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Right, on with it!
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~~~Eyebrows Are Important On the Kukai Foundation~~~
Ganon XD

To chaos: If you were on a Team, what would it be?

chaos: Well I'm unsure if I should answer this question or if I want to be in on this war that is hopefully over between the two teams, but I suppose I would be Team Jr. As long as he's happy and Albedo's not peeling his skin like an orange I'm fine with whoever he chooses.

To Gaignun: If Jr. got his hands on the most dangerous and powerful weapon in the world what would you do?

Gaignun: I would run and I suggest you to do the same. Jr. does not think twice about firing weapons or aiming them for that matter.
Jr.: What the hell's that supposed to mean?

To Gaignun again: If you could get Jr, in all his stubborness (but that's ok, cuz you're cool like that and I know you could do it) if you could get him to do anything you want for one whole day (besides paperwork) and cosplay included, what would it be? XD

Cosplay? Well...
Jr: Gaignun, don't even think about it.
Gaignun: Surprisingly I have never tried cosplay but I suppose if we were to try it and I could coax Jr. into a dress we would be Little Orphan Annie and Oliver Warbucks.
Jr.: No! Hell no!
Gaignun: It makes sense, Jr. You're my "adopted" son. I'm the rich billionaire "father" You've even got the red hair, probably the height too.
Jr.: I'm not a little girl!
Gaignun: And I'm not fifty-two years old, but see that's ok. If you wear the dress you don't have to call me Daddy Warbucks. Daddy's just fine.
Jr.: That's never going to happen! Ignore every single thing he just said!

to chaos: What would you do if you saw Jr. doing(whatever Gaignun's answer is)? XD

chaos: Oh well I would um...
Jr.: He wouldn't do anything. He would leave and never tell anyone about what he saw.
chaos: Well yes I would and leave and I wouldn't tell anyone but I would have to mercilessly tease Jr. about all of this later.
Jr.: Are you trying to fight me, chaos?
chaos: For once I think I am.

to Jr.: You're locked in Gaignun's room and Mary's taken your guns and you've got nothing on under your skimpy bunny suit and Gaignun's there with you. Escape options would be...? XD

Jr.: What the hell?! There's no fucking way I'd ever be in a damn bunny suit skimpy or otherwise! What's wrong with you?!
Gaignun: This cosplay thing could get interesting.
Jr.: ...Alright you know what? My escape plan is to fucking kill Gaignun and use his bloody suit to cover myself with to get my guns.
Albedo: Now this idea I thoroughly approve of.

to Canaan: we all know you're expressionless and that's awesome, but if you saw chaos trapped in a room in a skimpy nurse's outfit on, what would your expression be then?

Canaan: The very same as my current expression however, I would ask him if he has been in a threesome with the Kukais lately, as they seem to be getting into more cosplay/fetish-type things.

to Canaan: Jr.'s jacket gets snagged on somtehing and he somehow ends up completely tangled and can't get loos and he just recently pulled a huge prank on you. Revenge would be?

Canaan: If such a thing were to happen and Rubedo would not be able to get loose I would listen to him ask for help then take his guns and leave him there. Nigredo will find him eventually.

to chaos: Why is Jr. immortal?

chaos: Jr.'s immortality stems from his body's ability to completely stop any growth at all down to the celluar level w-Jr.: chaos how do you know all that stuff?
Albedo: The answer is simple, dear Rubedo. Cupid is more than he appears.
Jr.: What a matchmaker? He have firey arrows now?
Albedo: Dear Cupid, why not tell them the truth? It is branded on the boy's right hand.
Jr: What the hell are you talking about Albedo?
Albedo: Why the mark of the beast, Rubedo. How else would Cupid find you after being given such instructions.
Jr.: What instructions?!
Gaignun: And God said unto chaos: Keep him away from me.
Albedo: Wonderful Nigredo! Absolutely splendid!
Jr.: I hate everyone in this fucking room!
chaos: Well...I hope that answers your question.

to Ziggy: Your swimsuit...why...?

