...they didn't do anything wrong, please save them" pleaded the girl. Lelouch looked at back of her head seeing as she buried her face in his neck, "As you command princess" with that he swiftly took out the knightmares without causing much damage so that his partners were able to get on and assisst Lelouch in the fight. After it was over there were some dead people lying around, but not as much as it would've been had not Lelouch and his men not interfered.

Lelouch and Kallen got out of the cock pit and he let Kallen out of his arms. She looked at him and embraced him in a hug before kissing him on the lips and turned around full of embarassment. Lelouch didn't question her about the kiss, "Remember, our promise. Just because you said I can't die, doesn't mean you can die either. We both have to live on and meet again one day. Oh and few more words Kallen. When darkness takes the sky, there will always come a dawn to light it up. So for now, continue to live, no matter how hard life is, become strong so that one day, you can stop all this chaos. Untill then, both of us can't die, not untill we meet and stop all this chaos." with those words he left Kallen and got into the cockpit of a new knightmare and with that he and his two partners left.


'That's right, I can't die now, not now...I still have a promise to keep, so I can't give up here...I can still fight' thought Kallen remembering her promise. She forced her knightmare to get up and the sound of metal crying could be heard as her knightmare protested, but still, it stood. The knightmare was really battered now. It looked like even a pistol could destroy the thing now resembling scrap.

"You do not stand down even though you know you are clearly defeated. Fine, if that is your wish I shall comply" said the voice from the Lancelot.

Kallen didn't reply as she forced her knightmare into it's stance getting ready for a final attack that would either give her a lucky hit so that she could win, or it would end with her demise. The Lancelot now sped towards her at quick speeds as she prepared for the assault. However the attempt was stopped when gunfire went off. She widened her eyes and scanned the area to see who it was, and she saw the scorched behemoth from before, the knightmare the mysterious voice piloted.

"You are either, very brave or stupid, Q-1. But I must say, I admire what you are attempting to do, but sadly today is not the day you get to be the hero who died a valiant death. I will take care of this guy, go Q-1, you must live, out of everyone in your group, I'd say you're the one with the most reason to live."

Kallen scowled, "We can beat him if we work together! Plus you can't defeat this guy alone! His knightmare's too high spec for our knightmares to take him on alone. You need me, you can't possibly take him one by yourself!"

Lelouch simply smirked, "Didn't you say something similar to that earlier? And looked how that turned out?"

Kallen frowned, she did say something like that, and whoever the voice was, came back alive and the knightmare he/she was using still looked brand new exccept for the black scorch on it. "Fine then, but you better not die you hear me! You gotta come back alive!"

Lelouch was taken back, "Hmph, weird...someone uttered similar words to me long ago...heh, and why are you so concerened with a stranger?" questioned Lelouch. Kallen gasped at his remark, those words made her suspect it was 'him' even more, but didn't mention it, "You're the one to talk."

Lelouch smiled, "Yes indeed, now get out of here" commanded Lelouch. Kallen did as she was told and fled the battlefield. Lancelot tried to stop her but was stopped by Lelouch. The Lancelot tried to flip over, but that was a wrong way of thinking as Lelouch launched his knightmare into the air and used his scorched behemoth's leg to kick the Lancelot to the ground.

The pilot was so shocked he wasn't able to dodge. It seemed that he found another skilled opponent who was just as skilled as the one earlier or even more skilled. Cautiously Lancelot shifted its weight to its legs and instead of using its landspinner to take off, it lunged forward at the scorched knightmare that stood before it. Skillfully Lelouch manuvered his knightrmare out of the way and armed his stun tonfas.

The pilot inside Lancelot saw what Lelouch was doing and quickly flipped backwards to get some distance from his new enemy. Both knightmares stared eachother down. The pilot of Lancelot, a scowl on his face, and Lelouch a smile on his. Lelouch was excited, finally he could have a worthy opponent, well, at least a challenging one.

"I would like to ask you a question, why is it that you speak Japanese so fluently? I'm sure as a Britannian soldier, you wouldn't want to learn the language of those who you've enslaved? So why is it that you speak it so fluently, the language of those who you oppress? Or could it be that you are an Honorary Britannian?"

