Chapter 13

Colbie tried to stay as far away from Dean as she could. It was nearly impossible in the small bed. She sighed and glanced over toward Sam. He was sound asleep.

Colbie shook her head and sat up in the bed. Dean didn't move so she assumed he was asleep as well. Colbie grabbed her jacket off the chair and crossed to the door. She carefully turned the lock trying to be as quiet as possible.

She started to scream when someone grabbed her arm and spun her around. The person's hand clamped over her mouth before a sound could escape though. She opened one eye and peered nervously at the person. Once she realized who it was, she stepped on his foot angrily and pushed him away.

"Dean, what the hell is wrong with you," Colbie demanded.

"What's wrong me? What's wrong with you? What are you doing," Dean asked in a heated whisper.

"I couldn't sleep so I was going to get a book out of my car," Colbie explained.

Dean shook his head in irritation and pulled the door open for Colbie. He waved her out before stepping out with her. Colbie tried not to check him out in just his boxers and t-shirt.

"Like what you see," Dean asked.

"You are such an ego maniac," Colbie replied as she pulled her car door open. She glanced back over her shoulder at him as she grabbed her books.

"You didn't deny it," Dean pointed out cockily.

"Fine, I was checking you out. Happy," Colbie snapped in irritation.

"No," Dean said with a shake of his head.

Colbie raised her eyebrows at him and shut her car door. She cocked her head at him slightly and grinned. She slowly stepped closer to him. It wasn't until she was close enough to feel the heat radiating off his body that she spoke.

"You won't be happy until you've got me naked moaning your name," Colbie whispered as she brushed her lips against his neck.

She leaned back slightly to meet his gaze and raised her eyebrows in question. He was staring at her open mouthed unsure of what to say in response. She had always been assertive with him, but she had never toyed with him like this.

She grinned cheekily and stepped away from him. She shrugged slightly and headed back towards the hotel room. "But what do I know," Colbie called over shoulder leaving Dean to wonder what had just happened.

The next morning, Colbie could feel Dean's eyes on her as she moved around the room. "Don't you think we should leave soon," she asked as she threw the rest of her stuff into her bag.

"Bobby can wait a couple more hours," Dean replied.

"He still at the same place," Colbie asked.

"Yeah, why," Dean asked.

Colbie slung her bag over her shoulder and headed the door. "I'm bored with sitting around and I'm going to see Bobby, you two can catch up whenever you're ready."

Colbie crossed the parking lot and tossed her bag in the passenger seat. As she circled around the car, she noticed that Sam and Dean had come out to the impala and were getting ready to leave.

"How about a race," Colbie called as she climbed into the Jeep and cranked it up. "Last one there buys dinner."

"You're on baby," Dean shouted before climbing into the impala. Colbie was already tearing out of the parking lot headed toward Bobby's. "She's gotten even crazier."

"I wouldn't know," Sam mumbled as Dean pulled out of the parking lot. Dean rolled his eyes and pushed the gas pedal toward the floor.