Ziggy: I do not own swimwear. Why would a cyborg need anything like that?
Jr.: Aw come on, Ziggy. I know you like the beach. Pretend like you don't but I know the truth.
Ziggy: I do not own a swimsuit. I am a cyborg and have no need for one.
Albedo: Oh, but my mechanical man you should obtain one immediately
Ziggy: ...

to Yuriev Soldier: How did it feel to get knocked up by chaos? (no pun intended)

Yuriev Soldier: Well it didn't feel good but it didn't feel bad...I kind of don't really remember anything about it...What? Wanted a better answer? Well I'm not exciting. You can go ahead.
chaos: Every character is important and you were very kind to me. Thank you and I hope I didn't harm you too badly.
Yuriev Soldier:...It was awesome.

~~Jr. Got Bored And Decided To Play It His Way Because Jr.'s Rebel~~

To Jr: Does thinking you're smexy make me a pedo?
Hell yeah it does you sick freak. It makes all of you pedophiles. That's alright though. I have that affect on people. I'm just that sexy.

To Gaignun: If it wasn't for piesta solo, would you and Mary and/or Shelley ever have kids? Would it be like a Mormon family? Could Jr be one of your "wives" too, and ya'll could star in a reality show like "Big Love"?
It might seem rude to ask but are you crazy? Trying to get Jr. to share me would not go over well. I'm very afraid he would actually go through with his earlier threat and here would come Albedo. Are you trying to plot my death? However, even if I did manage to get him to agree to such a thing I would never have children. Jr. may be an adult but he's all the child I'll ever need.
Jr.: I'm going to pretend that you didn't just say that. Yeah, go ahead and laugh. We'll see how funny it is after I blow a few holes in your face.
Gaignun: Forgive me Jr. I don't think you would want kids either.
Jr.: You're right I wouldn't. If we did have a reality show it would be something like "The Real Chance of Love". Gaignun will be the gorgeous, elegant, sweet one and I'll be the hot bad boy with the attitude problem. Then at the end we'll confess to everyone that we were just kidding. We're gay for each other. Hah! Talk about epic fail!

To Jr: Why does Gaignun get to have a harem when you're just as hot? Do you at least have a fan club of teeny bopper fangirls?
Jr.: Um, hello? Twelve over here. I'm jail bait. Living breathing jail bait.
Albedo: Hmm, indeed you are, Rubedo.
Jr.: The point is that I can't have a harem because of my physical appearance. Isn't that sort of obvious? What's a teeny bopper anyway? You have the same accent as Mary, did you know that? What planet are you from again?
Gaignun: She means fangirls, Jr.
Jr: Oh! Yeah I've got them. Too bad I'm not a pedophile. I might be able to be a playboy like Gaignun.

To Albedo: Are you more or less insane and evil as Hitler? Is your insanity more like schizophrenia, or some other mental illness?
Albedo: Illness? What illness? You define me by the standards of normalcy that are collapsable and nonexistant. Weight upon usele-
Jr.: Just answer the goddamn question, Albedo.
Albedo: Many voices whisper to me but they make up one. U-DO speaks to his chosen victims so I would say it is more like divine harrassment. Pulling out the fears and forcing you against them.
Jr.: You were never exactly sane to begin with though. Hah! I guess you had a phobia! Let's ask Gaignun. He's the phobia police.
Gaignun: Autophobia is the fear of being alone.
Albedo: Thank you Nigredo for your pointless knowledge. Now leave us. I need to talk with Rubedo...
Jr.: Uh...

To Albedo: Why didn't you kill that bitch Citrine when you were little?
Rubedo would never have allowed such a thing. He has such a weak spot for life. If I had taken any action against her surely Nigredo would have hindered her death. He had a thing for her.
Gaignun: I never had a thing for her, Albedo.
Albedo: And yet you were seen in public with her. Oh lies upon lies, Death.
Gaignun: There was nothing between us. Ask Yuriev, it wasn't me. I do resent the title "bitch" in reference to her. She was merely misguided. Albedo was misguided and no one called him a bastard.
Jr.: Heh. I did.

To Albedo: If Gaignun died, and Jr fell for you, would you be able to be happy, or would your ultimate goal still be for Jr to kill you?
Oh my dear, this is only a matter of time. Why should I die when I have eternity now to spend with Rubedo. Now that we are one, my death would automatically mean his as well. Oh how lovely and romantic such an ideal! No, Rubedo will be mine. Immortaility is where the boy resides and where he shall stay.
Jr.: Can we not talk about this?