The pilot inside was shocked, not only did his enemy, who was helping out rebels able to speak fluent English, but also fluent Japanese. "Why is it that you speak English just as fluently as you speak Japanese? Could it be that you aren't a Japanese ressistance fighter, or even Japanese at all?" questioned the man.

Lelouch laughed, "Hahahaha, I'll leave it to you to decide which I am, now come on, lets get this fight started!"

With that last sententce Lelouch went on the offensive. Lancelot blocked the punch and attempted to kick the scorched Sutherland, but was stopped by its forearm. After blocking the attack, the Sutherland grabbed the white knightmare's leg and tried to slam it to the ground. Before he could slam the Lancelot into the floor, it countered by using shooting its slash harken at Lelouch's knightmare.

It was unsuccessful as the Sutherland let go of the Lancelot and rolled out of the way before launching its own slash harken at the Lancelot. The Lancelot was barely able to dodge it as it moved out of the way, but this time, the pilot was smart enough to stand clear of the retracting harken. Lelouch smirked as he saw this and used it to his advantage, retracting his knightmare's slash harken, his knightmare grabbed the cable and swung it towards the Lancelot.

The pilot's eyes widened, he never expected his enemy to attack in that kind of way. Quickly the pilot brought Lancelot's broken hand up to block the attack. He was able to successfully block the attack, however the Lancelot's whole forearm was now no longer operational. Lelouch smiled, clearly his enemy had underestimated him. Before Lelouch could continue his assault the Lancelot jumped back to get some distance from him again. Lelouch eyed the white machine carefully through the screen thinking of what to do next.

Before he could come up with any interesting ideas though, the white machine shot out its slash harken. Lelouch dodged it easily, but another came and again he dodged. Then a thrid came surprising him, usually knightmares had only two or one slash harkens. To dodge the first one Lelouch flipped his knightmare over head to only see another slash harken come his way. He smirked as he dodged and when the harken retracted Lelouch grabbed onto it letting it pull his knightmare in.

At blinding speeds Lelouch's Sutherland sent a knee at the Lacelot's other undamaged factsphere, destroying it. His enemy cursed as he was yet again caught off guard, quickly he backed away again to gain distance before firing three slash harkens at him. Again Lelouch dodged these attacks and grabbed the knightmare's harken, this time though, Lancelot shot its other harken at the Sutherland in hopes of it hitting. Sadly for him, Lelouch was much smarter and dodged the one point attack and grabbed its cable and with both of the Sutherland's hands it pulled with force causing the Lancelot to get reeled in like a fish.

The pilot couldn't think of anything to do as he came in closer to the enemy Sutherland. When he did think of something, it was too late. Lelouch used the knightmare's stun tonfas and aimed at the chest of the white knightmare. On contact there was a visible blue shock that hit the Lancelot making the machine spasm. The pilot inside the Lancelot cursed, he didn't have an ejection system, so if the Lancelot was to be defeated he would die in the explosion.

However as the tonfa began to pierce the armor, it collapsed. Lelouch cursed but continued with the attack and reared his knightmare's arm back and punched again with the same arm. As the punch connected the arm exploded not being able to hand the stress. Again Lelouch cursed as his machine failed him again. Lelouch attempted to use his other stun tonfa's but was interrupted when the Lancelot kicked him away sending his knightmare skidding on the asphalt.

Quickly, Lelouch got the knightmare back on its feet and prepared for battle. Both knightmares faced eachother again. One with a large black scorch covering most of its body and broken right arm. The other, white with a large scrtaches here and there and two damaged factspeheres with a hole in its chest, showing its interrior.

The Lancelot relaxed and fired its slash harken one after another, making sure that there was at least two or one ready to go incase Lelouch latched on or pulled the cables of its slash harkens. Lelouch began to get irritated, "So he wants to play games does he, hmph fine, I'll show whoever the pilot is, how to truly utilize a knightmare's slash harken" said Lelouch to himself.

True to his words Lelouch shot out a his left harken at the Lancelot to only have it collide with the Lancelot's own harken. Lelouch then proceeded by shoot his right harken at the Lancelot and intentionally missed, but the pilot of the Lancelot didn't know that. The pilot of Lancelot thinking that Lelouch would reel himself towards him, shot out his remaining harkens at Lelouch, but was stopped as the scorched knightmare grabbed ahold of his cable connecting to the right harken and tangled up all of the Lancelot's harkens. Lelouch smirked as he could tell the pilot panicked.

