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Chapter 2

"Tonight on J-Pop, we will interview a very special guest." The female host said, wagging her eyebrows at the camera. "He is a famous Japanese pop star from America and has sold over millions and millions of copies of his latest album: The First Game after his big debut last winter. Known for his beautiful voice and equally beautiful looks, we have Snow or as we like to call him, Yuki!"

The crowd inside the studio stood up in welcome, clapping outrageously for their singing idol and cheered loudly while some whistled at the back. All of them were very excited to see Yuki whose soulful and angelic singing captured their hearts and whose face had been practically worshipped by fans both girls and boys alike.

The spotlight focused on the side of the stage and after a short while, a man with shoulder length bleached blonde hair appeared looking like a walking sex god and waved at them with his seductive smile. Most of the people swooned at his sexiness and almost fainted on the spot while a few more guys at the back whistled appreciatively.

With long, graceful strides, it wasn't long before he reached the center stage and sat beside the blushing hostess. The teen sat comfortably on the red soft chair and crossed his legs lazily as he waited for the crowd to settle down. He would wave at them occasionally before leaning back on his seat.

"So Mr. Yuki, how do you-" the woman was cut short of her first question when said pop star raised one hand to silence her. He had his golden eyes closed shut and everyone waited in anticipation as to why he would stop the interview.

When he opened his eyes, he had a charming smile on his face as he swept his gaze over everyone, the interviewer, the audience, the backstage crew and of course, the camera. "Don't you think it is better to speak in our native tongue, dear miss?" Yuki said in perfect, slightly accented Japanese.

"I…um…" the woman stuttered, not knowing what to say and instead blushed some more as she almost turned to mush at the sexy smirk directed at her along with the question.

The singer turned to the audience, his smile still in place. "Don't you think so my fellow Japanese people? Shouldn't we just continue in our own language than to speak in English where nearly most of the country will not understand us? Well, at least not with the help of the subtitles that I am sure is flashing in your television screens right now, I suppose." His voice was mocking but nobody took notice, they were still too entranced with his lovely smile. "A Japanese interview in Japan, if I do say so myself."

He finished with a soft sigh and almost immediately afterwards, the audience, agreed with his idea. The crew, not knowing what to do, told the interviewer to continue the program in Japanese instead of English but kept the subtitles flashing in TV, just as Yuki had said it had been.

"Okay… so here we go, first question: Why is your name Yuki?"

"Hmm… my manager, Yagami, he suggested it. He said that my almost-white hair looked like snow and along with that my pale skin, he just said that the name Yuki would be perfect." The teen carelessly waved his hand in the air as if the topic was nothing to him.

"Ah… so you based your name on your looks."

"That's right."

"What's your real name, then?" the woman asked, leaning closer since his name was unknown by everyone.

The pop idol closed his eyes and leaned some more into his chair. After a short while, he replied. "No comment."

"Oh, I understand. Probably you're hiding from someone, not that I would know! A former lover, maybe?" she asked eagerly.

"Yes…" he replied, a finger tapping on his chin as if deep in thought, "…a former lover."

"Oh! So I'm correct then!" the interviewer exclaimed in excitement while a few people in the audience groaned at the fact that the object of their fantasies had a lover. "Where is she now?"

Yuki contemplated it for a moment before replying, "I think he's still in Tokyo… last I heard. He probably doesn't know I'm here."

"Oh my! A he! Our female audiences might be losing their chances." The woman said, wagging her eyes suggestively while the audience almost made an uproar that could be heard outside the TV studio.

The singer gave a hearty chuckle and waved his hands in the air like an imaginary fan. "Hahaha… I wouldn't count on that." He stopped laughing and placing a dazzling smile in its place, he leaned forward a bit in the direction of the camera and the studio audience. "I'm still single by the way."

Everyone laughed at that and the almost murderous atmosphere caused earlier by the information that Yuki had a former lover instantly vanished into thin air. "Yuki-san is such the charmer!"

"Why, thank you my lady…" he said, giving a mock bow in his seat, earning a few more laughs from the audience.

