"You're not supposed to be playing that."

David's fingers froze. He looked up, startled out of his musical revelry by none other than Princess Michelle Benjamin. She stood there, leaning against the door, seeming so casual and accusing at the same time.

"That piano is a gift to my father from the Prime Minister of Austeria," the Princess said, sauntering towards David.

Gathering up all of his courage David turned his attention away from the Princess and back to the piano. That seemed a harder task than standing up in front of the Goliath, which everyone claimed was heroic. Once again he let his fingers dance across the perfect ivory keys. "This piano is a Broadwood Grand. 1848. The same year the same year Liszt wrote this. The closest I've ever come to one is a picture on the internet. You can call security but I'm finishing first."

An expression of first disbelief and then of slight awe made its way across Michelle's face with each new word that David spoke. "I thought you were a mechanic, I wouldn't have picked you for a musician," she said, putting the tiniest bit of irony in to her words.

"I wouldn't have pegged you for a snitch," David replied, eyes watching her but his fingers still marching diligently across the keys.

Michelle's eyebrows jumped. Jack was the only one who responded in kind to her sarcasm. This soldier, mechanic, and apparently musician, had met her on her own field of battle. And he'd triumphed? Almost inconceivable. But still amazingly fascinating.

Intrigued but not willing to concede defeat Michelle had to have the last word. "Well they're all looking for you." She shot a smile at the man she had underestimated, something that would not happen a second time. She walked away but continued to watch him, and that cheeky smile on his face, until she reached the door.

David continued to watch the door even after Michelle had disappeared through it. He finished Liszt's Un Sospiro, not once glancing back down at the keys.

This is just the first part of I'm not sure how many. I want to shed light on the side of the David/Michelle relationship that is new. I feel that 'pegging' each other would be a long standing joke between the two. I will be taking liberties but playing with each new little facet the two discover about each other. Tell me what you think. And as for any errors in the dialogue I apologize, I did it from memory.