Wife beaters are those ribbed cotton tank tops by like hanes and fruit of the loom btws. Sorry for any confusion. This is the final chapter, but I am thinking about another story. Not a sequel.

I was on imdb looking at the credits for Let Them Eat cake when I noticed there was an Amy Hadley. It intrigued me, Im guessing her scenes ended up being cut, but its weird to know that Remy has a younger sister. So Im thinking about doing something from when they were younger. It might just end up as a one shot though. Let me know if you guys have any idead.

"This one has a master bedroom wing. A wing, that's insane!" House said pointing to a listing in the real estate section from the paper.

"It's huge House," Thirteen shook her head.

"That's what she said," House smiled. Thirteen rolled her eyes, and pointed one house over.

"This is reasonable." Thirteen said, "Besides what are you going to do with six bedrooms."

"I could have an office and a masterbatorium." House smirked.

"You're going to need one if this conversation continues this way." Thirteen said sinking into one of the chairs at the table.

"Fine, I'm taking this to Wilson. He appreciates my jokes." House said rolling up the paper and leaving the office.

Thirteen sighed and stared at the clock. It wasn't even nine yet, she and House were two hours early because of Hannah's school schedule. Maybe they'd start going out to breakfast.

Thirteen watched the second hand of the clock tick by for another minute before concluding she was bored. She missed having Hannah around constantly, and momentarily thought about pulling her out of school for more shopping. But it was the girls first day.

"We're going to have to go with your pick." House said coming back into the office. Thirteen jerked her head up from the table. She checked her watch; it was 10:45. She'd fallen asleep. Wow.

"Why?" she said rubbing her eyes.

"The children's wing has its own door." House said pointing.

"So?" Thirteen asked still a bit groggy.

"Flash forward five years to our pregnant seventeen year old meth addict sneaking in and out of her wing." House said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"You should get yourself some anxiety meds." Thirteen said taking his hand.

"You should take a look at the case file Cameron brought over an hour ago." House said pointing to a file in the center of the table.

"Seventeen-year-old pregnant girl with heart palpitations." Thirteen read.

"It happens." House nodded.

"I see no meth on her tox screen." Thirteen said flipping through the pages.

"Yeah well," House shrugged not giving an answer.

"So are we running tests or putting down offers on a house?" Thirteen asked.

"Taub's doing the bitch work. I didn't want to wake you up." House said.

"You should have." Thirteen said standing up.

"Foreman's not even here yet, chillax sister," House smirked.

"Hannah teaching you vocabulary?" Thirteen asked.

"I wanna be a hip dad. Maybe we can wear matching suspenders as we chaperone her class dance." House smiled wider.

"Dream come true." Thirteen smiled back.

"but really, I should buy her something. I think she likes you better." House said looking slightly more serious.

"Excuse me?" Thirteen said raising an eyebrow.

"I asked her to tell you she was pregnant. You know, to get you back, and she said 'hell no'. Her words, not mine." House said.

"Yeah, because she got something out of my prank." Thirteen smiled, "and generally found it more clever."

"Please, mine was brilliant." House defended.

"Not only is yours overused, but she hasn't even gotten her peri-"

"Don't say that word," House cut her off.


"I'm warning you." House said pointing at her.

"House, I win. Face it." Thirteen said sweetly.

"Well, I have years to get you back." House crossed his arms over his chest.

"Did I walk in on something?" Foreman asked coming into the silent room.

"Just my silent song of victory." Thirteen said looking directly at House.

"Thirteen, stool sample." House said pointing towards the door.

"That's completely unnecessary." Foreman said as he began flipping through the file.

"You can help her." House said grumpily.

"It's definitely a structural problem." Taub said entering the office.

"-and once again I win," Thirteen said doing a little victory dance.

"Find it." House muttered.

"So, then Tommy told Lisa that his best friend Sammy likes her best friend." Hannah recounted for House and Thirteen in the car.

"So what?" House asked.

"So I'm Lisa's best friend!" Hannah squealed. Thirteen smiled.

"Sammy's a boy?" House asked slowly.

"Duh," Hannah said.

"I'm glad you're liking school." Thirteen said.

"You're going to make me go grey." House shuddered.

"You are grey," Thirteen said leaning over to kiss his grey stubble.

"We're having ice cream for dinner." House said firmly.

"I guess you can win this one." Thirteen said not putting up a healthy fight.

"Oh, and I put in an offer on the house." House said.

"The one with all the wings?' Thirteen groaned.

"No, the one story three bedroom." House said.

"Wait were moving?" Hannah asked.

"We need a house for you and our future hairless cat to grow up in." House nodded.

"God things change quickly around here." Hannah remarked.

"Don't you know it." House nodded with her.