The Job

By lustbader064

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This is a KaibaxYami/ SetoxYami/ SxYY YAOI fic.
Office sex. (in later chapters anyway)
Office flirting.
Boss/Secretary relationship



Chapter 3

Yugi and Mokuba are devils in disguise.

After agreeing with his Light, the yami got dragged outside of the Kame Game Shop to be brought into the Domino Mall. The place had a lot of shops and stores of different items and trinkets that Yami looked at them, a bit amazed. It was only his first time in a mall after all.

"What are we doing here little one?" he asked Yugi who was tapping his foot in slight impatience. The former Pharaoh scrunched his brows together in slight distaste and gently reprimanded his Light, "Yugi, please calm down. Whoever it is you are waiting for surely must not be that important for you to be so impatient so quickly, is it?"

His boot-clad foot stomped down with a loud clack that echoed in the mall. With a rather over exaggerated sweep of his whole body he gestured to the whole mall with one hand placed on his chest. He looked like one of the actors from a drama play.

"This impatience," Yugi stopped for dramatic effect. "… My sweet Pharaoh is perfectly understandable."

Yami raised a thin eyebrow at him and asked with a skeptic voice, "Oh, how so?"

"Well-"the smaller of the two was about to say more but was cut off when someone called both their named and nearly destroyed their ear drums. As soon as Yugi heard that familiar voice, he turned to the source and ran to them with open arms.

"YUGI!" a black-haired boy no taller than his companion screamed.

"MOKUBA!" the equally short boy of tri-colored hair screamed back.

Yami stayed where he was, trying very hard not to twitch visibly in front of these two maniacs… err, I mean… boys. Mokuba and Yugi continued hugging each other like old friends would before they stopped all pleasant greetings and went down to business.

Still not letting go of each other, the two demons started to discuss their plans with each other. Yami, being a few feet away from them, only heard a few snippets of their conversation.

"…how did… him agree?" he heard Mokuba's whispering voice.

"It was… so what… plans?" he heard Yugi whisper back suspiciously.

"We bu… of course!!" Mokuba whispered the first part and almost shrieked out the last part. Yami wished that they were not conversing in that way though, he felt that he was being left out of the loop. But he had the sneaking suspicion that he was somehow involved in their discussion.

"Okay." The two partners in crime said in finality before springing apart from each other only to seal their hands into a firm handshake, twin smiles plastered on their faces.

Yami was about to ask what they were talking about when both of them suddenly turned to the monarch with evil gleams in their eyes. He had done everything in his power to make sure he would not show any signs of intimidation on his person when he had those inklings that he was being talked about but when those two demons looked at him, Yami couldn't stop himself from gulping audibly in fear.

"Plan in action, my friend?" the Kaiba asked his Light.

Yugi looked at Mokuba, the creepy smile still in place and replied, "Plan in action…"


As told, Yugi and Mokuba are devils in disguise because currently, a certain Egyptian was squirming under their intense observation, trying very hard not to scream in his helplessness.

"Get the other one."

"The other one? The leather one?"

"Yeah, it fits his legs more nicely."

"But I think this is great too. Kinda like playing hard to get."

Yami was really using everything in his power not to break into a wild dash right now and scream murder at the top of his lungs.

"Seto does not do that kind of thing. Pride, remember?"

"Oh yeah, but I think the slacks are a nice change from his usual leather ghetto outfit. It's give him a more professional air."

"Hmm… you're right. The slacks do look good. Not too tight yet not too loose."

"Yup, leather's a tad too clingy."

"I think it's not appropriate for office, either."

"But your brother wears it to office everyday!"

"No he doesn't."

"Oh yeah?"

"He only wears leather if he has no meetings for the day, which is, well Yugi, never. He always has a meeting everyday. Even Sunday."

"Ah… so he doesn't wear leather now?"

"Yeah, such a shame really."



"Excuse me…" came the surprisingly meek voice of Yami.

Both boys turned to him immediately (or where he was at), sickeningly sweet smiles on their faces. "Yes Yami."

"Are we done?" he asked from behind the dressing room's door. "Because I'm going to change now, okay?"

Yugi looked at Mokuba with a questioning eye to which the boy dismissed for a moment as he contemplated on that. Peering over at the large stack of clothing at their side and the bags of bought clothing from other stores, he was met with a tough decision.

"Should we stop? I think it's enough," Yugi said with a bit of uneasiness. Like Mokuba, he was sad that they were about to end their little shopping spree and the thought of ending the torture of their beloved Pharaoh was a sad, sad thought indeed.

With a long-face, Mokuba gave out a weary sigh and said, "Yeah… I think it's enough."

There was melancholy in the air for a moment and only the rustling of clothes in Yami's dressing room was heard in the shop they were in. A few moments later, identical goofy grins appeared on Yugi and Mokuba's faces as they thought over their match-making plans once again.

"Plan in action, my friend?" Yugi asked.

"Plan in action."


What the fuck is Mokuba playing at?! That goddamned Pharaoh can't be my… Gah! Shit! Fuck shit! He can't be my secretary!!! Men cannot be sectaries! Women should be the ones to take that job! Not that I prefer women, it's just that.. Gah! I'm rambling! Rambling! Seto Kaiba does not ramble! For he is Seto Kaiba… he is Seto Kaiba… he is…GAH! Motherfucking bullshit! Stop acting like that psycho Marik you goddamned asshole!!!