Lelouch's Sutherland then grabbed its other cable, which was not retracting and used it like a chain scythe and cut all the tangled harkens including his own. The man inside Lancelot cursed, now he couldn't resort to using long range tactics to safely win. Lelouch however, was grinning like a mad man.

The scorched Sutherland grabbed hold of the cable for it's harken and began to twirl the harken around. When the pilot of the Lancelot saw this, he gulped, his enemy just kept on surprising him. He didn't even have time to think as Lelouch brought upon a hellish barrage of attacks. The harken came to the Lancelot's right and it stepped back and was able to dodge successfully. However by dodging he left the Lancelot open for an attack which was a leg sweep.

The Lancelot flipped over and rolled back onto it's feet, but the harken flew back at it again from the right again. Having no time to react it was hit in the right arm and was pushed away. The Sutherland sent the harken flying towards the Lancelot which was kicked upwards. Lelouch used this to his advantage, since the enenmy thought that he stopped the attack. Lelouch's Sutherland then spun around and swung the slash harken towards the Lancelot at blinding speeds.

The pilot didn't expect that and moved back, but was too late as the harken embeded itself into the left side of the Lancelot's head. The Sutherland then wraped the cable around it's left arm before pulling with all its force, pulling the Lancelot in. The pilot thinking fast as the Lancelot flew forward, grabbed the harken and pulled it out of the Lancelot's head, which was now missing a left eye. It tumbled on the ground before recovering.

Lelouch, not one to disappoint swung the harken again, this time aiming for the Lancelot's leg. The harken wrapped around the Lancelot's leg before embedding itself into the shin area like a snake wrapping around its pray. Lancelot attemtped to take hold of the cable, but was unable to as Lelouch's Sutherland pulled with force tripping the Lancelot. Unable to react fast enough the pilot cursed under his breath and tried to reach the cable again. Again the pilots efforts were futile as the Lancelot was pulled again with even more force causing pressure to build up on the leg of the Lancelot, knee down.

Both pulled as much as they could and finally they heard metal cry, and then the sound of metal tearing was made. The Lancelot's leg, knee down, was torn off as sparks came flying out along with wires. The Sutherland pulled the whip-like weapon back and dopped the Lancelot's appendage on the floor, before crushing it under his knightmare's feet. There was nothing the pilot of the Lancelot could do now, since it was now unable to stand.

Lelouch smirked as he attacked again, swinging the harken towards the Lancelot again. The Lancelot narrowly blacked the attack, but sacrificed its arm in return. The pilot cursed again as Lelouch repeated the same move and pulled the harken taking the Lancelot's left arm clean off. Now the Lancelot was completely defenseless. It could no longer stand and had only one working arm which would be useless against a pilot of Lelouch's calibur. The pilot cursing forced his knightmare to get up, using the Lancelot's one knee and its right arm for balance, at least trying to put up a form of ressistance.

Leouch saw this and smirked, the enemy certainly earned his respect, even if it was small. Continuing it's assault the scorched behemoth spun around, swinging its weapon along with it, gaining great momentum. After the last spin the harken came flying towards the Lancelot, cleaving it clean in half. The cut was so clean in fact, the Lancelot did not end up blowing up, instead it upper body section fell off the lower body section, which now fell foward.

Lelouch was about to finish of the Lancelot, however before he could, there was a loud noise heard as if something was scorching through the air. Lelouch tried to dodge, but the green projectile made of pure energy, collided with the lower half of his knightmare, almost taking him in the process. Lelouch cursed as he let his guard down and protested as he turned the head of his knightmare fast enough to see a pink Sutherland on the floor with a white weapon in hand, with white smoke comming from the barrel.

He was about to take out the knightmare, but his knightmare's automatic ejection system kicked in. Lelouch portested, but nonetheless, his cockpit ejected from the knightmare and he was blasted into the ruined city.

The pilot inside the pink knightmare sighed, "Thank god, it looked like he was about to attack again, but first. Suzaku, come in, are you okay?" The pilot, Suzaku, sighed, "Y-Yes, I-I'm fine, but I'm afraid the Lancelot isn't."

