"'Toadette's Thousand Tales'... wait a minute, that's all about me! Hey guys, look!" Toadette exclaimed as she dashed up to the others in front of the grand statue of the Delfino Plaza. "All of these tales that I conveniently found!"

"Kid, those are the scripts for this story." Dry Bowser stated as he rolled his eyes, brushing back his red hair.

Petey Piranha blabbered in agreement as he was eating the fruits that were hanging on the tropical palm trees populating the plaza, managing to catch them with his mouth.

"Oh goodness gracious, we're interrupting the author's note!" Toadsworth shouted upon realizing that this bit wasn't part of the script at all.

Toadette farted a huge bassy blast of flatulence, and then casually shrugged with a smile, figuring that this somehow would be the very first of the supposedly thousand tales dedicated to her. Dry Bowser and Toadsworth gave each other disgruntled glances at each other while Petey ignored this by continuing to eat up the falling fruit.

"I like how we're getting appearances too even though we're not characters from this particular IP," Arceus stated to Gruntilda Winkybunion as they and a few others were present.

"You couldn't sell me a bridge on this concept even if you tried!" Gruntilda scoffed as she adjusted her black witch hat, since she couldn't come up with a clever pun that rhymed.

"Speaking of which, why are we even here, Dr. Hoshi?" Peppy Ankylosaurus asked his purple scientist raptor co-hort as the two dinosaurs were watching Toadette breaking wind from the comfort of their beach chairs, with the yellow Ankylosaurus eating some fresh lettuce.

"Oh, just to cross promote our existence by making cameos in Yoshizilla's most famous fanfiction." Dr. Hoshi explained as he adjusted his glasses as he then pulled out an XBox 360 and began kissing it passionately.

Space Ghost suddenly appeared, causing everything to freeze up as he turned around, his yellow cape blowing as he scratched his head. "...so can anyone tell me why I was summoned here?"

"You're making a special appearance!" Toadette explained as she then released a fart so huge, it caused all of Isle Delfino to collapse on itself from the flatulent fungi stink.

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: ...Yeah, I obviously had to 'cheat' in order to make the Thousand Tales thing work. So instead of literally a thousand chapters, you'll figuratively get a thousand chapters instead. ...You'll see.

Disclaimer: Toadette and all of her cuteness belong to Nintendo. Now go find someone else to pester, you... young whippersnappers!

Toadette has a lot of tales for her to show of all to your folks. Alas, many were small, others were quite right, but few were big.

And amongst them were her many misadventures... and every day tibbits. Join her, won't you?

Toadette's stomach growled as she sighed, both of her hands on her rumbliny belly. "Golly, am I hungry..."

"You're always hungry, my girl," Toadsworth stated as he and she were walking through the Cloudtop Cruise, with various multicolored Toads racing through the racecourse on the white puffy clouds. Toadsworth and Toadette were racing on the small wooden plants right next to the clouds. "Why don't you just take it easy and appreciate the beauty of this place?"

"I do appreciate it, but I can't help it if my tummy rumbles," Toadette remarked as she looked back at her growling stomach, nodding her head. She then fell through a hole that she couldn't see on the plank.

Toadette and Dry Bowser watched the various different airplanes coming into the Sunshine Airport, with Toadette farting a cute little poot as she giggled, Dry Bowser glaring at her, the two sitting on the rooftop of the airport terminal.

"Must you?" Dry Bowser groaned as he folded his boney arms together.

"Hey, everyone farts!" Toadette remarked as she held down her pink dress upon releasing a deep pitched, bassy fart that puffed up her white diaper. "Well, everyone with organic material."

Dry Bowser just shook his head at the pink clad mushroom girl. "I've met plenty of organisms with organs, and they don't have any flatulence problem at all."

Toadette farted a trombone toot as she sighed of relief, fanning the air with her right hand. "Well, I would love to see them try to hold in the farts I have! Don't let my cute size fool you!" Her eyes widened as she released a thunderous tuba toot, feeling a bit messier in her underwear as she then blushed in embarrassment. "And... I'm gonna need a new diaper."

"I'm out." Dry Bowser stated as he left Toadette, going off to do something stupid.

Toadette burped as she and Petey Piranha were drinking as much fresh water at the Dolphin Shoals, with the various dolphins all watching as they were impressed at how much the two were drinking.

"Man, look at those two go!" One green colored dolphin stated as he chirped dolphin noises.

"I wonder how they get their enthusiasm to drink," Another, yellow colored dolphin remarked, bouncing up and down and all around.

"Thanks for the narration," Toadette sarcastically stated as she peed herself while saying this, ignoring that she was wet as she resumed drinking with Petey, determined to not lose to the mutated piranha plant.

