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Jeff Hardy's POV

She caught my eye the moment I stepped into the already crowded arena. It was the day of the Hall of Fame Ceremony and I was all dressed up for the event. But the way she was dressed, so classic and chic and beautiful, she made everyone else blend into the walls. Who is she? I wondered to myself. I wished I could ask Matt. He knew all the gossip, but because of the stupid storyline we have been put in we can't sit next to each other tonight.

So, I ignored the fact I had no idea who she was and just watched her. She was beautiful, but I think you already understood that. Her long, dusky brown hair was twisted into a spiral that cascaded down her back and her captivating blue/green eyes were outlined with light eyeliner. I could see the underlying blue streaks in her hair that had been creatively hidden to make her look more classy.

Her dress was a bright cerulean blue, like her eyes and hair. The dress was long and flowing. It gathered together in the front of her chest around a silver metal ring. The fabric then dropped down, fluttering around her beautiful figure. Of course, like all women, she was wearing matching blue stiletto heels. She was the pure definition of gorgeous. I swear if I looked up the word beauty in the dictionary, there would be a picture of her.

I know, that sound so cheesy, corny, etc. But she was just that beautiful to me. She attracted me and she hadn't even spoken, let alone glanced, at me. I was addicted to the woman and I didn't even know her name. That's kind of sad. I needed to know who she was. But it would have to wait because the show was starting, even though most of it wouldn't be shown on national TV. Only Ricky Steamboat and Stone Cold Steve Austin's inductions would be shown.

I watched her the whole time and completely ignored the ceremony going on. She watched it with amazement, while I wondered why she was sitting next to Stephanie McMahon and Paul Levesque. Did she know them, was she part of the McMahon family? She was in the front row, so she must be important. But who was she?

I had paid attention during Terry and Dori's inductions but now it was Ricky Steamboats. The woman's face glowed and I guessed she must have known Ricky very well. And when Ric came back to the crowd from backstage, during commercial after Ricky was done, Ric came over to the woman. They spoke for a while, embraced, laughed, and then Ric walked away and Ricky came up to her next. After Ricky did the same motions with her as Ric had done, he hugged Stephanie then went on to Shane.

I was confused. This woman seemed important to the company, yet, i'd never seen or heard of her before. It was killing me not knowing who she was and fearing that if I asked someone I would come off as stupid, so I guess I wouldn't find out any time soon. Who was this mystery woman? I was determined to find out.