To the URTVs: Is it possible for all of you to be happy at once (and all be alive)?
You see the ones who are alive now? Yeah, that's about all you're gonna get.

To Gaignun: What are those strange things poking you in the back?
Albedo shattered fragments of my spinal cord when he threw my body down the stairs on the Durandal.
Jr: Yeah. You should have been careful you bastard!
Albedo: And do what? Allow the slayer to rip open his dragon and drink your blood from his goblet? Perhaps I should help him? Hold you down for the blade. You have the most delicious blood, flower.
Gaignun: Alright, that's enough, Albedo. The strange things are metallic replacements of destroyed vertebrae. I can't feel them now but they were very much there for the first few weeks.

To Jr.: Why are you afraid of nothing but act like a little girl when watching scary movies?
Jr.: I did not act like a little girl! It was Albedo! He was the scared one!
Albedo: Fear? Fear in action I have taken? Fear of lesser techniques carried out by lesser serial killers? Rubedo. I am Fear.
Gaignun: What they mean to say is that Jr.- and yes Jr. not Albedo - gets too caught up in movies. It's not really fear so much as surprise. Sometimes he'll actually shoot at the screen. Thank goodness he didn't then.
Jr.: Eh, you were too sick to be dodging bullets. Maybe next time.

To Gaignun: If Jr leaves a Makarov lying around and it goes off and no one's there to hear it, does it make a sound?
Yes, in fact it does. It's the sound of shattering glass and a shocked droid smashing onto the ground of the dock where the poor thing explodes.
Jr.: What? I didn't tell him to pull the trigger!
Gaignun: You didn't have to. It went off by itself. Jr., perhaps new technology would better suit you than these malfunctioning weapons.
Jr.: And maybe you should shut the fuck up before I shut you up. Eastwood didn't need lazers and neither do I.

~We need him for the sexy! DX~
Albedo's Jerusalem

Albedo! Are you aware that I absolutely 100% worship the ground you walk on?
Albedo: Ah, Jason mon petit fanboy I am aware. Be careful where you tread however you might get blood on your clothes and we can't have that now can we?

Everyone! How do you feel about your teams?
I adore my followers. Beautiful sheep blindly following their shepard. Only you understood my twisted love of perfection! The love of the Dragon. Is Nigredo not dangerous?! The graves you have constructed for me are magnificent! How could I ever be displeased at such glorious work? Supportive yet vicious. Accepting yet bloodthirsty. We indeed know the truth about Rubedo, don't we?
Gaignun: I appreciate my team but I am also disappointed in their behavoir. You were determined to murder this author weren't you? It may seem like I'm scolding you and in a way I am. I am impressed with your devotion, however. With a Team as fired up as you there was no way I was not going to win Rubedo. I'm certain that if Albedo had won you would have fully manifested my title of Death.
Jr.: I like my team because no one's fucking crazy and they gave me a choice. Me! Whatever made me happy! They didn't treat me like some goddamn trophy. Yeah. Hope you're all ashamed of yourselves.
Albedo: Mon Précieux you are a trophy! A most glorious prize for the fitting suitor.
Gaignun: He's right. I think this is one thing we can both agree on.
Jr: And one thing that I can hate you both for at the same time.

Jr.! Why can't you just love Albedo? D':

Jr.: Hello?! Did you see what he did to me? Like from fucking chapter two to chapter twenty nine he did nothing but torment me! Not to mention all that shit he's done in the past! But I do love him even if I'm not in love with him. And I do forgive him since he kept his promise and saved Gaignun. He apologized to MOMO too so I guess I can't be too furious with him. At least not until the next time he screws up.

Gaignun! Do you have a phobia of pudding or was that another lie? You liar!

Gaignun: No, I never had a phobia of pudding although I detest being covered in it. So I suppose I'm a liar.
Jr.: Come on, Jason. That question's unfair. He was just teasing.
Albedo: I find it the fairest of all the questions, Rubedo. Mirror mirror on the wall. What is that you see, Nigredo?

Albedo! If Gaignun 'accidentally' slipped on a banana peel and died would you laugh or would you pretend you had nothing to do- I mean would you be sad?
I would be sad of course because Rubedo would be devastated. As for the actual death of him I'm sure I could find a much more fitting end to my most despised person. Rubedo would never believe that something so simple could come from me...
Jr.: ...Gaignun watch your step from now on, ok?

