Chapter Four: The Plan Part Two

"I'm going to kill Yugi," Malik growled, standing in front of his red Honda in the parking lot of the festival site.

"Yeah, yeah, you said that like five times already," Bakura rolled his eyes, wondering how this could be so difficult. All Malik had to do was die! Well… pretend to…but if he didn't stop complaining, he really was going to be a corpse when Yugi returned!

"I know! Doesn't change how much I hate having to do this." Malik relented, turning to Bakura, "Look, I know this car doesn't seem like much, but it is my mom's, so be gentle, will you?" He shoved the keys into Bakura's hand.

"I will," Bakura tried to keep the sarcasm from entering into his tone. To get through this absurd idea of Yugi's, (at least he thought it was an abomination of a plan) Malik would have to be in full cooperation in order for this to work, and the only thing that he seemed capable of was complaining and annoying the hell out of Bakura. 'I can't believe that I'm desperate enough to go through with even talk to this crybaby...' (AN: when you think about it, I think he thinks the same of everyone he meets...that or 'Prepare to face the ultimate doom'...LOL)

Bakura climbed behind the wheel of Malik's car a backed up, waiting for the signal.


Yugi wondered around the festival grounds, which were small compared to most other events in Roswell, and that was saying something. He fidgeted with his costume and looked around, trying to find his friends and Atem. He saw and waved to Ryou and Mokuba, who were standing near the funnel cake stand. At least one part of the plan was right: Seto was walking around the grounds, peering warily at every shadow. Yugi watched as the sheriff spotted Atem, standing in the crowd that gathered at the foot of the concert stage. Second stage: perfectly executed. 'Just keep your eyes away from the man behind the curtain, ladies and gents,' Yugi thought, shaking his head at the allusion. Once he finalized that Seto was effectively distracted but close enough to the parking lot, Yugi gave the signal to Marik, who was lurking somewhere near.

Yugi sighed, 'This better freaking work, I hate losing people I...LIKE a lot...' He blushed in spite of his correction.

Two minutes went by, and Yugi heard Malik scream. The sheriff had moved close enough to the entrance of the festival to hear, and his head immediately jerked to in that direction, reaching for his gun and running off. Considering that it was his friend that Yugi had heard screaming, hi figured it would be all right to watch this part of his plan play out. He ran to the parking lot and saw Malik on the ground, right in front of the car that Bakura was driving. "MALIK!!" Yugi screamed and ran toward the scene. Yugi caught up with the Sheriff and they both paused to watch a dark figure bent over Malik place a hand over his chest before pulling away. The figure saw Yugi and Seto and ran off in the other direction.

Bakura got out of the car, looking hysterical. "HOLY SHIT! MALIK!! I swear officer, I didn't see him, he came out of no where..." Bakura looked at the Sheriff with tears in his eyes. He hugged himself and looked toward the body on the ground, covered in desert dust, unmoving and silent.

Suddenly, Malik gasped, trying to sit up and groaned. Seto came directly to his side, carefully looking him over. Malik's low-neck line revealed a golden handprint on his skin, and Malik looked at it before looking at Seto saying, "What the hell just happened? All I did was come to the lot to look for Honda and then..." He looked around him, scared. Seto calmly watched him, looking only at the mark on his chest before touching it softly with his fingertips. Malik followed his line of vision and said, "What is that? Am I sick or something? Please, somebody tell me what's going on!" Yugi finally rushed to Malik's side to 'comfort' him. He had to keep his smile hidden.

Seto stood, beside himself with confusion. He had watched that teen with undivided attention. There was no way that Atem could have gotten here before him. He looked to his fingers and rubbed them together. They were sticky and...they had gold PAINT on them. Seto fought the urge to growl angrily at the people in front of them. He ran off in search of the masquerading savior, remembering what his costume had looked like. He searched wildly and found nothing until he spotted the same outfit on a person playing at the throwing game stand. Once he reached the unsuspecting suspect, he grabbed his shoulder and forced them to face him. He gasped silently. The person who he had turned around was...


"Hey dad," Mokuba said, warily, seeing the look in his father's eyes. "You okay?" Seto shook his head. No, Mokuba wasn't who he was looking for; he had been at practice the day of the shooting.

"I'm fine," Seto replied gruffly, turning away to look for someone else who he felt had something to do with this whole mess. He found Atem leaning against a fence this time, listening to the band play from the back. Seto walked straight to him, pinning him to the fence. Atem looked surprised, and a little fearful.

"You thought you could fool me, did you?" Seto shoved his fingers in Atem's face, "GOLD PAINT? How stupid do you think I am?" Seto glared into Atem's crimson eyes.

"What are you talking about?" Atem acted scared out of his mind.

"I'm onto you Yami." Seto continued. "You were there that day at the diner, weren't you? Why didn't you come forward and say anything?" Seto demanded.

"I was scared. Those guys had a GUN. I ran like everyone else!" Atem pleaded, this time with no faked emotions. "What do you want from me?"

"I want the TRUTH!" Seto yelled above the music.

"I just told you what happened! Are you arresting me, Sheriff?" Atem looked him directly in his eyes.

Seto snarled. "No, your dad would have you out before the night was through," Seto released Atem, pointing at him, "Just know that I am watching you, Yami. Remember that." Seto turned on his heel and walked back into the crowd, leaving Atem to collect himself. Atem couldn't help himself, he had to smile softly at Seto's anger, knowing that although the sheriff had discovered that the hand print was fake, he now had nothing to base his theories on. Atem had 'obviously' had no part in the event in the parking lot.

Having disposed of the costume that looked extraordinarily like Mokuba's, Marik came up behind him. "Did he figure it out?"

"Yes, he found out that it was a fake mark." Atem said, "But since he didn't catch you and I was too far away to have done anything, the sheriff has nothing to go on."

Marik scoffed. "This isn't exactly a good thing. He's going to watch us like a vulture for this little stunt we pulled,"

"But at least we don't have to leave," Atem breathed. He spotted Yugi next to Bakura, who was talking to Ryou about the 'accident'. Yugi saw him staring and smiled, giving him a thumb's up. Atem returned it, feeling slightly giddy.

"Why stay here?" Marik interrupted his moment with Yugi, "It's only going to go down from this point...the sheriff suspects something, two people have been let in on our secret...its just a disaster waiting to happen." Marik's eyes narrowed, "Especially with your feelings toward that science nerd."

Atem shook his head at Marik's annoyed remarks. "Its the only thing we can do. It would be too suspicious to leave now."

Marik sighed. He knew what Atem was saying was true, but any chance that he could get out of Roswell was a welcome one.

"Besides," Atem continued, "We know that there has to be at least one more of us out there, and older too,"

"That's why we should be searching for them!" Marik groaned.

"No." Atem said with finality. "All we know that he or she is a murderer. This mystery alien could only want to kill us or something worse,"

"It's a chance I'm willing to take," Marik seethed. "Anything to find out more about who we are and why we were placed Earth."

Atem sighed. "You don't think that Bakura and I want to know the same things, have the same questions? We're just going to have to be patient and wait for something to happen. It's bound to where we live."

Marik didn't even try to disagree with that last statement, knowing that only in Roswell three aliens would risk themselves to save a human.