April-May 2009 Twilight Fan Fiction Contest:


Hosted by: FeelBetterBoy'sGF-JasperLuv-

Okay, here are the things you need to know!

Series: Twilight (obviously) (MUST BE BASED ON THE BOOK NOT THE MOVIE)

Fan Fiction Type: One-shot.

This is a contest for all PRE-TWILIGHT fics. No restrictions on characters or POV, except it must take place ANYTIME before the moment Bella first crosses paths with any of the Cullens.


(Can even be Bella Pre-Twilight. Get creative with character choices and situations!)

Get it? Apple Blossom? (yah, I'm an idiot ^_^)

I hope this gives everyone the chance to be super creative!

Length: Must be more than 1000 words, but please, no novel sized one shot entries. I won't have time to read everyone's! If you need it to be a little lengthy to make it the best it can be, feel free, but please be reasonable and considerate.

Rating: Any rating is acceptable. Lemons are accepted but not suggested.

Send Entries To: (I'm spelling it out so it will show up for you guys--email addresses disappear when you try to put them in)

jasper underscore holic at yahoo dot com (and there are no spaces)

Subject Line: Apple Blossom Contest "Your Story Title Here" By: Your Pen Name

Deadline: Midnight, May 31st

Check back to this story (I suggest you bookmark the page) around the first two weeks of June to see the winners (it will be chapter 2). I will try to get the results up faster this time, lol!

Extra Tip: Creative character POV choices and unique setting times always get you more points ^_^ -wink-

I'm looking forward to all the entries.