MOMO! If Jr. decided that he would share himself between you, Gaignun, and Albedo would you be up for that?

MOMO: Well I uh...um...
Ziggy: Absolutely not. Nothing like that will ever happen.
Jr.: Aw come on old man. I'd be so much sweeter to her than either of them.
Ziggy: And Albedo would be happy with that arrangement? The answer is no.
chaos: He's right Jr. if she reminds him of Sakura and you start paying more attention to her...
Jr.: Fine Jeez!

Gaignun! You are a man whore, aren't you. Tell the truth!

I prefer the term pimp, however I guess such a thing could be true. I was quite the playboy.
Jr.: Were! That's the key word here.
Albedo: Be nice to Rubedo's heart or else you might lose your's, Nigredo.

Jr.! This is something that has been thrown back and forth between Albedist and Gaignunist since the chapter Resist. Tell them the truth. Was your second "encounter" with Albedo willing or not?

Jr: Do I have to answer in front of Gaignun?
Gaignun: It's ok, Jr.
Jr.: Then yeah. It was willing. There, everyone happy?
Albedo: I most certainly am, Mon Preciuex
Gaignun: Well it's over and I won so it doesn't matter. Leave him alone Gaignunists.

The Original Oxymoron

1. Do you have a man crush on Ziggy?

Albedo:Oh my mechanical beast! Such a marvelous mechanized monster. He makes me absolutely weak with admiration. Such a wonderful mass of automated being! What being could not have a "crush" on such an animatron?

2. What's your favorite thing about Rubedo?
Albedo:The very way his eyes burn with that absolute undeniable hatred. Even now I want that fire to burn away all the deep blue. Oh what passion my Rubedo embodies!


Albedo: Ah but of course, ma amie. It is 667. Right between Rubedo and Nigredo. Just as I should be.
Jr.: That's not what she meant Albedo...

4. Do you think it's fair that Albedo gives up everything for Rubedo and you already have sexy ladies and men swooning over you but you STILL take him?! T_T

Gaignun: You make it seem as if I am ungrateful. It is true that Albedo has given perhaps more than I ever could but no one compares to Jr. and I would do anything for him. I plan to spend the rest of my time alive making up for the mistakes I have made. Unlike Albedo, who has been fully redeemed, I'm afraid some of my crimes against him are unforgiveable and irrevocable. But I plan to do what I can.
Albedo: Death can paint it as pretty as he wants but no. It's not.

5. If Albedo and Gaignun weren't there, who would you date? MOMO? Mary or Shelley? Shion?
Jr.: Definately MOMO. She'd probably be my first choice but then again I like Mary a lot. She's always kind of had a thing for me even if she's one of Gaignun's girls and she's a lot of fun. Shelley's beautiful but I just don't see it for some reason. Especially now since she's with chaos. Man, who saw that coming? That's crazy! Shion? Nah. She's pretty cool but we wouldn't get along. I have a feeling she'd take some of my pranks a little too personally and Shion could probably kick my ass if she wanted to. Our fights would be actual fights. Let's just keep it on the friend level.

6. Do you have the innate ability to attract sexy men? D':

Well I am a sexy man myself so of course. What the hell kind of question was that? We've got actual pedophiles here that want a piece of me. Oh shit I just remembered something. Hey Gaignun? What happened to those pictures Mary took?

7. Do you mind being short/childlike, or do you embrace the perks?

Jr.: At times it can get annoying but I can get away with a lot of things because of it. Or well...when Gaignun or the Godwins aren't around anyway...or chaos...or Canaan..Wait, why did I say I liked it again?

8. Are you sad about Jr.? Do you think you'll ever go out with anyone else?
MOMO:Well I am a little upset about Jr. But I'm really glad that he's happy and that Albedo's being nice again.
Jr.: You're really sweet, MOMO.
MOMO: N-no it's the truth! I'd like to think that I'll meet someone else but I don't think I'll look for a while.

Ziggy:Yes I have noticed this and I can't say that I'm flattered.
Albedo: Don't lie, my beautiful construction. You and I--
Jr.: That's enough Albedo! Calm the fuck down! The old man doesn't want you and I don't want him either so unless you find a body soon I'd rather you not try to rub all over him.


