Summertime Blues

Heather O'Malley

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Shego was carrying Grace in her arms as they made their way into the stadium, smiling happily to herself. She had been looking forward to today for months and now it was here. The four year old was sitting in her arms calmly, not wanting to mess up the pretty spring dress she was wearing. She looked around and noticed something. "Mommy, where Momma?"

"She's graduating from school Sweetie. We'll see her soon. She has to give a speech and stuff before she'll come back." Shego replied, looking for the rest of the party.

Grace scrunched up her face as if getting ready to pout and her breathing changed, breathing in short gasps. Shego just looked at her daughter, raised an eyebrow and the pout faded. Grace sniffled a little, her pout thwarted. "I want Mommy."

"She'll be here soon Gracie. Now be a good girl for Mommy or do you want to sit with your Grammy?" said Shego, since she had spotted the rest of her family.

"Grammy!" Grace yelled excitedly and wriggled in her arms.

Shego shook her head and set the little girl down. Grace raced the short distance over to Anne Possible with her arms wide, the green bow in her dark red hair bouncing. Anne lifted up the little girl into a hug and gave her a big kiss right on the cheek. Grace gave a sloppier one back and then giggled.

"You know, she is pretty spoiled." The nanny replied, shaking her head as if this were a terrible display.

"Shut up Abby. If she's spoiled then it's partly your fault as well." countered Shego, turning to look at the woman.

The brunette shrugged, seemingly amused. "I can accept that. But you are the worst of the three of us you know, always picking Grace up something whenever you are away from her. You give her presents all the time and now se expects them anytime someone leaves the house."

"Can I help it if I adore my kid?" returned Shego, smiling at her daughter. She was their little miracle and that made the former thief and villain quite happy. The dark haired woman totally doted on her kid and Grace certainly loved it.

Abby smirked at that. "I guess not. Come on, let's get seated. Things are about to start."

When they sat back down, Grace insisted quite clearly that she be allowed to sit on Mommy's lap for this. Shego chuckled as she smoothed her skirt and sat her daughter down on her. "Now be good for Mommy and you might get a present."

The procession of students began making a great wave of black robes and square hats that worked their way into the seats. Grace giggled when she saw them, thinking the hats were cute. Once everyone was seated, the ceremony started. Grace began to get fidgety, since there was nothing to do but sit there and listen to voices droning on and on about a lot of nothing. The girl wanted to get up and move, to do something before the voices put her to sleep. She squirmed off Shego's lap and took Nanny Abby's hand, dragging her off while she went to explore. Abby looked over her shoulder at Shego for permission. Shego just shrugged, if Grace had Abby then letting her explore was okay.

Left to her own devices, Grace wandered around the stadium, looking in everywhere she could, discovering plenty of her-sized nooks and crannies that would be perfect for her to hide in if she had to. Abby kept her from getting dirty or messing up her clothes, even stopping her from walking into a men's room. All she had to tell the girl to stop things was that seeing Gracey all nice and pretty would make her Momma smile. It was an effective threat and did what was needed.

While Grace wandered about the stadium, Shego was beaming with pride as her wife gave her speech. The young woman had graduated Summa Cum Laude while going for a triple major, which was insane. That had been pretty incredible on it's own, almost as much as Kim managing to drag Shego back into classes for her Masters in Education as well as one in English. Her Princess had made it a challenge and that got Shego to work hard in her classes. Kim certainly knew how to motivate her. The pay raise she had gotten after she got the degree had been nice and she was even pondering the prospect of going back for a PhD. Her life certainly had changed, and all thanks to a joy buzzer that Blue Boy had made. Sometimes the world was totally surreal.

What was sad was that by the time the two of them had tried to use the second one on Kim, the whatever inside had seriously degraded, doing nothing at all to Kim. While it had made them sad that they weren't going to have another child, they still had Grace which was all they really needed. The whole situation was something neither of them regretted in the least. That little girl had brought them together despite being enemies and the women loved her for that. Without Grace they would never have become the crazy couple that they were now.

Grace noticed the change in the sound in the whole area and turned to face Abby. She looked worried. "Nanny?"

Abby got there in two steps and picked the girl up, holding her against one hip. "What is it sweetie?"

"The sound." The girl did have very sensitive senses and environmental changes seemed to scare her where nothing else ever did. Maybe she heard the end of the speeches and the sound of the students and parents moving in their seats?

"It sounds like the graduation is over Gracie. Come on, let's go back so you can see your Momma." Abby headed back through the slowly building crowd. When more people filled the area, Grace hid her face in the space between Abby's neck and shoulder. The little girl was not very comfortable in large groups and tried to avoid them at all costs. Abby patted her back and whispered soothingly in her ear, which helped some.

When they got in sight of the others, Grace seemed less bothered by the crowds and urgently wanted down. Kim was standing there talking with her family and Shego had an arm over her shoulders almost possessively. Grace wriggled free from Abby's arms and ran to Kim, leaping into her mother's arms, yelling, "Momma!"