True, she had seen half of the battle and saw that whoever piloted the scorched knightmare, was a monster. The pilot of the Sutherland, was able to use the Sutherland so well to the point where the Sutherland itself seemed more alive than machine. The movements made by the Sutherland was extremely close to impossible, and to utilize its slash harken as a whip/chain scythe, was completely unheard of. Whoever the pilot was, he was extremely incredible, to be able to use a simple Sutherland to defeat the Lancelot, a knightmare frame that was far more superior in every way. She gulped, the pilot was a monster, and had she not taken the Varis Rifle with her, she and Suzaku would be badly injured or porbably dead, she was inclined to believe it was the latter. She knew only two people alive that could probably pull of that feat. One was the assumed, deceased Lelouch Vi Britannia and the other was the former knight of Eleven, Fumiyama, Kuro.

The Lancelot was a mess, it's right arm, forearm down, was unoperational. It's two factsphere were damaged, beyond repair and would need to be completely replaced. The Lancelot had several large scratches on it, now revealing the color of grey metal than white. It's chest had a gapping hole in it, which revealed the Lancelot's interriors. Lower, she saw that it was cut clean in half. The lower part of the bode was also missing half a leg. Lloyd was not going to like this, they were sure that the Lancelot wouldn't get this damaged. She let out a breath of relief and headed towards the Lancelot and Suzaku.

Lelouch climbed out of the ejected cockpit and scowled a bit. He had gotten careless, and as punishment, he was defeated. Walking casually, he laughed to himself and continued onwards with a serious face now, there were things he had to do. After a few minutes of wandering around the ruined city, he spotted a knightmare. As he got closer, the pilot inside the Sutherland noticed him. Lelouch smirked as he repeated the same act he had used on Villeta.

He was now traveling back to the spot where he was taken out when he recieved a transmission from the Britannian HQ, "HQ to all units, report back to base and regroup for a counterattack. I repeat, all units are to regroup back at base and prepare to counterattack."

Lelouch smirked, oh this was going to be too easy for him. Looking at his IFF system he followed it towards his base where he dismounted and used his geass on a stray soldier. Lelouch smirked as he used his geass, "You there, give me your uniform and go hang yourself, compose a letter about how your life is a failure and that hanging yourself was the only way out" Lelouch smirked as the soldier began to take off his uniform and headed off somehwere. Laughing to himself, Lelouch quickly wore the uniform of the Britannian soldier and went towards the G-1 Base.

As he got closer one of the guards got in his way, "You there, only officers are allowed in here, turn around and head back." Lelouch looked at the two men and smiled, "You two, obey my commands!" Both soldiers tensed before relaxing and saluted Lelouch, "Yes, your highness!" He looked at them and saw the faing glowing red rims around their eyes, "Stay here and let no one else through, if someone forces their way through use lethal force. Let no one through but me you hear?" The soldiers once again saluted, "Yes your highness!" With a maniacle smile on his face he walked forward, "This is just too good to be true, hahahahaha!"

When Lelouch walked in he saw that there were many soldiers along the long hallway inside the G-1 Base. All of them seem to have on a helmet and wore the same black uniform of the Britannian soldier, exept their were pads of armor on their uniforms. One soldier walked towards him, "You, what are you doing here? Explain yourself right this instant" demanded the man.

Lelouch looked at him, activating his geass, "Move out of the way." The man tensed, and relaxed, Lelouch smiled and began to walk forward, but the man stopped him and his smile turned into a frown. "Who the hell do you think you are private?" said the man as he pushed Lelouch back. Lelouch cursed, 'Hmph, it seems I need to have eye cotact or at least have mine or their eyes, visible' thought Lelouch.

Lelouch sighed and looked at the man before bringin out his cellphone in his hand. The soldier looked at it with confusion. Lelouch gripped the cellphone and the vibration blade inside the cellphone popped out. Using it like a dagger, Lelouch slashed the throat of the soldier, causing blood to spray like mist upon the wall. One soldier tried to shoot him, but his firearm was cut in half by Lelouch's cellphone/vibration blade. The mans gasped in shock before grunting in pain as the blade was slashed across his chest, slashing both lungs. He dropped to the floor and gasped for air only to have blood leak from his mouth before dropping dead on the floor.

