The Job

By lustbader064

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This is a KaibaxYami/ YamixSeto YAOI fic.

Office sex.

Office flirting.

Boss/Secretary relationship




Chapter 1

Living as a 16 year old teenager in the modern world was something hard to grasp for the spirit of a 5000 year old pharaoh. For one, having achieved his own body after the Ceremony Battle where Yugi lost, his Hikari had cried the night out at the failure of not letting his Yami return to the afterlife and deciding that he would be staying with Yugi longer, he was granted a body for himself by the Gods. Having this body, at first seemed like a blessing for one who was only air in the last 5 millenia but as time passed, Yami's beforehand prediction of a newer and more prosperous life turned to the worst possible punishment mortals and immortals alike could ever withstand: Boredom.

So Yami, having been caught more than once lounging in the living room couch that afternoon by his Hikari, Yugi decided that it was a time for a change of activities.(1) the Cheshire grin which sometimes resembled that of Mokuba's was present as he circled Yami like a piece of meat.

His eyes followed the similar face of Yugi as he took in that look of pure mischief. Eyebrows furrowing, he got up from the couch into a sitting position with the absolute grace of a cat and shifted his posture. "Yugi, would you please in Ra's name, stop eyeing me like a shark. Its freaking the remaining sanity I have let in me." He said exasperatedly brushing a golden bang that found its irritating place in front of his eyes and sighed the deepest sigh he has let out so far in the past days.

If possible, Yugi's grin had stretched farther that it almost reached his ears. He stops walking and settles down on the space beside Yami's lone figure on the couch. The annoying imaginary light bulb of ideas that everyone has was still on inside Yugi's brain as if it was turning into 24/7 neon lights that you find in the red-light district bars. "Well, my dear alter- ego, Yami, my pharaoh, you've been terribly bored as of late. And… I'm getting worried."

Sudden realization dawned Yami as he faintly heard the continuous lighting of the light bulb in his Light's head. This was a bad idea. He would usually get these kinds of feelings of worry whenever another bad villain tried to take over the world with the use of Duel Monsters, the usual King of Duelists fan's club to harass him in his daily dally and… gulp… whenever Yugi got an idea that mainly involved him or worse if Mokuba was helping as well. The first matter was a very easy deal as he can, without breaking a sweat, he could defeat anyone. Second, he never has to worry that the fan's club would miss their daily schedule of stalking him and he was absolutely sure that they were already doing their job holding those numerous cameras as he

glanced at them hanging by the trees near the house.

'Oh this is genius!' Yugi thought in his head as he chuckled darkly in front of his Yami, and of course causing anyone in a 20 degree radius to immediately classify this moment in the loony personal moment time.

Yami squirmed in his seat but not in that normal commoner way but in that royalty way. When instead of sinking deeper into the couch, he just kept his neutral face and posture then just balled his hands tightly. His light was frightening. Never in his many millennia of living- well as close as he can get in that Puzzle- had he ever been afraid of anything other than hurting anyone or going to the dark side(2).

"Might I ask why you're worried dear little one?'' Yami asked his other half as he raised his legs from the floor and folded them beside him on the couch as he closed his eyes and hid blood red orbs. Looking at his Dark for a little while, he settled comfortably at the couch's arms and brought on an innocent thoughtful façade as he explained. "Well… you're going to live your own life sooner or later- like me– because it would be so weird for a grown up man to live in his old man's house as a shameless sponger. So now, since you don't go to school I would suggest you to find a job."

A few minutes ticked by and Yami's eyes opened slowly as he silently contemplated on Yugi's offer. "If I take up on your offer to find that job, what kind of job should I be in then? I'm not sure if they would accept me with my history as a 5000 year old Pharaoh Spirit in a 16 year old's body to work for their convenience. Don't you think so Yugi?"

"Oh, you don't have to worry about that! Mokuba and I already planned it all out." The smaller boy assured the other as the grin seemed to brighten a few notches. "And, you already have a scheduled interview with the guy in… a few days, this Thursday."

"Thursday you say? Isn't that, I don't know, 24 hours from now?" Yami asked exasperatedly as he slumped royally on the other couch's arms and rested his royal chin on his royal arm. They stayed quiet for another few minutes and unfortunately, the winner was pretty obvious. "What do I need?"

"YES!!!" Yugi triumphantly jumped off the couch and made a victory dance right then and there. "I knew you wouldn't resist a challenge! Yeah! Wohoo!!!"

"Please stop being foolish little one. Etiquette, remember that."

Looking at the taller boy, he sighed softly after seeing his Dark with that look. It was the trademark Pharaoh Look. You know the one that demanded pure and utter respect. With narrowed ruby eyes, smoothly controlled face and tight lips was the Pharaoh Look. "Yes, Your Majesty."

Yami raised an eyebrow at his Other Half's childish answer. In return, Yugi got the message and decided that he really needed to get serious. "Okay, okay. I was just joking Yami. I just really want you to get a job! I mean, I know you were a Pharaoh and being royalty must mean that you haven't worked for another person but I think that by taking a job, you can learn more things as someone who serves not who is served." Yugi explained with a business-like face but in his head he was laughing like a maniac and acted giddy like a high school girl.

Yami had learned to doubt whatever his Light would say regarding the well-being of the Pharaoh and was still doubtful of his Light now. He may have a point at the 'learn more things as someone who serves not who is served,' –part but other than that, everything just seemed like a big scheme of an evil mastermind, although… the idea was very tempting. The pharaoh had a challenging attitude and with this new acquisition in front of him served on a silver plate there was almost no way to resist this challenge!

And so, after the 'served and serve others,' lecture, Yugi had dutifully dragged him out of the room, grabbed their coats and forced him outside the door of the Kame Game Shop. "Where are you taking me, aibou?" Yami had stared all the while at his other half while his Holy Ass was led to different places. "You just wait and see!" His light had said that in a sing-song pattern complete with the creepy 'I'm-a-bad-guy-I'll-abduct-you' smile while holding the technological device called cell phone to his ear.

"Who are you calling, dear Yugi?" the pharaoh asked as he continued to wonder what his little look-alike's plans were for the day. "I'm calling… Mokuba."


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