Bella, Emmett, and Jasper are brother and sisters there all in College and Bella is just starting. She has a 1 month old baby but no one knows till her dad dies in a shoot out. Bella, Emmett, and Jasper share a dorm.

The song in this chapter is called F.U.R.B ( Fuck you right back ) by Frankee.

Chapter 1

See I don't know why you cryin' like a bitchTalkin' shit like a snitch Why you write a song 'bout meIf you really didn't careYou wouldn't wanna shareTellin' everybody just how you feelFuck what I did was your fault somehow Fuck the presents, I threw all that shit outFuck all the cryin' it didn't mean jackWell guess what yo, fuck you right back

Bella woke up to her cell ringing " What a good way to start the day" She thought.

" Hello" Asked Bella

" Hey lil sis sup I wanted to know if your ready I'll be there in half an hour." Said Emmett.

" Yeah yeah yeah I 'll be ready when you get here."

" Kay, hey do you mind if I bring my girlfriend when I pick you up so you can meet her."

" I don't mind bro just let me get off the phone so I can get ready."

" Kay lil sis love you."

" Love you bro see you soon."

" Bye."

" Bye."

" Ugh" she thought " No I have to get up and start the day."

She got up took a shower washed her body, hair, face, and shaved her legs. She then put on a pair of booty shorts and a tank top that goes right above her belly button that she has pierced. She was waiting for her brother when she got a call from her dad updating her about her baby.