"On to other matters, how do you think of your newest album: The First Game? It has become a triple gold platinum, I heard. You must be quite proud of your accomplishment, ne?" the interviewer asked.

"Well, not actually." He said, flicking a stray bang away from a golden eye. Completely cutting the interviewer's question of "Why?", he continued. "If I'm satisfied with that, it means I have reached my limit, I have reached an end to my capabilities. We wouldn't want that now, do we? I plan to do greater things than what I have already finished in order for it to be really called an accomplishment."

"I see… there you have it folks. Yuki has just promised us more to come so stay tuned for more from our little bratty singer." She received a glare at the 'bratty' comment. "Why don't you give your loyal fans, just one song?"

Yuki smirked at her. "You know if you asked me to be your boyfriend right then, I would've agreed." He ignored the interviewer's gaping blushing face and stood up from his seat to step closer to the 'other' stage. This one was at the right corner of the studio and had a drum set, a keyboard and a few guitars here and there. At front and center, there was a lone microphone and at the same time Yuki stood behind it, his other music back-ups were already positioned at their instruments, ready to perform.

"I'm sure everyone knows this song. Every time there's an English word, you know what to do okay?" he said, hinting them about his last concert in America, which he knew had been televised worldwide.

"Yuki! Yuki! Yuki!" The audience chanted his name as he prepared himself. He took a few breaths to calm his breathing and closed slightly his eyes in concentration, the black microphone clutched tightly in his hands. The music started playing and when it was his cue to start, he opened his eyes to reveal two blazing golden orbs.

Kawaita kaze ni me wo sorasazu ni LENS wo shiboru
Neratta ashita no katachi wo ima utsushidasu yo
Hitori no yoru ni kakureteita
Sabita kizuato wo kodou no nami ni keshite

MAKE YOU FREE kazemuki wo
MAKE YOU FREE kaeru no sa
SHAKE YOUR SOUL omou mama ni

Tooi asa yori mo tsuyoi hizashi tachi wo hikiyosete
Oikosu no sa samayou kinou no kage wo

The guitar's music slowly faded into air along with the beat of the drums as Yuki ended his song. His voice echoed slightly over the microphone and he opened his eyes which closed midway into the song. He was so into it that he didn't notice that the audience was ogling him like flies were with honey.

Thunderous clapping was heard all throughout the studio as Yuki stepped off the stage, giving everyone his charming smiles and suave goodbye waves.

"And that was pop idol Yuki who performed his hit single, Make You Free which can be found in his latest album, The First Game. I hope everyone enjoyed our time with Yuki-san today and we will be waiting for you at his live concert two months from now. Don't forget to buy his album, minna!" the female host said to the audience and ended the program as J-Pop came to a close.


"SUGOI! Yuki has a concert on December, nya!" Kikumaru exclaimed as soon as the TV announcer told that piece of information to the viewers. Turning to his best friend, he called. "Fujiko! Fujiko! Ne, Fujiko… let's go watch Yuki's concert, 'kay?"

Chuckling, the tensai replied with his usual close-eyed smile. "Of course, Eiji."

"Eiji-sempai! Me too! Me too! I'll come too!" Momoshiro exclaimed in his seat.

"Fssshh…" Kaidoh hissed at the side.

"I'll go." The burly sushi chef said.

"Ara… this would be a greater chance of getting data about Yuki." A certain data master mumbled while flipping through his ever-present green notebook.

"I'll go too!" Oishi said, worrying slightly at the thought of all of the damage his friends would cause if left unsupervised in the concert, even if they were all already 18 or 19. Turning to his best friend who was on one end of the couch, he asked him, noticing the brunette's contemplating look. "How about you, Tezuka? Will you go too?"

Looking up from his gaze on the coffee table, Tezuka was snapped out of his musings. He had thinking about the singer, Yuki and his uncanny resemblance with Ryoma. Why he noticed it only now, he didn't know. Oishi was asking him if he wanted to join them in Yuki's upcoming concert this December.

After a few moments of silence he replied, "Sure."


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