It's a long story..going back as far as I can remember. But if you've got the time, I'd like to finally tell someone my story. My story of happiness, sadness, emptiness, depression, pain, and then, finally, happiness again. And I know what you're thinking. "Another story about someone's past, same old same old." And if that's the case, and you'd rather not read it, well, that's your choice. But for anyone still reading, I hope you enjoy...

"Harry, lunch time!" My mom called. My face lit up. I loved picnics with mommy and daddy. Hell, I loved anything with mommy and daddy.

So I came running from my room, tripping a bit over my own two feet (I wasn't the most balanced toddler) and right into mommy's waiting arms. I had the perfect life. I played all the time, and mommy was teaching me to read and all kinds of neat things. I had it made. And you know what people say about someone who has everything..

They've got to lose it all to appreciate anything.

But I was too young to understand the lesson in this. I remember, I'd only ever spoken once in my life when it all happened. Actually..that was when I spoke. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Right now is the time for my picnic with mommy and daddy.

Mommy set me on daddy's shoulders and then carried the picnic blanket while daddy carried the basket. We walked for a long time that day, leaving out backyard and traveling into the forests that lined our land. It was interesting to me, seeing the colors and the shades and everything just smelled so fresh and clean.

I reached up to touch the branches a few times, once getting a shower of water droplets from a recent rainfall down my back. I had jumped and grabbed daddy's face. I remember mommy laughing at me. Mommy's laugh always made everything better. I couldn't help but smile.

I still dream about that laugh. On those rare days when I would wake up happy through my childhood, it was always because mommy had come to see me. And she had taken me on a picnic. Sometimes daddy was there too.

We stopped in a clearing. There was a little pond with rocks lining it's rim. There were white flowers everywhere. I still assume they were lily's. Perhaps because of my mother.

Dad layed out the blanket and we sat down to eat. I was munching happily, staring in awe at the world around me. That was when I spotted the mushroom circle. Some call it a Fairy Ring. Actually, I've heard many names for it, but the one constant is that if you sit in the center of it and make a wish, it will come true. I stood up and ran over to it. I stepped carefully over the mushrooms and sat down to make my wish.

'I want to someday be happy like mommy and daddy are with each other.' I prayed inside my head.

Mommy walked over and picked me up, using sign language to tell me it was almost time to go. That was something some people found strange about mommy and I. We only talked using our hands. I'd never made a sound in my life.

Until she set me down on the blanket. I looked up at her with a smile on my face, the last smile of mine she would ever see. I saw a shadow moving out of the woods, and at first I thought it was daddy. Then I realized that this man coming towards us had no hair. My face turned to one of pure terror and I pointed. Mommy tilted her head.

"What is it, baby?" She asked, both out loud and in sign. I opened my mouth as the man rose his weapon, an axe, above my mothers head.

"Mommy look out!!!" I screamed.

Her eyes widened and she turned to face her attacker as he lowered the fatal blow. Daddy heard me scream and came running through the woods. When he saw the man he went into a blind rage. The fought for a long time, and I tried to help daddy, but the man simply kicked me aside. I landed on the mushrooms in the circle. They were crushed, and I'd hit my head on a rock, causing me to pass out.

Daddy had carried me back to the house, the man who killed mommy laying dead in the pond. He'd also called for 2 ambulences. I didn't know what was going on when I finally woke up inside of the white truck-like vehicle.

I looked around, wondering where daddy was. The EMT hadn't realized I'd woken up, so I found out the harsh truth without anyone even meaning to tell me.

"The kids dad lost a lot of blood. I don't even know how he managed to stay alive long enough to save his kid." One voice said.

"I don't know. But now both of this kids parents are dead." Another voice said.

I suddenly remembered everything.

And wished that I had made a different wish in the Fairy Ring.