It was a rare sight indeed, to see an obviously troubled Seto Kaiba pacing his lavishly carpeted office, almost burning the floor with the amount of friction that was being produced. His face was the example of frustration. His neat eyebrows were scrunched tightly together and he looked close to hyperventilating and losing his wits.

Maybe I could just fire him. Yeah, that's right. Fire him. Wait, I can't do that without a reason… besides, Mokuba will have my head if I fire the Pharaoh. It seems he set up all this shit! Oh, what to do? What to do!?

Time ticked past and the teen swore that the damned titanium clock on his wall was mocking him. He glared at it for a while, grumbling under his breath that he should throw the shitty clock out of the window already but quickly thought against it and told himself that if he did then next he would be raving stark like bananas!

Get a hold of yourself Seto. You're better than this. You can do this. It's just that your rival is going to be your personal assistant. Nothing too taxing… right?

He heard the elevator 'dinged' outside his office and he tried to fought down his panic and meditated to bring back his calm. Seto walked to his big, almighty CEO's leather chair and sat on it languidly and scanned through a few papers to make it look like he had not on the verge of insanity a few moments ago.

It's not like it's the end of the world when he's my secretary. I might even get a few benefits from this. Yeah, yeah! Benefits! There should be benefits! Okay Seto, think of the benefits…

A few minutes passed in the existence of Kaiba's mentality but no clock turned in the outside world. He was in his own alternate reality. Then like a flash of light, he looked like he came across a life-changing epiphany.

Aha! I could terrorize him with tons of work! He'll be so goddamned frustrated that he'll quit on his own accord! Then I don't have to fire him and Mokuba won't kill me. Plus I get to be better at him at one thing and that will always be work. I wasn't known as Domino's Most Workaholic Businessman for nothing. All those nights that I spent on work and skipped my sleep will finally be worth it all! Bwahaha!

As Kaiba continued his rant in his head, he was the perfect embodiment of calm on the outside. His face was apathetic as usual and his eyes were those chilling icy blues. His formerly disheveled chestnut hair was slicked back into its usual hairstyle and his white suit was as immaculate as ever.

He heard a knock on the door and gulped before telling them to enter. Seto was a bit angry at his attitude. Why was he terrified that his rival was his soon-to-be secretary? It's not like the Pharaoh's gonna do something bad to his company. The CEO was just being paranoid.

The door opened and Seto fought back the urge to start hyperventilating again. Soft footfalls were further drowned up by the soft carpets and he also heard the sound of his double soundproof doors closing with a soft click. He continued his charade of reading the reports a little more before putting them down and finally looked at the male.

The young CEO was completely caught of guard and thought that his eyes were going to budge out of their sockets. He controlled himself to keep his jaw from slacking and his mouth from drooling because never before in his life had he seen a person more attractive than his shitty rival.

Devoid of his usual leather get-up, Yami actually looked like a professional businessman and not like some model from a bondage-themed photo shoot. His hair was its usual spikes but Seto swore that it was styled a bit more than usual as they were arranged methodically and not like his somewhat wild mane of tri-colored hair.

He was wearing a simple, white button-up polo shirt that had its long sleeves folded up to his elbows, its whiteness contrasting greatly with his caramel-colored tan skin. He was wearing slacks for bottoms and left Kaiba in a state that he was actually thinking of how his legs looked like before in the skin-clinging, leather pants. He was already missing the nice image he got of Yami's wonderfully shaped legs.

He was wearing simple black leather shoes, not his pointy, metal-studded boots. On his wrists were a few thin silver bracelets that dangled on his skinny limbs. He was wearing two rings on each hand and they glimmered slightly when hit by the light. On his neck was, as usual, a choker but it was slimmer this time and had a silver ankh hanging in the middle.

After giving Yami the quick once-over, Seto again, fought hard not to hyperventilate as he was introduced to yet another problem. He was thinking that the goddamned shitty Pharaoh was hot! He was not! Not! Not! NOT!

He didn't dare look into Yami's eyes and lest get trapped by his intense gaze. Instead, he kept his eyes on his desk and faintly heard the other speak but remained dull to it. Only when the Pharaoh came to his side and leaned closer to him did he look up, surprised.

"I have been calling you for the past minute already Kaiba. Are you alright?" his voice was deep and seductive, sounding like a lover's soft melody in Seto's ears. But he paid it no further attention as he was now staring into the eyes that he had always found so unique, so alluring.

He noticed that Yami had a beautifully shaped face that accented his high cheekbones, his proud jutting chin, the high eyebrows, tiny nose and two plump looking lips. But still, all the others were dull to him as he was plunged into the most magnificent sight. Yami's eyes were large and almond-shaped, having an angle to it that made it seem unique. His eyes were like a deep well of ruby jewels, always sparkling at one point that Seto's eyes were drawn to it as his long and dark eyelashes and kohl-rimmed edges made his eyes look deeper and alluring.

Oh god… I have another problem.


A/N: This has got to be my longest chapter in 'The Job' as of yet. The first part was just a filler and the Seto-Kaiba-panicking-mode just popped out of nowhere. The whole idea of having Seto lose his wits by rambling in his head made me more determined to finish the story… and of course because there are wonderful reviewers who support this shitty story. Thank you so much dearies!