The other's began to panic and started to blindly fire. This caused more damage to their own as Lelouch just used one of the body of a soldier as s shield and some others were caught in the corssfire. They all stopped firing and looked if the intruder was hit or dead. They looked carefully for a few seconds before a knife flew and pierced through the head of one soldier and embeded itself in the chest of another soldier.

When the knife passed through the head of the first soldier, he fell back at the same time firing his weapon as he fell down hitting some of his own comrades. Lelouch took this chance and took two firearms off the floor and started to fire at the soldiers. The soldiers didn't know what hit them as one after another they fell onto the floor dead. Lelouch cursed as his firearms ran out of ammunition and threw them like throwing knives at his enemies.

The projectiles came at them with incredible speeds nailing both of them in the head. Qucikly Lelouch flipped over them and dislodged his vibration blade out of the dead body of the soldier and slashed one of the soldiers in the neck before stabbing the other one right through the adam's apple. Fresh red blood spayed out onto the wall and onto the soldiers and Lelouch. Both slowly fell unto their knees before hitting the floor with a loud thud.

There was now only three soldiers left. One qucily brought up his weapon to fire at Lelouch, but before he could fire, Lelouch's vibration knife pierced right through his handgurn with sparks flying about before embedding itself into the head of the soldier. The other two tried to fire, but Lelouch quickly dashed in and kicked the other one in the stomach sending him to the wall, before quickly spinning around hit the other in right between the stomach and chest cuasing the man to fly into the wall and heave for air. Quickly Lelouch did a chop to the man's adam's apple causing it to explode inside his throat as blood came streaming out of his mouth and chocked to death on his own blood. Without stopping Lelouch spun around and grabbed the soldier's face, who was trying to sneak up behind him, and slammed his head into the wall with a loud sickening crack as blood seeped down the dented metal wall. Lelouch let go of the soldier's head and his limp corpse collapsed onto the floor leaving a trail of blood on the wall.

Clovis sighed with relief as his soldiers were now beginning the counter attack. "Well done Bartley, and thank that man for me, I'm heading to my quarters" with that the prince left the bridge area and headed to his room. However as he was making his way through the many hallways of the G-1 Base he noticed that there weren't many guards in the area. He continued walking towards his room before a guard came running to him.

Panting, the soldier spoke, "Y-Your highness...the...the general...he...he requests prescence." Clovis stared at the man for while before sighing and following him towards the bridge area. After they got there, Clovis quickly headed towards his seat, well more like throne, in the area over the bridge area. "Bartely what did you want to discuss with me!" After he finished he noticed that all personel was leaving the bridge area. He slowly got up and looked at Bartley, "Bartley, what's the meaning of this? Why is everyone leaving?" Bartely did not respond and looked at him as if he was unconcious.

"Fabulous job Bartley, you may leave, oh and let no one in untill you get the signal you hear?" said Lelouch, who seemed to appear from the shadows. Bartley looked at the man and saluted, "Yes your highness!" before leaving just Lelouch and Clovis in the bridge room. Clovis was extremely confused as he stood up and roared at Bartley, who completely ignored him.

Lelouch pointed a handgun at Clovis, "Please your highness, sit down please, we have much to discuss." Clovis stumbled into his seat and stammered, "W-W-Who are you know what your pointing at me, a prince of Brit-BANG-" Clovis looked to his right and saw a hole in his seat, next to his head.

"Y-You, who are you? Who do you work for? What ever they're paying you...I-I-I'll pay double!" pleaded Clovis.

Lelouch looked at the man and smirked, "Hmph, it's been a long time, hasn't it, Clovis?" said Lelouch as he lowered his weapon and slowly took off his mask.

Clovis's expression turned into one of utter terror, " can't be...y-you...they said...y-you were dead!"

Lelouch smirked at the terrified look of Clovis, "Yes, that's what everyone thought, I mean after all, I was used as a barganning chip for Japan" said Lelouch with hate.

Clovis trembled, "P-Please, I'm sure the people of Britannia would rejoice with your return! C-Come on, it'll be like back when were still kids. You, me, Nunnaly, Euphemia, and even Cornelia!" He was about to continue with his words, but stopped when Lelouch expression turned into one of anger.