10. I am sorry you had to die, I did like your character... however -slap- WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO MEAN TO YOUR BROTHERS? Your dad obviously doesn't care... Also were you aware of that? Did it hurt you?

Citrine: Slap me again and I'll have to kill you. Why should I be nice to them? They're failures. Whether my father cares for my well being isn't a concern. The only thing that matters is the fulfillment of his ideals. His word is law and it didn't hurt one bit to die for his cause.

~~Blind Jr. and see who he runs into first!~~

1. Albedo. If Gaignun had gone with Jr., and out of heart-break, MOMO came running to you, would you take her as your own? Or just screw with her head and go back to Jr.-huntin'?
Albedo: Ma Pêche, such a sweet little imitation. I'm afraid she is not enough for my thirst. Only the liquid in Rubedo's veins will satisfy me!

2. Nigredo/Dmitri. How often did your dad do... 'bad' things to you/How often did you do taboo stuff with your son? *coughincestuouscough*

Dmitri: Taboo? Besides taking over his body and trying to murder his disgusting little boyfriend? Things of the incestous nature hm? I'll admit I gave into a few urges in order to break in the new body you could say.
Jr.: Gaignun is that true?
Gaignun: ...
Jr.: I'll fucking kill you again you bastard!

3. Dmitri. Why Gaignun? Why not Helmer? Perhaps no killing-Red-Dragon-ness, but if you acted well-enough, you wouldn't be getting your butt kicked right now. You're supposed to be BA along with Albedo.

Are you implying that I am lesser in comparison with a failure? Surely not! Nigredo was specifically designed for me and therefore my perfect skin. A custom made suit waiting its big debut.
Jr.: You disgusting bastard! No wonder Albedo's sick. He must've gotten the sadism gene from you you fucking monster!
Citrine: Quiet Rubedo or else we'll have to fight again and this time your little friends won't be there to help.

4. Rubedo. If Albedo was not crazy [or in your head] , would you go to him with open arms/choose him over Gaignun?
Jr.: Um...I am not at liberty to discuss this question.
chaos: I have a feeling it's the same as the Sakura/MOMO dilema.
Jr.: Well that's not why I'm afraid to answer. I'm afraid of the teams. God knows what they'll do.
Gaignun: They'll be good. Go ahead and answer. We all know the truth.
Jr.: ...maybe...
Albedo: Oh Rubedo! Mon Précieux! My red rose, my passionate dragon!
Jr.: Stop touching me! I said maybe! Maybe!!

5. chaos. WHY did you leave Albedo and rescue the Rub/Nig but leave Albedo? Seriously, WTH?
chaos: I didn't have time. Jr. and Gaignun were in terrible shape and they seemed to be the only ones alive. We did search for Albedo but couldn't find him and had no choice but to evacuate.
Canaan: It's not chaos' fault it's mine. I told him we had no choice and he didn't really have any say in the matter.
Albedo: I do not harbor any misgivings for my defective Cupid. At least he saved my Rubedo.
chaos: Thank you, Albedo. It means a lot.

6-9. Albedo, Nigredo, Rubedo, Dmitri. If you could each have 1 wish, what would it be?
No wishing for people [Al!], infinite power [Dmitri! D: ], well-being, deaths, or riches.
I wish for Rubedo.
Jr.: You can't wish for me, idiot! That's the rule! Get off me!
Gaignun: I wish that Albedo would get off of Jr.
Albedo: Curse you, Nigredo!
Jr.: I wish Gaignun was immortal.
Gaignun: That's a sweet thought, Jr. but I think that might fall under the well-being category.
Jr.: What? You going all suicidal on me? Do you want to die, Gaignun?
Dmitri: I wish all of my sons were dead.
Jr.: You can't wish for that either, jackass!
Albedo: I wish for Nigredo to die.
Jr.: You guys can't wish for things like that! Were you even listening to the rules?!
Albedo: I wish for Rubedo to stop talking.
Gaignun: That was a good one, Albedo.
Dmitri: I wish this question was over.

