Title: Genesis

Author: hasu86

Character(s): Sakura Haruno

Genre: General

Rating: PG/K

Disclaimer: Naruto does not belong to me.

50_shinobi Theme: Theme #5 – Your precious someone

Summary: A small look into the birth of Sakura Haruno. Literally.

"I love you, Aika."

"Shut up Eiji! I hate you with the power of a thousand suns right now!" She growled, fiercely squeezing his hand to emphasize her point.

"But sweetheart—"

"Don't sweetheart me!" She barked, amaranth hair wet with perspiration as she tried to throttle him. "I've got your baby—"

"Our baby." He corrected.

"About to spin out—"

"Our baby isn't a shuriken, sweetheart."

"Shut up! You know what I mean!" She hissed and squeezed his hand even harder when another contraction waved through her body.

"Inhale, one, two, three, exhale. Repeat." Eiji said soothingly, brushing her sweaty locks of hair away from her face.

"Not helping." Another contraction wracked her body. They were getting stronger and closer together.

A petite medic swept into their room then and smiled brightly. "You're almost fully dilated, Aika-san. It won't be too long now before you're welcoming your first child into the world."

A high pitched wail broke the busy, slightly tense atmosphere, having an effect not unlike a deep relieving sigh.

Aika tiredly let her head fall back against the pillow, exhausted and worn out and thinking giving birth was much much harder than being a shinobi. But she had done it. She had given birth to a beautiful baby girl and even though it'd been painful and so glaringly surreal, it had been worth it.

Eiji's tall form came into view, sienna hair mussed and sticking up every which way…and with their little girl tucked warmly in his arms. An almost incredulous smile curved his lips, a touch of wonder in his bright green eyes as he made his way towards, in somewhat of a daze, his exhausted wife.

"Look at my little girl…she's absolutely beautiful." He murmured.

"Our little girl." Aika corrected, taking their newborn into her arms.

For a moment she forgot how to breathe because this was unreal and precious and infinitely magical. They had made this…this warm, breathing bundle of life, had brought into their world such an innocent baby girl with squinting eyes and pink hair.

A smile broke her lips, honey eyes sparkling with unconditional pure love.

"Seven pounds, four ounces and of course she'll have my eyes." Eiji said teasingly, brushing a slightly calloused thumb across their newborn's silky soft brow.

"I wouldn't mind that." Aika murmured, laying a soft kiss on her temple.

"And I'll teach her how to climb trees and dodge kunai. She'll be—"

His wife flicked him on the forehead. "Shut up. You're ruining the moment. But I love you anyway."

"With the power of a thousand suns?"

Eiji dodged her flying arm and laughed, soft and true and heartwarming. It reminded Aika why she had married him, became his one and only in the uncertain world they lived in.

"What should we name her?"

And after a few silent moments, he whispered lovingly, "Sakura."


A/N: Indulge me as I go on this little, impromptu adventure.