Kim oofed when the thirty-four pound girl slammed into her chest, screaming happily. She deftly caught the girl and remained standing due to a lot of practice with this particular move. Grace loved to do this and having some of her other mother's strength certainly helped on that front. "How's Momma's Muffin?"

"I got pretty for you. See!" Grace turned so Kim could spot the bow in her hair. Kim had left before Grace had gotten ready and the girl wanted to show off how cute she was.

"I do see. It's a very pretty bow. You look lovely. Now shall we go and get something to eat?" Kim was quite hungry as she had left without getting anything for breakfast and was sure that the bottomless pit wanted food as well. Grace could eat far more food than even Kim could. It was almost scary.

"Nacos?" asked Grace.

"No sweetie, we're going to get some real food." replied Shego, suppressing a shudder. Sometimes Grace seemed to be made of Nacos, something Ron wasn't helping with. The blond had no problem getting Grace naco after naco. It was disturbing in many ways.

"But I want Nacos." Grace would have stomped her foot if she had been on the ground, instead of in Kim's arms.

Kim patiently said to her daughter. "We can get you Nacos later. Right now, we're all going out to celebrate. We're going to have a party. Okay?"

This apparently distracted Grace enough to defuse the potential fit that was brewing over the whole naco issue. Kim and Shego both breathed a sigh of relief as Grace could really pitch a fit. Abby just watched the crowds carefully, not wanting any danger to come near them, making sure that her charge and her parents were safe. It was just part of who she was.

Once all the congratulations had been said, the group of them headed out to their cars, Kim chatting happily with Ron and Yori while they walked. The two had gotten married last year and the ninja was three months pregnant with their first child, something that made them both excited. They were completely looking forward to the birth.

"So are we going to my restaurant or what?" asked Ron.

"Of course we are Ron. We told you that weeks ago." Kim sighed. Sometimes Ron was so forgetful or, just maybe, was he just teasing her? With Ron, it was sometimes hard to tell.

They headed off for the restaurant in their own cars, Kim and Shego chatting excitedly about their planned holiday to travel around the world. It was going to be the first time they really took off as a family for more than a weekend since they had gotten together. It was something they were looking forward to as an almost honeymoon and Grace was looking forward to it as a chance to explore new places. A whole summer of exploring really appealed to the girl.

Ron's restaurant, a Japanese-American fusion place named Lotus Blades, was doing pretty good business, as the mix of foods he had created had gone over surprisingly well. It had only been open a few months and was doing brisk business, with their sushi and hibachi combinations as well as their American cuisine. The whole party walked on in there and headed towards the table that Ron had held for them. Everyone was looking forward to the meal.

Nana, Slim and Joss were there for this party, as were Shego's brothers, all behaving themselves, even though Hego would occasionally shudder and mutter, "Married?" Mego just elbowed him in the ribs to get him to shut up.

Jim and Tim had flown in from MIT just for this. After all, she was their 'favorite' sister. That only made Kim roll her eyes. Yori sat with the party and Ron checked on the kitchen, making sure his Sous Chef and crew were ready for the party. When he came back to the table the ordering was already underway.

Shego ordered the Kitsune Ramen, which had an egg in it as well as some vegetables and slices of fried Tofu, winking at Kim when she ordered it. Kim blushed slightly and got the sashimi and fries, which had both Yori and Shego rolling their eyes. Sometimes the things Kim wanted to eat were a bit scary. Grace wanted a naco and made a face when she was told she couldn't have one. Ron came up and knelt by the girl. "Don't worry Gracie, while I can't make you a naco I can make you something tasty and take you out for nacos later, deal?"

"You take me for nacos? Really?" Grace's green eyes got so big she looked almost like an anime character.

"Yep. So be a good girl and order something good for you. You just might get a treat out of it." Ron beamed and Rufus hopped onto Grace's shoulder. "Let Rufus help you think of something."

Grace smiled happily at the naked mole rat and they got to talking about food, with Shego and Kim looking on. Finally, after much debate, she had come to a decision. "Can I has chicken tempura and fries?"

"No problem." replied Ron, smiling at his current favorite kid in the whole world. "Want some broccoli?"

Grace nodded her head and all seemed right with the world. The little girl occasionally had a Shego like need for what she wanted right now. It was a bit of an issue that they were working on. Meanwhile, she continued talking to Rufus, who was enjoying their conversation. He even danced a little for her, which got her clapping. That reminded the mole rat that he needed to get Ron to finish that little project, if they were going to be ready on time.


"Kimmie, do you have everything packed?" called up Shego to the bedroom.

"Yes, Eme. I have everything you put on the list and a few other things as well. Some surprises for you." replied Kim cheerfully.

"Oh really Princess? You do know I packed the Chest…right?" Shego's voice was a bit seductive; to let her Princess know that there would indeed be sex and lots of it on this trip.