"You want me to go back to Britannia like a lost dog, after all that they have done, after all that I have lost because of Britannia! Because of them, Nunnally perished in the worst way possible! You think that I would forgive Britannia for its crimes! No, Clovis, the Britannia I fought for, the Britannia that I loved, is gone...consumed by corrupt bastards such as father...and such as you."

Clovis was about to protest, but Lelouch casted his geass upon Clovis. "Answer all of my questions, Clovis." Clovis's eyes now had red rims around them, "Yes, your highness." Lelouch smiled at his response, "Good, now tell me, what information do you have about my mother's assassination that was not released to the public." Clovis looked at him and replied, "That night, all the guards of the palace were not on duty." Lelouch eyed him carfeully, "Do you know who is it that planned the assassination of my mother?"

Clovis didn't speak for a few minutes, "Cornelia and Schneizel" was the reply he got from Clovis. Lelouch flinched at the mention of Cornelia's name before looking at Clovis and walked closer towards him, "So you're saying Cornelia and Schneizel plotted the assassination of my mother?"

Clovis slowly shook his head, "No, but I believe that they may know something behind the incident." Lelouch looked at him, "Hm...I see, at least you gave me some information that might prove useful, I am done with you Clovis."

With that, Clovis returned back to normal and his expression turned into fear, "Please Lelouch! Spare me, I never wanted you to be exiled! Please spare me Lelouch" screamed out the terrified Clovis.

Lelouch's smiled sadly, "I wish that I could Clovis" then his sad smile turned into a frown, "But to destroy this power hungry world, I must first, destroy those who crave it, that is one such as you, maybe in another life trime Clovis, maybe, we could've been good brothers, sayonara" -BANG-

Lelouch had taken pity on Clovis and instead of blasting the man through the head, he blasted him through the chest. Lelouch sighed, before he put his weapon away and walked out of the bridge area and saw Bartely and the rest of the personell in the hallway standing there silently.

"In ten minutes you will alll return back to normal and forget about me" commanded Lelouch. All personell saluted him, "Yes your highness!"

Lelouch in his Sutherland, turned off his IFF system and kept his radio open as he headed towards his escape route. As of the moment he could tell that the Japanese ressistance fighters were losing badly now without him in command, however, he found a way out for both of them. As he got closer towards the tunnel he heard a transmission go through, "HQ to all units! HQ to all units! This is an order for full retreat! I repeat, this is a full retreat! All units disobeying the order will be executed on the spot!"

Lelouch smirked to himself before bursting out into a fit of laughter, "Hmhmhmhahahahahahhahahahahaha! I can do it! The time is ripe, the first blood as been spilled! I shall crush Britannia! Hmhmhmhmhahahahahahahahaha!"

The dark clouds thundered and flashed a brief bright white before dying out with a roar. Rain, cold hard pelting rain came falling down over the Shijuku Ghetto.

The chaos that occured in the Shinjuku Ghetto, there was more to come, and what was to come, was even more chaos and destruction. For the black skies were now crying, not because Clovis died, it was crying for all the lives that would be lost in the near future.

Chaos was comming, and with it, the harbinger of death and destruction, and none would be able to stand in it's path.

-Fin -

A/N : Finally! I am finished! I know most of you are gonna flame me about Suzaku getting his ass whopped so badly even though he was in the Lancelot, but you gotta understand. Suzaku was new at piloting, and plus, the Lancelot, at this point is still a prototype, meaning it was not yet completed and all defects were not yet tweaked. And I mean come on, Lelouch was a war hero who almost defeated the whole EU, what else did you expect. I'm sorry to tell you guys this, but this harem will be a small harem, about four to six girls in. Well, to set it straight, he's going to be banging most, if not all the girls in the Code Geass universe, but the main girls are going to be Kallen, C.C. , Ashley, Maya, and maybe one or two more people into Lelouch's harem, but for now I want all to know that the four 'main' girls are Kallen, C.C., Ashley, and Maya and maybe, just maybe two more girls.

P.S. can anyone tell where I can find a good English to Japanese translator and a Japanese to Romaji translator? Been feeling an urge to come up with a Naruto story too :D

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