10. Tylida [HEY. You were mentioned in the story. You mentioned yourself. In the begginning and end. Don't judge me.]. Will you make anoooother, or will the Albedists have to go rogue and eat your innards and outtards and hair? ... X3
My hair?! D: No! *hides* Actually I have a few ideas for a couple of stories. I say a couple b/c I mean two! D: Le Gasp! As Jessi would say. XD
I really don't have an idea for a sequel and couldn't ever imagine Conflicting Numbers having an actual sequel. I think I've cutscened it out. XD It's dead and tired so I plan to let it sleep. But I've got an idea for an AlbedoxJr. story and a GaignunxJr. story. The second mainly b/c I can't see the Gaignunists letting me get away with that if I don't even it out. XD I've actually started on both already but I'm a little hesitant to post them. Nothing will ever amount to the greatness that is CN.

~~~If I Have To Write a Eulogy For Gaignun Then I'll Have To Write One For You Too~~~
Nigredo's Oblivion

Ziggy? If I show you a picture of what your swimsuit looks like in the game will you please explain to me why in the world you would ever wear something like that?

Ziggy: I do not own a swimsuit. I never will. This picture does not make sense. My legs are metallic and in here they are definately human or perhaps Realian. I would never be seen in something so ridiculous.
MOMO: Oh Ziggy! You look so cute in this!
Ziggy: MOMO you can't be serious.
MOMO: Come on! Let's get Jr. and go find you a bathing suit so you can play with us!
Ziggy: MOMO I don't think that is necessary.
Jr.: Aw, come on old man. What? You don't want to play?
MOMO: Please Ziggy?
Ziggy: ...

Gaignun? Why in the world would you try to kill yourself when you finally got free?

Gaignun: I thought that I wouldn't be able to control myself. Even if Dmitri isn't here the power to destroy Jr. is and I'm unsure if or when it will reappear. I didn't want Jr. to be alone and Albedo has always wanted to be with Jr. I knew he would take care of him if I couldn't. He always has in a way.

Albedo? Why were you in your child form at the end of the story?
I thought it would ease both Nigredo and Rubedo's minds. I seem less threatening in such a form and Rubedo is more willing to accept such an image. To be accepted by Rubedo means everything.

Jr.? Are you going to physically age now that you and Albedo are together? Does that affect your growth in any way or are we all bound to be hopeless pedos for the rest of our lives?
Huh. I'm not sure. What do you think, Albedo?
Albedo: It could be a possibility perhaps. However only our spirits remain one as my body contains the evil that is our creator. Without the actual merge of flesh it could be an impossibility.
Jr.: That's a maybe then...I guess? I don't know. Whatever. Maybe. There's your answer. Guess we'll see.

Gaignun? If Jr. was as old as you physically would you still be seme?

Gaignun: Jr. dominant? Well I--
Jr.: Hell no he wouldn't! I'd hold him down and ride him like--
chaos: Jr. I'm not sure if that's appropriate.
Jr.: What? chaos you're the one who's always comparing us the horsemen of the apocalypse.
chaos: I never intended for the metaphor to be used in that way...
Jr.: The point is yes.
Gaignun: I guess we'll never know.
Jr.: We might know! We might!

Albedo? What about you? Would you ever be submissive to Jr.?

Rubedo can do whatever he wishes to me. As long as I am his.
Jr.: Albedo you're a masochistic mess.
Albedo: You are perfection, mon Rubedo.

Albedo? Do you know why the caged bird sings?

Albedo: For Rubedo! It sings for Rubedo! It sings to be free from its confining cage to make Jr. his own! To rip the bars with blood soaked talons! To bathe in the liquid of the keeper who placed him there! Oh with such devastating purpose does it sing!
Jr.: ...Gaignun? I thought you said Albedo was better. He still ranting.

Albedo? Did you ever find out about the bruises?
Jr.: Aw shit.
Gaignun: Who's team where you on?

Gaignun? Do you have any idea how loud Team Gaignun squeals everytime you give cute little Jr. a bath?

Do you know how many bullets it takes to kill a squealing fanboy?
Gaignun: Jr. why do you always have to be so rude? It wasn't an insult. He said you were cute.
Jr.: And that's insulting! I am not cute! I'm not!
Gaignun: Yes you are.
