"Without further ado, Haruhi Suzumiya will go on with the disclaimer."

Haruhi picks up a piece of paper and begins reading. "This story is a work of fan fiction. The author of this story claims no ownership of the characters, locations or events that this story uses. Anyone that claims that…why do I have to read this? Isn't it obvious?"

Kyon shrugs his shoulders. "Beats me. Just do it so we can move on."

Haruhi drops the paper and walks off. "Forget it. I'm bored. Let's go!"

Kyon facepalms and follows Haruhi off the stage.

Meet the Suzumiyas

It was yet another typical day in the clubroom. I was currently strategizing my next move in a game of chess against Koizumi. We were about halfway through the match and it was clear that I was beginning to gain the upper-hand when I had taken out his queen in the previous move. Seriously, it was such a bone-headed move that I half-believed he did it on purpose. Why does he like these games so much if he sucks at them?

Asahina-san was busy working on homework from what appeared to be math class. Although she usually gives the appearance of someone of unexceptional intellect, watching her complete the problems she was doing seemed to indicate that she was a lot smarter than she let on. I only wish I could do as well at math as she does.

Nagato-san was sitting in her usual corner, reading what appeared to be an old, Spanish version of Don Quixote. I began to contemplate as to whether there were any languages that Nagato didn't know. Maybe there were some African or South American tribal languages that she didn't know. There was no doubt that she was familiar with all the popular languages.

Finally, my eyes moved towards the front of the room, where our very own brigade commander appeared to be watching something intently on the computer. I assumed it was some kind of video, perhaps a clip from one of those shows that explore haunted houses. However, I was soon corrected when Haruhi let out an exasperated groan.

"Aww man! I can't believe he failed! I thought for sure he'd win the money!"

Puzzled by her comment, I decided to open my mouth. "What are you watching a game show?"

Haruhi raised her eyebrow in my direction, an obvious indicator that I was wrong once again. "Of course not! I was watching a show about this supposed psychic that was trying to win that million dollar prize that was being given out by the James Randi Foundation."

Ah, now it makes sense. The James Randi Foundation is an organization founded by the world famous skeptic and former magician James Randi. He goes around the world trying to find rational explanations for seemingly phenomenal events. I was a bit of a fan of his until a year ago when I met Haruhi.

Anyway, his foundation has this prize that they're holding onto that is worth one million US dollars to anyone that can prove under strict laboratory conditions a paranormal phenomenon. This prize has been up for grabs for years, yet not one person has come to claim the prize. This fact has been a bit of a thorn in Haruhi's side, considering the fact that she adamantly wants to find the paranormal.

"It pisses me off!" stated Haruhi. "If there really are people with paranormal abilities in this world, why hasn't anyone claimed the prize yet?"

Well, I can think of three reasons why that would be. One, it could be that there really are no paranormal phenomenon. Two, those with paranormal abilities that could prove themselves are unaware of the prize or are unable to compete for it for reasons beyond their control. Or three, those with paranormal abilities simply do not care to win the prize.

"Oh come on, Kyon! Do you really think that those are the reasons? I think that maybe they're covering up the truth!"

I highly doubt that they are. I still stand by my reasons. I know better now that the first choice was not the case. I already know that aliens, time travelers and espers are in fact real. The second choice seems somewhat unlikely as well as this is a fairly well known prize and somebody with actually powers would be able to prove themselves eventually. The third choice, given what I know, seemed the most logical. Aliens, such as Nagato, would hardly be concerned with proving themselves to the world especially if they're supposed to keep themselves a secret so they can keep an eye out on Haruhi. The same could be said about the espers, although their powers would be difficult to prove under laboratory conditions anyway. As for time travelers, proving their existence would likely cause a time paradox, and their powers are the product of radically advanced science and thus don't really count as paranormal anyway.

Haruhi the stood up from her chair, a look of defiance pasted on her expression. "I hereby declare that the James Randi Foundation is the sworn enemy of the SOS Brigade! I declare war on them! WAR!"

I highly doubt the JREF is concerned about the actions of a Japanese high school pseudo-club. Isn't James Randi himself in his eighties. I'm sure he's more concerned about staying alive then anything else.

It was then that Koizumi stated "check" while I was being distracted by Haruhi's nonsense. Dammit, you're not supposed to beat me!

Luckily, I was able to rally back and defeat Koizumi later in that match. Soon afterwards, club activities for the day had ended so we all got up and went home. Today had overall been a pretty relaxing day for the Brigade, and I certainly wasn't going to complain. It had been month since anything weird had happened to us (that weird thing being those data lifeforms that currently reside inside my cat). The new school year had started without much fanfare and little seems to have changed other than the fact that we now reside in a different classroom from now on.

Before long, we arrived at our usual meeting place and went our separate ways. The trip back home was less than memorable as I made my way into my front door. I hadn't expected the rest of my day to be anything unusual, but unfortunately I was wrong. The first thing I had noticed was that my younger sister was in tears while being balled up on the floor. Before I could walk up to her and ask her what was the matter, I was approached by my mother…

The next half hour felt completely surreal. I kept trying to convince myself that this wasn't happening and that it was a joke. My mother explained to me that my father was being transferred to an office that would be to the far north and that we had to move in order for it to be possible for my father to make the trip to and from work. We were going to be moving this Sunday, and I would have to transfer to a new school. We would move in with relatives until we could find a place for us to stay. I kept hearing my sister pleas to my mother that she didn't want to move and that she liked going to school here. The truth of the matter was that I felt the exact same way. I was really enjoying my life at North High School. I began to think about my classmates Taniguchi and Kunikida, as well as the senior Tsuruya. I think thought about the SOS brigade starting from Asahina to Nagato and even Koizumi. Finally, I thought of Haruhi…How would she react to me moving away? No doubt that this was a serious problem.

I spent the rest of the day in my room, feeling somewhat sick to my stomach. I knew I had to tell everyone that I was going to be moving, but I couldn't find the will to do it. I guess I'll do it tomorrow.

I can only guess as to what was going to happen when I told Haruhi the news…