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Like Father, Like Son

By Rakurai-Arashi


The first time Kakashi tried to kill himself had been two days after Uchiha Obito's funeral. The Sharingan eye was eating away his chakra, leaving him weak and slightly crazed. Whenever he slept he kept reliving seeing Obito being crushed. A sharp kunai to his abdomen seemed like his best hope. It would of happened, if his sensei hadn't of stopped him.

Blue eyes were wet with tears at the realization of just what Kakashi was going to use the kunai for.


The second time was after Rin died. Like Obito, she had died saving Kakashi. She used to much of her chakra healing him, so much that her own body shut down. Kakashi came into consciousness aware that Rin's cold body was laying next to him. The ANBU that found them had to drag him away screaming from her.

Kakashi managed to actually stab himself this time, however Minato was faster than he was. This time Minato actually broke his wrist trying to get the kunai away from him. Kakashi just wanted to die, was that to much to ask? He'd gotten Obito killed because of his stupid pride. Rin had died trying to save him, a empty shell. Why didn't anyone else see it like he did?


He hated the little blonde haired blue eyed child. He hated it so much. The thing that took the only person he had left in the world was inside of it. His cold black eye and Obito's blood red Sharingan glared at the thing, wanting to kill it. What was worse, the Third Hokage had put it under his care.

He was gripping his katana so hard his knuckles were white. It would be so easy to kill it. The thing was just a couple of days old, it was defenseless.

But then it's eyes opened, and the thing smiled at him. Kakashi dropped the katana. How could he be so, stupid? Blind? The baby reached for him with his chubby, tan arms.

Kakashi picked him up and held him, sobbing.

"I'm so sorry, Naruto!" The child didn't understand, he kept smiling. Kakashi's heart broke further at seeing that smile again. It was his sensei's smile. This was his sensei's child.

Kakashi had never hated himself more than at that moment. Because he knew now that dying was not an option. Naruto was more important than his hatred, his shame, and his guilt.

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