Good morning heartache

I struck the match. The warmth from the fire tickled grazed the tips of my fingers.

You old gloomy sight

Good morning heartache

Thought we said goodbye last night

I dropped it onto the bed, watching as it began to catch. It disgusted me to look at that bed. It's a revolting reminder of Jason. And everything that could have been.

I turned and tossed until it seems you have gone

But here you are with the dawn

Wish I forget you

but you're here to stay

I ambled out of the shed.

It seems I met you

When my love went away

Now everyday I stop

I'm saying to you

I drug a lawn chair in front of the shed, ready to watch it burn.

Good morning heartache what's new

Stop haunting me now

Can't shake you no how

I don't know how long it took until the fire began to pour out of the windows.

Just leave me alone

I've got those Monday blues

Straight to Sunday blues

I also don't know how long it took them to come running out of the house, ready to extinguish my glorious fire.

Good morning heartache

Here we go again

Good morning heartache

You're the one

They ran in circles around the shed, trying to douse the fire. I knew they would eventually manage to. I didn't care.

Who knows me well

Might as well get use to you hanging around

Good morning heartache

Sit down

I don't know if I care about anything anymore.