Toadette was hanging out with Dr. Hoshi and Peppy Ankylosaurus, the three of them going around the volcanic Grumble Volcano to see Dry Bowser running a motor oil company, while Petey Piranha was selling popcorn, with Toadsworth collecting magma rock samples.

"So, uh, how have you two been doing ever since that grand prix in Dinosaur Land?" Toadette asked as she then twirled around, posing cutely.

Dr. Hoshi sighed as he dusted off his white lab coat from the specks of ash falling on it from the volcano spewing out smoke, adjusting his light blue glasses. "Well, I've been playing all the titles I missed on XBox 360 during its golden era, and Peppy here... he just eats and sleeps."

"Hey, it's what I do. Lettuce is my live." Peppy stated as he covered his armored body with lettuce he was letting heat up for some reason.

"What the..." Dry Bowser muttered from his Undead Motors business as he noticed Toadette munching on the burning lettuce, shaking his head. "No. I don't even want to know."

"Ho hum! I agree!" Toadsworth blurted in agreement as he hit his cane on the magma hardened pavement. "It's quite disgusting to see!"

"I dunno... it looks good to me." Petey admitted while munching on popcorn, causing Dry Bowser and Toadsworth to look at him oddly.

of course, this caused quite a predicament in Toadette's growling gut, causing the pink mushroom girl to fart up a volcanic flatulent storm that made the Grumble Volcano spew out more hot air from itself, causing more flames to spew everywhere as the fiery course had its magma rise.

Another typical quiet day in the Mushroom Kingdom, Toadette was in her own castle, sitting in a pink throne chair. She yawned. Really loudly.

"Geeze, what does it take to get good entertainment?" The little humanoid mushroom girl pouted as she looked at her right arm, which had a Mario wristwatch. Suddenly, as if on cue, four classic Mario characters rolled right up to her, all introducing themselves in order.

"Red-Shelled Koopa Troopa!" "Chain Chomp!" "Red Toad! ...Should I even call myself that-" SMACK! "Owwww!" "Piranha Plant!"

The four all saluted, proclaiming loudly, "We're ready to move out and transform, Princess Toadette!"

"Please..." Toadette rolled her eyes as she sighed, "Just call me Toadette."

"Yes... Madam Toadette," Chain Chomp stated with gratitude as he smiled, while Toadette moaned and shook her head.

The red Toad rubbed the back of his head, glancing to his fellow patrons before looking up at Toadette. "So, umm, anything you need us for, oh fair lady?" He asked in a kind mannered voice.

Toadette just gave the four characters a glaring glance for twelve seconds. There was no reason for it to be specific, it was just funny to state what particular time.

"..." Her stomach starting to growl, Toadette sighed as she motioned the four to, "Go fetch me something to eat, I'm starvin' here."

"YES, MADAM TOADETTE!" The four characters proclaimed as they turned around and headed to the kitchen, with the Piranha Plant using his newly installed metallic boots built right into his green-colored warp pipe to move.

Toadette folded her arms, grumbling to herself as quietly as possible, "Man, what a jip. I get in one little fight, and ol' Toadsworth got so scared, he threatened to send me straight to Bel Air, but was smart enough to just banish me here..." She moaned as she looked around her throne room, "But did he have to make me into a princess, for crying out loud!?"

"Yes, I did actually." Toadsworth stated as he appeared behind Toadette, scaring her.

"EEP!' Toadette yelped as she held onto the chandelier, glaring at the old man. "Do you have to do that every time?"

"Honestly, yes, because it seems that you don't take this very seriously." Toadsworth responded as he faced Toadette. "Now get down from there."

As Toadette sighed and began to slowly make her way off, she was smacked in the face by a boomeranging bone, causing her to fall on her back as she groaned in pain. Toadsworth gasped in shock as Dry Bowser emerged from the hallway, grabbing the rotating bone.

"I will never get tired of doing that." Dry Bowser responded with a smirk as he placed the bone back into his skeletal body.

Toadsworth sighed as he moved his right hand around, facing Dry Bowser. "Must you do that every time, you miserable pile of bones?"

"...Perhaps." Dry Bowser stated, glancing to the right to see Birdo and Petey Piranha kissing each other. He rolled his eyes, placing his boney hands on his skeletal hips. "Get a room, you two!"

Birdo and Petey Piranha glanced at Dry Bowser as they looked at each other, shrugging as they kept on kissing, with Dry Bowser and Toadsworth watching, disappointed. Toadette moaned weakly as she still felt hungry, too weak to get back up.