"I made an offer and Gath accepted. We will, in six months time, give over Port Prosperity in exchange for lasting peace. It will be difficult but it is a sacrifice we will be glad for, in time." King Silas' word was law and although murmurs rioted through the court no one objected.

"Michelle." As she made to leave the room Michelle heard her name called. She knew the voice and knew that she should not react to it but she turned none the less. She wanted to acknowledge him, smile at him, talk to him but she couldn't. The smile on David's face made it even harder for her to keep from smiling.

Keeping an iron grip on her actions Michelle forced herself to turn and walk away from David. She didn't look back but she knew the hurt look that was creeping on to David's face mirrored the one she wished that she could show.

Short. Nothing to say here. I hope you liked it. And I think I'm definitely unable to peg.