Once I finally managed to open it we both fell into the kitchen area him on top of me still kissing while he tried to close the door with his feet finally accomplishing that. We kept making out in the kitchen until I suddenly felt completely guilty. I felt that I had backstabbed Tanya even though we would never be friends I could already see that before but now it was crystal clear. I stopped kissing him and pushed him off of me. He didn't move off of me but started to kiss my neck I giggled as his stubble tickled me.

"Edward you have to stop." surprisingly I giggled that out. His hands started to play with the end of my hoddie and started to bring his hands up my shirt. I froze and grabbed his wrists.
"Edward really you need to stop. What about Tanya?" I said seriously he stopped kissing my neck and took his hands out from under the hoddie.
"But I thought you wanted this?!" he looked at me like I had just stole his candy or something.
"Oh my god Edward you have no idea how much I do but I feel really bad about Tanya." He looked at me.
"Well I guess you didn't know that when I took her out tonight she broke up with me and that was why I was walking her home. We decided that we made better friends." I looked at him with confusion
"but she kissed you and you didn't mention anything at dinner that she and you were no longer together. And you said that she was your girlfriend."
"You must not have heard me say ex-girlfriend and you never asked."
"Well because you said that you were together and I didn't want to butt into something that was none of my business "he smiled and started to laugh at me. I hit him in the arm. Things with him seemed like we have been friends for almost ever. He reached over and grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me to him and kissed me. I straddled his lap and we stayed there like that for a long time. The next thing I knew I heard giggles and I looked up and found that we were being watched by his sister and my brothers and Rose. I stopped kissing him and started to blush as he dropped his head and hit it hard on the floor. I looked down at him while he winced in pain. I gave him a chaste kiss and got off him

"Well thank you for the lovely dinner tonight Edward your right that was the best place." He smiled at me while climbing up on all fours and getting up to give me a hug.
"316-789-3425" he whispered in my ear. I remembered the number saying it over and over again.
"Well goodnight." I smiled at him and he smiled back at me. He waved to everybody saying night and then walked out the door. I looked over at everybody they had either a stupid smile on their face or an unhappy look. Im sure you can guess who didn't have the all too happy look.
"Well Im going to bed so um night" I went over and gave my brothers a kiss and a hug and then gave the girls a hug each. I went into my room and pulled out my cell phone and texted Edward.
That was fun huh-B I sent out the message and then got one back fast.
Bunches. So when are we going to go on a date?-E I smiled at the phone forgetting that he couldn't see it
When ever you would like to.-B
Tomorrow night than?-E
Ok where would we be going?-B
If it must be-B
It must. Lol well goodnight.-E
Lol night-B
I smiled and put my phone on the charger that was in the corner of the room. I went and lie on the floor where I was before and feel asleep thinking about the wonderful kiss we shared.