Toadette and Dry Bowser were in the lively Koopa Troopa Beach, with Toadette enjoying the sea breeze as Dry Bowser watched, being near the three yellow and red ramps as they looked at the large pool that connected with the ocean.

"My! It's such a gorgeous place!" Toadette exclaimed as she stopped flying, landing on the sand as she looked around. "No wonder they picked this place to race on! It's so wonderful!"

Dry Bowser chuckled as he folded his skeletal arms. "True, it is a great area. But there's more to it than just racing." He stated, shaking his skeletal head.

"Such as...?" Toadette asked as she glanced back at Dry Bowser after watching several red colored crabs scuttle by, placing her hands behind her back.

Dry Bowser opened his eyes as he turned to Toadette. "For one thing, actual relaxation." He commented.

"True." Toadette nodded as she spotted the hole in the wall, which was actually the shortcut tunnel. "Hey! Toad mentioned to me this tunnel! I actually have a chance to go through it!" She then ran up the ramp leading to it, jumping as she hit the wall instead, groaning in pain.

Dry Bowser smirked as he let out a chuckle, getting some entertainment from watching Toadette fail at getting into the tunnel.