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Summary: Naruto is fed up with the way his relationship is going. Apparently so are his friends and so begins the war of uke vs. seme. SasuNaru/KanKib/KakaIru/NejShik.


Naruto sat atop his love, unable to breathe regularly. His short pants were cut off when he swallowed before talking. "Please, Sasuke," he begged.

The raven hair moved gently across the pillow as he shook his head. Naruto would of glared if he wasn't so focused on the need. He felt like there was some itch inside him that couldn't be reached no matter how hard he thrust himself down on the man below him. Maybe if he worked faster… He pushed off his hands, resting on the white skin of Sasuke's chest, and his knees straddling him. He bounced up and down the Uchiha's length trying to get him deeper without assistance.

All this managed to do was exhaust Naruto further and make him sore. He settled again realizing it was doing him no good. "Sasuke," he pleaded. "I can't," he shook his head, his sweat soaked hair moving and landing few drops elsewhere.

A small smirk pulled at the corners of Sasuke's lips. "Come on, Naruto," his voice was venomously encouraging and stable. "Remember what you said."

"I… can't," the blond repeated, taking pauses for breath between his words. "I… need… help."

Sasuke sighed and removed his hands from behind his head to take hold of Naruto's hips. He guided him up before forcefully pulling him back down while at the same time thrusting his own hips upward. Naruto's head went flying back, a scream falling from his throat as his prostate was slammed into. The itch had been scratched and it felt so good!

Sasuke repeated the movements again making more noises from his uke be thrown into the room. He was feeling generous tonight. Usually he waited for Naruto to beg until his voice was raw and his whole body withered with want before hitting the blissful spot once and only once. But now he was unerringly striking it again and again making Naruto cry out for him.

Naruto's brave hand moved from Sasuke's chest to his own neglected length. He stroked himself without rhythm or care for rhythm until he was seeing fireworks and his own explosion caused his muscles to tense around his seme, pulling a grunt and orgasm from him.

When breaths were still short and bodies a considerable amount messier, Naruto moved off of Sasuke completely to land on the bed beside him. He grimaced from the pain in his ass and wiggled around trying to find a position that would be more comfortable but failed. He listed to the gentle breath of his sleeping love and cursed at himself for being so weak.