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Summary: Naruto is fed up with the way his relationship is going. Apparently so are his friends and so begins the war of uke vs. seme. SasuNaru/KakaIru/KanKib/NejShik.


Iruka came home from the academy the following day greeted by a fantastic smell. He removed his sandals and made way for the kitchen. Kakashi was standing with his arms out to a table holding dinner- no a feast.

Iruka looked at him in shock. "What's this for?"

"It's an apology," Kakashi stated, taking a seat and motioning for Iruka to do the same.

Iruka obeyed and sat across from his lover.

"I thought about it and you were right, I have been a bit of an ass lately," Kakashi's works caught Iruka off guard. "I shouldn't expect you to choose between work and me."

"Kakashi, I would choose you in a heat beat, but-"

"I know, and it's okay," Kakashi smiled beneath his mask. "Eat, it's getting cold."

Dinner was amazing. Iruka had to admit that the jonin could be quite romantic when he so chose to be. And he himself could be quite… tainted. He smiled as such thoughts crossed his mind and reached for the desk lamp to turn it off. He had just finished his last report and was ready for bed but not for sleep.

He stood in the door fame his smile easing to something more innocent. He walked to the sliver haired man that had fallen asleep on the couch yet again.

He gently removed the book from his clasp and placed it on the coffee table. The he lowered himself to place an awakening kiss to Kakashi's lips that were not hidden by the mask since dinner.

The jonin's hands stretched high above his head as he hummed raising from light sleep. Iruka lowered himself again. This time for a much less innocent kiss. He moved to rest his knees on either side of Kakashi's waist.

A pale hand found its way into the teacher's shirt and slid over his chest before wrapping around to his back. Iruka dropped to place kisses from Kakashi's jaw line to his collar bone.

He felt his shirt being pulled at and sat up for its removal before falling back to Kakashi's lips. They parted again when Kakashi's shirt joined Iruka's on the floor.

The jonin's hands found way to interrupting fabric and began to strive for its disappearance.


Kiba pushed his hips up pleadingly as Kankuro took agonizing time to pop the button of his pants. While his fingers worked slowly on freeing Kiba he sank to place a trail of kisses to offering flesh, choosing, in some spots, to leave a mark.


Shikamaru's eye's rolled back into his skull as Neji pushed against his prostate. His back arched as he moaned, still feeling his intense gaze upon him.


"Oooh… Sasuke!" Naruto's body jumped as release struck him.

Sasuke's thrusts slowed and so did his hand. A smile reaching his lips against Naruto's neck as he dragged out the blonde's second orgasm of the night.