"Eme…" chided Kim, hoping that Grace hadn't heard Shego mention their collection of sex toys. It was fairly extensive ad they really didn't want to explain what they were to their daughter until she was much older. And maybe not even then.

"What? She caught us at it last year and we explained it just fine. Do you really think the Muffin would need something explained to her more than once? And we got her to knock before she comes in now, so we have some warning." stated Shego, as she rolled her eyes. Grace had been more confused as opposed to upset when she had walked in them in the middle of sex. Apparently, they hadn't been as quiet as they had hoped and Grace had woken up at just the wrong time. It had taken three days for Kim to stop blushing afterwards.

"Well, okay. You know, Ron will probably be over soon. Do you think we should get dressed?" asked Kim, aware that Ron would be shocked to come in and find them naked, again. Kim and Shego enjoyed this life style and Grace seemed quite pleased with it.

"I guess. Don't want to traumatize the Ronster. Hey Abby! Could you clothe the Hellion?" asked Shego, as she called over to Grace's room.

"Sure. Cute or comfortable?" was the reply.

"I always cute!" hollered Grace in response, clearly offended that someone might doubt her cuteness.

Shego rolled her eyes at that. Grace reminded her of herself a little too much some times. "Yes Muffin you are cute. Just get dressed so Ron doesn't have to see your naked behind again."

"Yes Mommy." called back Grace, not fighting her mother on this one, as Shego was the one who spanked.

"Honestly, that child likes to be naked more than Kimmie does." grumbled Shego as she headed upstairs to get dressed herself. Kim had happily dragged them all into a nudist lifestyle, not really minding that she had to be reminded to put clothes on sometimes.

After they were both dressed, Kim and Shego headed downstairs carrying the last of the luggage. There was a growing pile of bags near the front door, ready to be loaded into their Hybrid SUV that Kim had agreed to buy, remembering Florida quite well. They had nearly everything they needed to take off on this vacation. Grace was busy choosing which of her stuffed animals were going on this trip with her and it was apparently a tough choice. Abby was supervising to ensure that not all of them came with. Grace had tried that trick more than once and had been caught each time. Thankfully four year olds were not sneaky enough for this family.

There was a knock at the door, the first part of Shave and a Haircut, and Ron poked his head in, smiling like a lunatic, which was normal. "Everyone decent?"

"Never," replied Shego, which started Kim giggling. Shego just rolled her eyes at her wife. Sometimes Kim was sillier than their kid.

"Oh good," replied Ron. He came in smiling brightly, obviously happy about something he did or had done. It was utterly self-satisfied and nearly smug. "Hey there people."

"Hi Ron. How are things?" asked Kim, as she went over the checklist.

"Not too bad. I came by with something for Gracie, since she is about to start her first real adventure." Ron came over and hugged his best fried ever first and Shego second.

Shego quirked an eyebrow at the blond after he had said that. She was wondering is she had to be worried. "What is it?"

Ron came over and whispered in her ear and Shego busted out laughing. When she caught her breath enough to respond, she gasped out, "That's perfect."

"What is it?" complained Kim, feeling left out of this whole situation.

When Ron told her, Kim smiled and replied, "That is awesome Ron. She'll love it I'm sure."

Grace came out of her room with Abby in tow. Once she saw Ron, she dropped her Nanny's hand and sprinted towards the blond. She jumped into his arms and Ron easily caught her as she was screaming, "Unca Ron!"

"Hey there squirt. I gotcha something to take with you on your trip. I think you're going to like it."

Grace's eyes got wide as she realized that meant a present and she asked in a quiet voice, "What is it?"

Ron reached into one the cargo pocket of his and pulled out a naked mole rat. This one was obviously younger and smaller than Rufus and it blinked its eyes open and looked around. "This is George. He's your mole rat."

The mole rat stood up and looked over at the little girl. They looked at each other, trying to take the other's measure. They cocked their heads the same way at the same time, still pondering the other, trying to figure out what the other person was like. The mole rat obviously came to some sort of decision, then stuck his hand out and squeaked, "George."

"Gracie." The shook hands and then George scampered into Grace's arms. They began the all important bonding phase of the relationship and utterly ignored everyone else in the room.

Ron set the girl down and she quickly hustled off, turned to the mothers and explained. "I figured she might need another pair of eyes on her."

Both women hugged the blond in thanks and kissed him on the cheek, which made the boy blush. "Thank you. Having her own Rufus is going to be a big help."

"Rufus trained him in everything he will need to know to be Grace's sidekick." added Ron. Rufus had scampered onto the boy's shoulder and nodded. "He still needs some extra training but he is fairly good at this."

"Thank you both then." said Kim.

"Welcome." squeaked Rufus, who blushed, somewhat embarrassed.

When they heard the squealing they looked over and noticed that George was currently chasing Gracie all around the room. Abby just shrugged at the two parents, "What am I supposed to do now?"

Kim and Shego sighed. It might turn out to be a much longer trip than they had actually planned.


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