Jr.: I am not! I'm sexy! Say it Gaignun! Say it!
Gaignun: You're sexy, Jr.
Jr.: That's right!
Gaignun: ...in a cute way.
Jr.: Goddamnit Gaignun!

That was fun. XD A lot of fun so yay! I hope all your questions have been answered...or at least you liked the answers anyway.

Before I go, yeah I know why am I holding you back? You may leave. XD I just have to say thank you and give writers credit for things and stuff.

First and foremost I have to thank jap0911
jap0911 had written a previous story called Between 666,667, and 669. Until then I hadn't even entertained the idea of a love triangle between them. XD Her Jr. is a lot different than mine, but I liked it none the less. It only had 3 chapters though before she abandoned it. :( So with her permission I decided to save it...or sort of...I really don't think hers was going in this direction...

So hurray! Thank you jap0911 for making me realize GaignunxJr. 'Cus they're great!

Ok, since I either stole their stuff or was inspired by their things let's get on with the music and books deal.

Oh Franky boy you sly dog. XD Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
John Gardener's Grendel
John Milton's Paradise Lost

Um...right I think that's all the books. *pokes*

Wallace Steven's "The Emperor of Ice Cream"
Emily Dickinson's "Because I Could Not Stop For Death"
Oh and of course God Old Willy! Romeo and Juliet whatnot. I think I migh thave stolen a few other things from him...
So just William Shakespeare in general!

Huh...Is that all? I thought I was more of theif than that.

Ok music, now here's the thing with the music it's the big one. It's like Inspiration Nation here and the song that sparked the actual going through with this story was Hans Zimmerman's Davy Jones. Why? I have no freakin' idea. Just happened. XD
The reason these songs are inspiring are totally random. It could run from lyrics to actual music to just the way the singer sounds. If I had been on Miltia I would've been dead the moment the song started.

The story itself:
Zimmerman's "Davy Jones"
Clint Mansell's "Requiem for a Dream"- (not Beethoven's original Lux Aeterna that one just screams Wilhelm to me for some reason.)
Red's "Breathe Into Me"

Rule of Rose's Theme Song
Kanye West's "Amazing"
Mindless Self Indulence's "Diabolical"
Breaking Benjamin's "Diary of Jane"
Inner Party System's "Don't Stop"
Yuki Kajura's "Here He Comes #2"
Apocalyptica's "I Don't Care"
Three Days Grace's "Just Like You"
My Chemical Romance's "The Sharpest Lives" and "This Is How I Disappear"
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' "You Better Pray"

Kid Cudi's "Day 'n Nite"
Apocalyptica's version of "Nothing Else Matters"
Disturbed's "The Night"
Nine Inch Nails- "Only"
Red's "Hide" and "Lost"
Shinedown's "Second Chance"
Panic! At the Disco's "Camisado"
30 Seconds To Mars' "A Beautiful Lie"

Madonna's "Die Another Day"
Framing Hanely's "Lollipop"
Jason Marz's "Do What You Do"
Three Day's Grace's "I Hate Everything About You" and "Never Too Late"
Dashboard Confessional's "Vindicated"

Dashboard Confessional's "You Have Stolen My Heart"
The Main's "Time To Go"
Linkin Park's "Lying From You"

Rihanna's "Disturbia"
Shinedown's "Sound of Madness"
Emilie Autumn's "Rose Red"
Three Day's Grace's "Just Like You"

Gaignun/Albedo: Apocalyptica's "Hope" and "Worlds Collide".

Ha! There we go. There's all the inspiration I stole from! Phew! But of course I have to thank all of you again!

And actually, some parts in this story were made by suggestions from you.
The Original Oxymoron gave me the idea to tell where Albedo's 100-series came from and to also make a crazy Gaignun b/c "that'd be a win!" XD
C412 gave me the idea to have Albedo still alive and able to move around instead of sleeping inside Jr. half dead. XD That would suck.

Ganon XD- Anything and everything Gaignun-related
Albedo's Jerusalem-Anything and everything Albedo-related

Phew! Now I am done! This is it! The very very last update. D:

By now you are all tired of me anyway. XD So now I shall leave and get started on revision of this thing...*siiigh* and get started on the first couple of chapter's for Albedo's story!
Gaignunists?....Give me a little more time. You're allowed to read Albedo things too! XD

Alright then! Goodbye everyone! CX